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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Audet, Carolyn Marie The Political Organization of the Belize Valley: New Evidence from Baking Pot, Xunantunich, and Cahal Pech Anthropology 2006-10-12
Barrientos Quezada, Tomas Jose The Royal Palace of Cancuen: The Structure of Lowland Maya Architecture and Politics at the end of the Late Classic Period Anthropology 2014-05-05
Berryman, Carrie Anne Food, Feasts, and the Construction of Identity and Power in Ancient Tiwanaku: A Bioarchaeological Perspective Anthropology 2010-03-15
Bria, Rebecca Elizabeth Ritual, Economy, and the Construction of Community at Ancient Hualcayán (Ancash, Peru) Anthropology 2017-12-07
Callaghan, Michael George Technologies of Power: Ritual Economy and Ceramic Production in the Terminal Preclassic Period Holmul Region, Guatemala Anthropology 2008-11-07
Cojti Ren, Iyaxel Ixkan A. The Emergence of the Ancient Kaqchikel Polity: A case of Ethnogenesis in the Guatemalan Highlands Anthropology 2019-07-26
Espantzay Serech, Carmelina Enticidad, subalternidad, género y participación política: aspiraciones y estrategias de las mujeres Mayas del altiplano de Guatemala para acceder a espacios de poder Anthropology 2019-01-31
Foley, Jennifer Marie When Worlds Collide: Understanding the Effects of Maya-Teotihuacán Interaction on Ancient Maya Identity and Community Anthropology 2017-03-27
Franco, Teresa Cristina de Borges Paleoecology and sedentism of early coastal hunter-gatherers in north Chile Anthropology 2015-03-22
Hernández Garavito, Carla Cecilia Legibility and Empire: Mediating the Inka Presence in Huarochirí Province, Peru Anthropology 2019-06-12
Kohut, Lauren Elizabeth Cooperation through War: Late Intermediate Period Warfare and Community Formation in the South-Central Andes Anthropology 2016-06-29
Kohut, Michael Robert Making evolutionists and creationists in Tennessee: the causes and consequences of evolution education, 2009-2012 Anthropology 2016-05-28
Kovacevich, Brigitte Reconstructing Classic Maya Economic Systems: Production and Exchange at Cancuen, Guatemala Anthropology 2006-07-19
Kurin, Danielle Shawn The Bioarchaeology of Collapse: Ethnocide and Ethnogenesis in Post-Imperial Andahuaylas, Peru (AD 900 - 1200) Anthropology 2012-11-27
Mancina, Peter Anthony In the Spirit of Sanctuary: Sanctuary-city Policy Advocacy and the Production of Sanctuary-power in San Francisco, California Anthropology 2016-07-11
Morgan, Molly Fixing Residence: Formative Period Place Making at Chiquiuitan, Guatemala Anthropology 2010-03-30
Norman, Scotti Michelle An Archaeology of Taki Onqoy: Revitalization and Entanglement in Colonial Peru Anthropology 2019-08-13
O'Maley, Daniel Patrick Networking Democracy: Brazilian Internet Freedom Activism and the Influence of Participatory Democracy Anthropology 2015-10-09
O'Mansky, Matt The Petexbatun Intersite Settlement Pattern Survey: Shifting Settlement Strategies in the Ancient Maya World Anthropology 2007-04-01
Paz Lemus, Lillian Tatiana Enacting Youth: political agency and youth subjectivities in Tactic, Guatemala Anthropology 2019-07-26
Revilla-Minaya, Caissa Environmental Factishes, Variation, and Emergent Ontologies among the Matsigenka of the Peruvian Amazon Anthropology 2019-01-15
Sauer, Jacob James Long-Term Resilience in Cultural Systems: An Araucanian Example from Santa Sylvia, South-Central Chile Anthropology 2012-05-20
Scaffidi, Cassandra Koontz Networks of Violence: Bioarchaeological and Spatial Perspectives on Physical, Structural, and Cultural Violence in the Lower Majes Valley, Arequipa, Peru, in the Pre- and Early-Wari Eras Anthropology 2017-12-21
Shenton, Jamie Erin Zuehl The Bodily Logics of Production: Intergenerational Perspectives on Adolescence, Exchange, and Aspiration among Kichwa Women in the Ecuadorian Amazon Anthropology 2014-11-21
Shenton, Jeffrey Thomas Schooling the Forest: Land, Legacy, and Environmental Epistemological Practice in the Upper Napo Anthropology 2014-11-21
Szremski, Kasia A. Shellfish, Water, and Entanglements: Inter-community Interaction and Exchange during the Late Intermediate Period (1100-1470 CE) in the Huanangue Valley, Peru Anthropology 2015-03-22
Talley , Monte Dawn Paradoxes in Sustainable Rainforest Production: Childhood and Child Labor in Açaí Extraction in the Brazilian Amazon Anthropology 2019-07-18
Tomasic, John Joseph Investigating Terminal Preclassic and Classic Period Power and Wealth at K'o, Guatemala Anthropology 2009-03-24
Velasco, Matthew Carlos Mortuary Tradition and Social Transformation during the Late Intermediate Period (A.D. 1100-1450): A Bioarchaeological Analysis of Above-Ground Burials in the Colca Valley, Peru Anthropology 2016-06-30
Vogt, Jennifer Ann The ambitions and ambiguities of community: state policy and artisan cooperation in rural Peru Anthropology 2013-12-02
Weaver, Brendan Joseph McKinney “Fruit of the Vine, Work of Human Hands": An Archaeology and Ethnohistory of Slavery on the the Jesuit Wine Haciendas of Nasca, Peru Anthropology 2015-07-31
Woodfill, Brent Kerry Skoy Shrines of the Pasión-Verapaz Region, Guatemala: Ritual and Exchange along an Ancient Trade Route Anthropology 2007-06-17
Yant, Anna Catesby Powerful Buildings: The Evolution of Non-Domestic Architecture and Social Interaction in the Puuc Anthropology 2011-03-22
Zovar, Jennifer Montgomery Johnson Post-Collapse Constructions of Community, Memory, and Identity: An Archaeological Analysis of Late Intermediate Period Community Formation in Bolivia's Desaguadero Valley Anthropology 2012-08-01
Dunn, Glenna Caitlin Direct collapse black hole formation and assembly in cosmological simulations Astronomy 2019-07-15
Siverd, Robert Joseph A High-Performance, Catalog-Driven Approach to Light Curve Extraction for Wide-Field Photometric Surveys Astrophysics 2019-07-18

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