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Saban, Susan Dora Cryo-EM structures of adenovirus provide insight into vector design, virus assembly, and capsid disassembly Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2006-10-25
Saborido, Lacey Kathryn A Complex Snarl of Realities: Re-Reading Richard Wright's Native Son English 2011-07-19
Sacks, Robert Samuel Genital Injury in Modern Warfare: The Struggle for Intimacy Inside the Bio-power of the Military Institution Medicine, Health, and Society 2015-03-23
Saclarides, Theodora Kalliope Orthodox Christian Evangelism in the United States and Brazil: An Inter-American Approach in Evaluating the Evangelizing Mission of Orthodox Christian Publishing Companies Latin American Studies 2017-08-07
Saint-Jean, Leshana Myocardial Differentiation is Dependent on Endocardial Signaling During Early Cardiogenesis in vitro Cell and Developmental Biology 2018-10-22
Saito-Diaz, Vicente Kenyi Regulation of Wnt Receptor Activation by the Tumor Suppressor APC Cell and Developmental Biology 2017-03-27
Sakrikar, Dhananjay Paying attention to the details: rare genetic variation in the dopamine transporter and ADHD Neuroscience 2012-03-26
Salas, Jorge Alberto Stochastic variational approach to interaction of atoms and strong external fields Physics 2017-08-24
Saldanha, Luis A. “Is this sample unusual?”: an investigation of students exploring connections between sampling distributions and statistical inference Teaching and Learning 2004-07-16
Salichos, Leonidas Quantifying phylogenetic incongruence and identifying contributing factors in a yeast model clade Biological Sciences 2014-08-20
Sallai, Janos Compiler-assisted concurrency abstraction for resource-constrained embedded devices Computer Science 2008-03-28
Salzman, Michele Marie Poloxamer 188 Protects Isolated Mouse Cardiomyocytes from Hypoxia/Reoxygenation Injury - Implications for Cardioprotection after Cardiac Arrest Pharmacology 2017-12-03
Samal, Chinmaya Time-dependent and Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Routing using Federated Learning Computer Science 2019-07-26
Samanez Larkin, Silvia Patricia Concurrent and Short-term Prospective Relations of Attention and Inhibition to Emotion Regulation and Depressive Symptoms in Children Psychology 2015-04-14
Samanta, Debangshu Long-term smoking-mediated downregulation of Smad3 induces tumorigenicity and carboplatin resistance in non-small cell lung cancer Cancer Biology 2012-04-12
Samek, Nicole Natur als Utopie: Novalis' Heinrich von Ofterdingen im Kontext der romantischen Naturphilosophie German 2013-04-22
Samir, Parimal Systems Analysis of Eukaryotic Proteomic Regulatory Mechanisms Biochemistry 2016-03-18
Sammons, Jessica Annette Synthesis and characterization of CdSxSe1-x/ZnS alloy core/shell nanocrystals: photoluminescence quantum yield improvement with influence of composition Chemistry 2009-07-24
Sammons, Morgan Andrew Analysis of ZNF9 function in cap-independent translation and myotonic dystrophy type 2 Biological Sciences 2010-08-11
Sampson, Uchechukwu K. A. Impact of Severity of Illness on Health State Transitions During Intensive Care Unit Admission: Application of Markov Multi-State Transition Modeling Biostatistics 2014-11-24
Samsel, Isaak Knox Charge collection mechanisms in AlGaN/GaN MOS high electron mobility transistors Electrical Engineering 2014-07-29
Samson, Jennifer Esther Glassman The Role of Perceived Self-Efficacy in Controlling Behavior Psychology 2009-07-24
Samson, Jennifer Esther Glassman Children's Reasoning about Peers' and Teachers' Intentions Psychology 2012-07-05
Samuel, Petal Kimberly “A Subtler Expression”: Melville's Historiography of the Non-Event English 2012-07-03
Samuels, Lauren Ruth Aspects of Causal Inference within the Evenly Matchable Population: The Average Treatment Effect on the Evenly Matchable Units, Visually Guided Cohort Selection, and Bagged One-to-One Matching Biostatistics 2016-12-12
Samuelson, Lynn Elizabeth Designer nanoparticles to detect and treat disease Chemistry 2009-11-25
Sanathanamurthy, Siddartha Simulated temperature dependency of SEU sensitivity in a 0.5 μm CMOS SRAM Electrical Engineering 2008-08-01
Sanchez, Alicia Maria Gaining Perspective on Community Land Trust Properties: A Pilot Study Measuring Property Conditions and Public Perception Community Research and Action 2014-06-21
Sanchez, Nora Sylvia The Role of The Type III Transforming Growth Factor–beta Receptor in Epicardial Cell Behavior and Coronary Vessel Development Pharmacology 2011-10-13
Sánchez Samblás, María Victoria Hispanidades trasatlánticas o la reconquista espiritual de América: Vicente Blasco Ibáñez y el nacionalismo Argentino en torno al centenario Spanish 2009-12-14
Sandbank, Micheal Paige The Psychometrics of Several Neural Measures of Lexical Access in Children with Autism Special Education 2015-03-23
Sanderfer, Selena Ronshaye For Land and Liberty: Black Territorial Separatism in the South, 1776-1904 History 2010-07-28
Sanders, David L Detecting Asthma Exacerbations in a Pediatric Emergency Department Biomedical Informatics 2006-04-03
Sanders, George Late Capital: Negotiating a New American Way of Death Sociology 2008-07-22
Sanders, Lehanna Nalani The role of the BMP antagonist Gremlin 2 during cardiac tissue repair Cell and Developmental Biology 2016-06-01
Sanderson, Kelli Ann Unheard Voices: Examining Factors Related to Student Participation During Individualized Education Program Meetings Special Education 2018-03-26
Sanderson, Mary Louise “Our own Catholic countrymen”: religion, loyalism, and subjecthood in Britain and its empire, 1755-1829 History 2010-04-09
Sanderson-Doughty, Sarah Grace Forgive Us, As We Forgive: A Reformed Position on the Visible Holiness of the Church Religion 2015-03-20
Sandlin, Rebecca Davis Hemozoin: A Target-Based Approach to Antimalarial Drug Discovery Chemistry 2013-02-25
Sandmel, Karin N "I am a raindrop!" Narrative writing strategies and self-regulated strategy development for fourth and fifth grade students with writing and behavioral difficulties Special Education 2010-07-21
Sankararaman, Shankar Uncertainty Quantification and Integration in Engineering Systems Civil Engineering 2012-02-14
Santen, Sally A. Promotions committees: a role in regulation of the profession of medicine Leadership and Policy Studies 2009-07-29
Santos Guasch, Gabriela Lynette The Role of p73 in Murine Ovarian Follicle Development and Function Biochemistry 2018-10-29
Sapci, Ayse Financial intermediation costs: effects on business cycles, delayed recoveries and relative consumption volatility Economics 2013-05-15
Sapper, David Buford Effects of Selection Processes and Private Information on Criminal Antitrust Case Outcomes Economics 2006-03-23
Sapra, Sonalini Kaur Participatory Democracy and Social Justice: The Politics of Women's Environmental Action in India Political Science 2009-06-28
Sapyta, Jeffrey J Evaluating therapeutic alliance longitudinally: describing therapeutic alliance growth and its implications for outcomes Psychology 2006-07-22
Sarangi, Anuraag Identification of the Hedgehog pathway as a novel therapeutic target in malignant gliomas Neuroscience 2009-09-28
Sarett, Samantha Mara Conjugation of Palmitic Acid Improves Potency and Longevity of siRNA Delivered via Endosomolytic Polymer Nanoparticles Biomedical Engineering 2014-11-20
Sarett, Samantha Mara Hydrophobic Modification of siRNA to Improve Delivery and Efficacy of RNAi Therapeutics Biomedical Engineering 2017-03-27
Sarkar, Sohini Probabilistic Durability Analysis of Cementitious Materials under External Sulfate Attack Civil Engineering 2010-07-21
Sarli, Nima Design, Modeling and Control of Continuum Robots and Dexterous Wrists with Applications to Transurethral Bladder Cancer Resection Mechanical Engineering 2018-09-05
Sarnowski, Michael Mapping the Catacombs Creative Writing 2009-03-27
Sashalmi, Tamas Robert Electron beam size diagnostics using diffraction and transition radiation Physics 2006-11-30
Saslow, Laura An Analysis of Statistical Reasoning Teaching and Learning 2005-07-25
Satcher, Lacee Anne Positively Criminal: Examining Florida's HIV Criminal Law Sociology 2017-08-10
Sathyanarayanan, Vijayalakshmi Evaluation of Moving Least Squares as a Technique for Non-Rigid Medical Image Registration Electrical Engineering 2008-12-04
Sathyanarayanan Rao, Anusha Quantifying drug-induced dyskinesia using clinical videos of Parkinson’s disease patients Electrical Engineering 2012-03-26
Satizábal, Beatríz Eugenía (Mafla) Reshaping Fotonovelas in a Cultural Competent Healthcare System Medicine, Health, and Society 2018-03-25
Satpute Janve, Vaishali Epileptic encephalopathy associated human GABRB mutations disrupt GABAA receptor function and results in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome in Gabrb3+/D120N knock-in mice. Neuroscience 2019-04-02
Satterwhite, Lindsay Faye Factors Influencing Family Involvement in Mental Health Treatment of Children with Severe Emotional Disturbances Community Research and Action 2010-03-30
Sauer, Jacob James Long-Term Resilience in Cultural Systems: An Araucanian Example from Santa Sylvia, South-Central Chile Anthropology 2012-05-20
Saunders, Diane Caitlin Towards Pancreatic β-Cell Regeneration: Modulating Islet Microenvironment and Identifying Markers of β-Cell Maturation Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2018-03-23
Savage, Sara Renee The role of PPARβ/δ in diabetic retinopathy Pharmacology 2015-08-28
Savage, Sara Renee The use of phosphoproteomic data to identify altered kinases and signaling pathways in cancer Biomedical Informatics 2018-07-16
Savaiano, Mackenzie Elizabeth Comparison of Vocabulary Instruction Strategies for Students who Read Braille Special Education 2014-03-20
Sawyer, Eva Kille Comparative Neuroanatomy of the Mammalian Trigeminal Somatosensory System Neuroscience 2016-06-27
Saxena, Tripti A Generic Framework for Design Space Exploration Computer Science 2012-08-02
Saxon, Jamie Ausborn Investigation of epithelial canonical and non-canonical NF-κB signaling in lung adenocarcinoma Cancer Biology 2016-02-09
Scaffidi, Cassandra Koontz Networks of Violence: Bioarchaeological and Spatial Perspectives on Physical, Structural, and Cultural Violence in the Lower Majes Valley, Arequipa, Peru, in the Pre- and Early-Wari Eras Anthropology 2017-12-21
Schaefer, Brennan Christopher Measurements of directed, elliptic, and triangular flow of charged hadrons from Cu+Au collisions at sqrt(sNN) = 200 GeV with PHENIX at RHIC Physics 2016-07-21
Schaser, Nicholas James The death of Jesus in Matthew’s gospel as a recapitulation of Israel’s exile in the Jewish Scriptures and post-Biblical Jewish tradition Religion 2013-12-02
Schaser, Nicholas James Matthew and the Rabbis: Symbol and Scripture in Gospel and Midrash Religion 2017-03-24
Schauben, Deanna Nicole Mechano-Electrochemistry of Nickel Titanium Alloy Mechanical Engineering 2017-04-10
Schavolt, Kristy Lynn Identification and regulation of p53 target genes in primary human epidermal keratinocytes Biochemistry 2006-12-01
Scheib, Jami Lynn The mechanisms by which apoptotic neurons are cleared in developing dorsal root ganglia Neuroscience 2012-09-24
Schellmann, Lisa Cornelia Das Motiv des Orients in der deutschen Literatur der Aufklärung und Romantik. Gotthold Ephraim Lessings Nathan der Weise und Novalisʼ Heinrich von Ofterdingen. German 2013-12-04
Scherer, Randy Lee Ray Mix-and-match nanodendrons for detection and treatment of breast cancer metastases Materials Science and Engineering 2010-01-20
Schilling, Kurt Gregory Histological Validation of Diffusion MRI Biomedical Engineering 2017-12-11
Schindler, Bryan Joseph Henry's Law Behavior and Density Functional Theory Analysis of Adsorption Equilibrium Chemical Engineering 2008-08-06
Schlee, Claudia Simone The poem as periodic center: complexity theory and the creative voice in Nietzsche, Gottfried Benn and Wallace Stevens German 2007-04-09
Schlueter, David Jeffrey Bayesian Transformation Models for Multivariate Survival Analysis with Applications in Large Data Biostatistics 2018-11-21
Schmid, Sabine Petra Symptom Dimensions of Depression over the Course of Treatment: An Application of the Tripartite Model Psychology 2005-07-29
Schmidt, Benjamin W Fabrication and Characterization of Metal Oxycarbide Thin Films Chemical Engineering 2010-02-01
Schmidt, Martin Jefferson Differential impact of GAD67 suppression in distinct GABA-ergic interneuron populations: implications for mental illness Neuroscience 2013-12-02
Schmidt, Peter Leo Effects of Convection on Sound Radiation Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-25
Schmidt, Rebecca Anne Unpacking tracking: the role of instruction, teacher beliefs and supplemental courses in the relationship between tracking and student achievement Leadership and Policy Studies 2013-03-14
Schneider, Judsen Daniel UNC-4 controls synaptic specificity by modulating antagonistic Wnt pathways in the C. elegans motor circuit Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-02-05
Schnitz, Alana Griffin Examining the Effects of Parent Training on Parent-Child Interactions and Child Behavior Special Education 2016-03-28
Schoonmaker, Geoffrey Noel Preaching about Race: A Homiletic for Racial Reconciliation Religion 2012-03-16
Schreuder, Michael Alan Ultrasmall, white-light CdSe nanocrystals: ligand effects and incorporation into solid-state lighting Chemistry 2010-01-21
Schroeder, Justin Zane Hamilton cycle embeddings of complete tripartite graphs and their applications Mathematics 2012-03-20
Schroeder, Kaitlin Alayna Examining the Efficacy of Antibiotics and the Proteomic Response in the Treatment of Staphylococcus aureus Biofilms Grown In-Vitro. Chemistry 2011-11-30
Schroer, Alison Koelle Integrin and cytokine signaling in myofibroblast differentiation: a network modeling approach Biomedical Engineering 2014-03-25
Schroer, Alison Koelle Mechanobiology of Cardiac Disease and Fibrosis: a Novel Role for Cadherin-11 Biomedical Engineering 2016-11-17
Schulte, Michael Lawrence Application of Organocatalysis to the Synthesis of Pharmaceutically Relevant Scaffolds: Chiral Aziridines and β-Fluoroamines; Total Synthesis of Stemaphylline; and Discovery of Selective PAR4 Antagonists. Chemistry 2013-07-19
Schultz, Kara Danielle "Progressive Scientism: Paul Schuster Taylor and the Making of Mexican Labor in the United States" and "Out-Imagining the Other: Spanish Perceptions of the Dutch in the Seventeenth-Century Atlantic World" History 2012-03-27
Schultz, Kara Danielle 'The Kingdom of Angola is not Very Far from Here': The Río de la Plata, Brazil, and Angola, 1580-1680 History 2016-12-08
Schultze, Benjamin Stuart Inflammatory cytokines, cachexia and symptoms in patients with head and neck cancer Nursing Science 2015-07-13
Schumacher, Robin Finelli Does Understanding Relational Terminology Mediate Effects of Intervention on Difference Word Problems for Second-Grade Students? Special Education 2010-07-16
Schwarz-Blum, Vivian Citizens in the New Latin American State: Politics, the Economy and the Dynamics of Democratic Legitimacy in Bolivia and Latin America Political Science 2014-04-15
Schwieter, Kenneth Edward Toward On-Demand Peptide Synthesis: Development and Application of Enantioselective Syntheses of Unnatural α-Amino Amides Chemistry 2016-10-26
Scism, Robert Allen Directed evolution and pathway engineering for nucleotide analogue biosynthesis Chemistry 2010-05-11
Scott, Vanessa Jean The role of hemozoin in disease: oxidative stress Chemistry 2009-12-09
Scoville, David William Identification and characterization of MAFA coregulators: MLL3/4 and its role in mouse and human islet β-cells Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-07-17
Seagraves, Rosie Marie She as He: Cross-Dressing, Theater, and "In-Betweens" in Early Modern Spain Spanish 2013-07-15
Sease, Andrea Monique Overexpression of adenylation domains for the identification of the biosynthetic pathway of K-26, an ACE inhibiting metabolite Chemistry 2009-04-06
Seay, George Russell Theologian of synthesis: the dialectical method of Martin Luther King, Jr. as revealed in his critical thinking on theology, history, and ethics Religion 2008-11-06
Sebastian, Tessy Tereas Auto-Inhibitory Mechanism for the Regulation of a P4-ATPase Biological Sciences 2014-03-03
Sedgeman, Carl Andrew Formation, Degradation, and Bypass of DNA-Protein Crosslinks Biochemistry 2018-09-17
Sedgeman, Leslie Roteta The pathophysiology and functionality of metabolic microRNAs in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2018-10-31
Seethaler, Pamela Maureeen The Predictive Utility of Kindergarten Screening for Math Difficulty: How, When, and With Respect to What Outcome Should It Occur? Special Education 2008-08-27
Segedy, Amanda Kay Novel Atheroprotective Mediators: SPRR3-expressing Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Pathology 2015-03-17
Segedy, James René Adaptive Scaffolds in Open-Ended Computer-Based Learning Environments Computer Science 2014-06-06
Segroves, Diane M. Racializing Jewish Difference: Wilhelm Bousset, the History of Religion(s), and the Discourse of Christian Origins Religion 2012-03-25
Seidl-Gomez, Kathrin The Creativity of Displacement: Ernesto Volkening as Essayist and Cultural Translator in Colombia, 1934-1983 German 2011-07-22
Sekmen, Ali Safak Subspace Segmentation and High-Dimensional Data Analysis Mathematics 2012-04-02
Selcke, Gretchen Susan Isolation On and Off the Island: The Politics of Displacement in Contemporary Spanish Caribbean Fiction Spanish 2015-07-15
Self, Elizabeth Anne Designing and Using Clinical Simulations to Prepare Teachers for Culturally Responsive Teaching Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2016-03-02
Self, Ethan Craig Electrospun Particle/Polymer Fiber Mat Electrodes for Li-ion Batteries Chemical Engineering 2016-12-22
Selin, Jennifer Lee Political Control, Bureaucratic Responsiveness, and Agency Structure Political Science 2014-07-16
Sellars, Autumn Life Cycle Extension Strategies For Legacy Systems Management of Technology 2004-07-06
Sellinger, Marisa Helene An investigation of abuse in children with and without disabilities who are in or at risk for state custody Special Education 2006-07-24
Selmon, Gregory Allen John Cotton: The Antinomian Calvinist Religion 2008-03-19
Selvy, Paige Elizabeth Mechanistic characterization of isoform selective inhibitors of mammalian phospholipase D Pharmacology 2011-11-07
Semmineh, Natenael Berhanu Computational and Experimental Investigation of DSC-MRI Signal Behavior in Magnetically Inhomogeneous Media Physics 2014-04-17
Semrau, Luke Bascome A Defense of Kidney Sales Philosophy 2016-05-24
Sen, Sayan Dev An intelligent and unified framework for multiple robot and human coalition formation Computer Science 2015-03-24
Sengupta, Rajdeep Essays in Financial Market Imperfections Economics 2006-06-14
Sengupta, Saikat Tarun Dynamic B0 shimming at 7 Tesla Biomedical Engineering 2010-12-01
Sengupta, Saptarshi Visual Tracking using a Memory Guided Particle Filter with Annealed Weighted Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Electrical Engineering 2017-11-07
Sengupta, Saptarshi QDDS – A Novel Quantum-inspired Swarm Optimizer: Theoretical Foundations, Convergence Analyses and Application Perspectives Electrical Engineering 2019-11-05
Sengupta, Sreeparna Interfacial Design and Mechanics Analysis of Advanced Materials and Structures Civil Engineering 2007-04-09
Sentell, Charles Julius Freedom and Food, Slavery and Agriculture: A Philosophical Ecology Philosophy 2015-03-24
Senter, Timothy James A General and Stereoselective Approach for the Construction of Azabicyclic Compounds: Applications to the Synthesis of (+)-Amabiline and Grandisine D; Structure-based Design of Small Molecule Inhibitors of the Menin-MLL Protein-protein Interaction Chemistry 2015-03-07
Service, Travis Coe Coalition Structure Generation in Characteristic Function Games Computer Science 2012-03-26
Serwa, Remigiusz Adam Synthesis and antioxidant properties of vitamin B6 derivatives; and ù-alkynylated fatty acids as substrates for preparation of modified phospholipids, novel probes for evaluating lipid-protein interactions Chemistry 2007-12-18
Seth, Suman Essays in Multidimensional Measurement: Welfare, Poverty, and Robustness Economics 2010-05-26
Sethaphong, Latsavongsakda Large format CTIS in real time: parallelized algorithms and preconditioning initializers Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2008-03-15
Severini, Katherine Engel Implementing Stay, Play, Talk with Children who use AAC Special Education 2017-03-22
Sevy, Alexander Mario Engineering cross-reactivity in the antibody response to HIV and influenza Chemical and Physical Biology 2018-09-08
Seward, Anne Elizabeth Using Virtual Environments to Assess Time-to-Contact Judgments from Pedestrian Viewpoints Computer Science 2006-12-19
Sewell, George Edmond Security for the processor-to-memory interface using field programmable gate arrays. Electrical Engineering 2007-07-24
Sewell, Sarah Lynn Biomimetic Synthesis of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Chemistry 2006-12-08
Sewell-Loftin, Mary Kathryn Mechanoregulation of endocardial to mesenchymal transformation and subsequent remodeling during heart valve development Biomedical Engineering 2014-03-20
Sexton, John Andrew SENSE & Susceptibility: Respiration-Related Susceptibility Effects and their Interactions with Parallel Imaging Biomedical Engineering 2006-11-30
Sexton, John Andrew Development and evaluation of alternative methods for functional magnetic resonance imaging at 7 Tesla Biomedical Engineering 2010-03-09
Sexton, Nicole Rose Murine Hepatitis Virus Regulation of Nucleotide Selectivity and Fidelity by the RNA-dependent RNA Polymerase and the 3’-5’ Exoribonuclease Microbiology and Immunology 2017-03-27
Seymour, Nicole Foreign Bodies and Anti-Bodies: Queer Transformativity in Post-World War II Literature and Film English 2008-07-25
Shackleford, Jessica Paige A Mechanistic Study of Umpolung Amide Synthesis, the Straightforward Synthesis of 18O-Labeled Amides, and the Development of Catalytic Umpolung Amide Synthesis Chemistry 2012-03-25
Shae, Daniel Design and Optimization of ‘Smart’ Nanoparticles for Targeting of the STING Pathway with Applications in Cancer Immunotherapy Chemical Engineering 2019-03-04
Shafer, Robin Lynn Movement Kinematic and Electrophysiological Signatures of Sensorimotor Integration in Autism Neuroscience 2019-05-01
Shaffer, Carrie Leigh Role of unique Helicobacter pylori proteins in the Cag pathogenicity island-encoded type IV secretion system Microbiology and Immunology 2011-11-22
Shah, Amy Trushar Autofluorescence Imaging Reflects Metabolic Response to Treatment in Human Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Biomedical Engineering 2013-11-25
Shah, Amy Trushar Optical Metabolic Imaging to Characterize Early Treatment Response in Head and Neck Cancer Biomedical Engineering 2016-06-03
Shah, Anushi Maximizing Service Uptime of Smartphone-based Distributed Real-time and Embedded Systems Computer Science 2010-12-01
Shah, Vikas N. Mechanisms by which calcium regulates the human cardiac voltage-gated sodium channel hH1 Biochemistry 2005-07-29
Shaikh, Fyza Yusuf The role of the respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein in viral filamentous assembly Microbiology and Immunology 2012-05-23
Shan, Lin Equivariant index theory and non-positively curved manifolds. Mathematics 2007-04-02
Shan, Pingping Essays on U.S. Banking Regulatory Reforms and Banking Operations Economics 2008-03-24
Shang, Di Model based control design and integration of automotive cyber-physical systems Electrical Engineering 2013-03-31
Shang, Qingyang separation and segmentation of the hepatic vasculature in CT images Electrical Engineering 2010-03-22
Shankaran, Nishanth Adaptive Resource Management Algorithms, Architectures, and Frameworks for Distributed Real-time Embedded Systems Computer Science 2008-10-27
Shannon, Erica Kristine Dissecting Complex Mechanisms of Calcium Influx in a Simple Wound System Cell and Developmental Biology 2017-09-11
Shannon, Kelsey Preston Development of truck route diversion strategies in response to interstate incidents Civil Engineering 2011-11-30
Shantz, Christopher R. Uncertainty Quantification in Crack Growth Modeling Under Multi-Axial Variable Amplitude Loading Civil Engineering 2010-08-03
Shao, Yuanzhen Theory of parabolic differential equations on singular manifolds and its applications to geometric analysis Mathematics 2015-06-15
Shapiro, Ben Rydal Interaction Geography & the Learning Sciences Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2018-03-21
Share, Keith Edward Engineering High Capacity Alternative Ion Battery Electrodes Through Mechanistic Insight Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2018-05-07
Shariat, Nikki Growth Hormone Splicing and Treatment of Disease Using RNA Interference Biological Sciences 2008-02-27
Sharick, Joseph Thomas Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of NAD(P)H Distinguishes Pathways of Metabolic Inhibition Biomedical Engineering 2016-03-28
Sharma, Anuj Transmit Radio-Frequency Field Mapping In High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomedical Engineering 2013-03-22
Sharma, Anuj Radiofrequency pulses for improved simultaneous multislice magnetic resonance imaging Biomedical Engineering 2015-05-22
Sharp, Else Weil Intrapersonal Stigma: The Latent Function of Apartheid and HIV/AIDS Stigmatization in South Africa and Implications for Interventions Medicine, Health, and Society 2015-03-23
Sharp, Lynsey Nicole From Guatemaltecas to Guerrilleras: Women’s Participation in the Ejército Guerrillero de los Pobres Latin American Studies 2017-03-24
Sharp, Melinda Ann McGarrah Crisis and Repair in Intercultural Relationships: A Theological, Psychological, and Postcolonial Analysis Religion 2010-03-31
Shaver, Jesse Hart Optical measurement techniques for clinical assessment of corneal physiology Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2007-12-07
Shavlik, Margaret Elizabeth Children Prefer Storybooks with Causal Information Psychology 2019-03-14
Shaw, Amelia Rae Determination of Optimal Operating Schemes for a Hydropower Reservoir Under Environmental Constraints Environmental Engineering 2018-03-26
Shaw, Samuel Clayton Off Center: Art Careers in Peripheral Places Sociology 2014-03-13
Sheaffer, Amanda W Peer Affiliation and School-based Problem Behavior During Adolescence: A Cross-sectional Evaluation Special Education 2019-11-19
Sheehan, Jeffrey W. Ordinary People: An Ethnographic Portrait of a Black Baptist Congregation's Faithful Performance of Religion Religion 2008-12-03
Sheehan, Katelyn Elizabeth The Consequences of Canonicity for Cultural Representativeness; or, The Whale English 2019-09-26
Sheffield, Sterling Wilkinson The effects of auditory stimulus level and speech recognition performance on fNIRS measured cortical activation in adults with normal hearing and adults with cochlear implants Hearing and Speech Sciences 2016-03-08
Shekhar, Shashank Algorithms and Techniques for Dynamic Resource Management across Cloud-Edge Resource Spectrum Computer Science 2018-06-11
Shelby, Grace Deniece Background life stress, cardiovascular responses to laboratory stress, and health outcomes in adolescents and young adults with and without a history of functional abdominal pain Psychology 2012-11-29
Shelley, Maria Tempenis Take it Like a Man: A Study of Men's Emotion Culture Sociology 2007-03-26
Shen, Bo New Enantioselective Approaches to the Synthesis of Amino Acid Derivatives and Peptides Using Chiral Proton Catalysis Chemistry 2010-03-30
Shen, Dingding Characterization of GABAA receptor subunit mutations associated with epileptic encephalopathies Neuroscience 2017-10-04
Shen, Jianhong Modeling the Dynamics and Representations of Real-World Visual Expertise Psychology 2018-03-24
Shen, Xiangrong Exploiting Natural Characteristics of Pneumatic Servo-Actuation Through Multi-Input Control Mechanical Engineering 2006-03-31
Shenton, Jamie Erin Zuehl The Bodily Logics of Production: Intergenerational Perspectives on Adolescence, Exchange, and Aspiration among Kichwa Women in the Ecuadorian Amazon Anthropology 2014-11-21
Shenton, Jeffrey Thomas Schooling the Forest: Land, Legacy, and Environmental Epistemological Practice in the Upper Napo Anthropology 2014-11-21
Shepard, Katherine Wilson In-Service Training to Support and Enhance Teachers' Invitations to Parental Involvement Psychology 2007-03-29
Shepherd, Justin Cole Linking University Expenses to Performance Outcomes: A Look at Departments, Colleges, and Institutions Leadership and Policy Studies 2014-07-02
Shepherd, Kristen E. Integration of transportation and emergency services: identifying critical interfaces, obstacles, and opportunities Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Management 2005-04-19
Sherman, Amanda L. The Relation Between Parental Chronic Pain Histories and Pediatric Chronic Abdominal Pain Outcomes Psychology 2011-11-30
Sherwood, Jennica Neural Synchrony in Saccadic Target Selection in the Macaque Frontal Eye Field Interdisciplinary Studies: Systems Neuroscience 2006-08-02
Shester, Katharine L. American Public Housing's Origins and Effects Economics 2011-03-28
Shetler, Kevin Joseph Temperature and Total Ionizing Dose Characterization of a Voltage Reference in a 180 nm CMOS Technology Electrical Engineering 2016-04-08
Shi, Jian A study of small heat shock proteins structure and function by cryo-electron microscopy. Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2008-01-16
Shi, Rongxin Characterization of heat-like repeat superfamily of DNA glycosylases Biological Sciences 2018-05-31
Shi, Tuo A Robot Simulation of the Tower of Hanoi Puzzle using OpenRAVE with Sensor Feedback Electrical Engineering 2013-06-17
Shi, Zhaoyue Functional Connectivity in Nonhuman Primate Brain Using Blood Oxygenation Level- Dependent Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Electrophysiology Biomedical Engineering 2017-11-16
Shields, Angela Delight Characterization of the Function and Localization of the Alpha2A-Adrenergic Receptor in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2009-06-12
Shifrin, Jr., David Andrew Dynamics and remodeling of the enterocyte brush border during bacterial infection: Implications for intestinal host defense Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-07-01
Shinall, Jennifer Hope Bennett Obesity in the Labor Market: Implications for the Legal System Law and Economics 2012-04-04
Shinall, Myrick Clements Jr. Miracles and the Kingdom of God in Mark and Q: Christology and Identity Among Jesus’ Early Followers Religion 2016-07-21
Shiou, Sheng-Ru Transforming Growth Factor-beta and Smad4 Regulation of Invasive and Metastatic Behavior in Cancer Cells Cell and Developmental Biology 2006-04-07
Shirey-Rice, Jana Kristin M1 and M4 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor Regulation of Neurotransmission and Cell Excitability in Rodent Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex Pharmacology 2010-03-31
Shirkey, Kezia Coleman Changes in pain self-efficacy and functional self-efficacy from childhood to young adulthood Psychology 2011-09-01
Shivers, Carolyn Marie Correlates of Guilt among Adult Siblings of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Psychology 2010-07-22
Shivers, Carolyn Marie Risk and protective factors predicting sibling emotional intelligence among adolescent siblings of individuals with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities Psychology 2013-04-25
Shivers, Mark McCheyne Finding something to say: reconsidering the rhetorical practice of invention in homiletics Religion 2011-03-27
Shockley, Erin Michelle Biochemical Reaction Networks from a Systems Biology Perspective Chemical and Physical Biology 2019-03-19
Shopoff, Scott William Combustion instabilities in non-premixed opposed-flow tubular flames Mechanical Engineering 2010-12-02
Short, Sarah Palmer A Gatekeeper Function for p120 and the E-cadherin Complex in Intestinal Tumorigenesis Cancer Biology 2015-03-20
Shukla, Sonali Jyotindra Understanding the physics of X-ray emission in young stars Physics 2009-07-23
Shults, Raina Leah In his mother’s image: a Lacanian analysis of second generation sons in the short stories of J. J. Steinfeld and Lev Raphael Religion 2014-07-18
Shultz, Amanda Huff Control Methods for Powered Prostheses to Improve Mobility and Stability in Persons with Lower Limb Amputation Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-19
Shumaker, Rachel Lincoln Perceptions of Water Quality in Southwestern Bangladesh Earth and Environmental Sciences 2017-07-28
Siciliano, Rachel Elizabeth Cognitive and Attentional Function in Pediatric Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Psychology 2019-04-30
Sidek, Shahrul Naim Dynamic Modeling and Control of Nonholonomic Wheeled Mobile Robot subjected to Wheel Slip Electrical Engineering 2008-11-07
Siemann, Justin Kyle Evaluating Multisensory Processing in the Mouse Model: Clinical and Translational Implications Neuroscience 2015-12-27
Sierawski, Brian David The Role of Singly-Charged Particles in Microelectronics Reliability Electrical Engineering 2011-12-01
Sigle, Leah Theresa Physiological and Molecular Characterization of the Interactions between the Cellular Immune Response and the Circulatory System of the Mosquito Anopheles gambiae Biological Sciences 2018-05-17
Sigmon, Casey Thornburgh Engaging the Gadfly: A Process Homilecclesiology for a Digital Age Religion 2017-03-24
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Swaney, Philip Joseph Design and Modeling of Distal Dexterity Mechanisms for Needle-sized Robots: Systems for Lung and Endonasal Interventions Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-21
Swartz, Joshua David From diatoms to malaria: synthesis and application of functional materials Chemistry 2011-08-25
Sweitzer, Devany Autumn Analysis of Friction Stir Welding Behavior of Aluminum Cerium Alloy and Viability for Industrial Application Mechanical Engineering 2019-03-25
Swift, Dylan Joseph A grounded theory approach to analyzing political narratives Community Research and Action 2009-03-24
Syring, Kristen Elizabeth Exploring the Role of ZnT8 in Islet Beta Cell Function and Type 2 Diabetes Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2017-07-20
Szarka, Tamas Structural, Behavioral and Functional Modeling of Cyber-Physical Systems Computer Science 2011-06-10
Szemethy, Tivadar Domain-Specific Models, Model Analysis, Model Transformations Electrical Engineering 2006-06-05
Szilvasi, Sandor Advanced RF Techniques For Wireless Sensor Networks: The Software-Defined Radio Approach Electrical Engineering 2014-04-05
Szremski, Kasia A. Shellfish, Water, and Entanglements: Inter-community Interaction and Exchange during the Late Intermediate Period (1100-1470 CE) in the Huanangue Valley, Peru Anthropology 2015-03-22
Szulik, Marta Wieslawa Oxidation of Cytosine in DNA Chemistry 2014-03-25

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