Submitting your ETD to the Graduate School

Submitting your thesis or dissertation electronically.

  1. Collect all the files you need to submit.
  2. Find a networked machine running Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher; or Firefox 1.5 or higher.
  3. Prepare to submit the ETD:

  1. Put all the files for your ETD in the same directory. All files should have a distinct name with an appropriate standard suffix.
  2. Name any other file according to the convention for its type (e.g., name other PDF files with the ".pdf" suffix, name GIFs with a ".gif" suffix, name JPEGs with the ".jpg" suffix, etc.).
  3. Link "etd.pdf" (title page, etc.) to all the other files using the hyperlink feature of Adobe Exchange.
  4. Make a text file of your abstract. Remember to separate paragraphs with ``<p>''.

Using Internet Explorer or Firefox, go to the ETD Submission Form. The form will ask you for:

Make sure the information you provided is correct (including spelling!)

After you submit...

  1. Deliver the signed title page to The Graduate School, 411 Kirkland Hall.

  2. Work with the Graduate School as needed until your thesis or dissertation is accepted.

  3. Upon acceptance of your thesis or dissertation by the Graduate School, you will be notified by e-mail that it has been approved and that the library cataloger has been notified.

  4. If not held because of pending publications or copyright, your thesis or dissertation will be on the library server and in the online catalog within 1-2 weeks.

  5. The Graduate School will notify you and your committee chair by e-mail that they have received your ETD. If (for some reason) your ETD is not approved, you will receive instructions on how to correct it and resubmit. When your ETD is approved and offically placed on the library server, you will be notified.

  6. When a thesis or dissertation is approved by committee members, and the format has been reviewed by the Graduate School, this becomes the "final copy." After it has been uploaded to the ETD website and approved, changes cannot be made to this document.

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