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La Croix, Andrew Dylan Rational Ligand Design for Charge Transfer in Quantum Dots Chemistry 2018-09-19
Lachowicz, Mark Joseph A Novel Measure of Effect Size for Mediation Analysis Psychology 2015-05-18
Lachowicz, Mark Joseph A General Measure of Effect Size for Mediation Analysis Psychology 2018-08-27
LaFever, Leesa Marie The role of diet in the regulation of Drosophila ovarian stem cells and their progeny Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-11-29
LaFevor, David Clark Forging the Masculine and Modern Nation: Race, Identity, and the Public Sphere in Cuba and Mexico, 1890s - 1930s History 2011-03-28
LaFrance, Michelle Ellen Identification of Host Factors, Including an Epithelial Cell Receptor, Responsible for Clostridium difficile TcdB-Mediated Cytotoxicity Biochemistry 2016-03-28
Lagotte, Andrea Elizabeth Eliciting discrete positive emotions with vignettes and films: a validation study Psychology 2014-07-17
LaGrange, Beth Disentangling the Prospective Relations between Cognitive Style and Depressive Symptoms Psychology 2008-09-17
Lagus, Todd Peter Self-ordering Dynamics in Controlled Encapsulation of Single and Multiple Cells Mechanical Engineering 2014-01-10
Lahiri, Uttama Virtual-reality based gaze-sensitive adaptive response technology for children with autism spectrum disorder. Mechanical Engineering 2011-03-23
Lahr, Michael David Hydroxyl Tagging Velocimetry in Supersonic Flow Over a Wall Cavity Flameholder Mechanical Engineering 2005-12-01
Lai, Caroline Ming-Hwei Endothelial JAM-A Facilitates Reovirus Bloodstream Spread Microbiology and Immunology 2013-11-22
Laird, Kelsey Thompson Attachment and adjustment in individuals with a history of functional abdominal pain Psychology 2013-03-26
Lakkur, Sandya Managing Disease Outbreaks: Current Approaches, An Artificial Intelligence Alternative, and its Performance Biostatistics 2018-07-19
Lamar, Clifford Ragsdale The proximal promoter of the melanocortin 4 receptor harbors regulatory elements responsible for brain preferential expression. Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2007-12-07
Lamb, Amy Rebekah Depression and Vitamin D in Pregnancy Nursing Science 2014-07-17
Lamberson, Connor Reid Studies of Lipid Peroxidation, its Link to Human Pathologies, and Isotopic Reinforcement of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids as a Strategy to Reduce Oxidative Damage Chemistry 2017-05-24
Lambert, Thomas Paul On the Classification of Closed Flat Four-Manifolds Mathematics 2007-07-25
Lammlein, David Hunter Friction stir welding of spheres, cylinders, and T-joints: design, experiment, modelling, and analysis Mechanical Engineering 2010-10-22
Lample, Emily Jazab Knowledge Sharing for Community Development: Educational Benefits at the Community Level through Networks of Knowledge Flow and Communities of Practice Community Research and Action 2011-02-03
Lample, Emily Jazab Watering the Tree of Science: Science Education, Local Knowledge, and Agency in Zambia’s PSA Program Community Research and Action 2015-11-19
Lan, Ke Skill Transfer between Industrial Robots by Sparse learning Electrical Engineering 2017-04-06
Lancaster, Hope Sparks Language disorder typologies: Clustering and Principal Components Analysis in the EpiSLI database Hearing and Speech Sciences 2015-03-13
Land, Chelsea Maria Correcting the Past: Making Memory Serve English 2013-07-19
Landino, Jennifer Elaine Actin and Microtubule Cross-talk during Cytokinesis Cell and Developmental Biology 2017-03-23
Lang, Meagan Marie The Role of Flyby Interactions in Shaping Galaxy Evolution Physics 2015-07-10
Langeler, Christopher Jod Assessing the Relationship between Local Health Department Workforce Diversity and Health Disparity Elimination Activities Community Research and Action 2013-05-27
Langworthy, Melissa Marie The role of NFATc1 in proximal tubule injury and repair Cell and Developmental Biology 2008-03-28
Lankford, Christopher Lynn The Information Content of mcDESPOT Biomedical Engineering 2011-11-29
Lankford, Christopher Lynn Multiple Echo, Caesar Cipher Acquisition and Model-Based Reconstruction (ME-CAMBREC): a Novel Accelerated T2 Mapping Method Biomedical Engineering 2016-10-28
Lanphier, Elizabeth Complicit Care: Health Care in Community Philosophy 2019-06-13
Lanser, Austin Marcus Evaluation of Methods for Survival Analysis in the Presence of Extremely Few Events Per Variable Biostatistics 2015-03-23
Lapierre-Landry, Maryse Depth-resolved analytical model and correction algorithm for photothermal optical coherence tomography Biomedical Engineering 2016-07-20
Lapierre-Landry, Maryse Development of Photothermal Optical Coherence Tomography for Retinal Imaging Biomedical Engineering 2018-08-10
Larbi-Cherif, Adrian Mohamed Investigating Relationships between Understanding of Inquiry Mathematics, District Context, and School Context on Principal Instructional Leadership Aimed at Ambitious Instruction Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-03-26
Lareau, Nichole Marie Development of Ion Mobility and Mass Spectrometry Strategies in Support of Integrated Omics and Systems Biology Chemistry 2016-03-02
Laryea, Gloria Naa Atswei Regulation of the hypothalamic-pitutary-adrenal axis by the glucocorticoid receptor and corticotropin-releasing hormone Neuroscience 2014-08-06
Lashley, Kisha The effects of university technology commercialization practices on licensing income - a comparative study Management of Technology 2004-07-21
Laske, Mary Therese Gang Involvement among African American, Latino, and White Youth: The Contextual Significance of Concentrated Neighborhood Disadvantage Sociology 2012-01-25
Lassiter, Katharine E Recognizing Other Subjects in Feminist Pastoral Theology Religion 2012-03-19
Laster, Whitney Nicole Racial Limbo: A Systematic Study of the History of Coloured South Africans and their Contemporary Attitudes, Perceptions of Deprivation, and Racial Identifications Sociology 2014-09-11
Latham, Joey C Backscattering Interferometry: From Modeling and Fabrication to Application Chemistry 2007-04-02
Lathrop, Ray Adams Dexterity and Guidance Without Automation: Surgical Robot-Like Capabilities at a Fraction of the Cost Mechanical Engineering 2014-01-31
Latinez, Alejandro Narrativas de aprendizaje, narrativas de crecimiento: el personaje adolescente y los límites del discurso del desarrollo en Latinoamérica entre 1950 y 1971 Spanish and Portuguese 2006-04-13
Lattmann, Zsolt A Multi-Domain Functional Dependency Modeling Tool Based on Extended Hybrid Bond Graphs Electrical Engineering 2010-03-26
Lattmann, Zsolt An Analysis-Driven Rapid Design Process for Cyber-Physical Systems Electrical Engineering 2016-04-29
Lauf, Adrian Peter HybrIDS: Embeddable Hybrid Intrusion Detection System Electrical Engineering 2007-12-06
Lauf, Adrian Peter Distributed sensing with fault-tolerant resource reallocation for disaster area assessment Electrical Engineering 2010-03-19
Laughter, Judson Crandall Change Agents: Empowering White Female Preservice Teachers Through Dialogue and Counter-Narrative Teaching and Learning 2009-06-30
Lavieri, Robert Raymond Synthesis, development and biochemical characterization of small molecule, isoform-selective phospholipase D inhibitors and photoactivatable probes Pharmacology 2014-11-05
Law, Cheryl Lynn NMR Resonance Assignments and Secondary Structure of a Mutant Form of the Human KCNE1 Channel Accessory Protein that Exhibits KCNE3-like Function Biochemistry 2019-03-25
Lawler, Emily Christine Three Essays in Health Economics: Evidence from U.S. Vaccination Policy Economics 2018-06-15
Lawrie, Benjamin J. Plasmon-Exciton Coupling Dynamics in Metal-ZnO Nanostructures Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2011-08-01
Lawrie, Jenifer Lynn In situ DNA synthesis in porous silicon for biosensing applications Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2012-09-20
Lawson, Brian Edward A Multi-Purpose Finite State-Based Standing Controller for a Powered Transfemoral Prosthesis Mechanical Engineering 2011-12-20
Lawson, Brian Edward Control Methodologies for Powered Prosthetic Interventions in Unilateral and Bilateral Transfemoral Amputees Mechanical Engineering 2014-05-06
Lawson, Sarah Page A comparative approach to understanding the evolution of social behaviour using Pemphigus aphids as a model system Biological Sciences 2014-09-22
Layer, Justin Harrison Biochemical and genetic analyses of interactions between transactivators and TBP associated factors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2010-11-30
Layton, Matthew Lloyd Conditional Social Assistance and the Politics of Social Exclusion in Latin America Political Science 2015-07-14
Lazar, Adrienn Theodor Fontane und das Publikum German 2016-03-25
Lazo, Katherine Shreve Catholic Loyalty in Jacobean England: Thomas Preston’s Appeal to the English Catholic Laity over the 1606 Oath of Allegiance History 2015-03-22
Lazo, Katherine Shreve Episcopacy and Enmity in Early Modern England: Bishop Richard Smith, Catholic Information Networks, and the Question of Religious Toleration, 1631-1638 History 2015-03-22
Le, Uyen Mai Optimization and characterization of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M4 positive allosteric modulators Chemical and Physical Biology 2011-12-11
Le Blanc, Thompson S. The Role of Disks in the Angular Momentum Evolution of Young, Low-Mass Stars Physics 2012-07-20
Le Marchand, Sylvain Mechanisms of glucagon secretion in mouse pancreatic alpha-cells Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2011-02-21
Leach, Alice Dorinda Penrice The Phase Dependent Optoelectronic Properties of Ternary I-III-VI2 Semiconductor Nanocrystals and Their Synthesis Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2017-03-22
League, Garrett Philip The Metamorphosis of Mosquito Immune and Circulatory Physiology: Comparative Analyses in Larval and Adult Anopheles gambiae Biological Sciences 2017-03-24
Leamy, Alexandra Kathlene Role of lipid metabolic pathways in the progression of hepatic lipotoxicity Chemical Engineering 2015-03-22
LeBlanc, Gabriel Adrien Biohybrid Electrodes Based on Photosystem I for Solar Energy Conversion Chemistry 2014-03-21
LeBlanc, Heath Joseph Resilient Cooperative Control of Networked Multi-Agent Systems Electrical Engineering 2012-08-12
LeCrone, Jeremy On the axisymmetric surface diffusion flow Mathematics 2012-05-22
Ledford, Jennifer Renaee Observational learning of academic and social behaviors during small group direct instruction Special Education 2012-11-17
Ledford, Julian Ainsworth Performing the Novel: Vocal Poetics of Novelistic Discourse French 2014-11-06
Ledoux, Elissa Danielle Control and Evaluation of Stair Ascent with a Powered Transfemoral Prosthesis Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-15
Lee, Bommi What makes a good project? Success factors of the World Bank education development projects Leadership and Policy Studies 2016-03-27
Lee, Brittany Celeste Retinal Degeneration in a Klotho-overexpressing Mouse Biomedical Engineering 2006-07-20
Lee, Chang Hsin Analysis of Signal Reconstruction Algorithms Based on Consistency Constraints Mathematics 2017-06-15
Lee, Christina Mei-Fang An evaluation of machine learning techniques in intrusion detection Computer Science 2007-02-28
Lee, Dasom Intersectional Organization: 2006 Immigrant Rights Protests and Changes in Identity Politics in Labor Movements Sociology 2017-08-02
Lee, Jie-Eun Grace Understanding the process of educational assimilation for refugee and non-refugee immigrant students: a pilot study of a community college Leadership and Policy Studies 2011-07-18
Lee, Junghee A new look at working memory deficits in schizophrenia Psychology 2005-07-29
Lee, Jungmin Merit-Based Aid, College Affordability, and Student Success Leadership and Policy Studies 2014-03-24
Lee, Sora Focal Adhesion Kinase Mediates Gastrin-Releasing Peptide Receptor-Induced Neuroblastoma Progression Cancer Biology 2013-04-09
Lee, Stacey Nicole Kctd12 and Ulk2 partner to regulate habenular dendritogenesis and behavior / spinophilin regulates dendritic spine formation and F-actin dynamics in hippocampal neurons Biological Sciences 2016-05-20
Lee, Sue Hyun In Situ Crosslinkable Gelatin Hydrogels For Vasculogenic Delivery of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Biomedical Engineering 2013-12-06
Lee, Sue Hyun Engineering Biomaterials-based Approaches for Better Angiogenesis Biomedical Engineering 2016-04-11
Lee, Woo-yeol Detecting cluster bias in a multilevel item response model: A Monte Carlo evaluation of detection methods and consequences of ignoring cluster bias Psychology 2016-03-15
Lee, Woo-yeol Generalized Linear Mixed Effect Models with Crossed Random Effects for Experimental Designs having Non-repeated Items: Model Specification and Selection Psychology 2018-03-20
Leegon, Jeffrey Thomas A comparison of Bayesian network structure learning algorithms on emergency department ambulance diversion data Biomedical Informatics 2009-07-24
Leelatian, Nalin Stratification of Adult Glioblastoma with Signaling and Single Cell Biology Cancer Biology 2018-03-18
Lehner, Stephen W Effects from As, Co, and Ni impurities on pyrite oxidation kinetics: studies of charge transfer at a semiconductor/electrolyte interface Earth and Environmental Sciences 2007-07-24
Lehr, Amanda Michelle Schrödinger’s Box: Reliquary Embodiment and the Paradox of Chaucer’s Pardoner English 2014-06-12
Lehr, Amanda M. Raw Metaphors: Cannibal Poetics in Early Modern England English 2018-07-18
Leitch, Duncan Bernardo Comparative Topics in Vertebrate Mechanoreception with a Special Focus on the Crocodilians Neuroscience 2013-03-25
LeJeune, Lauren M. Improving Behavior of Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities with Computer-Assisted Literacy Instruction: An Experimental Comparison Special Education 2019-07-03
Leland, Daniel Elliot Disparities in Access to Publicly Funded Substance Abuse Treatment Across Race, Gender, and Geography Community Research and Action 2009-03-30
Leman, Julia Koehler Membrane protein structure determination using NMR spectroscopy and computational techniques Chemical and Physical Biology 2012-07-10
Lemmon, Gordon Howard Development of methods for docking and designing small molecules within the Rosetta code framework Chemical and Physical Biology 2012-10-15
Lemons, Christopher Jay Exploring the Effectiveness of Phonics-Based Instruction for Children with Down Syndrome Special Education 2008-09-14
Lemons, Laurie Lee The role of Y1R-expressing dorsal horn interneurons in pain Neuroscience 2011-11-30
Lenert, Matthew Charles Vantage: Exploring Variability in Inpatient Care Through Physicians’ Orders Biomedical Informatics 2018-07-18
LeNoue-Newton, Michele Laura The role of Alpha4 in regulating the PP2A family of serine/threonine phosphatases: a structural, biochemical and cell-based approach Pharmacology 2015-11-22
Lense, Miriam Diane The Attentional Blink Paradigm in Williams Syndrome Psychology 2010-03-30
Lense, Miriam Diane (A)musicality in Williams syndrome: Examining relationships among auditory perception, musical skill, and emotional responsiveness to music Psychology 2013-04-30
León-Pérez, Gabriela Crossing to Mexico for Health Care: An Alternative for Border Residents Sociology 2014-11-24
Leon-Perez, Gabriela Health and Migration Within and Across Borders: A Longitudinal Study of Mexican Internal Migrants and Return US Migrants Sociology 2018-03-26
Leonetti, Casey Clark Reconstruction from Error-Affected Sampled Data in Shift-Invariant Spaces Mathematics 2007-03-29
LePage, Daniel Paul The Molecular Basis of Wolbachia-induced Cytoplasmic Incompatibility Biological Sciences 2016-07-07
LeQuan, Xuan-Anh Celestina The Research and Development of Sub-Micron Gap Nanodiamond Lateral Field Emission Diodes Electrical Engineering 2010-12-03
Lerner, Ellen Renee Manasseh: Reflections on Tribe, Territory and Text Religion 2014-07-16
Leshen, Sara Balian-Low Type Results for Gabor Schauder Bases Mathematics 2019-03-20
Leskiw, Christopher Scott Sown for peace? International organizations and interstate conflict Political Science 2002-09-16
Leslie, Erika T. A. Self-rated Health, Discrimination and Racial Group Identity: The Consequences of Within Group Variation Among Black Americans. Sociology 2013-11-27
Leslie, Erika T. A. (Perez) Racial and Ethnic Variation in Racial Group Identity, Psychosocial Resources, and Health Sociology 2016-03-28
Levic, Daniel Scott Analysis of developmental regulation and disease modeling of cargo trafficking in zebrafish Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-11-23
Levin, Scott Ryan Human Factors Engineering Assessment of Medical Emergency Departments Biomedical Engineering 2004-09-23
Levin, Scott R Applying Systems Engineering Tools to Measure and Improve Hospital-Based Health Care Delivery Biomedical Engineering 2008-03-15
Levinson, Rebecca Terrall The Phenotypic Consequences of Distinct Genetic Variation in an Electronic Medical Record Human Genetics 2016-11-21
Lewis, James Benjamin Investigation of Frictional Properties in Pure and Mixed Fluorocarbon/Hydrocarbon Monolayers by Molecular Simulations Chemical Engineering 2012-11-27
Lewis, Juliana Wolf Real Fit: Identity, Society, and Viewer Investment in Fitness Reality TV Philosophy 2015-03-16
Lewis, Nuruddeen Arginase, Nitric Oxide, and the Defective Immune Response to Helicobacter pylori Cancer Biology 2011-02-02
Lewis, Tamara Elisabeth "To Wash A Blackamoor White": The Rise of Black Ethnic Religious Rhetoric in Early Modern England Religion 2014-03-24
Lewis II, Kenneth Gerald Coherent scatter computed tomography (CSCT) – a Monte Carlo simulation study Physics 2013-07-21
Li, Baile Supermassive black hole binary coalescence and orbital structure of the host galaxy Physics 2015-03-23
Li, Bian Structure prediction and variant interpretation of membrane proteins aided by machine learning algorithms Chemistry 2018-03-21
Li, Bing Biodegradable Polyurethane Scaffolds and Delivery Systems for Regeneration of Bone Tissue Chemical Engineering 2010-05-10
Li, Bo Tyler Design and Control of a Variable Displacement Vane Pump for Valveless Hydraulic Actuation Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-22
Li, Bo Secure learning in adversarial environments Computer Science 2016-07-08
Li, Chenzhao Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Integration for System Diagnosis and Prognosis Civil Engineering 2016-09-26
Li, Chunsheng MyD88: central relay station of Interleukin 1 signaling pathway Microbiology and Immunology 2005-12-13
Li, Hua Towards quantitative measurements of tissue microstructure using temporal diffusion spectroscopy Physics 2015-06-29
Li, Jiang Studies on graphitic carbon nanofibers: towards electronic, mechanical and biological applications Chemistry 2006-07-13
Li, Jun Novel TSPO ligands to facilitate rapid tracer discovery and as precision imaging diagnostics of cancer Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2016-06-29
Li, Ke Study of spontaneous fission of 252Cf: structure of neutron-rich nuclei, gamma-ray angular correlation and g-factor measurements Physics 2008-03-31
Li, Keji Pulvinar and its projections to early visual cortical areas in primate Psychology 2015-07-16
Li, Lang Nanocarbon/polymer brush materials: synthesis, characterization and application. Chemistry 2007-11-20
Li, Liang Sequence dependence of structural perturbations to DNA induced by aflatoxin B1 formamidopyrimidine lesions Chemistry 2014-08-05
Li, Lu Modulation of Tuning Properties of Thalamic Relay Neurons by Corticothalamic "Feedback" Projections in Rats Psychology 2006-04-03
Li, Mengtang Skill Transfer between Industrial Robots by Learning from Demonstration Electrical Engineering 2016-03-27
Li, Mengya Nanomanufacturing of Carbon Nanocomposites for Energy Storage and Environmental Applications Mechanical Engineering 2018-07-17
Li, Mingqi Skill Transfer between Humans and Robots Based on Dynamic Movement Primitives and Sparse Autoencoder Electrical Engineering 2017-03-24
Li, Muqun Scalable Natural Language De-identification based on Machine Learning Approaches Computer Science 2018-03-26
Li, Nan The Determinants of Price Dispersion in Cosmetic E-Commerce in China Economics 2010-08-23
Li, Nan MiRNA function during early vertebrate development Biological Sciences 2010-07-09
Li, Qiong An expert system for stress analysis of human teeth Mechanical Engineering 2009-02-10
Li, Shiying Adaptive Methods and Collocation by Splines for Solving Differential Equations Mathematics 2019-07-11
Li, Song Molecular modeling of ionic liquids: structure, dynamics and electrochemical performance in supercapacitors Chemical Engineering 2014-02-10
Li, Wei Photothermal and Photoelectrical Energy Conversion in Plasmonic Nanostructures Mechanical Engineering 2016-03-14
Li, Xia Multimodal intra- and inter-subject nonrigid registration of small animal images. Electrical Engineering 2007-12-07
Li, Xiaowei Detection and prevention of logic attacks against web applications through black-box analysis Computer Science 2013-05-30
Li, Xin Roles of adhesion G protein-coupled receptors during zebrafish gastrulation and neuronal migration Neuroscience 2013-07-30
Li, Yi Linux Device Driver Synthesis and Verification Computer Science 2015-11-17
Li, Yike Electrical stimulation to promote selective reinnervation of denervated laryngeal muscles Hearing and Speech Sciences 2016-08-10
Li, Yina Bmp signaling in the morphogenesis of the esophagus and trachea Cell and Developmental Biology 2007-02-27
Li, Yong Nonrigid registration based method for correction of distortions in echo planar images Electrical Engineering 2007-10-26
Li, Yusong Finite-element and lattice Boltzmann based numerical modeling of environmental mass transfer processes Environmental Engineering 2005-07-15
Lian, Na Vimentin, a novel regulator of the transcription factor ATF4 and osteoblast differentiation Pharmacology 2011-03-26
Liang, Bin Error and uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis in mechanics computational models Civil Engineering 2010-08-16
Liang, Chen Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization under Uncertainty Civil Engineering 2016-02-25
Liang, Chundong Response Surface Modeling of the SET Pulse Width Distribution with Operation Parameters and Process Variations Electrical Engineering 2014-06-26
Liang, Chundong Radiation effects and low frequency noise in black phosphorus transistors Electrical Engineering 2018-02-08
Liang, Xueying Investigation of genetic susceptibility to late-onset Alzheimer disease through genomic convergence Human Genetics 2007-04-04
Liao, Monica Smatlak Keeping Home: Home Schooling and the Practice of Conservative Protestant Identity Religion 2006-11-22
Liao, Naian Topics on a Logarithmic Diffusion Equation Mathematics 2014-05-20
Liao, Wenjun Radiation effects on microelectromechanical systems Electrical Engineering 2018-08-22
Lieberman, Rebecca Graham Effects of a Parent-Mediated Intervention on Object Play and Play’s Association with Communication in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Special Education 2011-07-17
Lien, Leigh A. The Role of Social Integration in Students' Psychosocial Development Education & Human Development 2002-11-01
Lim, Jinghui Evaluating the Impact of Monitoring and Enforcement in the Clean Air Act Law and Economics 2013-07-24
Lim, Wesley Ben Dancing in the City: Scenes from the Works of Endell, Rilke, Döblin, and Lasker-Schüler German 2012-03-22
Limbocker, Scott Andrew Partisanship and Politics in the U.S. Civil Service Political Science 2018-06-11
Limbrick, Daniel Brian Mitigation of Radiation-induced Soft Errors Using Temporal Embedded Signature Monitoring Electrical Engineering 2009-12-04
Limbrick, Daniel Brian Impact of Logic Synthesis on the Soft Error Rate of Digital Integrated Circuits Electrical Engineering 2012-11-30
Lin, Junhao Revealing Structure-Property Correlations in 2D Layered Materials Using Synergistic Combination of Electron Microscopy and Atomic-Scale Calculations Physics 2015-08-21
Lin, Luping Targeting Notch3 signaling in lung cancer Cancer Biology 2011-11-01
Lin, Qiufeng People's perception and action in immersive virtual environments Computer Science 2014-12-18
Lin, Shan Monitoring of Thermal Processes for Medical Applications Using Infrared Thermography Electrical Engineering 2017-03-24
Lin, Wan-Hsin Vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein(VASP) promotes actin assembly in dendritic spines to regulate synaptic strength Biological Sciences 2011-06-05
Lin, Yih-ming Three essays on international trade Economics 2005-07-28
Lind, Abigail Lee The Evolution of Secondary Metabolism and Development Regulation in the Fungal Genus Aspergillus Biomedical Informatics 2014-11-14
Lind, Abigail Lee The evolution of secondary metabolism regulation and pathways in the Aspergillus genus Biomedical Informatics 2017-07-19
Lindert, Steffen Cryo-EM guided de novo protein folding Chemical and Physical Biology 2011-02-25
Lindo, Endia Jones Family background: a predictor of comprehension difficulty in the elementary grades Special Education 2008-01-02
Lindor, Willnide Self-Authorization Through Abjection in Gaspara Stampa's Rime English 2018-09-28
Lindquist, Michael Edward Investigations into the role of stress granule formation during respiratory syncytial virus infection Microbiology and Immunology 2011-02-08
Lindsey, Dakota Roy Bailey Item-to-Item Associations Contribute to Memory for Serial Order Psychology 2019-06-26
Lindsey, Jr., Robert Hunter Insights into the Catalytic Mechanism of Eukaryotic and Bacterial Type II Topoisomerases and the Actions of Topoisomerase II Poisons Biochemistry 2015-03-12
Lindström, Esther Ritva Reading Instruction Provided to Children with Intellectual Disability: An Observation Study Special Education 2017-07-28
Ling, You Uncertainty quantification in time-dependent reliability analysis Civil Engineering 2013-08-25
Linggi, Michelle S. NRIF is an essential component of apoptotic signaling by the p75 neurotrophin receptor Biochemistry 2005-01-27
Linkous, Amanda Gwynn The role of lipid second messengers in angiogenesis and the vascular endothelium response to radiation. Cancer Biology 2009-11-23
Linn, Joseph Garrett Path-Precedence Orders in Trees Computer Science 2013-05-03
Lipani, Tricia A. Patterns of Attentional Bias in Children with Recurrent Abdominal Pain and Pain-Free Children Psychology 2006-12-19
Lippert, Rachel Nicole Studies of the Physiological Function of the Melanocortin 3 Receptor Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2014-06-17
Lippert, Werner D. Richard Nixon's Detente and Willy Brandt's Ostpolitik: The Politics and Economic Diplomacy of Engaging the East History 2005-07-12
Lipson, Steven Jay “A better understanding between the races”: Southern educational initiatives to improve race relations between World War I and World War II History 2013-04-08
Lipson, Steven Jay The bible and the ballot: Rev. Joseph H. Jackson and black conservatism in the civil rights movement History 2013-04-10
Litt, Michael Joshua Identification and Characterization of a Cardiomyopathy Syndrome Resulting from Loss of the Melanocortin 4 Receptor Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2017-08-16
Little, Mary Annette Self-regulated strategies development for improving the writing skills of students with internalizing behavior patterns and writing concerns. Special Education 2007-04-02
Liu, Changchun Physiology-based affect recognition and adaptation in human-machine interaction Electrical Engineering 2009-01-20
Liu, Chao Olfactory and thermosensory signaling in malaria vector mosquito Anopheles gambiae Biological Sciences 2013-11-05
Liu, Dan The roles of LZAP in vertebrate embryogenesis and head and neck carcinogenesis Cancer Biology 2012-11-14
Liu, Gerald Chien Musics and the Generosity of God Religion 2013-03-07
Liu, Hanjian Human DNA helicase B functions in DNA damage response and homologous recombination Biological Sciences 2007-09-15
Liu, Hongxia Coping and Health-related Quality of Life in Renal Transplant Patients Nursing Science 2006-03-28
Liu, Jian Adsorption equilibrium and mass transfer in metal-organic frameworks and adsorption on carbon surfaces in the Henry's law region Chemical Engineering 2011-03-18
Liu, Jiang Shh signaling in limb development Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-02-18
Liu, Jing Ngn3-expressing progenitor heterogeneity drives endocrine lineage allocation in pancreas development Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-11-15
Liu, Ke Trafficking and functional analysis of yeast Drs2 Biological Sciences 2007-06-28
Liu, Keke Peer Group Effects on Student Outcomes: Evidence from Randomized Lotteries Leadership and Policy Studies 2010-11-16
Liu, Lian A Novel Technique and Infrastructure for Online Analytics of Social Networks Computer Science 2016-07-21
Liu, Liming Modeling of mixed-mode fatigue crack propagation Civil Engineering 2008-03-30
Liu, Qi Rank-Based Semiparametric Methods: Covariate-Adjusted Spearman's Correlation with Probability-Scale Residuals and Cumulative Probability Models Biostatistics 2016-07-22
Liu, Shaohua Nuclear structure studies of neutron-rich nuclei produced in the spontaneous fission of 252Cf: triaxiality near A=110; spherical shapes and octupole correlations beyond 132Sn Physics 2010-08-18
Liu, Wu A Dynamic Constructivist Approach to Cross-cultural Negotiation Management 2008-07-23
Liu, Yan Teachers’ understandings of probability and statistical inference and their implications for professional development Teaching and Learning 2005-07-15
Liu, Yang Pro-apoptotic BID facilitates ATR function following replicative stress Cell and Developmental Biology 2011-08-24
Liu, Ying Institutional characteristics and environmental factors that influence private giving to public colleges and universities: a longitudinal analysis Leadership and Policy Studies 2007-03-28
Liu, Yongming Stochastic modeling of multiaxial fatigue and fracture Civil Engineering 2006-03-17
Liu, Yu An exploration of HIV testing, linkage-to-care and antiretroviral therapy initiation among Chinese men who have sex with men Epidemiology 2015-07-13
Liu, Yuan Improving image-guided preoperative planning in deep brain stimulation procedures Computer Science 2016-08-08
Liu, Zhangshi Analysis and Modeling of Wire-actuated Wrist with a Universal Joint Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-25
Liu, Zheng Analysis of human immune mediated diseases and their murine models by gene expression profiling Microbiology and Immunology 2006-05-17
Liu, Zhengwei Skein theory for subfactor planar algebras Mathematics 2015-03-15
Livesay, Stephen Brent Spliceosomal GTPase Cwf10: Roles in Splicing in vivo and Characterization of the N-terminal Extension (NTE) Domain Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-09-04
Lizama, Britney Nola Novel Functions of C-terminus of HSC70-Interacting Protein (CHIP) in Mitophagy and Neuroprotection Neuroscience 2018-07-17
Llanes, Joan Manuel Signaling regulation of transitional immature to mature B cell development Microbiology and Immunology 2006-07-17
Lloyd, Blair Comparing Two Methods of Quantifying Response-Stimulus Relations: Contingency Space Analysis and Yule's Q Special Education 2011-05-24
Lloyd, Blair Parker An Evaluation of Trial-based Functional Analyses in Classroom Settings Special Education 2013-07-02
Lo, Ming Gai Stanley Ring-Shaped Silicon Photonic Crystal Structures for Bio-Sensing and Optical-Interconnects Electrical Engineering 2018-03-08
Lo, Wen-yi Structural determinants of GABAA receptor biogenesis Neuroscience 2008-11-24
Locher, Julianne Marie Factors Impacting the Retirement Experience of Professional Football Players Medicine, Health, and Society 2016-03-23
Lockhart, Jacob Nathaniel Synthesis of Nanomaterials and Macromolecular Architectures for Dual Drug Delivery Systems, Biosensors, and Antimicrobial Films Chemistry 2017-12-07
Lockhart, Lakisha Renee “Womanish” modes of play as a cultural signification: womanist tenets and ethical development for black female human flourishing Religion 2012-03-28
Loecken, Elisabeth Mary DNA-Protein Cross-Links Induced by Bis-Electrophiles Biochemistry 2010-04-10
Loehr, Abbey Marie Putting the "th" in tenths: The role of labeling decimals in revealing place value structure Psychology 2015-11-13
Loehr, Abbey Marie Don't make the same mistake twice: Examining the relationship between memory for errors and learning Psychology 2018-06-26
Loevy, Katharine Denise The NAMES PROJECT AIDS memorial quilt: visibility, sexuality, mourning History of Art 2011-12-12
Loevy, Katharine Denise The Poetics of Embodiment in Islamic Mystical Philosophy Religion 2012-07-03
Lojek, Lisa J Defining the Biological Importance and Conservation of Heme Degrading Enzymes Microbiology and Immunology 2017-11-17
Lokits, Alyssa Dawn Nuthin' but a G (protein) thang: Insights into the Mechanics of G protein Signaling from Sequence and Structure Neuroscience 2017-06-13
Lomax, Tamura A. Changing the Letter: Theorizing Race and Gender in Pop Cultural 'Media' Through a Less Pornotropic Lens Religion 2011-03-28
Long, Amanda Ashleigh Characterization of novel genes regulating the synaptic vesicle cycle in drosophila Biological Sciences 2010-07-26
Long, Christian Bradley The Wages of Sprawl: The Experience of the Suburban Form in American Film and Fiction English 2008-11-02
Long, Daniel Adam Residential Community Identification and Psychological Well-Being Psychology 2005-07-28
Long, Meridith Taylor Compassion in Red and Blue: The Politics of Who Cares about Whom Political Science 2016-07-13
Longhurst, William Russell Simulation and analysis of terrain sensing, position determination and navigation by a robotic lunar rover Mechanical Engineering 2007-10-08
Longhurst, William Russell Force control of friction stir welding Mechanical Engineering 2009-11-04
Loomans, Holli Ann Loss of ACVRIB-dependent Activin A signaling induces esophageal and head and neck carcinoma aggressiveness Cancer Biology 2017-04-28
Loonat, Farhana Familial Violence, Violent Familiars: Agency Compromised and Claimed Political Science 2014-04-15
Looney, Mark Einer Representing Terrorism: Aesthetic Reflection and Political Action in Contemporary German Novels (Goetz, Klein, Tellkamp) German 2010-04-01
Loperena Cortes, Roxana The role of vascular activation on monocytes in hypertension Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2018-06-13
Lopez, Elizabeth What it means to be an Undocumented Worker in the United States Latin American Studies 2016-04-11
López García, Abey Two problems in Computational Mathematics: Multiple Orthogonal Polynomials and Greedy Energy Points Mathematics 2010-05-22
López Meza, Sarynna Evaluation of the Impact of Environmental Conditions on Constituent Leaching from Granular Materials During Intermittent Infiltration Environmental Engineering 2006-03-29
Lorang, Craig Thomas Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging to Assess White Matter Integrity in Children with Math Difficulties Biomedical Engineering 2007-12-06
Lorber, John Samuel Tsum folk vel ikh fun keyver zingen I will sing to the people from the grave: the emotions of protest in the songs of Dovid Edelshtat Religion 2015-03-24
Lorence, Margarita E. A Cookie for Your Thoughts: First Steps to Exploring Eating Attitudes Psychology 2014-07-15
Lou, Jian Towards Improving Allocative Efficiency in Games and Markets Computer Science 2019-07-19
Love, Brian Taylor The Design, Implementation and Performance of the PHENIX Time-of-Flight West Detector Physics 2009-03-25
Lovejoy, Courtney Alison Replication dependent mechanisms of genome maintenance Biochemistry 2009-04-07
Loveless, Mary Elizabeth High resolution ultrasonic vessel imaging and repeatability of blood flow modeling using an ultrasound contrast agent Biomedical Engineering 2007-12-07
Loveless, Mary E Optimization, Application, and Cross-correlation of DCE-MRI in Small Animal Models of Cancer Biomedical Engineering 2010-11-17
Loveless, Thomas Daniel A radiation-hardened-by-design charge pump for phase-locked loop circuits Electrical Engineering 2008-01-29
Loveless, Thomas Daniel A generalized single-event analysis and hardening options for mixed-signal phase-locked loop circuits Electrical Engineering 2009-08-26
Lowe, John Stewart Targeting of the cardiac voltage-gated sodium channel 1.5 requires an ankyrin-G-dependent pathway Pathology 2008-12-01
Lowell, Nicholas Stephen Model-based Software Design Tools for the Cell Processor Electrical Engineering 2009-03-30
Lowery, Jonathan Wayne Bmp signaling in pulmonary vascular homeostasis and disease Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-04-21
Lu, Jin Improving the representation of multicomponent aerosols in numerical models Chemical Engineering 2005-12-02
Lu, Lucy Xiangxi Phosphoregulation of the Cdc25 phosphatase and its effects on Schizosaccharomyces pombe mitotic entrance and exit Cell and Developmental Biology 2012-08-17
Lu, Tan Mapping of Odor and Temperature Receptors in the Malaria Vector Mosquito Anopheles gambiae Biological Sciences 2008-07-15
Lu, Xinyuan LZAP and PPM phosphatases: reciprocal regulation and shared mechanisms altering tumor behavior Cancer Biology 2013-07-12
Lu, Xiong Studies of Si/SiO2 heterostructures using second harmonic generation Physics 2008-07-10
Lubbers, Brad Ryan Isothermal Titration Calorimetry in Nanoliter Droplets with Sub-Second Time Constants Biomedical Engineering 2011-11-18
Lubbers, Brad Ryan Nano-Calorimetry for Point of Care Diagnostics Biomedical Engineering 2015-03-09
Ludwig, Claudia G. Studying the Child Actors of the Children of the Chapel through Marlowe’s Dido, Queen of Carthage English 2015-11-12
Ludwik, Katarzyna Anna RSKy Business in the Mammary Gland Pathology 2018-03-23
Luhmann, Christian Conrad BUCKLE: A Model of Causal Learning Psychology 2006-03-27
Luiggi, Eduardo E Analysis of the Charmed Semileptonic Decay D^+ -> rho^0 mu^+ nu Physics 2008-11-07
Lukasik, Jenna The Inter-Branch Struggle over Tort Reform: Testing a Separation of Powers Model in the State Context Political Science 2009-03-30
Lund, David Roles of the Presynaptic Choline Transporter in Sustaining Cholinergic Signaling as Revealed Using Genetically Altered Mice Neuroscience 2010-12-02
Lund, Emily Ann Early Maternal Word-Learning Cues to Children with and without Cochlear Implants Hearing and Speech Sciences 2013-11-12
Lund, Michael Bryant Understanding Exoplanets and Other Variable Sources in Sparsely-Sampled Time Domain Surveys Physics 2017-03-27
Lund, Sabata Silva Constancio Studies on Src tyrosine kinase in tumorigenic cell growth and invasion Cell and Developmental Biology 2008-06-23
Lundy, Jr., McKinley Snipes Thomas Jefferson and political preaching: two case studies of free religious expression in the American pulpit Religion 2005-11-22
Lunn, Laurel Marie Community Context and Implementation of Systems of Care Community Research and Action 2010-03-31
Lunn, Laurel Marie The Social Determinants of Refugee Health: An Integrated Perspective Community Research and Action 2014-07-17
Luo, Xi An Implementation of Object Recognition Using Binocular Vision Electrical Engineering 2011-04-08
Luzwick, Jessica Whitney Regulation of the ATR Pathway in the Replication Stress Response Biochemistry 2016-07-15
Lyew, Dominique Andreuille Community Research and Epistemic Justice in Jamaica Community Research and Action 2018-10-16
Lyken-Segosebe, Dawn Elise Faculty Interaction with Higher Education’s “Overlooked Majority”: Investigating the Impact of Non-Classroom Interaction on College Outcomes for Commuter Students. Leadership and Policy Studies 2015-03-23
Lykins, Chad Robert Scientific research in education: an analysis of federal policy Leadership and Policy Studies 2009-07-24
Lynch, Holley Ellen Investigating Cell and Tissue Mechanics during Drosophila Embryogenesis using Laser Microsurgery Physics 2012-11-30
Lyne, Christopher Tucker Calibration and Testing of Rapid Prototyped Nozzles for Guidance and Control Mechanical Engineering 2017-11-25
Lyons, Trevor Jackson Goodpaster When Labels Lose Their Meaning: The Development Consequences of Variations in Participatory Budgeting in Brazil Political Science 2017-08-01

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