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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Anthony, Karen Suzanne Self-Regulation Development in Early Childhood: The Role of Language Skills and Pre-kindergarten Learning Behaviors Teaching and Learning 2013-03-15
Aydogan, Canan Influences of Instructional and Emotional Classroom Environments and Learning Engagement on Low-income Children's Achievement in the Prekindergarten Year Teaching and Learning 2012-07-17
Bowen, Erik William Accouting for agency in teaching mathematics: understanding teachers’ use of reform curriculum Teaching and Learning 2007-12-05
Brown, Ayanna Fitima Constructing "Race" Through Talk: A Micro-ethnographic investigation of discussions of "race" among African American secondary students Teaching and Learning 2008-03-31
Cohen, Bruce B. Alternative instructional strategies for low-literate adults: An investigation of the effects of static and dynamic visuals on learning outcomes Teaching and Learning 2007-07-26
Cole, Mikel Walker Effectiveness of Peer-mediated Learning for English-language Learners: A Meta-analysis Teaching and Learning 2012-12-26
Dean, Chrystal Ollis An analysis of the emergence and concurrent learning of a professional teaching community Teaching and Learning 2005-07-15
Flushman, Tanya Nonfiction writing in prekindergarten: understandings of informational text features and use of science journals Teaching and Learning 2012-07-19
Furman, Jim Samuel Outcomes and Assessment in Teacher Education: Contradictions, Tensions, and Implications for Educating Preservice Teachers Teaching and Learning 2009-03-26
Grifenhagen, Jill Freiberg Nurturing Word Learners: Children’s Opportunities for Vocabulary Learning in Head Start Classrooms Teaching and Learning 2012-11-27
Hathaway, Jennifer I. Starting Where Teachers Are: The Influence of Beliefs in the Literacy Coaching Relationship Teaching and Learning 2009-07-08
Hofer, Kerry G. Measuring quality in pre-kindergarten classrooms: assessing the early childhood environment rating scale Teaching and Learning 2008-03-27
Holmes, Jeffrey Thomas Grant Learning by explaining: the effects of software agents as learning partners Teaching and Learning 2003-11-07
Holton, Douglas Lee Enactive Modeling as a Catalyst for Conceptual Understanding: An Example with a Circuit Simulation Teaching and Learning 2006-07-18
Kobiela, Marta Anna Mathematical defining as a practice: Investigations of characterization, investigation, and development Teaching and Learning 2012-11-30
Laughter, Judson Crandall Change Agents: Empowering White Female Preservice Teachers Through Dialogue and Counter-Narrative Teaching and Learning 2009-06-30
Liu, Yan Teachers’ understandings of probability and statistical inference and their implications for professional development Teaching and Learning 2005-07-15
Ma, Jasmine Y. Changing Local Practice for Good: Walking Scale Geometry as Designed Disruptions for Productive Hybridity Teaching and Learning 2012-06-21
McClarey, Bryan Schulze Role-based learning: Considering identity and practice in instructional design Teaching and Learning 2004-12-13
Morabito, Nancy Pierce Research as an Instrument for Change: Examining the Impact of Research Experiences on Teachers’ Conceptions of the Nature of Science Teaching and Learning 2013-03-20
Munter, Charles Evaluating Math Recovery: The Impact of Implementation Fidelity on Student Outcomes Teaching and Learning 2010-08-02
Puzio, Kelly G. Social and organizational influences on literacy differentiation: a mixed methods study Teaching and Learning 2012-07-20
Rose, Brian C. In-service learning of teachers of ELLs: An ecological perspective Teaching and Learning 2012-03-30
Saldanha, Luis A. “Is this sample unusual?”: an investigation of students exploring connections between sampling distributions and statistical inference Teaching and Learning 2004-07-16
Saslow, Laura An Analysis of Statistical Reasoning Teaching and Learning 2005-07-25
Silverman, Jason An Investigation of Content Knowledge for Teaching: Understanding its Development and its Influence on Pedagogy Teaching and Learning 2005-06-27
Teague, Brad L. Preparing Effective Teachers of English Language Learners: The Impact of a Cross-Cultural Field Experience Teaching and Learning 2010-02-25
Tenore, Frank Blake Language as an Identification Resource in Secondary English Teacher Preparation: An Analysis of Discourses Teaching and Learning 2014-06-11
Tiedemann, John Patrick New Literacies, New Contexts? A Theoretical Definition of Reading Context Teaching and Learning 2011-03-28
Varol, Filiz The effects of professional development on preschool teachers’ mathematics instruction Teaching and Learning 2009-09-09
Visnovska, Jana Supporting mathematics teachers’ learning: Building on current instructional practices to achieve a professional development agenda Teaching and Learning 2009-05-29
Wang, Xiqiao A genre theory perspective on digital storytelling Teaching and Learning 2013-08-27
Watson, Betsy G. Preschool Book Reading: Teacher, Child, and Text Contributions to Vocabulary Growth Teaching and Learning 2008-03-28
Weinberg, Paul Jason Assessing causal mechanistic reasoning: promoting system thinking Teaching and Learning 2012-07-11
Wright, Kenneth Allen Epistemic, Cognitive Practices in Statistical Consultations: An Actor Network Approach Teaching and Learning 2012-09-12
Zhao, Qing Reconceptualizing Supporting Teachers’ Learning across the Settings of Professional Development and the Classroom Teaching and Learning 2011-01-18
Zhou, Wenyan Dimensions and Levels of Students' Understanding of Area Measurement Teaching and Learning 2012-03-29
Gibbons, Lynsey Kay Examining mathematics coaches in supporting teachers to develop ambitious instructional practices: a three-paper dissertation investigating context, knowledge, and practice Teaching, Learning, and Diversity 2012-07-18

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