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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

DeSante, Christopher David Who's Afraid of Reason? Social and Political Thought 2007-04-01
Fulmer, James Burton René Girard and the exorcism of the possessed consumer Social and Political Thought 2006-04-03
Whitt, Matt Spencer Borders, Bordering and the Limits of Democracy: Rethinking the Boundaries of Territorial Sovereignty Social and Political Thought 2007-12-04
Anderson, Marka Minette Testing the Health Belief Model Using Prostate Cancer Screening Intention: Comparing Four Statistical Approaches Applied to Data from the 2008-09 Nashville Men’s Preventive Health Survey Sociology 2013-11-25
Arch, Sandra C. “A headscarf among the turbans”: how policy entrepreneurs optimize focusing events Sociology 2012-04-03
Archer, Ashley L. Reciprocity Between Individual Differences and the Social Environment: Evidence Linking Personality With Religion Sociology 2012-03-26
Bae-Hansard, Sungeun Alice Korean Ethnic Churches' Benefits to Korean Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Their Families Sociology 2015-03-23
Baluran, Darwin Examining Inter-Ethnic Life Expectancy Differentials among Asians in the United States Sociology 2019-07-10
Barna, Elizabeth Kathryn “Half the Job is Pleasing Her”: An Ethnographic Account of Manager-Induced Stress, Care Worker Responses, and Care Recipient Outcomes at a Rehabilitation and Adoption Center for Farmed Animals Sociology 2016-07-22
Becker, Andrea Where Romance Meets Stalking: How Heteronormative Gender Beliefs Perpetuate Stalking Culture Sociology 2018-07-26
Beeson-Lynch, Cathryn Elizabeth When daddies and babies fight back: The processes of stigmatization and destigmatization in online news coverage of Sugar Dating Sociology 2017-07-27
Bell, Mary Therese Laske Risk Orientation and Risk-Taking Behavior: The Impact of Race/Ethnicity and Gender on Mental Health and Substance Use among Young Adults Sociology 2014-04-07
Bonaparte, Alicia D The Persecution and Prosecution of Granny Midwives in South Carolina, 1900-1940 Sociology 2007-07-25
Brenzel, Lauren Miller Insider Regulation: The Role of Bill Type in Predicting Legislative Success Sociology 2017-07-26
Brockman, Amanda Jean Literary Inequality: Indications and Implications of Gender Disparities in High School Literature Sociology 2017-08-02
Brown, Kate (Anne Katherine) Pride Corruption and Cognitive Liberation in Russian Environmentalism: A Political Process Approach to Social Movement Decline Sociology 2009-12-04
Brown, Kate (Anne Katherine) Pride Saving the Sacred Sea: Baikal Environmentalism from Iron Curtain to Global Modernity Sociology 2015-03-16
Chapman, Gabrielle Lynn The application of theory to intervention: the intersection of theories of deviance and juvenile delinquency intervention programs Sociology 2007-03-29
Chaudhuri, Soma Tempest in a tea pot: analysis of contemporary witch hunts in the tea plantations of Bengal Sociology 2008-07-29
Cochran, Jonathan Patrick Sometimes you can’t make it on your own: work arrangements and co-worker relations Sociology 2008-12-03
Coley, Jonathan Scott Bridge groups and religious change: the case of LGBT religious activism at a Christian university Sociology 2013-03-26
Coley, Jonathan Scott Varieties of Activism: Pathways of Participation among LGBT Religious Activists Sociology 2015-12-17
Dagadu, Helena Eyram Heart Trouble and Racial Group Identity: Exploring Ethnic Heterogeneity Among Black Americans Sociology 2012-11-30
Dagadu, Helena Eyram Placing a Health Equity Lens on Non-Communicable Diseases: Origin and Destination Considerations Sociology 2015-07-01
Dawson, Claire Suzanne Smith The dialogical understanding of framing: the Cherokee Nation’s struggle to retain Indian Territory Sociology 2006-10-31
Duncan, Ebony Michelle The Color of Change? Race and Charter Schools in an Age of Neoliberal Education Reform Sociology 2014-07-16
Evenson, Ranae Jo Reflected self-esteem, identity, and mental health in adolescence Sociology 2006-03-31
Everhart, Katherine Tracy Everything but the Funnel Cake: Creative Protest and the University of Puerto Rico Student Occupation of 2010 Sociology 2015-11-19
Frazier, Cleothia G. Psychological Well-being in Young Adults: The Enduring Effects of Child Adversity on Self-concept Sociology 2018-06-15
Gao, Yang TV Talk: American Television, Chinese Audiences, and the Pursuit of an Authentic Self Sociology 2012-07-18
Glynn, Sarah Jane Doing what you’ve got to do: the role of working conditions on musicians’ work behaviors Sociology 2008-03-31
Glynn, Sarah Jane You think it, they ink it: Interactive service encounters in the tattoo industry Sociology 2017-03-27
Hale, William Beardall The role of class identity in political orientations Sociology 2009-11-24
Hale, William Beardall Sexual Orientation and Health-Related Outcomes: How Victimization Stressors Explain the Increased Risk Faced by Sexual Minorities Sociology 2013-06-17
Hargrove, Taylor Woodland Does It Work?: Examining the Utility of the Stress Process Model for Explaining Variations in Mental Health among African American Young Adults Sociology 2013-11-21
Hargrove, Taylor Woodland Different Shades of Health: The Joint Consequences of Skin Color, Race, Gender, and Social Class in a Life Course Context Sociology 2016-03-28
Hearne, Brittany Nicole The Effect of Parenting Styles and Depressive Symptoms on Young Adult’s Educational Attainment Sociology 2015-03-11
Hearne, Brittany Nicole Should We Take the Next Step? Romantic Relationships and the Consequences for Self-concept and Health by Race, Gender, and Educational Attainment Sociology 2018-03-23
Hewitt, Lyndi The Politics of Transnational Feminist Discourse: Framing across Differences, Building Solidarities Sociology 2009-07-31
Hope, Ashleigh Rene Depressive Symptoms and Household Income: The Consequences of Perceived Financial Strain in the Transition to Adulthood Sociology 2016-07-20
Hope, Ashleigh Rene Is Love Enough? The Consequences of Family Economic Disadvantage and Parent-Child Relationships for Adolescent Children’s Well-being Sociology 2019-07-19
Houston, Stacey LaMar II Drinking Mothers, Schooling Kids: The Effects of Maternal Alcohol Consumption on Later Educational Attainment Sociology 2015-03-19
Houston, Stacey LaMar II Education and Health: Race and Gender Variations in the Causes and Consequences of Criminal Justice Involvement Sociology 2018-03-28
Ingersoll, Hannah Jurisprudence Amid Legal Ambiguity in The Transition to Jim Crow: Black Women versus Railway Companies, 1865-1908 Sociology 2018-07-20
Jacobs, Anna Weller Hours, Scheduling, and Flexibility for Women in the U.S. Low-Wage Labor Force Sociology 2015-01-21
Jacobs, Anna Weller Greasing the Skids: How Corporate Elite Campaign Donations Shape State-Level Collective Bargaining Legislation Sociology 2017-03-03
Johnson, Jeffery Ryan New American Idols? The Impact of Neoliberalism on Commencement Speaker Selection Sociology 2015-06-16
Jordan, Megan Lynette Power to the People: An Intersectional Class Approach to Racial Inequality Alleviation Sociology 2019-03-24
Katz, Sheila Marie Pursuing a 'Reformed' Dream: CalWORKs Mothers in Higher Education After "Ending Welfare As We Know It" Sociology 2008-07-21
Keeys, Mia Ruth Imagination, Interrupted: The Black Child's Public Sphere & Critical Race (Literary) Spaces Sociology 2015-11-19
Kettrey, Heather Hensman It “Just Happened” One Night: Gender Norms and Consent to Unwanted Sexual Activity on College Hookups Sociology 2014-11-17
Kim, Yu-Ri Intimate Partnering of Chinese International Students in the American South: The Sexual Fields Approach Sociology 2017-07-15
Laske, Mary Therese Gang Involvement among African American, Latino, and White Youth: The Contextual Significance of Concentrated Neighborhood Disadvantage Sociology 2012-01-25
Laster, Whitney Nicole Racial Limbo: A Systematic Study of the History of Coloured South Africans and their Contemporary Attitudes, Perceptions of Deprivation, and Racial Identifications Sociology 2014-09-11
Lee, Dasom Intersectional Organization: 2006 Immigrant Rights Protests and Changes in Identity Politics in Labor Movements Sociology 2017-08-02
León-Pérez, Gabriela Crossing to Mexico for Health Care: An Alternative for Border Residents Sociology 2014-11-24
Leon-Perez, Gabriela Health and Migration Within and Across Borders: A Longitudinal Study of Mexican Internal Migrants and Return US Migrants Sociology 2018-03-26
Leslie, Erika T. A. Self-rated Health, Discrimination and Racial Group Identity: The Consequences of Within Group Variation Among Black Americans. Sociology 2013-11-27
Leslie, Erika T. A. (Perez) Racial and Ethnic Variation in Racial Group Identity, Psychosocial Resources, and Health Sociology 2016-03-28
Mai, Quan Dang Hien All the labor problems fit to print: the New York Times and the cultural production of the U.S. ‘labor problem’, 1870-1930. Sociology 2013-11-26
McGrath, Allison Reilly Engendering Hate: The Rise of Feminism within the White Supremacy Movement Sociology 2013-11-14
McKane, Rachel Gayle Toxic Waste & Race: The Changing Demographics Surrounding Superfund Sites in Tennesse Sociology 2016-12-06
Moon, Minyoung Feminist Policy Reforms in Korea: Strategies and Outcomes of the Women’s Movement in Korea Sociology 2017-07-24
Morrison, Daniel Ray Body, Self, Device: Nonhuman Objects and Human Identity Sociology 2012-11-28
Mowery, Christine Elizabeth The Impact of National Resources on State Woman Suffrage Outcomes: A Re-Examination of the Resource Mobilization Framework Sociology 2006-03-18
Muse, Courtney Sanders Elephant in the Room: Organizational Framing and Personal and Collective Identity Conflict Resolution Among Log Cabin Republicans Sociology 2008-10-15
Newman, Harmony Danyelle Cross-cultural framing strategies of the breastfeeding movement and mothers’ responses Sociology 2010-02-17
Packard, Joshua Ryan Organizational structure, religious belief, and resistance: the emerging church Sociology 2008-03-24
Perez, Samantha Louise Levels of Latino Parent Involvement: Differences by National Origin and Socioeconomic Status Sociology 2013-04-09
Perez, Samantha Louise Contextual and Ethnic Differences in Asian and Latino Panethnicity in Two U.S. Cities Sociology 2018-03-16
Piya, Bhumika Gendered Terrain of Migration: Variations in International Migrant Populations Sociology 2013-10-23
Piya, Bhumika Environmental Stress and Health in Bangladesh: The Moderating Effects of Migration and Social Support Sociology 2018-02-14
Pullen, Katherine Taylor Representations of Gender in Photographs from People’s Daily: How has China’s Rise Affected Women? Sociology 2015-03-03
Reed, Arthur Emmanuel “Frustrated Crusaders” or “Outside Hoarders”? Coverage and Framing of Occupy Wall Street by The New York Times Sociology 2018-05-11
Regan, Hannah Rose The Impact of Condom Advertisements on Young Adults' Perceptions of Condoms Sociology 2019-06-18
Rehel, Erin M. Welfare states and play dates: fatherhood and masculinity in Canada and the United States Sociology 2013-09-06
Robinson, Megan Elizabeth Creative City Development as a Process of Homogenization: A Class-Based Analysis using Agent-Based Modeling Sociology 2016-07-22
Rodriguez, Leslie Ann Police Arrests in a Time of Uncertainty: The Impact of 287(g) on Driver’s License Arrests in a New Immigrant Gateway Sociology 2013-08-02
Rush, Carly Ann Informally qualified: justifying qualifications for employment in creative industries Sociology 2012-12-02
Rush, Carly Ann Outsiders Within: Cochlear Implants, Oralism, and the Politics of Life In Between the Deaf and Hearing Worlds Sociology 2015-03-12
Sanders, George Late Capital: Negotiating a New American Way of Death Sociology 2008-07-22
Satcher, Lacee Anne Positively Criminal: Examining Florida's HIV Criminal Law Sociology 2017-08-10
Shaw, Samuel Clayton Off Center: Art Careers in Peripheral Places Sociology 2014-03-13
Shelley, Maria Tempenis Take it Like a Man: A Study of Men's Emotion Culture Sociology 2007-03-26
Sims, Jennifer Patrice "You Think You Cute!" Perceived Attractiveness, Inter-Group Conflict, And Their Effect On Black/White Biracial Identity Choices Sociology 2006-12-01
Sisk, Donald Blake Playing Catch-Up: Legalization and the Labor Market Trajectories of Unauthorized Latin American Immigrants Sociology 2014-03-23
Skaggs, Rachel Elizabeth Status Decoupling: Commercial Success and Peer Recognition among Nashville Songwriters 1990-2012 Sociology 2014-11-21
Sloan, Melissa Marie “There is no happiness at work!”: emotion management, inauthenticity, and psychological distress in the workplace Sociology 2005-07-26
Stinton, Amy The Causes and Consequences of Running Away: What Difference Does Gender Make? Sociology 2007-01-19
Sudibjo, Magdalena Nirmala Sari The Proliferation of Open-Source Licenses: The Cooptation of an Industrial Transition Movement by Multiple Institutions Sociology 2017-08-01
Talley, Heather Laine Face Work: Cultural, Technical, and Surgical Interventions for Facial "Disfigurement" Sociology 2008-07-10
Tanner-Smith, Emily E. Pubertal Development and Substance Use among Adolescent Girls: The Importance of Social Interactions and Social Contexts Sociology 2009-03-25
Thibodeaux, Jarrett Alan More than a panic: correlates of the importance of drugs and unemployment Sociology 2009-09-11
Thibodeaux, Jarrett Alan The Market Inscribed Landscape: City and Industry Causes of Food Deserts Sociology 2015-03-20
Thomas, Courtney Sinclair Not so Supportive? Black-White Differences in the Protective Effect of Social Support on Birthweight and Preterm Delivery Sociology 2013-03-26
Thomas, Courtney Sinclair More than Discrimination: The Significance of Race-Based Stress and Racial Identity for the Mental Health of Black Americans Sociology 2015-03-19
Thompson, Ashley Blaise Southern Identity: The Meaning, Practice, and Importance of a Regional Identity Sociology 2007-07-24
Tyndall, Benjamin Dylan Mastery, Homeownership, and the Transition to Adulthood Sociology 2013-11-25
Tyndall, Benjamin Dylan Neighborhood Perceptions and Well-being across the Early Life Course Sociology 2016-03-28
Ueno, Koji Friendship Integration and Adolescent Mental Health Sociology 2004-06-09
Vielehr, Peter Schuyler Day-to-Day Discrimination, Family Support, and Depressive Symptoms: Racial and Ethnic Contrasts Sociology 2014-09-24
Vielehr, Peter Schuyler Racial Bias in Police Officers’ Discretionary Search Decisions and Associated Community Mental Health Consequences: Evidence from Nashville, Tennessee Sociology 2019-07-12
Wang, Haihong "I Love You, So I Choose to Not Be with You": The Practice of Transnational Parenting among Chinese Immigrant Families Sociology 2009-07-24
Westphal, Lori Lisabeth Cancer Support Groups as Subcultural Phenomena Sociology 2004-12-06
Williams, Damian T Stories from Daniel's Den: An Analysis of the Collective Sense-making of Homeless Life in a Homeless Self-help Group Sociology 2006-07-05
Williams, Damian Terry Down and Out in Music City: The Urban Structuration of Homelessness Sociology 2010-12-03
Wilson, Kanetha Brynn Access to Dental Care and Health Disparities: The Digital Divide and Other Divides in Dental X-Rays and Treatment Sociology 2013-12-02
Wold, Christopher Aaron Social Movement-Corporate Coalitions: How divisions between corporations within an industry present opportunities for environmental social movements Sociology 2015-12-02
Woo, Janelle Lee Chinese American Female Identity Sociology 2004-07-28
Woods, Laurie Elizabeth Sometimes It's Personal: Hate Crime Prosecution in California Sociology 2008-11-07
Zajdel, Rachel Anne Discrimination and Health Among Immigrants in Western Europe Sociology 2019-06-19
Alvarez, Alana The Whitening Project in Venezuela, ca. 1810-1950 Spanish 2016-12-07
Barrios, Belkis E. El Bildungsroman de la postmodernidad literaria: Nuevos sentidos de la pertenencia y del desarraigo en la novela y el cine hispanos del siglo XXI Spanish 2018-03-19
Bauer, Rachel Noël Madness and Laughter: Cervantes's Comic Vision in Don Quixote. Spanish 2007-12-02
Brown, Laura Cade Stating the Self: Contemporary Latin American Autobiography and Authoritarianism Spanish 2013-12-01
Davidovich, Karin Memorias en femenino: testimonios de mujeres sobrevivientes de la dictadura Argentina Spanish 2014-09-19
Deanda-Camacho, Elena Ofensiva a los oídos piadosos: Poéticas y políticas de la obscenidad y la censura en la España trasatlántica Spanish 2010-12-07
del Pozo Martinez, Alberto El retrato de artista en Hispanoamerica: historia de un genero a traves de las novelas de Roberto Bolano. Spanish 2010-07-20
Duclos, Gerald Cory Fighting from the Margins: Discourse, Subversion, and Realism in Early Modern Spanish Narrative Spanish 2013-06-14
Fortes, Mayra Identidades sin frontera: rupturas y continuidades en la narrativa de la Onda y la narrativa chicana Spanish 2010-03-05
Garcia-Fernandez, Anton Rogues in Dialogue: The Literature of Roguery in Spain and England in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries Spanish 2011-11-01
Gursel Sevin, Tugba Caras de España y de la Diáspora sefardita Spanish 2014-07-02
Martínez Diente, Pablo Palimpsestos modernistas. Apropriación simbolista en Rubén Darío, T. S. Eliot, Pere Gimferrer y Luis Antonio de Villena Spanish 2012-07-19
Mengolini, Clara Composición escénica y visual en los cuentos de Silvina Ocampo Spanish 2015-08-23
Parker, Jason Thomas From Page to Stage: Print Journalism, Commercial Theater and the Birth of Modern Spectatorship in Madrid Spanish 2011-03-22
Robalino, Gladys Behind the Mask of Silence: Criollo Dimension in Juan Ruiz de Alarcon's plays Spanish 2008-07-21
Sánchez Samblás, María Victoria Hispanidades trasatlánticas o la reconquista espiritual de América: Vicente Blasco Ibáñez y el nacionalismo Argentino en torno al centenario Spanish 2009-12-14
Seagraves, Rosie Marie She as He: Cross-Dressing, Theater, and "In-Betweens" in Early Modern Spain Spanish 2013-07-15
Selcke, Gretchen Susan Isolation On and Off the Island: The Politics of Displacement in Contemporary Spanish Caribbean Fiction Spanish 2015-07-15
Solodkow, David Mauricio Colonial ethnographers: writing, alterity and Eurocentrism in the conquest of America Spanish 2009-03-30
Sutton, Camille Jordan Unwriting the Author: Affect and Authorship in Macedonio Fernández, Felisberto Hernández, and Clarice Lispector Spanish 2014-02-19
Vaquer Fernandez, Kadiri Jovina Atrévete te-te, salte del clóset: Provocaciones sexuales y políticas en la producción cultural puertorriqueña Spanish 2019-05-06
Varo Varo, Alonso La odisea trágica del individuo contemporáneo: un análisis de Ia obra de Cristina Fernández Cubas, Enrique Vila-Matas y Pablo d'Ors a través de Ia filosofia del límite de Eugenio Trías (The Tragic Odyssey of the Contemporary Individual: The works of Cristina Fernández Cubas, Enrique Vila-Matas, and Pablo d'Ors through Eugenio Trías's Philosophy of the Limit) Spanish 2015-10-09
West, Ty Hill Writing on the Run: Travel in Nineteenth-Century Mexico Spanish 2014-11-16
Willey, Jackie Vernon Writing and rebellion in Plácido’s poetry Spanish 2010-03-31
Willison, Katie Elizabeth Unsuturable realities: space and subjectivity in The Spider's Stratagem and Toby Dammit Spanish 2010-03-29
Wiseman, David P. Mario Vargas Llosa and the Politics of Literature Spanish 2010-12-10
Woolfolk, Boston Jared Peru in Black and White: Racial Formations in the Twentieth-Century Peruvian Novel Spanish 2019-07-17
Abrego, Perla Espacio social y representacion literaria de la frontera en la literatura mexicana contemporanea Spanish and Portuguese 2011-11-27
Castellanos Gonella, Carolina Performances de masculinidades: mujeres guerreras y transgresión de género en la literatura latinoamericana Spanish and Portuguese 2010-06-29
Flores-Cuautle, Francisco Desarrollo y crisis de la nación y la literatura del siglo XIX en México: Servando Teresa de Mier e Ignacio Manuel Altamirano Spanish and Portuguese 2010-11-30
Foster, Timothy Michael Dissonant Conquests: Literature, Music, and Empire in Early Modern Spain Spanish and Portuguese 2017-07-10
Garcia, Martha Las mujeres del Quijote: sus voces, imagenes e influencia en la narrativa Spanish and Portuguese 2005-04-03
Guerrero Ayala, Leon Guzmán sentenciado: El nacimiento de la picaresca y la retórica legal en tiempos de Felipe II Spanish and Portuguese 2016-11-28
Halling, Anna-Lisa Feminine voice and space in early modern Iberian convent theater Spanish and Portuguese 2012-11-24
Infanger, Scott Ryan Dying to Speak: Death and the Creation of a New Reader in the Latin American Novel Spanish and Portuguese 2009-12-04
Krause, James Remington Translation and the Reception and Influence of Latin American Literature in the United States Spanish and Portuguese 2010-12-01
Latinez, Alejandro Narrativas de aprendizaje, narrativas de crecimiento: el personaje adolescente y los límites del discurso del desarrollo en Latinoamérica entre 1950 y 1971 Spanish and Portuguese 2006-04-13
Maddox IV, John Thomas Dramas of Memory: Slavery and African Oral Traditions in the Historical Novels of Manuel Zapata Olivella and Ana Maria Gonçalves Spanish and Portuguese 2014-05-12
Miseres, Vanesa Trazos de nación: mujeres viajeras y discurso nacional (1830-1910) Spanish and Portuguese 2010-10-19
Myers, Megan Jeanette Re-Mapping Hispaniola: Haiti in Dominican and Dominican American Literature Spanish and Portuguese 2016-04-21
Nogueira, Fatima Regina Dimensiones de la temporalidad de la modernidad estética en América Latina Spanish and Portuguese 2007-03-27
Parodi, Marco Massimo Conversión, abyección y Zombis filosóficos: aspectos del colonialismo moderno y ciencia ficción en la literatura de Puerto Rico del siglo XX y de lo que va del XXI. Spanish and Portuguese 2017-07-02
Richter, David Fred Margins of poetry: performing the formless in Lorca’s surrealism Spanish and Portuguese 2007-09-01
Turner III, Robert L Disguise, identity, and female cross-dressing in selected works of Tirso de Molina Spanish and Portuguese 2006-07-25
Valdés, Vanessa Kimberly Mothers and daughters: searches for wholeness in the literature of the Americas Spanish and Portuguese 2007-04-02
Vitulli, Juan M Instable puente: una aproximacion transatlantica al barroco colonial a traves de la obra de Juan de Espinosa Medrano Spanish and Portuguese 2007-06-27
Wade, Jonathan William Early Modern Iberian Landscapes: Language, Literature, and the Politics of Identity Spanish and Portuguese 2009-07-27
Wenz, Steven Benjamin Continuity and Change: National Identity in Twenty-First-Century Argentine Culture Spanish and Portuguese 2016-06-29
Adams, Jessie Morris Assessing the Effectiveness of Individualized Behavior Support Interventions for Children with Challenging Behavior in Early Care and Education Settings Special Education 2012-11-29
Bachofer, Cynthia Susan Long-Term Optical Device Use by Young Adults with Low Vision Special Education 2013-03-26
Barquero, Laura Alley Predicting Responsiveness to Reading Intervention with fMRI Special Education 2015-03-16
Barton, Erin Elizabeth Training teachers to promote pretend play in children with disabilities Special Education 2007-07-24
Beddow, Peter Albert Effects of Testing Accommodations and Item Modifications on Students' Performance: An Experimental Investigation of Test Accessibility Strategies Special Education 2011-02-09
Biggs, Elizabeth Erin Embedding Peer-Implemented Aided AAC Modeling within a Peer Network Intervention for Students with Complex Communication Needs Special Education 2017-03-14
Blankenship, Karen Elayne Looking for Success: Transition Planning for Students with Visual Impairments in the State of Iowa Special Education 2004-11-30
Boehm, Thomas Ludwig Predictors of Family Quality of Life Among Parents of Children and Adults with Intellectual Disability Special Education 2017-03-23
Brindle, Mary Elisabeth Examining relationships among teachers’ preparation, efficacy, and writing practices Special Education 2013-06-09
Brock, Matthew Eric Efficacy of Teachers Training Paraprofessionals to Implement Peer Support Arrangements Special Education 2014-03-21
Bruhn, Allison Leigh Measuring Primary Plan Treatment Integrity of Comprehensive, Integrated Three-Tiered Prevention Models Special Education 2011-07-07
Bumble, Jennifer Lynn Examining the Social Networks of Special Educators Supporting Transition-Aged Students: An Explanatory Sequential Mixed Methods Study Special Education 2019-03-26
Burke, Meghan Maureen Additional Children in Families of Children with Disabilities: Using Demographic Data to Answer Clinical Questions Special Education 2009-04-06
Burke, Meghan Maureen Correlates of Family-School Partnerships in Special Education Special Education 2012-06-15
Busick, Matthew Douglas A Comparison of Video Modeling with Versus Without Play Narrations on Toy Play for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Who Demonstrate Delayed Echolalia Special Education 2015-07-09
Caffrey, Erin A comparison of dynamic assessment and progress monitoring in the prediction of reading achievement for students in kindergarten and first grade Special Education 2006-11-25
Casey, Amy Michelle How Do Early Childhood Teachers Know How They're Doing? Receipt of Feedback and Its Relationship to Use of Recommended Practices Special Education 2008-11-03
Chauvin, Casey Bateman Examining an Adaptive Approach to Tier II Interventions: Using Critical Factors to Adapt Check-in, Check-out Special Education 2018-07-13
Cho, Eunsoo Construct and incremental validity of dynamic assessment of decoding within and across domains Special Education 2014-03-25
Cho, Eunsoo Examining the Predictive Validity of a Dynamic Assessment of Decoding to Forecast Response to Tier 2 Intervention Special Education 2014-03-25
Chow, Jason C. Contribution of Nonsymbolic Representation Beyond Symbolic Equal Sign Instruction in Second-Grade Classrooms Special Education 2016-07-11
Collins, Alyson Alexander Performance Variations Across Response Formats on Reading Comprehension Assessments Special Education 2015-03-19
Cosgriff, Joseph Casey A Peer-Delivered Social Interaction Intervention for High School Students with Autism Special Education 2012-07-03
Crnobori, Mary Elizabeth Teacher Perceptions of Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans for General Education Students Special Education 2016-12-05
Cummins, Peg A. Strategic use of spatial representations to maintain orientation by individuals who are congenitally totally blind and blindfolded sighted people Special Education 2006-04-03
Cunningham, Jennifer Elizabeth Exploring the Relationship Between Positive Behavior Support and Language Supporting Interactions in Preschool Classrooms Special Education 2018-10-15
Davidson, Kimberly A. Adapting the Question Answer Relationship Strategy for Middle School Students with Intellectual Disabilities Special Education 2017-03-27
Elleman, Amy M. Exploring Dynamic Assessment as a Means of Identifying Children At-Risk of Developing Comprehension Difficulties Special Education 2009-07-31
Fisher, Marisa Helene Teaching young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to respond appropriately to lures from strangers Special Education 2010-06-16
Foreman-Murray, Lindsay Radcliffe School Engagement and Support for the Transition to High School for Students with Learning Disabilities Special Education 2019-07-18
Frey, Jennifer Rebecca Caregivers' Responses to Toddlers' Intelligible and Unintelligible Utterances Special Education 2012-03-15
Fuller, Elizabeth Ashley The Additive Effects of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems on Novel Word Learning Special Education 2017-12-27
Fuller, Elizabeth Ashley Understanding Mediators and Moderators of an Adaptive Communication Intervention for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Special Education 2018-07-11
Gesel, Samantha Ann Comparing Schedules of Progress Monitoring Using Curriculum-Based Measurement in Reading: A Replication Study Special Education 2019-06-18
Gilbert, Jennifer K. Word and Person Effects on Decoding Accuracy Special Education 2010-07-22
Gillespie, Amy Marie Writing to Learn in Science: Effects on Fourth-Grade Students' Understanding of Balance Special Education 2014-06-06
Gilmour, Allison Frances Examining the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities and Teacher Attrition Special Education 2017-03-06
Gilson, Carly Blustein Video-Based Instruction to Promote Employment-Related Social Behaviors for High School Students with Severe Intellectual Disability Special Education 2017-03-14
Goldman, Samantha E Using School-Home Communication to Reduce Problem Behaviors in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Special Education 2016-07-07
Griffin, Megan Marie Participation in transition planning among high school students with autism spectrum disorders Special Education 2012-07-09
Hampton, Lauren Hazledine Examining the Predictors of Response to Treatment for Children with Primary Language Delays Special Education 2016-03-24
Harbison, Amy Lynn The Prediction of Vocabulary Level by Early Declarative and Imperative Communication Acts in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Special Education 2019-11-11
Hardy, Jessica Kristen Systematic Instruction of Early Math Skills Special Education 2014-04-02
Hebert, Michael Armand Examining effects of note-taking and extended writing on the expository text comprehension of fourth grade students Special Education 2012-10-23
Heidlage, Jodi K The Effects of Augmentative Assisted Language Matrix Training for Young Children with Down Syndrome Special Education 2019-03-22
Hendricks, Emma Lu Predicting Poor Readers’ Response to a Multi-Component Reading Comprehension Intervention Special Education 2019-03-22
Hollo, Alexandra Elizabeth Teacher Talk in General and Special Education Classrooms That Included Children with Problem Behavior Special Education 2013-07-10
Huber, Heartley Brownell Structural Analysis to Inform Peer Support Arrangements for High School Students with Autism Special Education 2016-03-28
Ivy, Sarah Elizabeth An Analysis of Graduated Guidance to Teach Spoon-use to Children with Multiple Disablities Special Education 2014-07-11
Kearns, Devin McCready Describing the cognitive characteristics of reading disability Special Education 2010-08-27
Kinder, Kiersten Ann Comparing the effects of descriptive comments versus descriptive comments plus prompted trials on children's letter naming. Special Education 2010-10-21
Krowka, Sarah Kathryn Cognitive Profiles of Inadequate Responders to Fractions Intervention Special Education 2019-03-29
Kuntz, Emily Marie Evaluation of a Collaborative Planning Framework for General Educators Teaching Students with Severe Disabilities Special Education 2019-03-19
Kurz, Alexander Opportunity to learn the intended curriculum: measuring key instructional indicators and examining relations to achievement for students with disabilities Special Education 2011-12-08
Ledford, Jennifer Renaee Observational learning of academic and social behaviors during small group direct instruction Special Education 2012-11-17
LeJeune, Lauren M. Improving Behavior of Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities with Computer-Assisted Literacy Instruction: An Experimental Comparison Special Education 2019-07-03
Lemons, Christopher Jay Exploring the Effectiveness of Phonics-Based Instruction for Children with Down Syndrome Special Education 2008-09-14
Lieberman, Rebecca Graham Effects of a Parent-Mediated Intervention on Object Play and Play’s Association with Communication in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Special Education 2011-07-17
Lindo, Endia Jones Family background: a predictor of comprehension difficulty in the elementary grades Special Education 2008-01-02
Lindström, Esther Ritva Reading Instruction Provided to Children with Intellectual Disability: An Observation Study Special Education 2017-07-28
Little, Mary Annette Self-regulated strategies development for improving the writing skills of students with internalizing behavior patterns and writing concerns. Special Education 2007-04-02
Lloyd, Blair Comparing Two Methods of Quantifying Response-Stimulus Relations: Contingency Space Analysis and Yule's Q Special Education 2011-05-24
Lloyd, Blair Parker An Evaluation of Trial-based Functional Analyses in Classroom Settings Special Education 2013-07-02
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