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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Xia, Weiyi Optimizing the Privacy Risk - Utility Framework in Data Publication Computer Science 2017-01-05
Xia, Yan Integrated Structural Biology for Understanding Membrane Proteins: A TSPO Story Chemical and Physical Biology 2018-07-10
Xia, Yuanfeng Molecular and cellular studies of mosquito odorant receptors and olfactory-driven larval behavior Biological Sciences 2008-11-10
Xiao, Jean Yujing An Empirical Examination of Consumer Litigation Funding Law and Economics 2017-03-23
Xiao, Sheng Three Essays on the New Chinese Economy Economics 2006-03-22
Xiao, Yi Functional annotation of orphan human P450 enzymes: heterologous expression and substrate searches by metabolomic approaches Biochemistry 2014-09-15
Xie, Bin Impact of patient obtained medical information (POMI) on the physician-patient relationship Management of Technology 2005-07-06
Xie, Fei Essays on Executive Compensation Management 2005-11-27
Xie, Minhui Applying human factors research to electronic prescribing clinical decision support Biomedical Informatics 2009-07-24
Xie, Wei Protecting Participant Privacy in Genotype-Phenotype Association Meta-analysis Computer Science 2014-11-05
Xie, Xianshi An Examination of Navigation Methods for Large Immersive Virtual Environments with Application to the Study of Human-Robot Teams Computer Science 2015-03-21
Xie, Yuan Quantitative texture analysis of T2- weighted MR images in polymyositis and dermatomyositis patients Biomedical Engineering 2017-08-10
Xing, Juan Ca2+-selective TRPM channels regulate IP3-dependent Ca2+ oscillations in the C. elegans intestine Pharmacology 2009-12-01
Xiong, Hao D. Low frequency noise and charge trapping in MOSFETs Electrical Engineering 2004-11-14
Xiong, Jing Synchronization of oscillators and its molecular mechanism(s) in cyanobacteria Biological Sciences 2014-01-16
Xiong, Maggie Jinghua Transfer Appropriate Processing (TAP), The Semantic Differential and Meaning Priming Psychology 2001-12-07
Xiong, Maggie Jinghua Stimulus with a past: Memory task performance affected by frequency and probability of intentional acts involving the stimulus Psychology 2005-03-22
Xu, Baogang Jonathan Combining laser capture microdissection and MALDI mass spectrometry for tissue protein profiling: methodology development and clinical applications Chemistry 2005-03-09
Xu, Dongyan Development of Ultra-Sensitive Fluidic Sensors and Molecular Dynamics Studies of Ion and Water Distribution in Nanochannels Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-11
Xu, Junkai Nanocalorimetric sensor for ultra-low-volume biological measurements and calibration by chemical method Physics 2007-09-13
Xu, Junzhong Diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging by temporal diffusion spectroscopy Physics 2008-10-31
Xu, Ming Molecular mechanisms of ADAR2 localization and substrate specificity Pharmacology 2006-03-25
Xu, Ning Correction of image distortion in echo planar image series using phase and intensity Computer Science 2008-02-21
Xu, Qiao Observation of Collective Behavior in High-Multiplicity Proton-Gold Collisions with PHENIX at RHIC Physics 2018-03-19
Xu, Qing Towards population based characterization of neuronal fiber pathways with diffusion tensor imaging Electrical Engineering 2010-07-27
Xu, Wen Structural studies of butadiene-derived DNA adducts Chemistry 2008-11-17
Xu, Xiangmin Functional organization of visual cortex in bush babies and owl monkeys revealed by optical imaging of intrinsic signals Psychology 2004-03-05
Xu, Xin Regulation of ATR Signaling by CINP and RPA Biochemistry 2009-05-27
Xu, Zhou Engineered microarrayed surfaces for the detection of biomolecules Chemical Engineering 2011-03-28
Xu, Zhoubing Automatic Segmentation of the Human Abdomen on Clinically Acquired CT Electrical Engineering 2016-01-19

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