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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Vajandar, Saumitra K Electro-osmotic Pumping and Ionic Conductance Measurements in Porous Membranes Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2009-12-07
Valdés, Vanessa Kimberly Mothers and daughters: searches for wholeness in the literature of the Americas Spanish and Portuguese 2007-04-02
Valentin-Santiago, Mayda Role of Autophagy in BCL-2/BCL-XL Mediated G0 Arrest Cancer Biology 2007-03-30
Valiquette, Christine Marie Separate Long-term Visual and Spatial Representations Psychology 2008-07-21
Valle, Hugo Edilberto Source dynamics from deuterons and anti-deuterons in sqrt(s_NN) = 200 GeV Au+Au collisions Physics 2008-12-04
Valle-Ruiz, Lis E. As One Among Many Others: Affirming a Multitude of Embodied Preaching Practices Religion 2019-05-14
van der Ende, Alice Elizabeth Polyester based ‘nanosponges’ as a delivery platform for diverse therapeutics to advance the treatment of a broad range of diseases Chemistry 2010-06-03
Van der Linden, Martin Jean Christian Mr Economics 2017-05-31
Van der Maat, Eelco Consolidatory Genocide: Final Solutions to Elite Rivalry Political Science 2015-07-14
Van Dyk, Steven Elliott Systems engineering decision process: options are available Interdisciplinary Studies: Management of Technology 2009-03-30
Van Eaton, Grant Waller Beyond Traditional Measures of Teacher Quality: Incorporating Cultural Competence to Measure Classroom Community Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-11-01
Van Gulick, Ana Elizabeth Measurement of Semantic Knowledge and Its Contribution to Object Recognition Performance Psychology 2014-05-22
Van Opstal, Edward Jake The Impact of Host-Microbe Interactions on Nasonia Evolution Biological Sciences 2018-10-02
Van Voorhees, Courte Christian Wirth Promoting environmental empowerment: environmental justice policy, participatory planning,and empowerment in response to environmental threats Community Research and Action 2012-12-06
Van Zee, Karla D. Emerging Adults and A-ha Moments: Practical Theological Descriptions of Their Formative Experiences Involving Crisis, Relationships, and Practices Religion 2011-03-24
VanderVeen, Zachary Jordan Reconstructing Legitimacy Philosophy 2009-04-07
VanDevere, Mariann J Views on the Black Megachurch: Du Bois, the Tuskegee Machine and World Changers Church International English 2015-11-19
VanHooser, Sarah Elizabeth Individual and Community Relationships in Ecuador: A Lesson for Development Theory Human and Organizational Development 2006-06-07
VanHooser, Sarah Elizabeth Freedom Means Community Research and Action 2009-06-23
VanHouten, Courtney Bright “I’m The One That Understands What’s Happening To Me”: Sensemaking Narratives of People with Type I Diabetes Medicine, Health, and Society 2017-12-04
VanHouten, Jacob Paul Random Forest Classification of Acute Coronary Syndrome Biomedical Informatics 2013-12-02
VanHouten, Jacob Paul A Modified Random Forest Kernel for Highly Nonstationary Gaussian Process Regression with Application to Clinical Data Biostatistics 2016-07-22
VanHouten, Jacob Paul Using Abstraction to Overcome Problems of Sparsity, Irregularity, and Asynchrony in Structured Medical Data Biomedical Informatics 2016-07-25
Vann, Kendra Raychell Effects of natural products on the activity of human topoisomerase II Biochemistry 2016-03-28
VanWie, Talitha Marie The Effects of Quantum Dot Surface Chemistry on Fluorescence and Additive Manufacturing Applications Chemistry 2019-12-04
Vanzant, Kevin Singletary "We Sweat and Toil": Self-Interest, Labor, and the Power of the People in early American Politics, 1607-1689 History 2013-07-16
Vaprin, Nathanael William Immanuel Kant and the Theory of Radical Democracy Philosophy 2013-08-14
Vaquer Fernandez, Kadiri Jovina Atrévete te-te, salte del clóset: Provocaciones sexuales y políticas en la producción cultural puertorriqueña Spanish 2019-05-06
Vara, Brandon Anthony Enantioselective Reaction Development using Chiral Bifunctional Brønsted Acid/Base Organocatalysis and Applications to Target Molecule Synthesis Chemistry 2015-12-08
Varakin, Donald Alexander Visual Working Memory and Attentional Guidance Psychology 2006-07-24
Varga, Matthew Gordon The Role of Toll-Like Receptor 9 in Helicobacter pylori-Mediated Inflammation and Carcinogenesis Cancer Biology 2016-08-08
Vargis, Elizabeth Ann Virus Detection with DNA Logic Tags Biomedical Engineering 2007-07-27
Vargis, Elizabeth Ann Correlating Raman spectra with changes that occur in the normal cervix: confounding factors and pregnancy Biomedical Engineering 2012-02-28
Varma, Sashank A Computational Model of Tower of Hanoi Problem Solving Psychology 2006-04-03
Varo Varo, Alonso La odisea trágica del individuo contemporáneo: un análisis de Ia obra de Cristina Fernández Cubas, Enrique Vila-Matas y Pablo d'Ors a través de Ia filosofia del límite de Eugenio Trías (The Tragic Odyssey of the Contemporary Individual: The works of Cristina Fernández Cubas, Enrique Vila-Matas, and Pablo d'Ors through Eugenio Trías's Philosophy of the Limit) Spanish 2015-10-09
Varol, Filiz The effects of professional development on preschool teachers’ mathematics instruction Teaching and Learning 2009-09-09
Varol, Huseyin Atakan Supervisory control and intent recognition of a powered knee and ankle prosthesis Electrical Engineering 2009-07-24
Varol, Huseyin Atakan Progress towards the intelligent control of a powered transfemoral prosthesis Electrical Engineering 2007-07-26
Varshneya, Pooja Distributed and Adaptive Parallel Computing for Computational Finance Applications Computer Science 2010-06-08
Vashchilko, Aleksandr Essays on trade liberalization with firm heterogeneity Economics 2008-09-12
Vashishtha, Divya Modeling and Simulation of Large Scale Real Time Embedded Systems Electrical Engineering 2004-03-31
Vaught, David Bryan EphA2 receptor tyrosine kinase in mammary gland development and breast cancer induced osteolysis Cancer Biology 2011-03-28
Vázquez, Maria Dolores Children's use of pragmatic competence as evidence for the reliability of an information source Psychology 2010-03-28
Vazquez, Maria Dolores Children and adults evaluate what others know by considering how they complete goals in language and action Psychology 2012-11-30
Veatch, Olivia Jean Identifying biological pathways implicated in defined subgroups of phenotypic expression for Autism Spectrum Disorders and evaluating small molecule effects on expression of ASMT Human Genetics 2013-12-02
Vega, Jennifer Nicole Nicotinic Treatment of Post-Chemotherapy Subjective Cognitive Impairment Neuroscience 2018-06-28
Velasco, Matthew Carlos Mortuary Tradition and Social Transformation during the Late Intermediate Period (A.D. 1100-1450): A Bioarchaeological Analysis of Above-Ground Burials in the Colca Valley, Peru Anthropology 2016-06-30
Velez, Digna Rosa Investigations into the genetic susceptibility to preterm birth Human Genetics 2008-01-29
Velez-Cruz, Renier DNA Lesions as Cellular Poisons of Topoisomerase II-alpha Biochemistry 2005-10-11
Verdine, Brian Nicholas Prader-Willi Syndrome and Jigsaw Puzzles: Putting the Pieces Together Psychology 2005-07-28
Verdine, Brian Nicholas Navigation experience in video game environments: effects on spatial ability and map use skills Psychology 2011-03-26
Vetter, Michael L. Restriction of vif-competent HIV-1 by physiological levels of APOBEC3G in primary T-helper cells Microbiology and Immunology 2009-03-24
Viano, Samantha Lillian Online Learning as a Remedy for Course Failure: An Assessment of Credit Recovery as an Intervention to Earn Credits and Graduate from High School Leadership and Policy Studies 2018-05-31
Vibbert, Daniel Scott An Enhanced Single-Event Charge Cancellation Technique for Sensitive Circuit Nodes Electrical Engineering 2018-08-15
Vick, John Wesley Planning for conflict: Analysis of a participatory planning process to develop a unified neighborhood vision among community groups Community Research and Action 2008-07-21
Vick, John Wesley “The best laid plans:” An ecological analysis of community participation, power, and urban neighborhood planning in practice Human and Organizational Development 2014-07-21
Viehoever, Amy Robichaux Raman spectroscopy for in vivo, non-invasive detection of dysplasia of the cervix Biomedical Engineering 2004-03-29
Vielehr, Peter Schuyler Day-to-Day Discrimination, Family Support, and Depressive Symptoms: Racial and Ethnic Contrasts Sociology 2014-09-24
Vielehr, Peter Schuyler Racial Bias in Police Officers’ Discretionary Search Decisions and Associated Community Mental Health Consequences: Evidence from Nashville, Tennessee Sociology 2019-07-12
Vierra, Nicholas Catin Insights into TALK-1 Channel Modulation of Islet Cell Calcium Homeostasis and Hormone Secretion Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2017-08-07
Vig, Lovekesh Multi-Robot Coalition Formation Computer Science 2006-09-15
Vijayakrishnan, Niranjana Cellular Role Of The Drosophila EFR3, Rolling Blackout (RBO) In Synaptic Transmission. Neuroscience 2010-03-29
Villalobos Guillén, Cristóbal A Measure Theoretic Approach for the Recovery of Remanent Magnetizations Mathematics 2019-03-26
Villanueva, Nicholas No Place of Refuge: Mexicans, Anglos, and Violence in the Texas Borderland, 1900-1920 History 2013-08-20
Vilt, Steven Gerard Investigation of Interfacial Composition, Structure, and Topography on Tribometric Friction Chemical Engineering 2011-08-30
Violette, Katie A Role for Tie1 in Late Gestational Semilunar Valve Development Cell and Developmental Biology 2011-08-08
Virgin, Sheahan Gray Extra-partisan electoral reform in the U.S.: The effects of geographic self-interest, core values, and American exceptionalism on electoral rule choice Political Science 2019-07-19
Virostko, John Michael Assessment of pancreatic islet transplants using in vivo bioluminescence imaging Biomedical Engineering 2003-12-03
Virostko, John Michael In Vivo Imaging of the Islets of Langerhans Biomedical Engineering 2006-11-08
Visnovska, Jana Supporting mathematics teachers’ learning: Building on current instructional practices to achieve a professional development agenda Teaching and Learning 2009-05-29
Vitulli, Juan M Instable puente: una aproximacion transatlantica al barroco colonial a traves de la obra de Juan de Espinosa Medrano Spanish and Portuguese 2007-06-27
Vlasiuk, Oleksandr Riesz energy functionals and their applications Mathematics 2018-08-16
Voehler, Markus Wolfgang African Swine Fever Virus DNA polymerase X: biophysical interaction studies and NMR assignments of the polymerase-deoxyguanosine triphosphate complex. Chemistry 2007-12-06
Voelz, Richard William A Youthful Homiletic: A Practical Theological Examination of the Relationship Between Preaching and Adolescents Religion 2011-03-27
Vogt, Jennifer Ann The ambitions and ambiguities of community: state policy and artisan cooperation in rural Peru Anthropology 2013-12-02
Voight, Adam Matthew Youth Sociopolitical Development: Moving Beyond Mechanistic Action and Ineffective Blah Community Research and Action 2010-07-26
Voight, Adam Matthew Youth Civic Engagement in Urban Middle Schools: Agency and Wellness across Ecological Levels Community Research and Action 2012-11-30
Vollbrecht, Peter John A Role for Astrocytes in Dopamine-Glutamate Interactions of the Prefrontal Cortex Neuroscience 2014-03-24
Von Stetina, Jessica Rivera The role of alpha-endosulfine in the female meiotic cell cycle in Drosophila Cell and Developmental Biology 2008-12-04
Von Stetina, Stephen Edward Genomic strategies reveal a transcriptional cascade that controls synaptic specificity in Caenorhabditis elegans Cell and Developmental Biology 2005-10-26
Voorhees, Courte C. W. Measuring ecological validity: a theory-based assessment of ecological validity in community psychology research Community Research and Action 2009-07-23
Vora, Nirav Dineshkumar High temperature oxidation of silica formers in dissociated oxygen Chemical Engineering 2009-01-02
Voss, Bradley Jacob Investigation of surface-exposed proteins of the gastric bacterium Helicobacter pylori Microbiology and Immunology 2016-03-23
Voth, Hillary From Jach'a Mallku to Alcalde: The Tensions Between Liberal Democracy and Indigenous Autonomy in Bolivia Latin American Studies 2011-03-27
Voytek, Patrick Clay Gamma total ionizing dose impact on the control performance of integrated point-of-load converters Electrical Engineering 2014-07-30
Vreeland, Allison JoAn Parental Depression and Sociodemographic Factors: Examining Predictors of Parenting Behaviors Psychology 2018-01-12
Vriesenga, Michael Peter Judicial Beliefs and Education Finance Adequacy Remedies Leadership and Policy Studies 2005-09-16
Vu, Nam Tuan Essays on International Economics Economics 2015-06-01

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