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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Zachary, Christopher Jason New Insights Into the Structure of Neutron Rich Nuclei 157Sm, 163Gd, and 163Tb Physics 2019-03-28
Zachman, Angela Laurie Parsing Inflammatory Cues in Angiogenesis using Bioactive Hydrogels Biomedical Engineering 2011-04-04
Zachman, Angela Laurie Peptide-functionalized Polymers Regulating Angiogenesis and Inflammation in Peripheral Artery Disease Biomedical Engineering 2014-03-31
Zagatta, Elizabeth R. Paradox in Discourse on Sexual Pleasure: A Feminist Pastoral Theological Exploration Religion 2011-10-11
Zajdel, Rachel Anne Discrimination and Health Among Immigrants in Western Europe Sociology 2019-06-19
Zaman, A.K.M. Kais Modeling and management of epistemic uncertainty for multidisciplinary system analysis and design Civil Engineering 2010-07-20
Zamora Vargas, Paula Francisca Functions of the nonstructural protein σNS in reovirus replication Microbiology and Immunology 2018-06-28
Zannino, Denise Allison Multiple roles for olig2 in the hindbrain: oligodendrocyte and abducens motor neuron specification and facial motor neuron migration Neuroscience 2009-03-25
Zape, Marianne Perez “How Long is it Going to Take for Me to Be Seen as Equal?”: Implications of the Current Political Climate on Immigrant-Origin Youth Human and Organizational Development 2019-07-01
Zare, Hamid Hands-On Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity Education in High Schools Computer Science 2019-11-17
Zarick, Holly Frances Understanding the Mechanisms of Plasmon-Enhanced Phenomena in Mesoscopic Solar Cells Chemical Engineering 2017-11-21
Zeidner, Timothy Lanse Information and Access: Modeling the impact of information on a student's probability of attending college Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-11-09
Zelkowitz, Rachel Lauren Discriminant validity of emotion regulation and emotion reactivity and relations to non-suicidal self-injury Psychology 2014-03-25
Zelkowitz, Rachel Lauren Investigating Self-Criticism as a Transdiagnostic Predictor of Self-Harm Behaviors Psychology 2019-07-10
Zeman, Scott Placebos of Development: A Critique of Modern Health Objectivity in Kant, Marx, and Psychoanalysis Philosophy 2009-12-09
Zeng, Xin-Xin I. Regulation of cell movements by chemokine apelin during zebrafish development Biological Sciences 2007-12-21
Zengin-Bolatkale, Hatun Cortical Associates Of Emotional Reactivity And Regulation In Children Who Stutter Hearing and Speech Sciences 2016-11-02
Zhan, Zihao Network-based Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation for Quadcopter Electrical Engineering 2018-07-09
Zhang, Bingyu Affiliation and Entry in First-Price Auctions Economics 2009-05-15
Zhang, Chen Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision for Reducing HIV Incidence among Men Who Have Sex with Men Epidemiology 2017-03-11
Zhang, Haifeng Algorithmic Marketing with Data-Driven Simulations Computer Science 2017-06-20
Zhang, Hangfang Impact of Designer-Controlled Parameters on Single-Event Responses for Flip-Flop Designs in Advanced Technologies Electrical Engineering 2018-04-07
Zhang, Huimin The functions of inhibitor of DNA-binding proteins in endothelial cells during lung development and disease Cell and Developmental Biology 2007-04-02
Zhang, Jia The role of Foxm1 in growth factor-mediated pancreatic beta-cell proliferation Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-03-31
Zhang, Jun Money and finance in dynamic models with search for informational frictions Economics 2005-04-01
Zhang, Lan HIV Risk among Men Who Have Sex with Men in a Large Chinese City Epidemiology 2013-11-30
Zhang, Linda Data-Driven System for Perioperative Acuity Prediction Biomedical Informatics 2016-11-20
Zhang, Na Biophysical basis of fMRI: insights from high spatial resolution studies of primates Physics 2007-12-04
Zhang, Peng Chiral separations and chiroptical spectroscopic studies Chemistry 2006-08-04
Zhang, Peng Architectures and Patterns for Moving Towards the Use of High-Frequency, Low-Fidelity Data in Healthcare Computer Science 2018-09-17
Zhang, Qian Thermal transport in individual nanowires of fine structures Mechanical Engineering 2017-07-08
Zhang, Shage Three essays in empirical corporate finance Management 2012-06-14
Zhang, Shengchao A Comprehensive Method of Evaluating the Preprocessing Stage of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Electrical Engineering 2018-03-30
Zhang, Shuhai (Kyle) Variational Multiscale Enrichment Method for Modeling of Structures Subjected to Extreme Environments Civil Engineering 2017-06-28
Zhang, Wen Learning from Access Log to Mitigate Insider Threats Computer Science 2016-03-15
Zhang, Wen Juan A case study of responsiveness-to-intervention tier II tutoring intervention: what makes responders and non-responders different? Special Education 2011-12-02
Zhang, Xi Beta1 integrin in kidney development Cancer Biology 2010-03-23
Zhang, Xiang Reduced order modeling and multiscale investigations of high performance alloys under monotonic and cyclic loading Civil Engineering 2017-09-10
Zhang, Xiaoge Machine Learning and Optimization Models to Assess and Enhance System Resilience Civil Engineering 2019-05-07
Zhang, Xuan (Cher) Total ionizing dose radiation effects on germanium pMOS devices. Electrical Engineering 2010-12-21
Zhang, Xuan (Cher) Reliability and irradiation effects of 4H-SiC MOS devices Electrical Engineering 2013-04-15
Zhang, Yu Molecular Dynamics Study of Electric Double Layer Capacitors: Modifying Electrode and Electrolyte Composition Chemical Engineering 2019-05-10
Zhang, Zhenkai Analysis and Verification of Cyber-Physical System Software Using Static Analysis Computer Science 2015-10-19
Zhao, Honggang A Statistical Associating Fluid Theory for Polar and Electrolyte Fluids Chemical Engineering 2007-02-05
Zhao, Jie Harnessing Non-invasive Imaging and Modeling towards Early Detection of Tumor Resistance to Targeted Therapy Physics 2017-02-01
Zhao, Jing Calcium and Magnesium in Relation to Colorectal Neoplasia, Lipid Profile and Uric Acid Epidemiology 2016-11-17
Zhao, Li Essays on the Econometrics of Discrete Games of Complete Information Economics 2016-02-12
Zhao, Qing Reconceptualizing Supporting Teachers’ Learning across the Settings of Professional Development and the Classroom Teaching and Learning 2011-01-18
Zhao, Simeng Capacitance-frequency Estimates of Border-trap Densities in Multi-fin MOS Capacitors Electrical Engineering 2017-09-01
Zhao, Yan A model for strep throat infection: dynamics of contingency gene selection in an infected host Mathematics 2005-12-03
Zhao, Yiliang Engineering Porous Silicon Photonic Structures towards Fast and Reliable Optical Biosensing Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2017-03-24
Zheng, Ying Essays on the Structural Analysis of Auctions Economics 2018-07-18
Zheng, Yuxiang The mechanism and physiological function of epidermal lipoxygenase-3 Pharmacology 2010-12-03
Zheng, Zhi Machine-assisted Technologies for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Novel Platforms for Early Detection and Intervention Electrical Engineering 2016-09-13
Zhong, Changyong Multiplication Operators and M-Berezin Transforms Mathematics 2006-03-23
Zhong, Xue Sparse Network-regularized Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Applications to Tumor Subtyping Biostatistics 2015-07-17
Zhou, Dapeng The coarse Baum-Connes conjecture and controlled operator K-theory Mathematics 2013-12-02
Zhou, Minchun Double wavelet Transform for Task-induced and Resting State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data Biostatistics 2018-07-24
Zhou, Wenyan Dimensions and Levels of Students' Understanding of Area Measurement Teaching and Learning 2012-03-29
Zhou, Xiaoming Purification, characterization and reconstitution of Drs2 protein, a phospholipid flippase from budding yeast Biological Sciences 2010-03-19
Zhou, Xing Charge Trapping Properties of Alternative High-k Dielectrics in MOS Devices Materials Science and Engineering 2006-11-21
Zhou, Zheng EPR and fluorescence studies on erythrocyte membrane skeletal proteins: cdb3 and ankyrin Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2006-04-03
Zhou, Zhiyi Spatial characteristics of cooperative interactions in the striate cortex. Biomedical Engineering 2007-12-03
Zhu, Chi A high-order immersed-boundary method for simulation of incompressible flows Mechanical Engineering 2014-06-19
Zhu, Joyce Yueyue Conscientiousness and Grit associated with Depressive Symptoms: Phenotypic and Heritability Analyses of a Twin Sample Psychology 2015-11-18
Zhu, Lei KCC2 and NKCC1 in the control of neuronal Cl- and brain excitability. Neuroscience 2007-08-01
Zhu, Xiaowei Single event effects in commercial microprocessors using dynamic circuitry Electrical Engineering 2002-03-19
Zhu, Yong Control of pneumatic systems for free space and interaction tasks with system and environmental uncertainties Mechanical Engineering 2006-09-06
Zhu, Yuantee Changes and function of the sympathetic nervous system in the skeleton during aging Pharmacology 2019-09-03
Zhu, Zhihua Dynamic Optical Metamaterials Based on Vanadium Dioxide Electrical Engineering 2019-01-17
Zhu, Zipeng Ultrafast pump probe spectroscopy of single-wall carbon nanotubes Physics 2008-07-21
Zhuang, Guanglei Pro and Anti Tumorigenic Effects of EPHA Receptor Signaling in Breast and Lung Cancer Cancer Biology 2010-03-25
Ziegler, Jed Israel Complex plasmonic behavior in archimedean nanospirals Physics 2011-12-05
Zike, Isaac Daniel Investigating the Role of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Candidate Gene SLC1A1 in Basal Ganglia and Repetitive Behavior Pharmacology 2017-05-23
Zimmerman, Kathleen Nicole Antecedent Interventions: Investigating Social Stories and Visual Supports Interventions for Children At-risk for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Special Education 2018-03-26
Zizumbo Colunga, Daniel Taking the Law into Our Hands: Trust, Social Capital and Vigilante Justice Political Science 2015-11-20
Zovar, Jennifer Montgomery Johnson Post-Collapse Constructions of Community, Memory, and Identity: An Archaeological Analysis of Late Intermediate Period Community Formation in Bolivia's Desaguadero Valley Anthropology 2012-08-01
Zubair, Faizan Pre-fabricated Surfaces for Assessment of Spatial Resolution and Proteomic Analysis of Tissue Samples using Imaging Mass Spectrometry Chemical Engineering 2016-06-07
Zufelt, Kyle Benjamin Highly efficient infrared photodetectors based on plasmonic metamaterials and vanadium dioxide Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2014-11-24
Zumberge, Marianne Ellen Fembots: Female Androids in Mainstream Cinema and Beyond English 2018-05-21
Zumeta, Rebecca O'Rand Enhancing the Accuracy of Kindergarten Screening Special Education 2010-08-19
Zurawski, Zack P. The molecular requirements of the G- protein betagamma-SNARE interaction. Pharmacology 2016-03-25
Zuvich, Rebecca Lynn Pathway Approach to Decoding Multiple Sclerosis Human Genetics 2009-12-03
Zuvich, Rebecca Lynn Identification of Additional Independent Loci in the Major Histocompatibility Complex in Multiple Sclerosis Susceptibility Interdisciplinary Studies: Applied Statistics 2010-07-22

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