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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Ero-Tolliver, Isi A Model-Based Reasoning: A Commonality Between Scientific Investigation and Science Education Interdisciplinary 2013-03-14
Appavoo, Kannatassen Hybrid phase-changing nanostructures: from reconfigurable plasmonic devices to ultrafast dynamics Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2012-12-19
Babalola, Oluseyi Stephen Surface and bulk defects in cadmium zinc telluride and cadmium manganese telluride crystals Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2009-11-23
Baer, Bradly Bennett Phototunable Mechanical Properties of Azobenzene-Containing Hydrogels Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2016-07-22
Bailey, Danielle Marie Illuminating Molecular Mechanisms of Serotonin Transporter Regulation with Quantum Dot Single Particle Tracking Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2019-01-19
Beavers, Kelsey Ross Engineering Porous Silicon Nanoparticles for Delivery of Peptide Nucleic Acid Therapeutics Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2017-03-24
Bhandaru, Shweta Material, Optical and Electro-optical Characterization of Si and Si-based Devices Under the Influence of High Energy Radiation Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2015-03-23
Branson, Blake Tucker Fluids and polymer composites comprising detonation nanodiamond Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2010-03-26
Brock, Casey Neil Automated Optimization of Pseudopotentials for Faster and More Accurate Plane Wave Density Functional Theory Calculations in Materials Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2019-05-16
Bulusu, Anuradha Coupled quantum – scattering modeling of thermoelectric performance of nanostructured materials using the non-equilibrium Green’s function method Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2007-07-24
Burst, James Michael Permittivity-engineered transparent conducting tin oxide thin films: from deposition to photovoltaic applications Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2010-07-20
Ciesielski, Peter Nolan Photosystem I – Based Systems for Photoelectrochemical Energy Conversion Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2010-08-17
Dixit, Sriram Kannan Radiation-induced charge trapping studies of advanced Si and SiC based MOS devices Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2008-03-31
Douglas, Anna Elisabeth Sustainable Manufacturing of Carbon Nanomaterials for Energy Storage Applications Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2019-03-25
Dygert, Nicole Leigh Model Polyimide Films: Synthesis, Characterization, and Deposition by Resonant Infrared Laser Ablation Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2008-08-18
Engerer, Kristin Jean Mapping the Electromagnetic Near Field of Gold Nanoparticles in Poly(methyl) Methacrylate Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2016-11-20
Fu, Yang Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of FePt/MgO Multilayered Thin Films Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2006-12-01
Garnett, Joy Carleen Maxwell Fisheye Lens As A Waveguide Crossing For Integrated Photonics Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2013-06-03
Garnett, Joy Carleen The Evolution of Surface Symmetry in Femtosecond Laser-Induced Transient States of Matter Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2017-03-27
Gilbert Corder, Stephanie Nicole Ultrafast relaxation dynamics and optical properties of GaAs and GaAs-based heterostructures Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2014-11-17
Gollub, Sarah Louise Systematic Investigation of Defect-Mediated Photoluminescence Through Radiation-Induced Displacement Damage Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2015-03-23
Gosnell, Jonathan David A Phosphor-based Light-emitting Diode Using White-light Cadmium Selenide Nanocrystals Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2010-03-31
Greaving, Jason James Fabrication and Characterization of Diamond Thin Films as Nanocarbon Transistor Substrates Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2013-07-10
Gregory, Justin Mark Effect of Electron and Phonon Excitation on the Optical Properties of Indirect Gap Semiconductors Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2013-03-19
Gunther, Darlene Photosystem I From Higher Plants Enhances Electrode Performance Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2013-03-25
Hansel, Rachael Ann Phosphor thermometry using rare-earth doped materials Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2010-08-05
Harrell, Sarah-Ann Michelle Bright White Light Emission of Ultrasmall Nanocrystals for Use in Solid State Lighting Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2013-04-10
Harrison, Melissa Ambre Heterogeneously Alloyed Semiconductor Nanocrystals with Induced Chemical Composition Gradients Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2012-12-06
Hasan, Saad Abir Nanoparticles as the sole building blocks of macroscopic solids Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2010-04-15
He, Weidong Synthesis and characterizations of europium chalcogenide and tellurium nanocrystals Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2011-03-08
He, Weidong Ultra-small nanocrystals: synthesis, optical and magnetic properties, oriented attachment, and film assembly Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2011-12-20
Hight, Matthew Roland PET imaging diagnostics of mitochondrial homeostasis in precision cancer medicine Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2014-11-21
Hoang, Anh Ngoc Hemozoin: a case of heme crystal engineering Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2010-07-27
Jackson, Enrique Monte Development and Thermal Properties of Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composites Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2014-11-24
Jones, Jennifer Ann Linear and Nonlinear Optical Study of Multilayer Ferroelectric Polymer Systems Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2015-03-18
Kang, Christopher Multiple-Hole Defects: Optimizing Light-Matter Interaction in Photonic Crystal Cavities Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2011-07-13
Kitko, Kristina Elizabeth Nanomaterial-based approaches to the study of membrane signaling Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2018-11-16
Lawrie, Benjamin J. Plasmon-Exciton Coupling Dynamics in Metal-ZnO Nanostructures Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2011-08-01
Lawrie, Jenifer Lynn In situ DNA synthesis in porous silicon for biosensing applications Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2012-09-20
Leach, Alice Dorinda Penrice The Phase Dependent Optoelectronic Properties of Ternary I-III-VI2 Semiconductor Nanocrystals and Their Synthesis Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2017-03-22
Li, Jun Novel TSPO ligands to facilitate rapid tracer discovery and as precision imaging diagnostics of cancer Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2016-06-29
Mahajan, Sameer Vinayak Electro-thermal simulation studies of single-event burnout in power diodes Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2006-05-31
Mahajan, Sameer Vinayak Ultra-small rare-earth oxide nanocrystals: development, film assembly, optical and dielectric studies Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2010-04-16
Marvel, Robert Edward Physics and Processing of Vanadium Dioxide for Optical Devices Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2016-01-14
Marvinney, Claire Elizabeth Ultraviolet Band-Edge Emission from Zinc Oxide Nanostructures Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2018-03-23
Mayo, Daniel Craig Zinc Oxide Nanowire Gamma-Ray Detector with High Spatiotemporal Resolution Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2017-03-29
McFadden, Ian David Folate-targeted proteolytic nanobeacons: towards selective, imaged delivery in solid tumors Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2014-11-22
Miller, Kevin Joseph Hybrid Silicon-Vanadium Dioxide Photonic Devices for Optical Modulation Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2018-03-26
Moitra, Parikshit Mie Resonance Based All-Dielectric Metamaterials at Optical Frequencies Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2015-07-17
Mukherjee, Shubhajit Physical Mechanisms Affecting Hot Carrier-Induced semi-ON State Degradation in Gallium Nitride HEMTs Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2015-11-05
Muralidharan, Nitin Mechano-Electrochemistry for Advanced Energy Storage and Harvesting Devices Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2018-06-14
Musho, Terence David Quantum Simulation of Nanoscale Transport in Direct Energy Conversion Materials: From Thermal-Field Emitters to Thermoelectrics Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2012-03-26
Oakes, Landon Joseph Controlling Nanomaterial Assembly to Improve Material Performance in Energy Storage Electrodes Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2016-09-05
Pierce, Dean Thomas The Influence of Manganese Content and Temperature on the Relative FCC/HCP Phase Stability and Strain-Hardening Behavior of High-Manganese TRIP/TWIP Steels Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2014-01-20
Prasai, Dhiraj Kumar Monolayer MoS2 and MoS2/Quantum Dot hybrids: novel optoelectronic materials Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2015-11-13
Raina, Supil Nanodiamond macroelectrodes and ultramicroelectrode arrays for bio-analyte detection Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2011-11-01
Reid, Kemar Ricardo Unraveling the Interplay between Structure and Photophysics in Colloidal Quantum Dot Nanostructures Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2019-03-07
Rozen, John Electronic properties and reliability of the silicon dioxide / silicon carbide interface Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2008-04-06
Share, Keith Edward Engineering High Capacity Alternative Ion Battery Electrodes Through Mechanistic Insight Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2018-05-07
Steigerwald, Andrew David Studies of radiation damaged gallium arsenide using coherent acoustic phonon spectroscopy Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2010-05-26
Tonigan, Andrew Michael The theory and application of bipolar transistors as displacement damage sensors Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2017-03-27
Vajandar, Saumitra K Electro-osmotic Pumping and Ionic Conductance Measurements in Porous Membranes Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2009-12-07
Wade, Travis Charles TEM Study of Nanostructured Cold Cathode Diamond Field Emitter Tips Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2011-10-23
Walker, Ebonee Alexis Influence of Phonon Modes on the Thermal Conductivity of Single-wall, Double-wall, and Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2012-04-07
Watt, Tony Louis Aberration-corrected atomic number contrast scanning transmission electrion microscopy of nanocrystals and nanomaterial-based systems for use in next-generation photovoltaic devices Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2008-07-22
Wei, Siyu Field Emitters and Supercapacitors Based on Carbon Nanotube Films Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2009-12-09
Westover, Andrew Scott Challenging Conventional Approaches to Energy Storage: Direct Integration of Energy Storage into Solar Cells, the Use of Scrap Metals to Build Batteries, and the Development of Multifunctional Structural Energy Storage Composites Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2016-11-21
Yang, Yuanmu Resonant All-Dielectric Optical Metamaterials Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2015-06-11
Zhao, Yiliang Engineering Porous Silicon Photonic Structures towards Fast and Reliable Optical Biosensing Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2017-03-24
Zufelt, Kyle Benjamin Highly efficient infrared photodetectors based on plasmonic metamaterials and vanadium dioxide Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2014-11-24
Sprinkel, Katie Connors Investigating the Biological Activity of the Novel Hemiketal Eicosanoid E2 Interdisciplinary Studies: Analytical Pharmacology 2016-03-27
Cummings, Anna Christine Power and type 1 error for large pedigree analyses of binary traits Interdisciplinary Studies: Applied Statistics 2012-11-29
Davis, Mary Feller Parkinson Disease Loci in the Mid-Western Amish Interdisciplinary Studies: Applied Statistics 2013-03-26
Jeff, Janina Maria Admixture mapping and subsequent finemapping suggests novel loci for type 2 diabetes in African Americans Interdisciplinary Studies: Applied Statistics 2012-12-21
Zuvich, Rebecca Lynn Identification of Additional Independent Loci in the Major Histocompatibility Complex in Multiple Sclerosis Susceptibility Interdisciplinary Studies: Applied Statistics 2010-07-22
Everett, Joel Harmon Expanding the Therapeutic Window of Mithramycin for the Treatment of Ewing Sarcoma Interdisciplinary Studies: Cancer Pharmacology 2015-07-08
Robinson, Jamille Yvette The Role of Activin Receptor-like Kinases and Nuclear Factor κB in Type III Transforming Growth Factor β Receptor Signaling Interdisciplinary Studies: Cardiovascular Pharmacology 2012-11-26
Davis, Tonia Nicole Cross Modal Generalization of Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary in Children with Down Syndrome Interdisciplinary Studies: Communication Disorders and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities 2014-03-24
Su, Pumpki Lei A Comparison of Prelinguistic Learning Environment of Children with and without Hearing Loss Interdisciplinary Studies: Communication Disorders and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities 2018-07-23
Grier, Mark Donald Unraveling the Gene/Environment Knot in Neurodevelopmental Disease: Focus on Angelman Syndrome Interdisciplinary Studies: Developmental Neuropharmacology 2015-06-01
Cheng, Steven Kunyuan The impact of delay: assessing the early indicators of development time and accrual milestones on oncology clinical trial success Interdisciplinary Studies: Engineering Management 2008-12-04
Banks, James Carl Development of a Decision-Support Tool for Bridge Infrastructure Adaptation in Response to Climate-Induced Flood Risk Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Management 2014-11-25
Benneyworth, Laura Mahoney Factors Affecting Drinking Water Security in South-Western Bangladesh Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Management 2016-07-14
Bryant, Derek Lloyd Creation of a System for Assessing and Communicating the Risks Associated with Terrestrial Chemical Spills Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Management 2006-04-04
Meghreblian, Shari L Carbon Information Disclosure Strategies (CIDS): A Decision Methodology Framework For Optimizing Carbon Disclosure Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Management 2010-07-13
Recher, Marcella Andrea The effects of firm and facility characteristics on environmental compliance Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Management 2009-07-07
Shepherd, Kristen E. Integration of transportation and emergency services: identifying critical interfaces, obstacles, and opportunities Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Management 2005-04-19
Spradley, Leah L A systematic approach to analyzing pre-closure operational performance of the proposed repository for high-level nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, NV Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Management 2008-04-03
Worthy, Roneisha Wynette A Systematic Approach to the Evaluation of RCRA Disposal Facilities under Future Climate-induced Events Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Management 2014-03-24
Abkowitz Brooks, Kendra Julie Assessing the Vulnerability of Park System Infrastructure to Impacts from Extreme Weather Events: A Tennessee Application Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Management and Policy 2015-04-02
Wighton, Lynne Gray Psychological Debriefing and First Responders: A Meta-Analysis Interdisciplinary Studies: Health Services Research and Policy 2013-03-22
Johnson, Jazette Monique RESD: Steps Towards Improving The Design of Reminder Systems for Older Adults with Dementia using Eye Trackers Interdisciplinary Studies: Human Computer Interaction 2018-08-15
Broeckelmann, Eva Marie Dynamics of long-range gene regulation at the BMP2 locus Interdisciplinary Studies: Human Genetics 2013-04-09
Pryweller, Jennifer Raechelle A Neural Basis for Atypical Auditory Processing: A Williams Syndrome Model Interdisciplinary Studies: Human Genetics 2013-12-01
Thaiupathump, Choonhapong Intelligent Agents for On-line Learning Interdisciplinary Studies: Information Technology 1999-07-26
Nay, John Jacob A Machine Learning Approach to Modeling Dynamic Decision-Making in Strategic Interactions and Prediction Markets Interdisciplinary Studies: Integrated Computational Decision Science 2017-03-27
Sliwoski, Gregory Richard 3D enantioselective descriptors for ligand-based computer-aided drug design Interdisciplinary Studies: Interdisciplinary Pharmacology 2012-07-19
Williams, Cynthia Hansberry The "Sound" of Blackness: African American Language, Social and Cultural Identities, and Academic Success in a Middle School Language Arts Classroom Interdisciplinary Studies: Language and Literacy 2007-04-02
Miller, Corin O'Dell Non-invasive Measurements of Hepatic Glycogen Levels and Glycogen Synthesis Rates Using Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer and Comparison to 13C NMR Spectroscopy Interdisciplinary Studies: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopic Methodology 2015-07-11
Cheney, Austin Carter Organizational impacts of participation in industry-level collective action (technology roadmaps) Interdisciplinary Studies: Management of Technology 2011-11-30
Ferranti, Lori Burch Medical Decision Making: The Usage of Medical Registries and The Influence of Educational Background Interdisciplinary Studies: Management of Technology 2009-04-06
Van Dyk, Steven Elliott Systems engineering decision process: options are available Interdisciplinary Studies: Management of Technology 2009-03-30
Moore, Jessica Lauren Amphetamine induces accumulation of the norepinephrine transporter into Rab4- and Rab11-positive compartments Interdisciplinary Studies: Membrane Transporter Biology 2009-01-23
Dieckmann, Blake Webster Regulation of insulin resistance by Cyp2c44-derived lipids Interdisciplinary Studies: Metabolic Pharmacology 2016-11-22
Ramoz, Leda Lallonie Food-dependent swimming-induced paralysis in C. elegans: a novel serotonin transporter dependent phenotype Interdisciplinary Studies: Molecular Neuropharmacology 2010-07-22
Recktenwald, Jacquelyn Ann Association study of two SLC6A4 polymorphisms with autism. Interdisciplinary Studies: Neurogenetics 2007-12-07
Myers, Brett Acoustic Representations of Segmental and Metrical Encoding in Speech Production Interdisciplinary Studies: Prosody, Language and Music 2019-04-17
Reches, Yonathan A literature review of nanoparticle addition to concrete for nuclear applications Interdisciplinary Studies: Structural Composite Materials 2018-05-03
Pierce, Jeff Glenn Designing flexible engineering systems utilizing embedded architecture options Interdisciplinary Studies: Systems Engineering 2010-03-30
Noreiga, Quentin Carlyle Game Theoretic Multidisciplinary Optimization Methods for System-of-Systems Analysis Interdisciplinary Studies: Systems Engineering and Operations Research 2012-07-20
Sherwood, Jennica Neural Synchrony in Saccadic Target Selection in the Macaque Frontal Eye Field Interdisciplinary Studies: Systems Neuroscience 2006-08-02

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