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Aamodt, Kristie Irene Macrophages and Endothelial Cells in the Pancreatic Islet Microenvironment Promote β Cell Regeneration Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2015-07-16
Aarnio, Alicia N The Role of Magnetic Fields in the Pre-Main Sequence Evolution of Solar Type Stars Physics 2010-03-31
Aaron, Rachel Vickery Postauricular and blink reflexes to startle probes and auditory clicks. Psychology 2012-07-20
Aaron, Rachel Vickery Demystifying alexithymia: An empirical approach and roadmap for remediation Psychology 2016-06-10
Abdelaziz, Hamzah Ahmed A Data-Driven Approach for Modeling, Analysis and Control of Stochastic Hybrid Systems using Gaussian Processes Electrical Engineering 2018-01-11
Abernathy, Claire Elizabeth Legislative Correspondence Management Practices: Congressional Offices and the Treatment of Constituent Opinion Political Science 2015-06-22
Abiria, Sunday Ca2+/Calmodulin-dependent Protein Kinase II Anchoring to L-type Ca2+ Channels by the Beta Subunits Enhances Regulatory Phosphorylation at Thr498 Neuroscience 2010-03-11
Abkowitz Brooks, Kendra Julie Assessing the Vulnerability of Park System Infrastructure to Impacts from Extreme Weather Events: A Tennessee Application Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Management and Policy 2015-04-02
Ables, Travis Evan A Pneumatology of Christian Knowledge: The Holy Spirit and the Performance of the Mystery of God in Augustine and Barth Religion 2010-03-31
Abrego, Perla Espacio social y representacion literaria de la frontera en la literatura mexicana contemporanea Spanish and Portuguese 2011-11-27
Abreu, Maria Mercedes C/EBPbeta3 (LIP) induces cell death in breast cancer cells. Cancer Biology 2012-04-16
Absi, Ghina Nakad Multi-Fidelity Information Fusion for Structural Dynamics Model Calibration Civil Engineering 2019-03-25
Accavitti, Michael Joseph Freedom of Choice: A Pragmatic Argument for the Permissibility of Assisted Suicide Philosophy 2011-07-13
Achim, Katherine Image Mapping and Visual Attention on a Sensory Ego-Sphere Electrical Engineering 2005-07-22
Ackerman, Dorothy LeeAnn Human Milk Oligosaccharides as a Defense Against Group B Streptococcus Chemistry 2018-05-15
Acosta Reyes, Ernesto Non-linear optimal signal models and stability of sampling-reconstruction Mathematics 2009-03-29
Adams, Aster Rutibabalira Impact of Deregulation on Cost Efficiency, Financial Performance and Shareholder Wealth of Electric Utilities in the United States Economics 2008-09-05
Adams, Charles Hubert Measurement of the third-order nonlinear refractive index of vanadium oxide nanoscrolls Physics 2012-12-11
Adams, Clare Marie The contribution of miRNA biogenesis and Myc-regulated miRNA in apoptosis and tumorigenesis Pathology 2015-11-12
Adams, Jessie Morris Assessing the Effectiveness of Individualized Behavior Support Interventions for Children with Challenging Behavior in Early Care and Education Settings Special Education 2012-11-29
Adams, Julianne Relatable Oddities: The Quirky Intimacy of Mental Health Memes English 2019-09-27
Adams, Nicholas Morgan Development of Simple Methods for RNA Biomarker Extraction and Detection Chemical and Physical Biology 2014-03-14
Adams, Rebecca Lynn Determinants for mRNP remodeling at the cytoplasmic face of the nuclear pore complex Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-02-02
Addae-Mensah, Kweku Amissah A microfabricated microcantilever array: A platform for investigation of cellular biomechanics and microforces in vitro Biomedical Engineering 2008-08-18
Adebiyi, Adeola Oluyemisi Metabolic Engineering of Cyanobacteria for Increased Product Formation Chemical Engineering 2015-07-17
Adeleke, Adeola Logic repair and soft error rate reduction using approximate logic functions Electrical Engineering 2012-03-12
Adelsberg, Geoffrey Aaron Traumatic Loss and Responsibility: The Requirements of Redress in the Aftermath of Murder Philosophy 2016-07-20
Adery, Laura Louise Better Together: Effects and Treatments of Loneliness and Social Isolation Across the Schizophrenia Spectrum Psychology 2019-05-04
Adhikary, Suraj Structural and biochemical characterization of yeast alkylpurine DNA glycosylases Biological Sciences 2013-02-22
Aditi, Aditi Uncovering the roles of an essential mRNA regulatory factor Gle1 in stress response and disease Cell and Developmental Biology 2016-09-07
Adler, Jennifer Axsom The Other Witness: Nineteenth-Century American Protestantism and the Material Gospel Theology Religion 2015-03-22
Adolph, Elizabeth Jean Injectable Polyurethane Scaffolds with Delivery of Biologics for Skin Wound Healing Chemical Engineering 2014-05-26
Aerni, Hans Rudolf Analysis of selected cell populations in tissues by MALDI MS Chemistry 2011-07-10
Agbegha, Vivian Ogbomienie Does Political Instability Affect Remittance Flows? Economic Development 2006-04-11
Agrawal, Akshay Model-based verification toolchain for increasing trust on automated code-generators Computer Science 2013-12-12
Agrawal, Amanda Carol Development and in vivo analysis of antigen-mimicking monolayer-protected gold nanoparticles Chemistry 2012-07-20
Ahern, Patrick Joseph Echoing Demystified Aspirations: Human Flourishing and the Dialectic of Happiness Philosophy 2015-01-23
Ahlbin, Jonathan Ragnar Characterization of Single-Event Effects in Combinational Logic Using the C-CREST Technique Electrical Engineering 2009-04-16
Ahlbin, Jonathan Ragnar Characterization of the mechanisms affecting single-event transients in sub-100 nm technologies Electrical Engineering 2012-04-01
Ahn, Jae Seok Efficient High-Precision Modeling of Irregularities in Laminated Systems Civil Engineering 2010-07-13
Aho, Erin Renee Pharmacological WDR5 WIN site inhibition as an anti-leukemia target Cell and Developmental Biology 2019-05-13
Aisagbonhi, Omonigho Augustina Investigating molecular and cellular responses to myocardial infarction: canonical wnt activation and endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-09-14
Aiyegbo, Mohammed Sefiu Structural analysis of rotavirus antigen – antibody interactions Microbiology and Immunology 2013-04-29
Ajayi, Moyosore Methane and High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing: Quantifying non-point diffuse methane leakage through geochemical surface detection methods Earth and Environmental Sciences 2016-07-20
Ajiboye, Olabode Sensor computation and communication for remote structural monitoring Electrical Engineering 2009-05-27
Akbulut, Serkan Optimization of carbon nanotube supercapacitor electrode Electrical Engineering 2011-07-26
Akbulut, Serkan Carbon Nanotubes/Manganese Dioxide Nano-Structured Planar Macro, 3D Micro, and Solid-State Supercapacitors Electrical Engineering 2017-06-19
Akturk, Halit Quantitative assessment of inflation pressure during a transition to inflation targeting: the Turkish experience, 1996 - 2005 Economics 2011-09-14
Akwo, Elvis Abang Heart Failure in the Southern Community Cohort Study: Incidence, Mortality and Role of Anthropometric and Socioeconomic Factors Epidemiology 2017-04-20
Al-Greene, Nicole Theresa Four Jointed Box One, a Novel Pro-Angiogenic Protein in Colorectal Carcinoma Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-09-30
Al-Hammadi, Faisal Mohamed The Impact of Audio Classification on Detecting Seizures and Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures Electrical Engineering 2015-04-10
Al-Marzouqi, Hasan Mohammed Automatic planning of a safe drilling path to be used in cochlear implantation surgery using image registration techniques Electrical Engineering 2006-05-08
Al-Mestarihi, Ahmad H Oxidation of deoxyaminosugars by a new flavin-dependent monooxygenase Chemistry 2012-12-05
Albertolle, Matthew Edward SULFENYLATION OF CYTOCHROMES P450 IN RESPONSE TO REDOX ALTERATION Biochemistry 2019-01-18
Albrecht, Anna Katherine System development for analysis of gas tungsten arc welding Electrical Engineering 2006-05-02
Alcazar-Roman, Abel Rodrigo Inositol hexakisphosphate and Gle1P direct mRNA export by spatially regulating the dead-box protein Dbp5P at the nuclear pore complex Cell and Development Biology 2008-03-31
alDosari, Majid Saad Thermal Properties of Yttrium Aluminum Garnett from Molecular Dynamics Simulations Mechanical Engineering 2012-03-26
Aldred, Katie June Mechanism of Quinolone Action and Resistance in Bacterial and Human Type II Topoisomerases Biochemistry 2014-03-07
Aldrich, Leslie Nichole Progress toward the total synthesis of marineosins A and B; total synthesis of tambjamine K and unnatural analogs with improved anticancer activity, and discovery of selective M1 antagonists Chemistry 2012-06-20
Alers Rivera, Ileana NMR analysis of the RPA dimer core RPA32D/14 Chemical and Physical Biology 2011-07-16
Alexander, Nathan Scott Protein structure elucidation from computational techniques and sparse EPR data Chemistry 2012-07-18
Alfaro, Maria Paula Mesenchymal stem cells and secreted frizzled related protein 2; enhancing the healing potential Pathology 2011-03-14
Alijewicz, Michael James "Nothing Is But What Is Not": Subjunctive Aesthetics in Early Modern England English 2013-07-10
Allen, Amy Lindeman For Theirs is the Kingdom: (Re)membering Young Children in the Gospel of Luke Religion 2016-03-24
Allen, Donna Eleanor Toward a womanist homiletic: Katie Cannon, Alice Walker and emancipatory proclamation Religion 2005-12-15
Allen, Lana Michelle An Arendtian Reading of Prison Resistance Philosophy 2014-11-24
Allison, Brittany Ann Computational Design of Protein-Ligand Interfaces Using RosettaLigand Chemistry 2016-03-28
Almodóvar García, Karinna Ankrd1, a Modulator of Matrix Metabolism and Cell-Matrix Interactions Pathology 2014-07-01
Alshammary, Nasser Abdullahi Control and assessment of transhumeral prosthetic system Electrical Engineering 2017-05-10
Alvarez, Alana The Whitening Project in Venezuela, ca. 1810-1950 Spanish 2016-12-07
Alves, Steven Manuel Radiation Effects on Breast Tissue-Derived Extracellular Matrix Hydrogels Chemical Engineering 2019-07-31
Alvey, Tara Lynn Designing Systems of Collaborative Video Essay Composition in Classrooms Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2014-03-21
Alvin, Joseph William Structure-Function Study of Large Clostridial Toxins and their Glucosyltransferase Domains Chemical and Physical Biology 2017-07-28
Amadi, Sepan Tariq Hassan Structure, dynamics and substrate-induced conformational changes of Escherichia coli multidrug transporter (EmrE) Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2010-04-19
Amato, Katherine Renee Targeting the EPHA2 receptor tyrosine kinase in KRAS and EGFR mutant lung cancer Cancer Biology 2015-03-23
Ambrose, Robin Alexandra Representing Maternity in Philosophy Philosophy 2010-03-31
Ammon, Stephen Craig Global Economics, Domestic Politics, and Reforms of Social Insurance Programs in Advanced Capitalist Countries Political Science 2002-03-29
Amundson, Isaac Spatio-Temporal Awareness in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science 2010-05-21
Amusan, Oluwole Ayodele Analysis of single event vulnerabilities in a 130 nm CMOS technology Electrical Engineering 2006-09-01
Amusan, Oluwole Ayodele Effects of single-event-induced charge sharing in sub-100 nm bulk CMOS technologies Electrical Engineering 2009-02-16
An, Kyoungho Model-driven Performance Analysis of Reconfigurable Conveyor Systems used in Material Handling Applications Computer Science 2011-03-25
An, Kyoungho Algorithms and Techniques for Scalable, Reliable Edge-to-Cloud Industrial Internet of Things Computer Science 2015-03-22
An, Zhibo The regulation of net hepatic glucose uptake by nitric oxide and serotonin in vivo Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2009-07-28
Ander, Erik R. Henning A Change in Structure: Perceptions of Mental Health & Illness at the University Medicine, Health, and Society 2019-03-25
Anderson, Allegra Skye Adolescents’ Coping Socialization: The Interactive Role of Maternal Coping Suggestions and Adolescents’ Coping in Predicting Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression Psychology 2019-12-17
Anderson, Emily Kathleen The Effects of Obesity, Weight Loss, and Weight Cycling on the Immunometabolic Properties of Mouse Adipose Tissue Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2013-03-20
Anderson, Erica Joan Pruett Roles of Melanocortin-4 Receptor Signaling Partner Kir7.1 in Energy Homeostasis Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2019-04-09
Anderson, Jennifer Ogg Prime Time Politics: Television News and the Visual Framing of War Political Science 2011-03-28
Anderson, Lyndsey Leigh Pharmacological and Genetic Rescue of Idiopathic Epilepsies Pharmacology 2014-03-18
Anderson, Marka Minette Testing the Health Belief Model Using Prostate Cancer Screening Intention: Comparing Four Statistical Approaches Applied to Data from the 2008-09 Nashville Men’s Preventive Health Survey Sociology 2013-11-25
Anderson, Michael Andrew Regulation of dynein-dynactin during Drosophila spermatogenesis Cell and Developmental Biology 2009-09-14
Anderson-Daniels, Jordan Molecular Mechanisms Of HIV-1 Maturation And Host Factor Utilization Microbiology and Immunology 2019-10-08
Andreotti, Charissa Filker Emotion Regulation, Coping, and Executive Functioning in Risk for Depression: An Integrative Approach Psychology 2010-03-28
Andreotti, Charissa Filker Effects of Acute and Chronic Stress on Attention and Psychobiological Stress Reactivity in Women Psychology 2012-06-04
Andrews, Alex Michael SAN1 - a novel nuclease involved in interstrand cross-link repair Cell and Developmental Biology 2018-07-02
Andrews, Omozusi E. Small RNAs and gene silencing in zebrafish Biological Sciences 2014-07-18
Annandale, Naomi Hope Attending to Care: A Pastoral Theological Response to Families Facing Disabilities Religion 2015-03-19
Antar, Annukka Aida Rose Junctional Adhesion Molecule-A and Reovirus Pathogenesis Microbiology and Immunology 2008-12-05
Anthony, Benjamin Jay Christ in Boston: The Death and Afterlife of Phillips Brooks Religion 2015-07-09
Anthony, Eugene R. III Gender-role socialization and its effects on batterers, victims, and military domestic violence: a military chaplain's approach to provide pastoral care, community action, and congregational outreach Religion 2007-04-24
Anthony, Karen Suzanne Self-Regulation Development in Early Childhood: The Role of Language Skills and Pre-kindergarten Learning Behaviors Teaching and Learning 2013-03-15
Anthony, Patrick Richard The Case for Non-Institutional Research Schools in the History of Science: Matthew Fontaine Maury as a Student in the School of Humboldt History 2017-04-07
Anthony, Patrick Richard Natural History and Vertical Thinking in Germany’s Underground Enlightenment: Mining as the Working World of Humboldt’s Science History 2017-04-03
Ao, Mingfang TGF-beta signaling in stromal contribution to prostate cancer progression Cancer Biology 2006-06-30
Aphinyanaphongs, Yindalon Identifying high quality MEDLINE articles and web sites using machine learning Biomedical Informatics 2007-12-07
Appavoo, Kannatassen Hybrid phase-changing nanostructures: from reconfigurable plasmonic devices to ultrafast dynamics Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2012-12-19
Appelt, Eric Andrew Measurements of Charged-Particle Transverse Momentum Spectra in PbPb Collisions at a Center-of-Mass Energy of 2.76 TeV per Nucleon Pair and in pPb Collisions at a Center-of-Mass Energy of 5.02 TeV per Nucleon Pair with the CMS Detector Physics 2014-03-21
Arain, Fazal Manzoor Two Human Epilepsy Mutations Cause Developmentally Dependant Changes in Seizure Phenotype and GABAA Receptor Expression in Genetically Modified Mice Neuroscience 2014-01-20
Arango Vargas, Manuel Alejandro Social Enactive Perception: Practices, Experience, and Contents Philosophy 2016-03-22
Arch, Sandra C. “A headscarf among the turbans”: how policy entrepreneurs optimize focusing events Sociology 2012-04-03
Archer, Allison Michelle N. Does a Loss or a Win Affect Who Tunes In? Political Advantage, Disadvantage, and Media Consumption Political Science 2017-06-13
Archer, Ashley L. Reciprocity Between Individual Differences and the Social Environment: Evidence Linking Personality With Religion Sociology 2012-03-26
Archuleta, Tara Lakshimi From Gatekeeper to Effector: A Structural and Functional Analysis of the Multifaceted Chlamydial protein, CopN. Chemical and Physical Biology 2014-05-29
Ardestani, Shidrokh New insights into tumor necrosis factor-alpha in cancer: distinct isoforms exert opposing effects on tumor associated myeloid cells and tumorigenesis Pathology 2013-07-22
Arita, Jason Tadashi Templates for rejection: Configuring attention to ignore task-irrelevant features Psychology 2012-03-20
Arlinghaus, Lori R. Investigating tract-specific changes in white matter with diffusion tensor imaging Biomedical Engineering 2009-01-15
Armour, Eric Andrew Dysregulated mTOR signaling and tissue-specific phenotypes in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-11-16
Armstead, Theresa An Exploration of Coercive Power and Trust in Community Involvement Community Research and Action 2004-07-29
Armstead, Theresa Leola Exploring Synergic Power and Network-Based Leadership in a Community Organizing Context Human and Organizational Development 2006-09-13
Armstrong, Amaryah Shaye Blackness and the Problem of Belonging: A Political Theology of Race and Reproduction Religion 2019-06-14
Armstrong, Deann Valrae Against Productivity: The Roaring Girl and the Value of Wasted Time English 2013-07-15
Armstrong, Deann Valrae "Strange Times": English Renaissance Literature and the Erotics of the Clock English 2018-07-19
Armstrong, Gail Elizabeth Nurses' Perceived Skills and Attitudes About Update Safety Concepts: Associations with Medication Administration Errors and Practices Nursing Science 2016-03-22
Armstrong, Laura Craig Modeling Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Using Patient-Derived Cells Cell and Developmental Biology 2017-09-16
Armstrong, Sarah E. Single-Event Characterization and Mitigation in High-Speed CMOS Communications Devices Electrical Engineering 2011-12-09
Armstrong, Thomas Richard Orienting and maintenance of gaze in contamination-based OCD: biases for disgust and fear cues Psychology 2009-06-10
Armstrong, Thomas Richard Normative and pathological effects of aversive conditioning on spatial attention Psychology 2014-07-10
Arndt, Karen Marie Barako The Production of Complement Taking Verbs Across Complement Clause Types By Typically Developing Preschool Children Hearing and Speech Sciences 2019-05-20
Arnette, Christopher R. Functional and regulatory mechanisms of microtubule-associated proteins involved in cancer progression Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-03-17
Arnold, Joshua Robert Reducing uncertainty in the characterization and modeling of reactive transport processes in blended cement mortar Environmental Engineering 2014-04-07
Arnwine, Justin Anthony "Become All Eye": Optical Imagery in Eastern Christianity and the Theological Anthropology of Pseudo-Macarius Religion 2015-03-23
Arora, Rajan Reliability Issues in Germanium and Silicon Carbide MOS Devices Electrical Engineering 2009-06-17
Arrindell, Adrienne Hadley Latent Classes of Women Undergoing Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Psychology 2012-03-24
Arrindell, Adrienne Hadley Binge Eating Disorder: Recognition and Guided Self-Help Treatment in an Underserved Population Psychology 2016-11-14
Arrowood, Summer Laurel Synthetic Routes to Hybrid Nanoparticles of Gold and Copper Sulfides Chemistry 2016-04-06
Arslan, Hayri Alper Essays in college admissions and college major choice Economics 2018-05-16
Arutt, Charles Nathan Protons as a Screen for Displacement Damage in Bipolar Junction Transistors Electrical Engineering 2014-11-10
Arutt, Charles Nathan Mechanisms of Ionizing Radiation Response in Silicon Piezoresistive Micromachined Cantilevers Electrical Engineering 2018-05-18
Aryal, Anup A Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian Extended Finite Element Formulation for Moving Interface Problems and Damage Transport in Hyperelastic Media Civil Engineering 2014-07-07
Asensio-Sierra, Isabel Erotic Bodies/Erotic Politics in Latin American Women's Writing Comparative Literature 2006-03-29
Ashbrook, Alison Whitney Unveiling Strategies for Chikungunya Virus Attenuation and Antiviral Therapy Microbiology and Immunology 2015-07-16
Ashby, William Joseph Developing a System of Scalable Complexity for In Vitro Models of Cell Migration Chemical and Physical Biology 2012-10-15
Ashley, Rachel Erin Effects of DNA Geometry and Topoisomerase II Poisons on Human and Bacterial Type II Topoisomerases Biochemistry 2017-03-06
Asman, Andrew Joseph Multi-Atlas Segmentation through Rater Performance Modeling: Theory and Applications Electrical Engineering 2014-04-15
Asplund, Christopher L. The Coordination and Control of Attention in Lateral Prefrontal Cortex Neuroscience 2010-09-04
Assis, Thiago Rocha de Soft error aware physical synthesis Electrical Engineering 2015-11-24
Athay, Mary Michele The satisfaction with life scale in caregivers of clinically-referred youth: psychometric evaluation and longitudinal application Psychology 2011-06-27
Athay Tomlinson, Mary Michele Categorical and Dimensional Presentations of Information in Clinical Feedback: The Role of Cognitive Fit Psychology 2013-03-20
Athuru, Sudhakar Reddy Travel demand modeling: activity analysis for person allocation and internet use Civil Engineering 2004-07-28
Atkinson, Nicholas Montgomery Single-Event Characterization of a 90-nm Bulk CMOS Digital Cell Library Electrical Engineering 2010-03-29
Atkinson, Nicholas Montgomery System-Level Radiation Hardening of Low-Voltage Analog/Mixed-Signal Circuits Electrical Engineering 2013-08-26
Atreya, Ravi Viswanathan Pathway Exploration for Breast Cancer Care Biomedical Informatics 2017-05-26
Atreya, Ravi Viswanathan Temporal Abstraction for Generating Quality Metrics for Breast Cancer Treatment Biomedical Informatics 2015-07-16
Attanasi, Katherine Complex Realities: Black South African Women, HIV/AIDS, and Pentecostalism Religion 2009-09-21
Atuegwu, Nkiruka Chioma Image guided transorbital endoscopic procedures Biomedical Engineering 2008-12-04
Atwood, Allison Annette Regulation of C/EBPbeta1 in transformed mammary epithelial cells and the role of C/EBPbeta1 in oncogene-induced senescence Cancer Biology 2010-12-10
Auden, Elizabeth Catherine Heavy Ion-Induced Single Particle Displacement Damage in Silicon Electrical Engineering 2013-11-21
Audet, Carolyn Marie The Political Organization of the Belize Valley: New Evidence from Baking Pot, Xunantunich, and Cahal Pech Anthropology 2006-10-12
August, Emily Maude Against a "System of Soothing": Poe's Deviance English 2010-07-27
August, Emily Maude Cadaver Poetics: Surgical Medicine and the Reinvention of the Body in the Nineteenth Century English 2014-07-16
Ault, Timothy Mason A Comparison of the Environment, Health, And Safety Characteristics of Advanced Thorium-Uranium and Uranium-Plutonium Fuel Cycles Environmental Engineering 2017-02-28
Auner, Alexander William Biophysical Techniques to Quantify Tissue Mechanical Forces and Chemical Kinetics Physics 2018-09-20
Austin, David C. The Role of Nuclear Factor Kappa B in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Cancer Biology 2016-03-17
Austin, Rebekah Ann A Radiation-Reliability Assurance Case using Goal Structuring Notation for a CubeSat Experiment Electrical Engineering 2016-06-30
Austin, Rebekah Ann Modeling Radiation Risk Assessment and Mitigation for Spacecraft Electronics Electrical Engineering 2019-11-18
Averin, Rosalee Coleen Aftermaths of the African Diaspora: The Apocalyptic Post-Apocalypse in Octavia Butler's Kindred and Nalo Hopkinson's Brown Girl in the Ring English 2013-06-28
Avery, Suzanne Nicole Slow to warm up: the role of habituation in social fear Neuroscience 2015-07-31
Awes-Freeman, Jennifer Cecelia Erasing God: Carolingians, Controversy, and the Ashburnham Pentateuch Religion 2016-03-23
Axelson, Derek Willis The Liturgical Sense: The Trinity, Scripture and Popular Piety in Augustine's De Trinitate Religion 2011-09-19
Aydogan, Canan Influences of Instructional and Emotional Classroom Environments and Learning Engagement on Low-income Children's Achievement in the Prekindergarten Year Teaching and Learning 2012-07-17
Ayris, Alexander Austin "A Battle of Books": The Westminster Conference of 1559 and the Rise of Disputative Literature Religion 2018-07-12

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