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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Ables, Travis Evan A Pneumatology of Christian Knowledge: The Holy Spirit and the Performance of the Mystery of God in Augustine and Barth Religion 2010-03-31
Adler, Jennifer Axsom The Other Witness: Nineteenth-Century American Protestantism and the Material Gospel Theology Religion 2015-03-22
Allen, Amy Lindeman For Theirs is the Kingdom: (Re)membering Young Children in the Gospel of Luke Religion 2016-03-24
Allen, Donna Eleanor Toward a womanist homiletic: Katie Cannon, Alice Walker and emancipatory proclamation Religion 2005-12-15
Annandale, Naomi Hope Attending to Care: A Pastoral Theological Response to Families Facing Disabilities Religion 2015-03-19
Anthony, Benjamin Jay Christ in Boston: The Death and Afterlife of Phillips Brooks Religion 2015-07-09
Anthony, Eugene R. III Gender-role socialization and its effects on batterers, victims, and military domestic violence: a military chaplain's approach to provide pastoral care, community action, and congregational outreach Religion 2007-04-24
Armstrong, Amaryah Shaye Blackness and the Problem of Belonging: A Political Theology of Race and Reproduction Religion 2019-06-14
Arnwine, Justin Anthony "Become All Eye": Optical Imagery in Eastern Christianity and the Theological Anthropology of Pseudo-Macarius Religion 2015-03-23
Attanasi, Katherine Complex Realities: Black South African Women, HIV/AIDS, and Pentecostalism Religion 2009-09-21
Awes-Freeman, Jennifer Cecelia Erasing God: Carolingians, Controversy, and the Ashburnham Pentateuch Religion 2016-03-23
Axelson, Derek Willis The Liturgical Sense: The Trinity, Scripture and Popular Piety in Augustine's De Trinitate Religion 2011-09-19
Ayris, Alexander Austin "A Battle of Books": The Westminster Conference of 1559 and the Rise of Disputative Literature Religion 2018-07-12
Barker, James William John's Use of Matthew Religion 2011-07-22
Barnes, Boyd Natural Theology and Natural History in Darwin's Time: Design, Direction, Superintendence and Uniformity in British Thought, 1818-1876 Religion 2008-03-27
Bartlett, Virginia Latham Women’s experiences with medical, social, and moral issues of open-uterine surgery to repair spina bifida Religion 2010-08-05
Belcher, Jodi Lynn Subversion through subjection: a feminist reconsideration of kenosis in Christology and Christian discipleship Religion 2008-03-29
Belcher, Joseph David Baptism into the poor body of Christ: or, how to possess nothing and yet have everything Religion 2007-02-02
Bernsen , Charles Jay Lashon Ha-ra (the Evil Tongue) and the Problem of Jewish Unity Religion 2011-11-14
Bibler, Trevor Mark On miracles and medicine: negotiating religious values at the end of life Religion 2014-11-23
Biggerstaff, Michael James "To Ordain" or "Not To Ordain"? The Meaning of millēʾ yād Religion 2013-03-21
Bird, Jennifer Grace Circumscribed Symptomatic Subjectivity in 1 Peter's Haustafel Religion 2007-11-10
Bowie, Charles Edward Can These Bones Live: A Phenomenological Exploration of Images of the Black Church Religion 2008-12-04
Bragg, Hunter Alan Kierkegaard, Indirect Communication and Performativity Religion 2017-11-30
Bratt Carle, Jessica Lynne Beyond Autonomy: A Theological Anthropology for Pediatric Bioethics Religion 2019-09-16
Brault, Emily R. Sweating in the Joint: Personal and Cultural Renewal and Healing Through Sweatlodge Practice by Native Americans in Prison Religion 2005-07-01
Brichetto, Joanna L. The Wandering Image: Converting the Wandering Jew Religion 2006-03-27
Brothers, Kyle Bertram The Genome on the Horizon: Practical Reasoning in the Age of Personalized Medicine Religion 2015-03-23
Brown, Jr., Eric Elton Black Culture: A Laughing Matter Religion 2013-03-25
Bryant Prince, Courtney Alma Erotic Defiance: A Womanist Ethic of Moral and Political Agency Religion 2018-03-26
Burns, Devin Dufey "I had a visit from Bishop Quintard": The Life of Kate Cumming and the Creation of the 'Episcopal Woman' Archetype Religion 2019-03-21
Butler, Anthea D. A Peculiar Synergy: Matriarchy and the Church of God in Christ Religion 2001-03-28
Campbell-Reed, Eileen Renee Anatomy of a schism: how clergywomen’s narratives interpret the fracturing of the Southern Baptist Convention Religion 2008-07-23
Carter, Arthur Francis, Jr. Diaspora Poetics & (re)Constructions of Differentness:Conceiving Acts 6.1 – 8.40 as Diaspora Religion 2016-03-23
Charlton, Matthew Way A United Methodist Theology of Service Religion 2008-11-21
Chen, Yong On the Rhetoric of Defining Confucianism as "a Religion": A Hermeneutic Reading of the Controversy on Confucian Religiosity and its Significance to the Understanding of Chinese Tradition and Modernity Religion 2005-06-10
Choi, Jin Young Understanding as the Embodiment of Mystery: Approaching Discipleship in Mark on a Postcolonial Feminist Key Religion 2013-07-22
Christian, Mark Alan Levites and the Plenary Reception of Revelation Religion 2011-12-01
Chun, Sejong Paul’s new creation: vision for a new world and community in the midst of empires Religion 2012-03-26
Coble, Richard Randolph Chaplaincy in the Modern Health Care System: Presence, Dying, and Community in the Advance and Subversion of Biopolitics Religion 2017-03-20
Corbin, Christopher Wesley Uniting Warmth and Light: Samuel Taylor Coleridge as Defender of Evangelical Anglican Christianity Religion 2017-05-31
Cowser, Angela Rosita Radicalizing Women-Centered Organizing and Power in Post-Conflict Namibia: A Case Study of the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia Religion 2012-12-19
Crawford, Theodore Wesley From Segregation to Independence: African Americans in Churches of Christ Religion 2008-05-29
Daniels, Brandy Renee Who's the "We?" Futurity and the Formation of Spiritual and Sexual Subjectivities Religion 2017-06-20
Dark, James David Insert Soul Here: The Witness of Sacramental Poetics as Apocalyptic for the People Religion 2011-03-28
Daugherty, Bradley John The Bishops Of North Africa: Rethinking Practice And Belief In Late Antiquity Religion 2015-11-23
Dault, David The Covert Magisterium: Theology, Textuality and the Question of Scripture Religion 2009-03-23
Davis, Carolyn Jane Aflame With Passion: Towards a Theology of Adolescent Sexuality Religion 2014-03-22
Davis, Joshua Bradley Waiting and Being: Creation, Grace, and Agency Religion 2010-04-15
Davis, Ryan Conrad Divine Inscrutability in Wisdom Literature in Ancient Israel and Mesopotamia Religion 2010-03-30
Davis, Timothy Dwight Resisting Docility: Michel Foucault, Judith Butler and Performative Liturgical Theology Religion 2018-04-12
Day, Keri Leigh Poor Urban Black Women and Prospects Toward Thriving: The Significance of Critical Social Theory for Womanist Theo-Ethical Discourse Religion 2009-09-04
Dean, Dorothy Chappell A New Anthropology for Ecotheology: Rethinking the Human in the World with Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Flesh Religion 2018-02-28
Dean, Terrance Saved “Out,” Sanctified “Out,” and Souled “Out”: A Critical Analysis of Disgust and the Prophetic Immanence of James Baldwin’s Gender Sexual Politics Religion 2019-06-14
Dickerson, Febbie Claudina The Parable of the Widow and Judge (Luke 18:2-5): Talking Back to African American Stereotypes Religion 2017-08-09
Dunn, David James Symphonia in the secular: an ecclesiology for the Narthex Religion 2011-05-04
Dyer, Jennifer Eaton The Core Beliefs of Southern Evangelicals: A Psycho-Social Investigation of the Evangelical Megachurch Phenomenon Religion 2007-03-14
Dyer, Katherine Veach 'Healing Steps': Jesus' Dionysiac Tour in Luke Religion 2008-06-24
Eberhart, Timothy Reinhold Rooted and Grounded in Love: Joining God's Feast of Holy Communion in the Global Market Economy Religion 2012-03-20
Ellis, Daryl Tad Desire, Knowledge, and the Origins of Self-Consciousness: A Theological Account in Conversation with Augustine, Aquinas, and Freud Religion 2016-11-17
Ellison, Mark D. Visualizing Christian Marriage in the Roman World Religion 2017-03-16
Fanning, Joseph B. Genetic Counseling and the Spirit of Communication Religion 2008-03-29
Fisher, Daniel Shalom Representations of the Poor in The Poor Man of Nippur and The Eloquent Peasant Religion 2008-07-01
Fisher, Jr. , Michael Ray A City on a Hill: An Empirical Study and Moral Analysis of Neoliberal Urban Redevelopment in the U.S. with Implications for the Study of Religion, Space, and Place Religion 2019-03-26
Foley, Briana Isabelle Armor, Heirloom, Bauble: Three Case Studies on Tibetan Jewelry Religion 2019-06-12
Fuller, Leanna Kelley When Christ's Body is Broken: Anxiety, Identity, and Conflict in Congregations Religion 2013-03-10
Fulmer, James Burton Identities Bought and Sold, Identity Received as Grace: A Theological Criticism of and Alternative to Consumerist Understandings of the Self Religion 2006-09-20
Galbraith, Kyle Lee Responsible Genetics: Examining Responsibility in Light of Genetic Biotechnologies Religion 2010-04-14
Glass, Zipporah G. Land, labor and law: viewing Persian Yehud's economy through socio-economic modeling Religion 2010-07-19
Goh, Meng Hun The Middle Voice of Love in I Corinthians: Reading Singularity and Plurality from Different Cultures Religion 2014-11-24
Gray, Tyson-Lord Justice Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology): Black Culture, Aesthetics, and the Search for a 'Green' Community Religion 2014-03-29
Guardiola-Sáenz, Leticia Aída Jesus the borderlander: hybridity as survival strategy and model for political change. A Cultural Representation from the Gospel of John Religion 2009-08-11
Ha, Jaesung Liberation from the demon and the demonic:critical analysis of women's experience in spirit possession Religion 2006-03-28
Halverson, Jared Michael "Extravagant Fictions": The Book of Mormon in the Antebellum Popular Imagination Religion 2012-08-13
Hammons, Meredith Burke Before Joan of Arc: Gender Identity and Heroism in Ancient Mesopotamian Birth Rituals Religion 2008-03-31
Han, Chul Heum Suffering and Resistance in the Apocalypse: A Cultural Studies Approach to Apocalyptic Crisis Religion 2014-07-18
Harkins, Robert Justin Jonah and the Prophetic Character Religion 2010-03-29
Hayden, Sean Gabriel Religion and the Limits of Critique: Bonhoeffer's Theological Sociology Religion 2013-03-26
Helderman, Ira Philip “Religion” and “secular” in U.S. psychotherapists’ approaches to Buddhist traditions Religion 2016-07-26
Howard, Aaron Joshua Incommensurable Paradigms: The Competing Theological Claims of Black Pietism and Black Liberationism Religion 2017-12-01
Jefferson, Lee Morris “The Image of Christ the Miracle Worker in Early Christian Art" Religion 2008-09-05
Jensen, Molly Hadley "Fleshing" Out a Relational Ethics: Maurice Merleau-Ponty's Contributions to Ecological Feminism Religion 2002-12-05
Johnston, Donna Giver Call the Question: Reclaiming a Rhetorical Witness of Women's Claims to Preach in Nineteenth-Century America for Contemporary Homiletics Religion 2014-03-22
Jones, Christopher Evan A portrait of the artist as an old man: Michelangelo’s Rondanini Pietà in late-life development Religion 2009-04-28
Jovanovic, Ljubica Through Hellenistic Eyes: Joseph as Scientist in post-Biblical Literature Religion 2007-12-06
Ka, Yohan A Model of Spiritual and Psychological Development: A Korean Wesleyan Perspective on the Significance of Community Religion 2008-09-02
Kim, Yung Suk Soma christou in 1 Corinthians: de(re)construction Religion 2005-12-08
Kline, Peter Passion for Nothing: Kierkegaard's Apophatic Theology Religion 2016-03-24
Kotsiris, Leonidas Even as we are one: a study on the question of will in Trinitarian theology until 381 Religion 2013-04-03
Kreiselmaier, Andrew Kent An Evolutionary and Developmental Science Framework for Integrating Attachment, Mentalization, and Mindfulness: Implications for Religious Practice and Moral Development Religion 2017-03-27
Kreiselmaier, Laura Rosser Transliminality and Transcendence: An Exploration of the Connections among Creativity, Mystical Experience, and Psycho"pathology" Religion 2016-03-23
Krinks, Andrew White Property, Black Trespass: A Theological-Political Account of Criminalization Religion 2019-06-06
Lassiter, Katharine E Recognizing Other Subjects in Feminist Pastoral Theology Religion 2012-03-19
Lerner, Ellen Renee Manasseh: Reflections on Tribe, Territory and Text Religion 2014-07-16
Lewis, Tamara Elisabeth "To Wash A Blackamoor White": The Rise of Black Ethnic Religious Rhetoric in Early Modern England Religion 2014-03-24
Liao, Monica Smatlak Keeping Home: Home Schooling and the Practice of Conservative Protestant Identity Religion 2006-11-22
Liu, Gerald Chien Musics and the Generosity of God Religion 2013-03-07
Lockhart, Lakisha Renee “Womanish” modes of play as a cultural signification: womanist tenets and ethical development for black female human flourishing Religion 2012-03-28
Loevy, Katharine Denise The Poetics of Embodiment in Islamic Mystical Philosophy Religion 2012-07-03
Lomax, Tamura A. Changing the Letter: Theorizing Race and Gender in Pop Cultural 'Media' Through a Less Pornotropic Lens Religion 2011-03-28
Lorber, John Samuel Tsum folk vel ikh fun keyver zingen I will sing to the people from the grave: the emotions of protest in the songs of Dovid Edelshtat Religion 2015-03-24
Lundy, Jr., McKinley Snipes Thomas Jefferson and political preaching: two case studies of free religious expression in the American pulpit Religion 2005-11-22
Martin, Andrew Joseph Moses, Leviathan, and the Kingdom of God: Covenant Theologies and Political Legitimation in Early Modern England Religion 2016-07-21
Mayo, Maria Anne Chasing the Forgiveness Ideal: Case Studies in Restorative Justice, Post-Apartheid South Africa, and the Pastoral Care of Victims of Domestic Violence Religion 2013-11-23
McCormack, Michael Brandon The Preachers and the Powers That BE(T): Black Youth, Moral Panic and Public Theological Discourse in the Era of Hip-Hop Religion 2013-12-09
McCullough , Amy Peed Her Preaching Body: A Qualitative Study of Agency, Meaning and Proclamation in Contemporary Female Preachers Religion 2012-03-22
McCullough, Lori Theresa Dimensions of the Temple: The Temple in 1 Kings 5-9 Compared with Ancient Near Eastern Paradigms Religion 2007-01-26
McCullough, Matthew "My Brother's Keeper": Civil Religion, Messianic Interventionism, and the Spanish-American War of 1898 Religion 2011-03-26
McKissick, Sierra JeCre WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR: A critical reflection on the relationship between science, theology and health care delivery using theological ethnography and a womanist ethic of care Religion 2017-03-27
Menéndez-Antuña, Luis Thinking Sex with the Great Whore (Rev 17-18): Deviant Sexualities in the context of Empire Religion 2016-06-01
Mills, Zachary William Excuse me while I act a fool: a homiletic examination of the Afro-American trickster Religion 2015-12-23
Moiso, Aimee C. Standing in the Breach: A Relational Homiletic for Conflicted Times Religion 2020-01-07
Moultrie, Monique Nicole Between the horny and holy: womanist sexual ethics and the cultural productions of "No More Sheets". Religion 2010-04-13
Muñoz-Larrondo, Rubén Living in Two Worlds - A Postcolonial Reading of the Acts of the Apostles. Religion 2008-07-17
Murphy, Alan Christopher Wandering Virtues: Modesty, Patience, and Loyalty in Clinical Medicine Religion 2016-03-17
Neal, Ronald Brian On the limits and possibilities of social transformation: a study of the prophetic pragmatism of Cornel West, the Christian realism of Reinhold Niebuhr and the theological legacy of Benjamin Elijah Mays. Religion 2004-03-26
Newell, James Richard Experiencing Qawwali: Sound as Spiritual Power in Sufi India Religion 2007-09-26
Newell, Zo Margaret Picturing the Goddess: Bazaar Images and the Imagination of Modern Hindu Religious Identity Religion 2011-03-23
Nicholson, Elizabeth Williams An Open Quest: The Public, the Private and the Possibility for an Ethos of Mutual Respect Religion 2012-07-13
Paris, Christopher T Narrative Obtrusion in the Hebrew Bible Religion 2012-03-25
Park, Rohun The Challenge of Economy: A Cultural Interpretation of Luke's Oikonomia Religion 2011-04-13
Payne, Leah Louise "The Roar of Thunder and the Sweetness of a Woman" Gender and Twentieth-Century American Revivalism Religion 2013-02-25
Peper, Bradley M. “The Development of Mater Ecclesia in North African Ecclesiology” Religion 2011-03-24
Peters, Kenneth Browne An understanding of Abraham through Heidegger and Derrida: a study on the ethics of Abraham in the Qur’an Religion 2009-07-01
Phillips, Nichole Renee Evangelical Faith and The Ritualization of Politicized Death: The Power, Authority, and Identity of Rural Blacks and Whites Religion 2012-03-26
Pressner, Daniella Righteous Gentile and Divine Daughter: An Analysis of Bat Pharaoh's Character and Identity in Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Times Religion 2010-03-26
Pumphrey, Nicholaus Benjamin Names and power: the concept of secret names in the Ancient Near East Religion 2009-03-27
Quiros, Elizabeth The Torture Question: The Role of Religion and Psychology in Public Opinion of Torture Religion 2015-03-20
Ramsour, Paul J. Masochism, Sexual Freedom, and Radical Democracy: A Hermeneutic Study of Sadomasochism in Psychoanalytic, Sociological, and Contemporary Texts Religion 2002-03-20
Redding, Jonathan David Biography of a dream: a wirkungsgeschichtlich study of the Fourth Beast in Daniel 7 Religion 2018-11-13
Ringer, Christophe Darro Necropolitics: The Religious Situation of U.S. Mass Incarceration Religion 2014-03-21
Rippetoe, Heather Leigh The Service of Healing as Pastoral Care: A Discourse-Informed, Communal-Contextual Interpretation Religion 2009-04-02
Roberts, Mark Edward Weak enough to lead: Paul’s response to criticism and rivals in 2 Corinthians 10–13: a rhetorical reading Religion 2002-07-29
Robinson, Jacob Gordon The Theo-Ethics of Howard Thurman: Reconciliation and Beyond Religion 2018-11-21
Russaw, Kimberly Dawn Daddy's Little Girls?: An Examination of Daughters in the Hebrew Bible Religion 2016-03-28
Sanderson-Doughty, Sarah Grace Forgive Us, As We Forgive: A Reformed Position on the Visible Holiness of the Church Religion 2015-03-20
Schaser, Nicholas James The death of Jesus in Matthew’s gospel as a recapitulation of Israel’s exile in the Jewish Scriptures and post-Biblical Jewish tradition Religion 2013-12-02
Schaser, Nicholas James Matthew and the Rabbis: Symbol and Scripture in Gospel and Midrash Religion 2017-03-24
Schoonmaker, Geoffrey Noel Preaching about Race: A Homiletic for Racial Reconciliation Religion 2012-03-16
Seay, George Russell Theologian of synthesis: the dialectical method of Martin Luther King, Jr. as revealed in his critical thinking on theology, history, and ethics Religion 2008-11-06
Segroves, Diane M. Racializing Jewish Difference: Wilhelm Bousset, the History of Religion(s), and the Discourse of Christian Origins Religion 2012-03-25
Selmon, Gregory Allen John Cotton: The Antinomian Calvinist Religion 2008-03-19
Sharp, Melinda Ann McGarrah Crisis and Repair in Intercultural Relationships: A Theological, Psychological, and Postcolonial Analysis Religion 2010-03-31
Sheehan, Jeffrey W. Ordinary People: An Ethnographic Portrait of a Black Baptist Congregation's Faithful Performance of Religion Religion 2008-12-03
Shinall, Myrick Clements Jr. Miracles and the Kingdom of God in Mark and Q: Christology and Identity Among Jesus’ Early Followers Religion 2016-07-21
Shivers, Mark McCheyne Finding something to say: reconsidering the rhetorical practice of invention in homiletics Religion 2011-03-27
Shults, Raina Leah In his mother’s image: a Lacanian analysis of second generation sons in the short stories of J. J. Steinfeld and Lev Raphael Religion 2014-07-18
Sigmon, Casey Thornburgh Engaging the Gadfly: A Process Homilecclesiology for a Digital Age Religion 2017-03-24
Smith, Andrew Christopher "Flocking By Themselves:" Fundamentalism, Fundraising, and the Bureaucratization of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1919-1925 Religion 2011-03-27
Smith, Jason Michael The Old Testament as Interruption: Expanding Johann Baptist Metz's "Israelite-Biblical Paradigm" Religion 2012-03-26
Smith, Jason Michael Eucharist as the Gift of Political Language Religion 2018-07-14
Sneed, Roger Alex Virtually Invisible: The Representations of Homosexuality in Black Theology, African American Cultural Criticism, and Black Gay Men's Literature Religion 2006-03-29
Steele, Amy Elizabeth The Mystical Aesthetic: Howard Thurman and the Art of Meaning Religion 2012-04-02
Stillman, Ari Paul I doubt therefore I believe: locating doubt within evangelical certainty Religion 2012-07-20
Stotts, Jonathan Andrew The Confessional, the Couch, and the Community: Analyzing the Sacrament of Penance in Theological, Psychological, and Cultural Perspectives Religion 2016-07-19
Stubbs, Monya Aletha Romans 13 and the market economy subjection, reflection, resistance: a three-dimensional process of empowerment Religion 2005-12-13
Tamber-Rosenau, Caryn Striking Women: Performance and Gender in the Hebrew Bible and Early Jewish Literature Religion 2015-03-23
Taylor, Laura Michele The wisdom of la frontera: a Christology from and for the intersticies Religion 2013-02-07
Taylor, Robert Jonathan An Analysis of Celestial Omina in the Light of Mesopotamian Cosmology and Mythos Religion 2006-03-31
Thompson, Lisa Lynette The Caged Bird's 21st Century Song: A Homiletic Practical Theology from the Preaching of African American Women Religion 2013-07-19
Todd, Asante Uzuri The One and the Many: A Discourse Analysis on Sovereignty in Liberal Civic Republicanism with Prospects for an African American Political Theology Religion 2016-04-27
Tracy, Roy Alexander Preaching and the Holy Spirit: Postliberal Homiletics and Formation in a Pneumatologically Grounded Ecclesiology Religion 2011-03-27
Turner, Michael Kenneth Redeeming the Time: The Making of Early American Methodism Religion 2009-03-24
Tuttle, Kenya Jonell “This moment for life”: popular culture’s impact on the moral sphere of young black women Religion 2012-04-02
Valle-Ruiz, Lis E. As One Among Many Others: Affirming a Multitude of Embodied Preaching Practices Religion 2019-05-14
Van Zee, Karla D. Emerging Adults and A-ha Moments: Practical Theological Descriptions of Their Formative Experiences Involving Crisis, Relationships, and Practices Religion 2011-03-24
Voelz, Richard William A Youthful Homiletic: A Practical Theological Examination of the Relationship Between Preaching and Adolescents Religion 2011-03-27
Walters Young, Laine Christine Young Adults, Intimacy, and Mutuality in Late Modernity: Contemporary Updates to Theological, Psychological, and Marginalized Perspectives on Relationship Ethics Religion 2019-11-19
Warren, Jonathan Edward Polity, Piety, and Polemic: Giles Firmin and the Transatlantic Puritan Tradition Religion 2014-11-22
Webster, Jessica Kay Advocating christian marriage in the age of sexual renunciation Religion 2012-07-20
Weitze, Andrew Ronald “They Shall Be To You As Citizens” – Prophets, Laws, and the “Resident Alien” Religion 2018-03-22
Whitcomb, Kelly Ann Religious and communal practices in three traditions of Esther: practices in texts and contexts Religion 2013-03-20
White, Lauren Smelser Word Made Flesh, Flesh Made Word: Beyond the Protestant Interpretation Problem Religion 2018-03-17
Whitley, Rachael E. Seeking Triunity: Jewish-Christian Worship as the Next Wave of Relations Religion 2011-07-20
Wigg-Stevenson, Natalie Louise Faith in My Bones: An Exercise in Ethnographic Theology Religion 2011-07-21
Williams, Jennifer Johnson Ambiguity, Liminality, and Unhomeliness in the Book of Judges: An Analysis of Gendered Pairs and Families Religion 2015-03-23
Willsky, Lydia Eeva Natti Bible Matters: The Scriptural Origins of American Unitarianism Religion 2013-03-19
Yang, Sunggu A Pilgrim’s Homiletic: A Comparative Practical Theological Study on Five Socio-Ecclesial Codes of Asian/Korean American Diasporic Protestant Preaching Religion 2015-04-27
York-Simmons, Kevin Norman A Critique of Christian Development as Resolution to the Crisis in U.S. Protestant Foreign Missions Religion 2009-11-16
Yun, Myounghun From hegemonic to post-patriarchal manhood in the Korean context: a theological and psychological analysis Religion 2016-07-20
Zagatta, Elizabeth R. Paradox in Discourse on Sexual Pleasure: A Feminist Pastoral Theological Exploration Religion 2011-10-11

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