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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Adams, Clare Marie The contribution of miRNA biogenesis and Myc-regulated miRNA in apoptosis and tumorigenesis Pathology 2015-11-12
Alfaro, Maria Paula Mesenchymal stem cells and secreted frizzled related protein 2; enhancing the healing potential Pathology 2011-03-14
Almodóvar García, Karinna Ankrd1, a Modulator of Matrix Metabolism and Cell-Matrix Interactions Pathology 2014-07-01
Ardestani, Shidrokh New insights into tumor necrosis factor-alpha in cancer: distinct isoforms exert opposing effects on tumor associated myeloid cells and tumorigenesis Pathology 2013-07-22
Bane, Charles Edward Jr. The Role of Factor XI During Murine Polymicrobial Sepsis Pathology 2016-11-20
Bastakoty, Dikshya Therapeutic inhibition of the Wnt signaling pathway to promote regenerative repair of tissue injury Pathology 2016-03-31
Braun, Nicole Ann Effects of Dyslipidemia on Invariant Natural Killer T Cell Activation Pathology 2011-03-25
Carrillo, Alexia Melo Characterization of synthetic lethality between Mdm2 overexpression and genotoxic agents and identification of a novel function of the Mdmx oncogene in DNA repair Pathology 2014-08-14
Covarrubias, Roman The Role of Macrophage Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor-Related Protein in the Activation of Invariant Natural Killer T cells Pathology 2015-03-23
Cox, Brian Elbert Effect of lysosomal cholesterol accumulation on lysosomal and vacuolar-ATPase activity Pathology 2007-09-19
Davis, Mary Elizabeth Characterization of fibrinogen-binding surface protein B and staphylocoagulase in human blood fibrinolysis and coagulation Pathology 2011-07-15
Dove, Dwayne E. The role of cholesterol efflux in macrophage cholesterol homeostasis Pathology 2005-01-03
Fey, Erin Elizabeth Phased Whole-Genome Detection and Analysis of Structural Variants of Invasive Ductal and Lobular Breast Cancer Cell Lines Pathology 2019-10-23
Gabriel, Curtis Lee The interplay between diet, metabolism and autoimmunity in the B6.SLE mouse model of systemic lupus erythematosus Pathology 2013-03-07
Geng, Yipeng A mechanism for exosite-mediated factor IX activation by factor XIa Pathology 2014-03-24
Gnecco, Juan Sebastian Determining the Role of the Perivascular Microenvironment on Reproductive Function in an Organ-on-Chip Model of the Human Endometrium Pathology 2018-03-26
Grieb, Brian Charles The Function of MTBP in Proliferation, Tumorigenesis and Tumor Cell Maintenance Pathology 2014-07-15
Hover, Laura Debra BMP Signaling in High Grade Gliomas Pathology 2015-12-15
jiang, fen S100P Is Selectively Upregulated In Tumor Cell Lines Challenged With DNA Cross-Linking Agents Pathology 2005-09-09
Jones-Paris, Celestial Rose Dynamic Assembly of Basement Membrane Components in Tissue Development during Pregnancy Pathology 2016-12-05
Katrangi, Waddah The role of polyunsaturated fatty acid and eicosanoid biosynthesis in the pathogenesis of cystic fibrosis Pathology 2014-06-24
Kim, Jongchan Modeling human prostate cancer development using transgenic mice with heterogeneous mutations Pathology 2009-09-10
Kline, Crystal Faith Local Signaling Microdomains in Excitable Cells: Defining Novel Roles for Ankyrin-B in Ion Channel Targeting and Regulation Pathology 2009-03-27
Kroh, Heather K. Molecular Mechanism of Prothrombin Activation by von Willebrand Factor-Binding Protein Pathology 2009-12-16
Lowe, John Stewart Targeting of the cardiac voltage-gated sodium channel 1.5 requires an ankyrin-G-dependent pathway Pathology 2008-12-01
Ludwik, Katarzyna Anna RSKy Business in the Mammary Gland Pathology 2018-03-23
Marjoram, Robin James Signaling mechanisms associated with the platelet collagen receptors Pathology 2011-02-18
Martinez, Erin Elizabeth Mechanisms of Prostate Tumor Initiation: Interplay of Antioxidants and Genetic Alterations Pathology 2013-07-24
McKissic, Sydika Amari The role of NKX3.1 in the initiation and progression of prostate cancer Pathology 2012-03-26
Mignemi, Nicholas Anthony The Role of the Fibrinolytic System and Fibrin in Fracture Healing Pathology 2015-03-23
Mogal, Ashish Popatrao Analysis of Nkx3.1 Target Genes in Prostate Cancer Pathology 2007-06-21
Mrozowski, Roman Michal Targeting the Ser/Thr protein kinase RSK to reduce breast cancer metastasis Pathology 2015-07-14
Njoroge, Sarah Wanjiku Mechanisms of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Alterations in Cystic Fibrosis Pathology 2013-07-17
Ooms, Laura Sue Post-entry Determinants of Mammalian Orthoreovirus Replication Pathology 2012-07-19
Palmer, Trenis Duwon Regulation of Tumor Cell Metastasis by CD151 Pathology 2013-07-19
Pyle, Amy Lauren SPRR3 Regulation and Function in the Atherosclerotic Microenvironment Pathology 2009-03-24
Segedy, Amanda Kay Novel Atheroprotective Mediators: SPRR3-expressing Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Pathology 2015-03-17
Smith, Stephen Bradford The molecular mechanism of factor IX activation by factor XIa Pathology 2009-03-27
Tran, Thuy Thanh Thi Roles of the alpha2beta1 Integrin in Cancer Progression and Metastasis Pathology 2011-12-05
Ullery, Jody Christine The Effects of Triglyceride on Lysosomal Function in Macrophage Foam Cells Pathology 2009-07-24
Umunakwe, Obinna C. A Mechanism for Altered Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Biosynthesis in Cystic Fibrosis Pathology 2014-07-22
Wade, Nekeithia Shiana Understanding the Pathogenesis of Accelerated Atherosclerosis in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Role for T cell Dysregulation Pathology 2012-03-23
Wiles, Karen Godfrey Skizzle: a Novel Streptococcus agalactiae-secreted Cofactor of Human Plasminogen Activation Pathology 2010-09-06
Hood, Marguerite Indriati Mechanisms of Antibiotic Resistance and Pathogenesis in Acinetobacter baumannii Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology 2012-07-25
Anderson, Lyndsey Leigh Pharmacological and Genetic Rescue of Idiopathic Epilepsies Pharmacology 2014-03-18
Barnett, Joshua McAlister Endothelial Progenitor Cell Subpopulation Profiling Reveals a Critical Role for Endoglin in Retinal Neovascularization Pharmacology 2011-07-22
Bartlett, Christina Swan Role of the prostaglandin E2 receptor EP1 in hypertensive end-organ damage Pharmacology 2012-11-30
Beckermann, Thomas Martin Mutant Cardiac Sodium Channel Dysfunction Associated with Cardiomyopathy Pharmacology 2014-06-25
Belovich, Andrea Nicole Reverse Transport of the Dopamine Transporter in Neuropsychiatric Disease: Mechanisms of Regulation and Dysfunction Pharmacology 2017-02-20
Bender, Brian Joseph Knowledge-Based Modeling of G-Protein Coupled Receptors and their Binding Partners Pharmacology 2019-01-17
Bersell, Kevin Richard Genetic variation, pathogenicity, and pathophysiology of human channelopathies Pharmacology 2016-10-29
Betke, Katherine Michelle Investigating The Role of G protein βγ Specificity In Modulation of Synaptic Transmission Pharmacology 2014-07-04
Bridges, Thomas Miller Discovery, Optimization, and Characterization of Novel Subtype-Selective Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M4 and M5 Positive Allosteric Modulators Pharmacology 2010-09-20
Brown, Molly Nicole GABA synthesis in developing hippocampus: SNAT1 surfaces as a dynamic regulator of inhibitory synaptic transmission Pharmacology 2010-03-29
Bruntz, Ronald Chase Insights into the Molecular Mechanisms of Phospholipase D-Mediated Cancer Cell Survival Pharmacology 2014-01-14
Burkewitz, Kristopher Characterization of hypertonic stress-induced protein damage and the cellular mechanisms for defense and repair in C. elegans Pharmacology 2012-04-20
Bylund, Jeffery B. BMP signaling regulation by GREMLIN 2 promotes proliferation and differentiation of human iPS cell-derived cardiac progenitors to cardiomyocytes Pharmacology 2017-03-27
Campbell, Courtney Michelle Pharmacological Targeting of Gain-of-function KCNQ1 Mutations Predisposing to Atrial Fibrillation Pharmacology 2013-07-19
Campbell, James Preston The role of osteoblastic β-adrenergic signaling in breast cancer metastasis to bone Pharmacology 2012-11-08
Ceddia, Ryan Patrick The Role of the Prostaglandin E2 EP3 Receptor in Obesity, Insulin Resistance, and Glycemic Control Pharmacology 2015-11-24
Chen, Qiuyan The structure basis of arrestin mediated GPCR signaling Pharmacology 2015-11-16
Chopra, Sameer Sodium channels are required for cardiac cell-fate specification via a novel, non-electrogenic mechanism in zebrafish. Pharmacology 2008-11-30
Ciampa, Erin Julia Investigating the function of KCNE4 in cardiac physiology Pharmacology 2011-03-11
Cleghorn, Whitney Marie Arrestins regulate cell spreading and motility via focal adhesion dynamics Pharmacology 2012-06-22
Coffa, Sergio Non-visual arrestins bind mitogen activated protein kinases and regulate their signaling Pharmacology 2011-08-04
Crouch, Rachel Denise Aldehyde Oxidase Drug Metabolism: Evaluation of Drug Interaction Potential and Allometric Scaling Methods to Predict Human Pharmacokinetics Pharmacology 2016-11-19
DelBove, Claire Elise Visualizing APP trafficking and processing reveals its functional relationship with neuronal membrane cholesterol Pharmacology 2018-07-23
Downey, Jason Duane Structure-Function Analyses of Prostaglandin E2 Receptor Subtypes 1 and 3 Pharmacology 2012-11-09
English, Brett Alan Cardiovascular and Neuropsychiatric Consequences of a Genetic Loss of the High-Affinity Choline Transporter (CHT) Pharmacology 2010-03-30
Ennis, Elizabeth Ann Identification and Characterization of Novel Inhibitors of the Presynaptic, Hemicholinium-3-Sensitive Choline Transporter Pharmacology 2016-03-01
Feaster, Tromondae Kenta Implementation of human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte to model excitation-contraction coupling in health and disease Pharmacology 2015-11-18
Feng, Yi Autoregulation of ADAR2 function by RNA editing. Pharmacology 2005-12-02
Fioret, Bryan Adam Endothelial cells serve as a cardiac progenitor population in the adult heart during homeostasis and contribute to repair after ischemic injury Pharmacology 2014-07-02
Fischer, Rachel Anne Significance of Potassium Homeostasis for Neurodegeneration in Glaucoma Pharmacology 2019-09-04
Garcia, Bonnie Gale Corticostriatal regulation of medium spiny neuron dendritic remodeling in models of parkinsonism Pharmacology 2010-03-30
Garcia, Efrain Eduardo Unraveling the Role of G-proteins in Hallucinogenic Drug Action Pharmacology 2007-03-07
Gibson, Elizabeth Grace Overcoming fluoroquinolone resistance: Mechanistic basis of non-quinolone antibacterials targeting type II topoisomerases Pharmacology 2019-03-04
Goodwin, Craig Matthew Targeting K-Ras, Pak-1, And Mcl-1 for the Treatment of Cancer Pharmacology 2015-11-17
Gordon, Odaine Narado Oxidative Transformation of Curcumin: Products and Reaction Mechanisms Pharmacology 2014-03-25
Grannan, Michael David Evaluating Novel Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor Potentiators for the Treatment of Cognitive Deficits in Schizophrenia Pharmacology 2016-11-21
Gruver, Jonathan Scott Towards a Unified Understanding of Eukaryotic Cell Motility Pharmacology 2010-01-28
Guo, Yuanjun Homeodomain-Interacting Protein Kinase 2 (HIPK2), a Novel Kinase Regulator in the Heart Pharmacology 2019-11-18
Gustin, Richard Michael The role of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent kinase II in normal and abnormal early postnatal development Pharmacology 2010-06-28
Hardy, Klarissa Dawniette Formation and Metabolism of 15-Deoxy-{Delta}12,14-Prostaglandin J2 in Vivo Pharmacology 2011-03-24
Helmcke, Kirsten Jeanne Caenorhabditis elegans as a model to study molecular mechanisms of methylmercury toxicity Pharmacology 2010-01-14
Henage, Lee Gardner Kinetic analysis of phospholipase D: Allosteric modulation by monomeric GTPases, protein kinase C, and polyphosphoinositides Pharmacology 2006-01-30
Ho, Karen W. The Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid-1 Channel in Stress-Induced Astrocyte Migration Pharmacology 2014-10-13
Jewell, Mark Langley Regulation of Ca2+ channels and exocytosis by receptors for prostaglandin E2 Pharmacology 2013-07-23
Jin, Jing Biosynthetic Mechanisms of LTA-type Epoxides and Novel Bioactive Lipid Mediators Pharmacology 2013-08-23
Joffe, Max Emanuel Nucleus accumbens n-methyl-d-aspartate receptor function and reward learning: implications for cocaine use disorders Pharmacology 2016-04-26
Johnson, Kari Anne Modulation of basal ganglia function by metabotropic glutamate receptors Pharmacology 2013-03-26
Karolak, Matthew Ross Neurofibromin Regulated Signaling Pathways in Endochondral Ossification Pharmacology 2015-07-07
Klar, Rebecca The Role of mGlu7 in Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity: Implications for Novel Therapeutics for Rett Syndrome Pharmacology 2015-08-05
Lavieri, Robert Raymond Synthesis, development and biochemical characterization of small molecule, isoform-selective phospholipase D inhibitors and photoactivatable probes Pharmacology 2014-11-05
LeNoue-Newton, Michele Laura The role of Alpha4 in regulating the PP2A family of serine/threonine phosphatases: a structural, biochemical and cell-based approach Pharmacology 2015-11-22
Lian, Na Vimentin, a novel regulator of the transcription factor ATF4 and osteoblast differentiation Pharmacology 2011-03-26
Madison, Jennifer Lea Gene-environment interactions between mutant huntingtin and manganese exposure alter striatal neurochemistry and medium spiny neuron morphology. Pharmacology 2011-06-23
Mai, Tu Hoang Anh Hypo-osmotic Effects in Cardiovascular Controls: Hepatic and Renal Mechanisms Underlying the Osmopressor Response Pharmacology 2014-07-09
Mazalouskas, Matthew David Composition, Regulation, and Function of Protein Serine/Threonine Phosphatase•Kinase Signaling Modules Pharmacology 2014-03-24
McCall, Abraham Scott The Role of Peroxidasin in Basement Membrane Physiology and Human Disease Pharmacology 2015-07-23
McHugh, Julia Cardiovascular effects of water ingestion: an osmosensitive pressor response Pharmacology 2011-09-20
Misra, Sunita N Characterization of Mutant Human Brain Sodium Channels Associated with Familial Epilepsy Pharmacology 2008-06-30
Mundell, Nathan Andrew Regulation of multipotency and self-renewal in neural crest stem cells: analysis of foxd3 function in diverse neural crest cell populations Pharmacology 2011-03-23
Murphy, Lisa Lynn The Physiology and Pathophysiology of a Fetal Splice Variant of the Cardiac Sodium Channel Pharmacology 2014-03-24
Nackenoff, Alexander Greer Determining the Role of Serotonin in Antidepressant Action, as Revealed Utilizing the SERT Met172 Mouse Model Pharmacology 2016-03-25
Nedelcovych, Michael Thomas Selective Antagonism of mGluR5 Alters Sleep-Wake and Quantitative EEG and Ameliorates Behavioral Abnormalities in a Rodent Model of Traumatic Stress Pharmacology 2015-11-23
Nguyen, Thuy Tuong Oxidative stress in C. elegans: Discovery of a mechanistic role for gamma-ketoaldehyde lipid peroxidation products in the Free Radical Theory of Aging Pharmacology 2016-11-21
Ni, Mingwei Acute response of primary glial cells to methylmercury exposure Pharmacology 2011-10-16
Oldham, William Michael Mapping Conformational Changes Along the Activation Pathway of the Heterotrimeric G Protein α Subunit with Site-directed Spin-labeling Pharmacology 2008-04-07
Oliver, Kendra Helen Novel implications of lost serotonin transporter function on platelet biology Pharmacology 2016-08-16
Parikh, Shan S. Maturation and implementation of human induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes for modeling cardiac disease Pharmacology 2018-05-03
Perry-Hauser, Nicole Anna Arrestins: multifunctional regulators of signaling pathways Pharmacology 2019-03-11
Peterson, Kristin Rose Immunometabolism and the role of complement factor 5 in insulin action Pharmacology 2019-03-13
Popescu, Daniela Catalina Regulation of the TRP calcium channel by eye-PKC in Drosophila Pharmacology 2006-11-24
Quinlan , Meagan Anne Structural and Functional Dynamics of Serotonin Transporter Gene Variants Pharmacology 2019-03-25
Ramsey, Ian Scott Modulation of serotonin transporter function and pharmacology by subunit interactions and an endogenous regulatory factor Pharmacology 2001-12-10
Raphemot, Rene Of Mosquitoes and Men: Targeting Inward Rectifier Potassium (Kir) Channels for the Development of New Therapeutics and Insecticides Pharmacology 2014-05-18
Reece, Kelie M'liss Regulation of the CaMKIV/PP2A Signaling Module Pharmacology 2010-01-29
Salzman, Michele Marie Poloxamer 188 Protects Isolated Mouse Cardiomyocytes from Hypoxia/Reoxygenation Injury - Implications for Cardioprotection after Cardiac Arrest Pharmacology 2017-12-03
Sanchez, Nora Sylvia The Role of The Type III Transforming Growth Factor–beta Receptor in Epicardial Cell Behavior and Coronary Vessel Development Pharmacology 2011-10-13
Savage, Sara Renee The role of PPARβ/δ in diabetic retinopathy Pharmacology 2015-08-28
Selvy, Paige Elizabeth Mechanistic characterization of isoform selective inhibitors of mammalian phospholipase D Pharmacology 2011-11-07
Shirey-Rice, Jana Kristin M1 and M4 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor Regulation of Neurotransmission and Cell Excitability in Rodent Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex Pharmacology 2010-03-31
Speed, Nicole Kathryn The Role of Insulin Signaling on Dopamine Transporter Trafficking Pharmacology 2010-07-21
Spencer, Cierra Tamese Biochemical characterization of a Pseudomonas aeruginosa phospholipase D Pharmacology 2015-01-14
Stevens, David Michael Nanonetworks as Innovative Platforms for Therapeutic Solubilization and Delivery Pharmacology 2014-05-29
Stoops, Sydney Lear Discovery, Optimization, and Understanding the Mechanism of Action of Small Molecules that Restore E-cadherin Expression Pharmacology 2012-03-26
Sun, Xiaofei Studying the role of endocannabinoid signaling in reproduction Pharmacology 2010-07-15
Tahaei, Seyedmohammad Ebrahim Molecular Bases of the Reduced Osteogenic Differentiation Potential in Nf1 Deficient Osteoprogenitors Pharmacology 2018-01-22
Thiel, William Howard Proarrhythmic defects in Timothy Syndrome require calmodulin kinase II Pharmacology 2008-11-17
Tian, Mengnan Functional characterization of epilepsy associated GABRG2 mutations Pharmacology 2012-05-07
Tomasiak, Thomas Catalysis, inhibition, and signal transduction by menaquinol:fumarate oxidoreductase Pharmacology 2011-02-14
Wang, Weiguang Function of Atf4 in Endochondral Bone Formation Pharmacology 2011-06-28
Warren, Emily Booth Mitochondrial dysfunction in the striatum: Implications for L-DOPA Induced Dyskinesia Pharmacology 2018-02-09
Watkins, Guy Richard Regulation of PP2Ac stability – discovery of a novel α4 monoubiquitination-dependent mechanism that is altered in Alzheimer’s disease Pharmacology 2012-08-06
Wenthur, Cody James Development and Characterization of Novel Allosteric Modulators Acting on Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors 2 and 3 Pharmacology 2015-07-10
Wu, Jing The Roles of Oxidative Stress, Inflammation and Adaptive Immunity in Aortic Stiffening Pharmacology 2014-11-04
Xing, Juan Ca2+-selective TRPM channels regulate IP3-dependent Ca2+ oscillations in the C. elegans intestine Pharmacology 2009-12-01
Xu, Ming Molecular mechanisms of ADAR2 localization and substrate specificity Pharmacology 2006-03-25
Yim, Yun Young Modulation of Synaptic transmission: Quantitative Analysis of Gβγ specificity to adrenergic α2a receptor and SNARE Pharmacology 2017-12-04
Yin, Shen Allosteric modulation of metabotropic glutamate receptors Pharmacology 2013-11-26
Young, Summer Elizabeth Modulation of thrombin receptor signaling Pharmacology 2013-11-15
Yu, Zheyong Discovery of a novel lipoxygenase pathway in skin Pharmacology 2005-10-18
Zheng, Yuxiang The mechanism and physiological function of epidermal lipoxygenase-3 Pharmacology 2010-12-03
Zhu, Yuantee Changes and function of the sympathetic nervous system in the skeleton during aging Pharmacology 2019-09-03
Zike, Isaac Daniel Investigating the Role of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Candidate Gene SLC1A1 in Basal Ganglia and Repetitive Behavior Pharmacology 2017-05-23
Zurawski, Zack P. The molecular requirements of the G- protein betagamma-SNARE interaction. Pharmacology 2016-03-25
Accavitti, Michael Joseph Freedom of Choice: A Pragmatic Argument for the Permissibility of Assisted Suicide Philosophy 2011-07-13
Adelsberg, Geoffrey Aaron Traumatic Loss and Responsibility: The Requirements of Redress in the Aftermath of Murder Philosophy 2016-07-20
Ahern, Patrick Joseph Echoing Demystified Aspirations: Human Flourishing and the Dialectic of Happiness Philosophy 2015-01-23
Allen, Lana Michelle An Arendtian Reading of Prison Resistance Philosophy 2014-11-24
Ambrose, Robin Alexandra Representing Maternity in Philosophy Philosophy 2010-03-31
Arango Vargas, Manuel Alejandro Social Enactive Perception: Practices, Experience, and Contents Philosophy 2016-03-22
Beaupre, Joel C A Trial of Philosophy Philosophy 2010-12-03
Bell, Jason Matthew The relevance of Royce’s applied ethics: studies in war, business, and environmental ethics Philosophy 2009-03-29
Bird-Pollan, Jennifer Erin Taxation of Wealth Transfers: A Philosophical Analysis Philosophy 2016-11-19
Bird-Pollan, Stefan Eric Subject, Normativity, World Philosophy 2008-03-31
Borchers, Scott Hegel's Logic and Global Climate Change Philosophy 2006-04-05
Bradfield, Erin Cecilia Silence and Silencing: Aesthetic Response as the Impetus for Community Formation Philosophy 2012-07-18
Bredeson, Garrett Zantow The Genesis of Heidegger's Reading of Kant Philosophy 2014-11-21
Burgos, Adam Benjamin Political Resistance and the Constitution of Equality Philosophy 2015-03-14
Butterfield , Mary Stewart Deweyan Democracy and Reconciliation in Canada Philosophy 2016-07-21
Caruso, Pascal Michael Respect for persons: the foundational moral disposition in medicine (a renewed physician ethos: respect for patients as persons) Philosophy 2016-02-22
Cisneros, Natalie Packard The "Illegal Alien": A Genealogical and Intersectional Approach Philosophy 2012-07-17
Crites, Joshua Seth Liberalism and Multiculturalism: A Philosophical Dilemma Philosophy 2007-07-12
Cunningham, Sarah Bainter The Compass of Reason: Intellectual Interest in the Beautiful as a Mode of Orientation Philosophy 2004-11-27
Cusick, Carolyn Marie Speaking, Listening, and Communicative Justice: Educating Epistemic Trust and Responsibility Philosophy 2012-08-29
Dabay, Thomas M. Naturalism and Inference: On the Need for a Theory of Material Inference Philosophy 2017-07-24
Davies, Christopher Jason Ethics and the Event in Deleuze, Derrida, and Badiou Philosophy 2013-11-23
Eamon, Kathleen Margaret Kant and the Crisis of Symbolic Rationality Philosophy 2008-12-12
Edenberg, Elizabeth F. Political Liberalism and Its Feminist Potential Philosophy 2015-07-15
Edmonds, Jeffrey Sims Power and Pure Experience: A Metaphysics of Education Philosophy 2009-07-22
Everett, Rachel Gabrielle Major depressive disorder: an embodied disruption of agency and a disruption of a form of life Philosophy 2013-03-29
Faber, Kenneth Mark The Totality, the Individual, and Their Relation: A Study of the Nature of Reality and the Significance of Life Philosophy 2015-07-31
Forcehimes, Andrew Thomas Putting Reasons First: A Defense of Normative Non-Naturalism Philosophy 2015-03-17
Frahm, David Gregory The phenomenon of meaning and Heidegger’s ontology Philosophy 2012-07-04
Froom, Eric Kierkegaard, Wittgenstein, and philosophical doubt Philosophy 2009-07-21
Fyfe, Shannon Elizabeth Responsibility and the Harm of Mass Sexual Slavery Philosophy 2018-07-17
Giordano, Lara Kirsch Redemptive Criticism: Sigmund Freud, Walter Benjamin, Stanley Cavell and Democratic Culture Philosophy 2015-03-19
Gorman, Sarah Magdelene The Role of Waste in Modern Political Philosophy Philosophy 2019-07-18
Green, Blake Allen Working Toward a Legal, Scientific, and Philosophical Conception of Mental Capacity Philosophy 2014-07-18
Hall, Joshua Maloy Figuration: A Philosophy of Dance Philosophy 2012-07-19
Hall, Melinda Charis Transhumanist Utopias: Rethinking Enhancement and Disability Philosophy 2013-05-26
Hammontree, John Stephen Hypercomplex-Transfinite Numbers: A Theory of Chaos, Totality and Modality Philosophy 2014-04-17
Hansen, Sarah K. Zoe, Bios and the Language of Biopower Philosophy 2010-07-23
Harbour, Michael David Freedom as Anti-domination Philosophy 2010-08-18
Houston, Joshua Wayne A Radical Cosmopolitanism: Sociality, Universality, and Democracy Philosophy 2011-07-21
King, Christopher Stewart Democracy, Dliberation, and Political Legitimacy Philosophy 2007-07-26
Lanphier, Elizabeth Complicit Care: Health Care in Community Philosophy 2019-06-13
Lewis, Juliana Wolf Real Fit: Identity, Society, and Viewer Investment in Fitness Reality TV Philosophy 2015-03-16
Matocha, Johanna Martha The living system: Life, ideation and freedom in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit Philosophy 2015-03-15
McCaffrey, Kevin Michael John Dewey on Pragmatism and Modern American Democracy -A Critical Analysis of Modern American Democracy, and Philosophy’s Proper Role Therein- Philosophy 2012-07-10
McGill-Rutherford, Emily Catherine Feminism, Liberalism, and Relational Autonomy Philosophy 2015-06-05
McKiernan, Amy Lynn Blaming Ourselves and Others Philosophy 2017-05-22
Moore, Jacqueline Memory and Its Vicissitudes: An Examination of Memory, Trauma, and History Philosophy 2009-05-01
Morrow, Paul Christopher Social Norms in the Theory of Mass Atrocity and Transitional Justice Philosophy 2014-07-16
Oz, Yusuf Politics of grammar: a comparison of Wittgenstein and Foucault Philosophy 2013-07-17
Petroskey-Nicoletti, Toni The Experience of Value From the First Person Perspective Philosophy 2008-07-22
Pitts, Andrea J Racial Interpellation and Second-personhood: Understanding the Normative Dynamics of Race Talk Philosophy 2015-07-13
Polish, Jessica Sexual Difference in Hegel's Encyclopedia in its Logical, Natural, and Spiritual Aspects Philosophy 2014-07-24
Radke, Lyn Alison A Defense of Angry Blame Philosophy 2019-08-13
Ritter, Eric Joseph Cavell, Skepticism, and the Ordinary Mind Philosophy 2019-07-15
Semrau, Luke Bascome A Defense of Kidney Sales Philosophy 2016-05-24
Sentell, Charles Julius Freedom and Food, Slavery and Agriculture: A Philosophical Ecology Philosophy 2015-03-24
Skene-Björkman, Sandra Diane Epistemic Injustice and the Problem Of Novelty: Identifying New Tools with Audre Lorde and Hannah Arendt Philosophy 2016-07-20
Suen, Alison The kinship of language: reworking the human-animal divide Philosophy 2012-07-06
Suzanne, Dylan E. Lessons from the Digital Crisis in Copyright: Ethical and Political Implications of Radical Automation Philosophy 2006-07-24
Tarver, Erin C. Feminist Subjects and Feminist Action: A Pragmatic Post-structuralist Account of Oppression and Resistance Philosophy 2011-03-26
Thompson, Jennifer K. John Dewey and Pragmatic Economics Philosophy 2005-04-01
Trujillo, Glenn Mac No Laughing Matter: Playfulness and a Good Life Philosophy 2019-07-11
Turk, Adam Sean Will to Power as the Self-Overcoming of Will to Truth Philosophy 2012-11-30
Tuvel, Rebecca Dayna Epistemic Injustice Expanded: A Feminist, Animal Studies Approach Philosophy 2014-07-10
Tyson, Sarah Katherine Models of Engagement: Luce Irigaray, Genevieve Lloyd, Michèle Le Doeuff and the History of Philosophy Philosophy 2011-06-29
VanderVeen, Zachary Jordan Reconstructing Legitimacy Philosophy 2009-04-07
Vaprin, Nathanael William Immanuel Kant and the Theory of Radical Democracy Philosophy 2013-08-14
Wells, Christopher Michael Subjects Between Ethics and Politics Philosophy 2015-06-29
Whitman, Norman Lee Spinoza's Materialist "Epistemology" Philosophy 2015-03-15
Whitt, Matt Spencer The Paradox of Sovereignty: Authority, Constitution, and Political Boundaries Philosophy 2010-07-28
Williamson, Diane Emotional Intelligence and Moral Theory: A Kantian Approach Philosophy 2009-07-10
Zeman, Scott Placebos of Development: A Critique of Modern Health Objectivity in Kant, Marx, and Psychoanalysis Philosophy 2009-12-09
Aarnio, Alicia N The Role of Magnetic Fields in the Pre-Main Sequence Evolution of Solar Type Stars Physics 2010-03-31
Adams, Charles Hubert Measurement of the third-order nonlinear refractive index of vanadium oxide nanoscrolls Physics 2012-12-11
Appelt, Eric Andrew Measurements of Charged-Particle Transverse Momentum Spectra in PbPb Collisions at a Center-of-Mass Energy of 2.76 TeV per Nucleon Pair and in pPb Collisions at a Center-of-Mass Energy of 5.02 TeV per Nucleon Pair with the CMS Detector Physics 2014-03-21
Auner, Alexander William Biophysical Techniques to Quantify Tissue Mechanical Forces and Chemical Kinetics Physics 2018-09-20
Bakos, Tamas Defects in amorphous SiO2: reactions, dynamics and optical properties Physics 2003-10-30
Banks, Joshua Ian Development and Characterization of NMR and MRI Methods for Assessment of Tumor Oxygen Consumption Physics 2012-10-07
Bastien, Fabienne Anne Empirically Interrelating Stellar Chromospheric Activity, Photometric Variability, and Radial Velocity Variations to Enhance Planet Discovery Physics 2014-03-23
Baunach, John Daniel Benchmarking OLTARIS For Deep Space Dose Analyses Using MCNP6 Physics 2015-04-18
Belmont, Ronald John III Measurements of identified charged hadrons in Au+Au and d+Au collisions at 200 GeV Physics 2012-11-29
Bennett, Monica Elaine Balancing act: investigating the coordinated mechanics of germband and amnioserosa in Drosophila morphogenesis Physics 2017-03-27
Blazkiewicz, Artur Robert 2d coordinate space Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov calculations for neutron-rich nuclei in the A~100 mass region Physics 2005-11-17
Bodnarik, Julia Gates Using In situ Neutron and Gamma-ray Spectroscopy to Characterize Asteroids Physics 2013-04-01
Boulware, III, Charles H. Electron Beams from Needle Photocathodes and a New Theory of the Smith-Purcell Free-Electron Laser Physics 2007-01-29
Brewer, Nathan Thomas Measurements of the Prompt and Delayed Radiation from Fission Fragments: Deformation Properties of Neutron Rich Nuclei Physics 2013-03-15
Cai, Chong Spin dynamics of nuclear singlet-states: application to parahydrogen induced hyperpolarization Physics 2013-11-05
Calderon Arrivillaga, Victor Francisco Understanding The Galaxy-Halo Connection Through Galaxy Group Catalogues Physics 2019-07-18
Campbell, Desmond LeOtis A High-Purity Germanium Imaging System for Limited-Angle Nuclear Breast Tomography Physics 2015-03-16
Campbell, Lauren Elizabeth Towards the Unbound Stellar Population in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Physics 2015-03-19
Cargile, Phillip Andrew Testing the Chronometric Accuracy of Stellar Evolution Models Using Young Stars in Open Clusters Physics 2010-03-31
Carver, Diana Elizabeth Pediatric Red Marrow and Organ Radiation Dose Estimates in Computed Tomography from Monte Carlo Simulations Physics 2015-06-29
Caudel, David Dewayne Manipulating Nonproportionality of Strontium Iodide Crystals with High-Flux Irradiation by 137Cs Gamma Rays Physics 2017-03-27
Chang, Hui-Yiing Scalar field models for dark energy Physics 2014-07-18
Chynoweth, Katie Mae On The Origin Of Neutral Hydrogen Clouds In Nearby Galaxy Groups: The Role Of Galaxy Interactions Physics 2010-03-20
Clemens, Michael Andrew Energy deposition mechanisms for proton- and neutron-induced single event upsets in modern electronic devices Physics 2012-03-16
Cogswell, Bernadette Kafwimbi Symmetry, Hierarchy, and an Alternative Paradigm for Analyzing Neutrino Oscillations Physics 2014-10-27
Colvin, Daniel Christopher Examining Tissue Microstructure with Temporal Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Physics 2009-11-09
Conley, Hiram Jacob Straining Two Dimensional Materials Physics 2014-10-04
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