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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Yan, Hao Computational modeling of coupled oxygen transport and mechanical deformation in titanium structures subjected to extreme environments Civil Engineering 2015-03-19
Yan, Wei A Data-Driven Approach to Optimal Resource Management for Large-Scale Data Processing Platforms Computer Science 2015-07-17
Yan, Zhou Implicit feedback: a new way of measuring patients interests in web-based health literature Biomedical Informatics 2013-04-09
Yang, Alexander Hao Molecular Simulation Studies of Lipid Bilayers and Biomolecular Coatings for Water Barrier and Biocompatibility Purposes Chemical Engineering 2020-01-16
Yang, Eunice The Analysis of Continuous Flash Suppression Psychology 2011-08-31
Yang, Jiaxiu A meta-analysis of the effects of interventions to increase reading fluency among elementary school students Education & Human Development 2006-07-30
Yang, Kun Econometric Analysis of Financial Markets Using High-Frequency Data Economics 2006-08-24
Yang, Lijie Probing Cell Mechanotransduction and Electric Activity with Microfluidic Platforms Mechanical Engineering 2017-06-16
Yang, Lin Phonon Transport in Nanowires – Beyond Classical Size Effects Mechanical Engineering 2019-03-21
Yang, Ruifeng Identification of Novel Determinants of HIV-1 Uncoating in the Capsid Protein Microbiology and Immunology 2009-02-09
Yang, Siyuan Fabrication of Photosystem I Protein Films with Improved Stability Chemical Engineering 2015-03-21
Yang, Sunggu A Pilgrim’s Homiletic: A Comparative Practical Theological Study on Five Socio-Ecclesial Codes of Asian/Korean American Diasporic Protestant Preaching Religion 2015-04-27
Yang, Xiu Essays on financial integration, financial development and economic growth Economics 2012-06-27
Yang, Xue Robust Statistical Inference in Human Brain Mapping Electrical Engineering 2013-10-23
Yang, Yang Thermal transport through individual nanostructures and their contacts Mechanical Engineering 2013-07-12
Yang, Yuanmu Resonant All-Dielectric Optical Metamaterials Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2015-06-11
Yang, Yuansheng Development of high throughput, mammalian cell-based metabolic rate assays for screening compounds Chemical Engineering 2005-02-21
Yang, Zhengyu Correlating MR relaxation measurements with corresponding proteomic information provided by MALDI IMS Chemical and Physical Biology 2009-11-18
Yann, Lindsey Theresa Diet and water source of Pleistocene Lamini camelids based on stable isotopes of tooth enamel: Implications for North American vegetation and paleoclimate Environmental Engineering 2014-06-23
Yanni, Susan Elizabeth The Role of COX-2 in Pathological Ocular Angiogenesis Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-02-19
Yant, Anna Catesby Powerful Buildings: The Evolution of Non-Domestic Architecture and Social Interaction in the Puuc Anthropology 2011-03-22
Yapar, Ozgur AE Based Health Monitoring and Bonded FRP Patch Repair in Bridge Management Civil Engineering 2015-02-20
Yarboi, Janet M. The Association of Social-Environmental Factors with Cognitive Function in Children with Sickle Cell Disease Psychology 2014-04-14
Yarboi, Janet M. The Role of Parent Stress and Parenting Behaviors in Cognitive Function in Children with Sickle Cell Disease Psychology 2018-08-23
Yaspan, Brian Louis Genetic Predisposition to Prostate Cancer: The Contribution of the HPCX locus and TGFB1 gene Cancer Biology 2008-03-05
Yattselev, Maxim L Non-Hermitian Orthogonality and Meromorphic Approximation Mathematics 2007-07-26
Yen, Melodie Adaptive paradigms for identifying the neural substrates of phonological encoding in individuals with and without aphasia Hearing and Speech Sciences 2019-07-15
Yih, Jennifer When the going gets tough, the tough get going: The effects of determination and pride on task engagement Psychology 2013-03-26
Yih, Jennifer Uncovering Relationships Between Appraisal, Emotion, and Coping: Emotion as a Process Psychology 2016-07-18
Yilmaz, Mesut Dopamine sensing with carbon nanotubes and graphite electrodes Electrical Engineering 2011-07-29
Yilmazkuday, Demet Three Essays on Game Theory Economics 2011-07-18
Yilmazkuday, Hakan Monetary Policy, Trade Patterns, and Price Dispersion: The Role of Trade Costs Economics 2009-03-21
Yim, Yun Young Modulation of Synaptic transmission: Quantitative Analysis of Gβγ specificity to adrenergic α2a receptor and SNARE Pharmacology 2017-12-04
Yin, Bo Interaction of fluids and thin structures: simulation and applications Mechanical Engineering 2013-02-18
Yin, Chunyue Essential Roles of Convergence and Extension Gastrulation Movements in Zebrafish Somite Development Biological Sciences 2007-02-15
Yin, Shen Allosteric modulation of metabotropic glutamate receptors Pharmacology 2013-11-26
Yin, Siyuan Moral decisions from hypothetical dilemmas to the real world Psychology 2017-10-05
Yin, Zhijun Automated Learning Of Health Behaviors Through Consumer Authored Natural Language Text Computer Science 2018-02-11
Yin, Zhijun Talking About My Care: Detecting Mentions of Hormonal Therapy Adherence Behavior From an Online Breast Cancer Community Biostatistics 2017-11-15
Yingthawornsuk, Thaweesak Acoustic analysis of vocal output characteristics for suicidal risk assessment. Electrical Engineering 2007-08-15
Yirdaw, Robel Birru Conformational dynamics of proteins by fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy Physics 2012-07-06
Yong, Chao A virtual-cam based control methodology for free-piston engines Mechanical Engineering 2011-07-28
York-Simmons, Kevin Norman A Critique of Christian Development as Resolution to the Crisis in U.S. Protestant Foreign Missions Religion 2009-11-16
Young, Caresa Lynn The Effects of Group Size on Reading Outcomes of Identified Nonresponders Special Education 2008-03-31
Young, Eric Michael Low-Cost, Intention-Detecting Robot to Assist the Movement of an Impaired Upper Limb Mechanical Engineering 2015-08-19
Young, Summer Elizabeth Modulation of thrombin receptor signaling Pharmacology 2013-11-15
Young, William Joseph An Investigation of Residuated Lattices with Modal Operators Mathematics 2013-03-22
Youngblood, Victoria Marie The Ephrin-A1/EPHA2 Signaling Axis Regulates Glutaminolysis in HER2-positive Breast Cancer Cancer Biology 2016-03-17
Yu, Haoran OCT Guided Micro-Vascular Robotic Surgery: Design, Calibration and Telemanipulation Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-18
Yu, Huapeng p120-catenin controls contractility along the vertical axis of epithelial lateral membranes Cancer Biology 2015-12-07
Yu, Shann Claybourne Say Iron Oxide Nanoclusters as In Vitro Biosensors of Proteolytic Activity Biomedical Engineering 2009-12-08
Yu, Shann Claybourne Say Biofunctional Materials for the Modulation of Macrophage Phenotype and Polarization Biomedical Engineering 2012-11-14
Yu, Weijie Model-Based Design of Garbled Circuits Computer Science 2015-07-23
Yu, Zheyong Discovery of a novel lipoxygenase pathway in skin Pharmacology 2005-10-18
Yuen, Jonah Jung Hao The 99¢ Dissertation: Essays on Psychological Pricing and Search Economics 2018-05-21
Yufenyuy, Ernest Limnyuy The Role Of Intersubunit Interfaces In HIV-1 Capsid Assembly And Stability Microbiology and Immunology 2013-03-26
Yun, Cathy Kyuhee Early Childhood Teachers' School Readiness Beliefs: Exploring Manifestations and Inconsistencies in Classroom Practices Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-06-06
Yun, Myounghun From hegemonic to post-patriarchal manhood in the Korean context: a theological and psychological analysis Religion 2016-07-20
Yurevitch, Theodore Vadim Folk/Americana English 2015-07-13
Yusupov, Kakhramon Akhmedovich Essays on intragenerational and intergenerational inequalities in the social security program and their implications Economics 2010-03-31

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