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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Tackenberg, Michael Christian The influence of seasonal light on the circadian system Neuroscience 2019-04-14
Taddese, Addisu Zerihun Magnetic Pose Estimation and Robotic Manipulation of Magnetically Actuated Capsule Endoscopes Electrical Engineering 2018-07-19
Tadin, Duje Center-Surround Interactions in Visual Motion Processing Psychology 2004-07-08
Tahaei, Seyedmohammad Ebrahim Molecular Bases of the Reduced Osteogenic Differentiation Potential in Nf1 Deficient Osteoprogenitors Pharmacology 2018-01-22
Takahashi, Maria A biophysically based framework for examining phytoremediation strategies: optimization of uptake, transport and storage of cadmium in alpine pennycress (Thlaspi caerulescnes) Environmental Engineering 2008-12-09
Takar, Mehmet Regulation of membrane asymmetry by Golgi P4-ATPases and their interactors Biological Sciences 2018-11-05
Talati, Pratik Imaging Hippocampal Hemodynamics in Schizophrenia Neuroscience 2015-08-13
Talbert, Eric Michael Photoexcited Carrier Dynamics in Mixed Halide Perovskites: A Morphological Perspective Chemical Engineering 2016-07-22
Talley, Anne Douglas Remodeling Characteristics and in vivo Healing of Low Viscosity Polyurethane Biocomposites for Bone Regeneration Chemical Engineering 2016-03-24
Talley, Heather Laine Face Work: Cultural, Technical, and Surgical Interventions for Facial "Disfigurement" Sociology 2008-07-10
Talley, Jennell Marie Exploring the assembly and function of the telomerase accessory proteins Est1 and Est3 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Biological Sciences 2011-07-18
Talley , Monte Dawn Paradoxes in Sustainable Rainforest Production: Childhood and Child Labor in Açaí Extraction in the Brazilian Amazon Anthropology 2019-07-18
Tambe, Sumant Model-driven Fault-Tolerance Provisioning for Component-based Distributed Real-time Embedded Systems Computer Science 2010-10-11
Tamber-Rosenau, Caryn Striking Women: Performance and Gender in the Hebrew Bible and Early Jewish Literature Religion 2015-03-23
Tamersoy, Acar Anonymization of Longitudinal Electronic Medical Records for Clinical Research Biomedical Informatics 2011-06-09
Tan, Amy Gant Richard Bernard and His Publics: A Puritan Minister as Author History 2015-06-29
Tan, Huan Integration of Imitation Learning with Cognitive Control for a Humanoid Robot Electrical Engineering 2013-06-24
Tan, Yong Essays on firms' entry and growth Economics 2013-06-27
Tan, Yongxian Three Essays on Empirical Finance Management 2011-08-23
Tang, Dewei Synthesis and evaluation of pyrazolopyrimidinyl-based TSPO ligands for cancer imaging Chemical and Physical Biology 2013-03-25
Tang, Lin Biophysical Aspects of the BOLD Effect in Human Brain Mapping Physics 2007-11-09
Tang, Sui Dynamical Sampling Mathematics 2016-05-30
Tang, Xin Modulation of GABAA receptor function by PKA and PKC protein phosphorylation Neuroscience 2010-03-31
Tanksley, Jarred Paul Tales of three signaling pathways: EGFR, TGFB, and WNT signaling in the GI tract Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-07-19
Tankwanchi, Akhenaten Benjamin Siankam Doctors Beyond Borders: Data Trends and Medical Migration Dynamics from Sub-Saharan Africa to the United States Community Research and Action 2012-11-30
Tanner-Smith, Emily E. Pubertal Development and Substance Use among Adolescent Girls: The Importance of Social Interactions and Social Contexts Sociology 2009-03-25
Tantawy, Ashraf Mohammed Model-based detection in cyber-physical systems Electrical Engineering 2011-10-24
Tao, Jun Impact of Depression and Anxiety on Antiretroviral Therapy Initiation and Adherence among Newly Diagnosed HIV-infected Men Who Have Sex with Men in China Epidemiology 2016-06-13
Tao, Tao Distributed active vibration control with embedded sensor network techniques Electrical Engineering 2006-07-21
Tao, Zhi Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of PEO-based Polymer Electrolytes in Aqueous Solution Chemical Engineering 2008-03-23
Tao, Zui Visual Servoing for a Non-Reactive Industrial Manipulator Electrical Engineering 2015-07-27
Tapdiya, Ashish Large Scale Data Management for Enterprise Workloads Computer Science 2018-03-26
Tapia de Miguel, Pedro The impact of logistics and manufacturing on shareholder wealth Management of Technology 2005-12-07
Tarver, Erin C. Feminist Subjects and Feminist Action: A Pragmatic Post-structuralist Account of Oppression and Resistance Philosophy 2011-03-26
Tasich, Christopher Milos Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions in the Tidally-Dominated Coastal Region of the Bengal Basin: A One-Dimensional Numerical Analysis of Tidal and Surface Water Controls on Local Aquifer Systems Earth and Environmental Sciences 2013-12-09
Taylor, Courtney Barnett Investigating structure-function relationships in family 7 cellulases by molecular simulation Chemical Engineering 2012-07-08
Taylor, Katie Headrick Counter-mapping the Neighborhood: A Social Design Experiment for Spatial Justice Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-06-14
Taylor, Kelly D Caregiver strain among African American and Caucasian family members caring for children with emotional and behavioral problems: the role of race Community Research and Action 2008-07-25
Taylor, Laura Michele The wisdom of la frontera: a Christology from and for the intersticies Religion 2013-02-07
Taylor, Lauren Alexis Financial Toxicity and Cost-Related Non-Adherence in Patients with Chronic Blood Cancers. Medicine, Health, and Society 2019-03-20
Taylor, Patrick Glen Design and Analysis of Advanced CVD Diamond Dielectric Structures Electrical Engineering 2006-11-22
Taylor, Robert Jonathan An Analysis of Celestial Omina in the Light of Mesopotamian Cosmology and Mythos Religion 2006-03-31
Taylor, Robert Wilson Kctd12 Proteins Regulate Ulk2 to Control the Development of Asymmetric Habenular Neuropil Biological Sciences 2011-06-17
Taylor, Terrell Anderson Ellison's Resistance: The Place for Underground Praxis in the Black Radical Constellation English 2016-11-21
Teague, Brad L. Preparing Effective Teachers of English Language Learners: The Impact of a Cross-Cultural Field Experience Teaching and Learning 2010-02-25
Teasley, Bettie Suzanne The NCLB Choice Provisions and Effects of Mobility: A Review of the Literature and Research Designs Leadership and Policy Studies 2017-04-18
Tedjo, Chrysanty Controlling protein-surface interactions in chromatography using mixed self-assembled monolayers Chemical Engineering 2011-03-25
Teets, William Kenneth Evidence of Accretion-Generated X-rays in the Young, Erupting Stars V1647 Ori and EX Lupi Physics 2012-03-23
Teixeira, Pedro Luis, Jr. Using Evolutionarily-Based Correlation Measures and Machine Learning to Improve Protein Structure Prediction in BCL::Fold Biomedical Informatics 2014-06-06
Teixeira, Pedro Luis, Jr. Computational Phenotyping and Phenome-wide Association Studies: Leveraging Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to Understand Electronic Health Record Data Biomedical Informatics 2015-08-26
Tekumala, Lakshmi Deepika On-chip characterization of single-event charge-collection Electrical Engineering 2012-08-05
Tello-Trillo, Daniel Sebastian Essays on health economics and health behaviors Economics 2016-04-18
Tempesti, Tommaso Essays On International Trade And Labor Market Outcomes Economics 2011-07-18
Temple, Michael William Using Daily Progress Note Data to Predict Discharge Date from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Biomedical Informatics 2015-06-01
Templeton, Neil Andrew 13C metabolic flux analysis of recombinant Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell cultures Chemical Engineering 2014-11-23
Teng, Zhongwei Implementation of Self-report mHealth Application and Data Analysis Electrical Engineering 2017-12-05
Tenore, Frank Blake Language as an Identification Resource in Secondary English Teacher Preparation: An Analysis of Discourses Teaching and Learning 2014-06-11
Teran Balbuena, Edgar Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov calculations for nuclei far from stability Physics 2003-03-31
Terry, Laura Jennings FG nucleoporins coordinate multiple transport pathways through the nuclear pore complex Cell and Developmental Biology 2008-12-05
Tesdahl, Eric Anthony Building power beyond the local scale: An examination of interorganizational collaboration among faith-based community organizing groups Community Research and Action 2010-03-31
Tesdahl, Eric Anthony Out of many, one: Participation and collaboration in congregation-based community organizing Community Research and Action 2013-04-01
Teten, Ryan Lee Evolution of the modern rhetorical presidency reconsidered: presidential presentation and development of the State of the Union Address Political Science 2004-03-29
Thaden, Emily Patricia Understanding attrition and predicting employment durations of former staff in a public sector social service organization Community Research and Action 2007-12-05
Thaden, Emily Patricia Shared Equity Homeownership: Local Perceptions, National Performance, and Considerations for Growth Community Research and Action 2013-03-04
Thaiupathump, Choonhapong Intelligent Agents for On-line Learning Interdisciplinary Studies: Information Technology 1999-07-26
Thaker, Tarjani Mahesh Investigations into Allosteric Mechanisms of G Protein Activation Biochemistry 2013-11-27
Thakkar, Katharine Natasha Response inhibition and monitoring in schizophrenia: evidence from countermanding saccades Psychology 2008-07-17
Thakkar, Katharine Natasha Inhibition and monitoring of saccadic eye movements in schizophrenia Psychology 2012-07-18
Thibeau, Shelley Swann Blankenship Relationships among Maternal Stress and Immune Components of Mothers' Milk Nursing Science 2015-03-12
Thibodeaux, Jarrett Alan More than a panic: correlates of the importance of drugs and unemployment Sociology 2009-09-11
Thibodeaux, Jarrett Alan The Market Inscribed Landscape: City and Industry Causes of Food Deserts Sociology 2015-03-20
Thibodeaux, Ryan The Specification and Implementation of a Model of Computation Electrical Engineering 2008-02-14
Thiel, Kristina Wyatt Analysis of ErbB Receptors: Regulation of ErbB-1 Kinase Activation and Localization of ErbB-4 to Membrane Microdomains Biochemistry 2007-08-07
Thiel, William Howard Proarrhythmic defects in Timothy Syndrome require calmodulin kinase II Pharmacology 2008-11-17
Thiolloy, Sophie Differential contributions of host-derived matrix metalloproteinases in mammary tumor growth in the bone microenvironment Cancer Biology 2009-07-01
Thomas, Courtney Sinclair Not so Supportive? Black-White Differences in the Protective Effect of Social Support on Birthweight and Preterm Delivery Sociology 2013-03-26
Thomas, Courtney Sinclair More than Discrimination: The Significance of Race-Based Stress and Racial Identity for the Mental Health of Black Americans Sociology 2015-03-19
Thomas, Lawrence Gray An Analysis of Software Quality and Maintainability Metrics with an Application to a Longitudinal Study of the Linux Kernel. Computer Science 2008-07-08
Thomason, Rebecca Taylor The Intestinal Mesoderm: Investigation of its Development and Potential Cell and Developmental Biology 2012-12-05
Thompson, Ashley Blaise Southern Identity: The Meaning, Practice, and Importance of a Regional Identity Sociology 2007-07-24
Thompson, Grayson Guns, Policy, and Politics: An Examination of Potential Firearm Legislation Initiatives for the State of Tennessee Medicine, Health, and Society 2019-07-19
Thompson, Jennifer K. John Dewey and Pragmatic Economics Philosophy 2005-04-01
Thompson, Joshua James Blood vessel epicardial substance (BVES) and BVES binding partners in intestinal homeostasis and tumorigenesis Cancer Biology 2019-09-18
Thompson, Lawrence Casper Dynamic, Structural, and Mechanistic Study of Glutathione Transferases Biochemistry 2006-06-23
Thompson, Lisa Lynette The Caged Bird's 21st Century Song: A Homiletic Practical Theology from the Preaching of African American Women Religion 2013-07-19
Thompson-Spires, Nafissa D. Thank Canada: locating the Canadian presence in U.S. youth television English 2009-07-18
Thopte, Deepti Suresh A real-time, event based driver alert system for accident avoidance due to red light running Computer Science 2009-07-20
Thorne, Curtis Andrew A Chemical and Systems Approach to Study the Wnt/beta-catenin Pathway Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-07-08
Thornton, Sean R Real-time Gesture Imitation in a Soft-arm Control Robot Electrical Engineering 2009-03-25
Thornton-Wells, Tricia Ann Comparison of Three Clustering Methods for Dissecting Trait Heterogeneity in Genotypic Data Biomedical Informatics 2005-07-18
Thornton-Wells, Tricia Ann Confronting Complexity: A Comprehensive Statistical and Computational Strategy for Identifying the Missing Link between Genotype and Phenotype Neuroscience 2006-09-27
Thu, Yee Mon The role of NF-kB inducing kinase (NIK) in modulating melanoma tumorigenesis Cancer Biology 2011-10-02
Thurber, Amie The Neighborhood Story Project: Keeping More Than Our Homes Human and Organizational Development 2018-03-06
Tian, Mengnan Functional characterization of epilepsy associated GABRG2 mutations Pharmacology 2012-05-07
Tian, Yu Effect of wheel slip in modeling and control of wheeled mobile robots: applications to formation control and pursuit-evasion problems Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-18
Tidball, Andrew Martin A Manganese-Handling Deficit in Huntington’s Disease Selectively Impairs ATM-p53 Signaling Neuroscience 2014-09-25
Tiedemann, John Patrick New Literacies, New Contexts? A Theoretical Definition of Reading Context Teaching and Learning 2011-03-28
Tielsch Goddard, Anna Hazel Adolescent Transition to Adulthood and the Role of Coping and Influencing Factors Nursing Science 2015-12-15
Tilghman-Osborne, Carlos Emanuel The Relation of Guilt, Shame, Behavioral Self-Blame, and Characterological Self-Blame to Depression in Adolescents over Time Psychology 2007-04-06
Tilghman-Osborne, Carlos Emanuel Inappropriate and Excesive Guilt: Measure Validation and Developmental Findings in the Relation to Depression across Development Psychology 2011-06-10
Tillman, Jennifer Erin DJ-1, a Novel Androgen Receptor Binding Protein, Activates Receptor Signaling In Prostate Cancer and Correlates with the Development of Androgen-Independent Disease Molecular Biology 2007-03-21
Tinker, Darren Charles Partially premixed tubular flames: an experimental survey Mechanical Engineering 2016-11-21
Tipton, Alan Douglas On the Impact of Device Orientation on the Multiple Cell Upset Radiation Response in Nanoscale Integrated Circuits Electrical Engineering 2008-11-13
Titzel, Howard Charles The Investigation of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle Films Created through Electrophoretic Deposition Physics 2011-03-28
Tobin, Kerri Jennifer Identifying Best Practices for Homeless Students Leadership and Policy Studies 2011-07-21
Todd, Asante Uzuri The One and the Many: A Discourse Analysis on Sovereignty in Liberal Civic Republicanism with Prospects for an African American Political Theology Religion 2016-04-27
Todd, Erik Michael Method development for routine imaging mass spectrometry of single cells grown in culture using transmission geometry MALDI mass spectrometry Chemistry 2012-12-07
Todd, James Jay The neural mechanisms of visual short-term memory capacity Psychology 2008-12-11
Toll, Alice Elizabeth Assessing Risk Score Calculation in the Presence of Uncollected Risk Factors Biostatistics 2018-11-30
Tomasiak, Thomas Catalysis, inhibition, and signal transduction by menaquinol:fumarate oxidoreductase Pharmacology 2011-02-14
Tomasic, John Joseph Investigating Terminal Preclassic and Classic Period Power and Wealth at K'o, Guatemala Anthropology 2009-03-24
Tonigan, Andrew Michael The theory and application of bipolar transistors as displacement damage sensors Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2017-03-27
Toomey, Corey Thomas Statistical fault injection and analysis at the register transfer level using the Verilog procedural interface Electrical Engineering 2011-04-08
Torre, Daniela How Classroom Context Impacts the Academic Achievement of English Learners in a New Immigrant Destination Leadership and Policy Studies 2015-07-09
Torregrossa, Lénie Julia Schizophrenia: from Minimal Self-disturbances to Disrupted Narrative identity Psychology 2018-03-09
Torres, Victor J Functional analysis of the p33 and p55 domains of the Helicobacter pylori vacuolating cytotoxin Microbiology and Immunology 2004-12-04
Touve, David Charles Ghosts in the shell: An investigation of the relationship between automation and the nature of work. Management 2010-12-02
Tovar, Trenton Marcus Adsorption Equilibria and Mass Transfer in Porous Adsorbents Chemical Engineering 2016-03-28
Towner, Courtney Danielle The Importance of Place in Predicting Differences in Depressive Symptoms Psychology 2011-04-04
Townsend, Steven D'wayne Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of Bielschowskysin Chemistry 2010-11-24
Tracy, Roy Alexander Preaching and the Holy Spirit: Postliberal Homiletics and Formation in a Pneumatologically Grounded Ecclesiology Religion 2011-03-27
Trafton, Tamara Lynn On Giving, Gambling, and Glow: Experimental Evidence Economics 2010-04-30
Tramontano, Samantha The importance of minerals and bubbles: (1) The internal trigger test: mapping overpressure regimes for giant magma bodies (2) Developing and incorporating instructional videos and quizzes as a blended and online learning component in an undergraduate optical microscopy curriculum. Earth and Environmental Sciences 2016-07-18
Tran, Cong Van Longitudinal relations between targeted peer victimization and depression Psychology 2010-03-29
Tran, Cong Van Relations Between Peer Victimization, Self-Cognitions, and Depression in the United States and Vietnam Psychology 2012-08-02
Tran, Nam Thanh Moderators of multisystemic therapy outcome for children with conduct disorders Psychology 2010-03-24
Tran, Nam Thanh Vietnamese parents’ attitudes towards western parenting behaviors and interventions Psychology 2013-09-04
Tran, Thuy Thanh Thi Roles of the alpha2beta1 Integrin in Cancer Progression and Metastasis Pathology 2011-12-05
Tranguch, Susanne FKBP52-Progesterone Receptor Signaling During Pregnancy Cell and Developmental Biology 2007-10-04
Trantum, Joshua Robert Low-resource diagnostic assay based on disruption of radial flow in an evaporating drop Biomedical Engineering 2010-12-10
Trantum, Joshua Robert A Point-of-Care Diagnostic Assay Utilizing the Hydrodynamics of an Evaporating Drop Biomedical Engineering 2013-07-22
Travis, Brandon Ewin Fundamental understanding of electroosmotic flow in a heterogeneous converging-diverging circular microchannel Mechanical Engineering 2008-12-05
Traynham, Brooke Nicole Monitoring the Long-Term Performance of Engineered Containment Systems: The Role of Ecological Processes Environmental Engineering 2010-04-15
Treadway, Michael Tilghman Early Adverse Events, HPA Activity and Anterior Cingulate Volume in Major Depressive Disorder Psychology 2008-07-24
Treadway, Michael Tilghman Parsing anhedonia: effort-based decision-making as a translational model of motivational deficits in Major Depressive Disorder Psychology 2012-06-12
Trefts, Elijah Integrin Linked Kinase is Critical for Hepatic Cellular Organization, Metabolism, and Glucoregulation Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2019-04-17
Trent, Jennifer Alacia Siblings' Use of Responsive Interaction Strategies Across Settings Special Education 2007-01-01
Tripathi, Manisha Proteolytic processing of laminin-332 by hepsin and matriptase and its role in prostate cancer progression Cancer Biology 2011-01-28
Trippe, James Michael A technique for predicting the muon induced upset cross section in submicron MOS devices using proton tests and simulation Electrical Engineering 2014-05-21
Trippe, James Michael Monte Carlo methods for predicting SRAM vulnerability to muon and electron induced single event upsets Electrical Engineering 2018-04-12
Trott, Hollister Wooten The Relationship Between Diabetes and Depressive Symptoms in the Southern Community Cohort Study Psychology 2005-03-28
Trott, Hollister Wooten The Relationship Between Coping, Depressive Symptoms and Diabetes Outcomes in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Psychology 2012-10-12
Troutman, Kristin Elizabeth Decoding Underlying Meanings of Cultural Competency in Medical Institutions: a Qualitative Case Study Medicine, Health, and Society 2018-03-29
Troyer, Timothy Lloyd Brønsted acid promoted additions of diazoalkanes to imines: the interplay of mechanism and stereochemical outcome as a tool to discover and develop a new syn glycolate Mannich reaction Chemistry 2009-08-20
Trujillo, Glenn Mac No Laughing Matter: Playfulness and a Good Life Philosophy 2019-07-11
Truss, Alanna E. A competency-based model of depression in children: self-perceived competence as a mediator of the relations of parenting and negative life events to depressive symptoms Psychology 2008-07-24
Trussler, Marc James The Impact of High Information Environments on Representation in the U.S. House of Representatives Political Science 2019-08-15
Tuberquia, Juan Carlos Surface-initiated polymethylenation to grow superhydrophobic barrier films Chemical Engineering 2011-06-23
Tucker, John Michael Design and Experimental Evaluation of a High Energy Density Elastomeric Strain Energy Accumulator Mechanical Engineering 2012-04-05
Tucker-Schwartz, Jason Michael Development of Photothermal Optical Coherence Tomography for In Vivo Imaging of Contrast Agents Biomedical Engineering 2015-07-24
Tugcu, Mert A computational neuroscience model with application to robot perceptual learning Electrical Engineering 2007-08-01
Tumolo, Jessica Marie The Regulation of Endocytosis by Snf1-related Kinases in Yeast Cell and Developmental Biology 2019-06-20
Tuo, Shengquan Multiparticle Azimuthal Correlation Measurements in Lead-Lead and Proton-Lead Collisions at LHC with the CMS Detector Physics 2015-03-19
Turba, Ronald David Design of a Nuclear Propulsion System for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mechanical Engineering 2011-03-10
Turk, Adam Sean Will to Power as the Self-Overcoming of Will to Truth Philosophy 2012-11-30
Turkay, Emre Resolving middleware configuration challenges using model driven development Electrical Engineering 2005-08-09
Turner, Brandon David Plasticity of afferent-specific synapses in the nucleus accumbens Neuroscience 2018-07-19
Turner, Brian Neil Kinetic Investigations of Thiolate Protected Gold Nanoparticles: Protein Interactions, Electron Transfer, and Precursor Formation Chemistry 2011-11-29
Turner, Emily Claire Visual Neuroanatomy of Large-Brained Primates and Carnivores Psychology 2017-03-29
Turner, Lauren M. Social and nonsocial orienting in young children with autism, developmental disorders, and typical development Psychology 2005-06-17
Turner, Michael Kenneth Redeeming the Time: The Making of Early American Methodism Religion 2009-03-24
Turner, Stephen Dale Knowledge-Driven Genome-Wide Analysis of Multigenic Interactions Impacting HDL Cholesterol Level Human Genetics 2010-12-16
Turner III, Robert L Disguise, identity, and female cross-dressing in selected works of Tirso de Molina Spanish and Portuguese 2006-07-25
Turo, Michael Joseph Crystal-Bound Ligands in Nanocrystal Synthesis Chemistry 2016-12-16
Tuttle, Kenya Jonell “This moment for life”: popular culture’s impact on the moral sphere of young black women Religion 2012-04-02
Tuvel, Rebecca Dayna Epistemic Injustice Expanded: A Feminist, Animal Studies Approach Philosophy 2014-07-10
Tweedell, Andrea Donielle The impact of interleukin-6 on the metabolic response to endotoxin in vivo Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2005-07-28
Tyndall, Benjamin Dylan Mastery, Homeownership, and the Transition to Adulthood Sociology 2013-11-25
Tyndall, Benjamin Dylan Neighborhood Perceptions and Well-being across the Early Life Course Sociology 2016-03-28
Tyson, Sarah Katherine Models of Engagement: Luce Irigaray, Genevieve Lloyd, Michèle Le Doeuff and the History of Philosophy Philosophy 2011-06-29

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