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Pacheco, Mark Barba Translanguaging in the English-Centric Classroom: A Communities of Practice Perspective Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2016-05-06
Packard, Bethany Martie Lavinia, the Unacknowledged Co-Author of Titus Andronicus English 2006-07-10
Packard, Bethany Martie Problem Children: Troping Early Modern Reproduction and Development English 2010-07-21
Packard, Joshua Ryan Organizational structure, religious belief, and resistance: the emerging church Sociology 2008-03-24
Padilla, Abraham De Jesus Volcano-Pluton Connections in Silicic Magmatic Systems: Insights from southeast Iceland and southern Nevada Earth and Environmental Sciences 2011-07-22
Padilla, Abraham De Jesus Elemental and isotopic geochemistry of crystal-melt systems: Elucidating the construction and evolution of silicic magmas in the shallow crust, using examples from southeast Iceland and southwest USA Environmental Engineering 2015-07-17
Pafford, Jennifer Bain Radiation-Induced Bystander Effects in HT-29 Cell Culture Physics 2012-07-31
Page, Jonathan Michael Development of Polyurethanes for Analysis and Treatment of Cancer Induced Bone Disease Chemical Engineering 2014-03-24
Pagey, Manish Prabhakar Characterization and modeling of hot-carrier degradation in sub-micron NMOSFETS Electrical Engineering 2002-06-19
Pagey, Manish Prabhakar Hot-Carrier Reliability Simulation in Aggressively Scaled MOS Transistors Electrical Engineering 2003-12-03
Paik, David Tohyun Canonical Wnt signaling activation enhances cardiac tissue repair by arteriole formation and attenuation of fibrosis Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-12-04
Pal, Ghanshyam A multiscale finite element failure model for analysis of thin heterogeneous plates Civil Engineering 2008-10-23
Pallavaram Srinivasan, Srivatsan Standardizing indirect targeting and building electrophysiological maps for deep brain stimulation surgery after accounting for brain shift Electrical Engineering 2010-07-15
Palmer, Neal Andrew Social Capital, Migration, and Educational Opportunities in the Urban Chinese Context Community Research and Action 2010-03-31
Palmer, Neal Andrew LGBT Youth Online and In Person: Identity Development, Social Support, and Extracurricular and Civic Participation in a Positive Youth Development Framework Community Research and Action 2013-03-20
Palmer, Trenis Duwon Regulation of Tumor Cell Metastasis by CD151 Pathology 2013-07-19
Palmisano, Brian T. Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein Modulates Liver Sex Hormone Signaling to Alter Triglyceride Metabolism in Male and Female Transgenic Mice Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2016-08-19
Paltzer, Daniel Minnekus The empirical reality behind Hobbes's science of politics Political Science 2008-07-02
Palubinsky, Amy Marie To Fold or Not to Fold: The Role of Protein Triage in Dictating Neural Cell Fate Following Acute Injury Neuroscience 2019-06-17
Pamukcu, Ayla Susan The evolution of the Peach Spring Tuff magmatic system as revealed by accessory mineral textures and compositions. Earth and Environmental Sciences 2010-07-17
Pamukcu, Ayla Susan Understanding the What, When, Where, and Why of Supereruptions Earth and Environmental Sciences 2014-06-13
Pan, Luyuan A drosophila model of cellular and molecular mechanisms of fragile x syndrome. Biological Sciences 2007-12-05
Pan, Yao Gray Computing: A Framework for Distributed Computing with Web Browsers Computer Science 2017-11-19
Panaccione, Alexander Colin Identification and Characterization of Neural-like Cancer Stem Cells in Salivary Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Cancer Biology 2016-03-28
Panaro, Brandon Lee Roles of the Melanocortin-4 Receptor in Gut-Brain Communication Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2014-07-16
Panter, Rebecca Ann Narrative Structures of Emotions in Nineteenth-Century Prose: Hoffmann, Kierkegaard, Stifter, Ebner-Eschenbach German 2016-03-28
Papantonakis, Michael Robert Mechanisms of Ablation and Ion Formation in Infrared Laser Mass Spectrometry Physics 2003-04-04
Parang, Bobak The role of the MTG family and BVES in intestinal biology and tumorigenesis Cancer Biology 2015-06-22
Paras, Constantine A A novel optical approach to the intraoperative detection of parathyroid glands Biomedical Engineering 2009-12-10
Paras, Constantine A A novel optical approach to the intraoperative detection of parathyroid glands Biomedical Engineering 2012-04-05
Parikh, Shan S. Maturation and implementation of human induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes for modeling cardiac disease Pharmacology 2018-05-03
Paris, Christopher T Narrative Obtrusion in the Hebrew Bible Religion 2012-03-25
Park, Andrew Michael Electrospun Composite Anion Exchange Membranes Chemical Engineering 2015-04-24
Park, Gregory J Contrasting intellectual patterns predict creativity in the arts and sciences: Tracking intellectually precocious youth over 25 years. Psychology 2007-12-06
Park, Gregory J When Less is More:Effects of Grade Skipping on Adult STEM Accomplishments among Mathematically Precocious Adolescents Psychology 2011-05-26
Park, Heungman Second harmonic generation in Si/SiO2 systems. Physics 2010-06-07
Park, Rohun The Challenge of Economy: A Cultural Interpretation of Luke's Oikonomia Religion 2011-04-13
Park, Sang Soo Inference on partially identified parameters: with applications to the evaluation of heterogeneous treatment effects Economics 2008-06-09
Park, Toby The role of the community college in Texas: the impact of academic intensity, transfer, and working on student success Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-03-24
Park, Young Eun The Role of Stimulus Form in Visual Working Memory for Orientation Psychology 2017-09-13
Parker, Jason Thomas From Page to Stage: Print Journalism, Commercial Theater and the Birth of Modern Spectatorship in Madrid Spanish 2011-03-22
Parker, Wilson Parris Single-Event Hardened Analog / Mixed-Signal Circuit Layouts Utilizing Node Splitting with Directional Temporal Filtering Electrical Engineering 2018-04-16
Parkinson, William Matthew Synaptic Requirements for Glycan Modification Biological Sciences 2016-03-16
Parodi, Marco Massimo Conversión, abyección y Zombis filosóficos: aspectos del colonialismo moderno y ciencia ficción en la literatura de Puerto Rico del siglo XX y de lo que va del XXI. Spanish and Portuguese 2017-07-02
Parr, Sharidan Kristen Automated Mapping of Laboratory Tests to LOINC Codes using Noisy Labels in a National Electronic Health Record System Database Biomedical Informatics 2018-07-14
Parson, Whitney Beth Structural separations of endogenous and exogenous compounds directly from tissue sections by ion mobility – mass spectrometry Biochemistry 2010-07-21
Parvathaneni, Prasanna Gray Matter Surface-based Spatial Statistics in Neuroimaging Studies Electrical Engineering 2019-03-22
Parvizi, Mahmoud Finite Time and Density Effects on Interacting Quantum Fields in Cosmological Spacetimes Physics 2019-03-22
Pask, Gregory Mark Exploring the molecular mechanisms of insect odorant receptors Biological Sciences 2013-02-21
Pask, James David The role of antimicrobial skin peptides in defense of leopard frogs against chytridiomycosis Microbiology and Immunology 2013-03-26
Passino, Sarah McAuley Reading L'Enfant's Stars: An Antifederalist Critique of Washington D.C. English 2006-05-26
Passino, Sarah McAuley Pirating Human Rights English 2010-07-29
Pate, Russell David Multiple-proxy records of delta evolution and dispersal system behavior: fluvial and coastal borehole evidence from the Bengal Basin, Bangladesh Earth and Environmental Sciences 2008-09-22
Pathak, Surya Dev An investigative framework for studying the growth and evolution of complex supply networks Management of Technology 2005-03-29
Patil, Chetan Appasaheb Development of combined Raman spectroscopy - optical coherence tomography for the detection of skin cancer Biomedical Engineering 2009-12-22
Patil, Prithviraj Pradiprao Algorithms and techniques for transitioning to software defined networks Computer Science 2016-07-12
Patki, Akash Particle Filter based SLAM to map random environments using “iRobot Roomba” Computer Science 2011-12-06
Patrick, Meagan G. Stratigraphic evolution of the Ganges-Brahmaputra lower delta plain and its relation to groundwater arsenic distributions Earth and Environmental Sciences 2016-03-25
Patrick, Susan Kemper Working Together: Organizational Conditions, Teacher Teams, and Learning Opportunities Created Through Teacher Collaboration Leadership and Policy Studies 2019-08-12
Patton, Brooke Lianna The Effect of Irrigation Source on Arsenic and Salt Concentrations in Soil in Southwest Bangladesh Earth and Environmental Sciences 2018-03-16
Patton, Caitlin Rose Imagining Amazonia: Development and Environment in the Brazilian Amazon Latin American Studies 2014-03-20
Patton III, Samuel Allen Embedding Explicit Instruction of Transfer to Improve At-Risk Students’ Reading Comprehension in Informational Texts Special Education 2019-09-12
Paudel, Buddhi Bishal Understanding Drug Response Dynamics in BRAF-mutated Melanoma Cells Chemical and Physical Biology 2017-11-21
Paul, Eden Pauline Roshan Plasmonic Gold Nanostructures for Biodiagnostics and Photothermal Therapeutics Chemical Engineering 2019-03-25
Paul, Justin Stuart Deep Learning for Brain Tumor Classification Computer Science 2016-04-11
Paul, Pritha Targeting Gastrin-releasing Peptide in Neuroblastoma Cancer Biology 2013-08-20
Paulett, John Michael A Framework for the Automatic Discovery of Policy from Healthcare Access Logs Biomedical Informatics 2009-07-20
Paulson, Wendy Jean Modeling the Failure Behavior of Composite Bolted Joints Subjected to Monotonic Loading Conditions Civil Engineering 2017-03-26
Paunov, Stoyan G. Aiding the deployment and configuration of component middleware in distributed real-time and embedded systems Computer Science 2006-04-18
Pawlowski, Jason Mark Development of a new model-based radiation dose calculation algorithm for kilovoltage energy x-rays Physics 2013-06-01
Paxton, Megan Viar The Effect of Context on Disgust Habituation: Implications for the Treatment of Blood-Injection-Injury Phobia Psychology 2011-07-18
Paxton, Megan Viar Measurement, Mechanisms, and Modification of Disgust: Implications for Anxiety-Related Disorders Psychology 2016-09-16
Paxton, William Francis Characterization of the thermal electron emission properties of boron-doped polycrystalline diamond films for use in energy conversion Electrical Engineering 2011-03-28
Paxton, William Francis Thermionic Electron Emission Properties of Nitrogen-Incorporated Polycrystalline Diamond Films Electrical Engineering 2013-03-26
Payne, Christina Marie Molecular dynamics simulation of a nanoscale device for fast sequencing of DNA. Chemical Engineering 2007-11-28
Payne, Leah Louise "The Roar of Thunder and the Sweetness of a Woman" Gender and Twentieth-Century American Revivalism Religion 2013-02-25
Paz Lemus, Lillian Tatiana Enacting Youth: political agency and youth subjectivities in Tactic, Guatemala Anthropology 2019-07-26
Pearman, Francis Alvin II When Change Lands in Place: Gentrification and Urban Schooling in the United States Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-07-24
Pecyna, Jacek Grzegorz Polar and ionic liquid crystals based on the [closo-1-CB9H10]– and [closo-1-CB11H12]– boron clusters Chemistry 2015-03-21
Pedchenko, Alexander Vadimovich Design and Finite Element Modeling of a High Energy Density Strain Energy Accumulator Mechanical Engineering 2014-02-25
Pedchenko, Alexander Vadimovich The Power Harvesting Ratio: Design and Power Estimation of Vibration Energy Harvesters Mechanical Engineering 2015-12-08
Pelczar, Marisa Trust and Secondary School Performance in the Dominican Republic Leadership and Policy Studies 2008-04-10
Pellarin, Erin Michelle Taming Shrews: Performative Speech Before the Act of 1606 English 2011-08-16
Pellish, Jonathan Allen Bulk Silicon-Germanium Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Process Feature Implications for Single-Event Effects Analysis and Charge Collection Mechanisms Electrical Engineering 2008-10-20
Penaloza, Roberto V. Dollarization and Price Dynamics Economics 2005-05-31
Penamon, Phoebe Gold-coated magnetic polymer microsphere synthesis and characterization: applications in biological contexts Chemistry 2012-09-17
Pence, Isaac James Understanding the Sources of Variability During In Vivo Raman Spectroscopy Measurement of Healthy Human Skin Biomedical Engineering 2012-07-26
Pence, Isaac James Development of Raman Spectroscopy for the Clinical Characterization of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Biomedical Engineering 2016-12-05
Pence, Kenneth Rosson Strategic Decision Bias by Role in Failed Technology Projects Management of Technology 2003-06-24
Pence, Kenneth Rosson Arrested decisions: the effects of information latency on high-risk decision-making Management of Technology 2005-03-09
Pendergraph, Joseph Maxton A Cause for Reflection: Imagining Brazil at 100 Years of Independence History 2015-06-18
Pendergraph, Joseph Maxton Ideas about Brazilian Abolition and Immigration: A Franco-Brazilian Public Sphere 1871 - 1889 History 2015-06-18
Pendleton, Christopher Stephen Mechanisms of Cisplatin Resistance in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Biochemistry 2014-11-24
Peng, Jian Extraction of Salient Features from Sensory-Motor Sequences for Mobile Robot Navigation Electrical Engineering 2004-04-06
Peng, Peng Drill and Practice Versus Rehearsal: An Experimental Study of Two Approaches to Strengthen Verbal Working Memory and Comprehension among Young Children Special Education 2014-02-21
Peng, Rui Characterization of the essential pre-mRNA splicing factor PSF: investigation of RNA binding specificity and splicing-related complex formation Biological Sciences 2005-08-11
Peng, Xiao Three Essays in Teacher Value Added: Teacher Assignments from the Self-Contained Classroom to the Subject-Specific Classroom Leadership and Policy Studies 2013-12-20
Peng, Yun Development and applications of a hetero-based statistical associating fluid theory Chemical Engineering 2007-12-05
Pennycook, Timothy John Density functional theory and scanning transmission electron microscopy: synergistic tools for materials investigation Physics 2012-01-20
Peper, Bradley M. “The Development of Mater Ecclesia in North African Ecclesiology” Religion 2011-03-24
Perdigoto, Ana Luisa Jordao Mechanisms of neurite outgrowth inhibition by Myelin-associated glycoprotein Biochemistry 2010-12-02
Pereira, Frederico Batista Politics as a Man’s Game? Women’s Representation, Gender Stereotypes, and Cognitive Engagement in Politics Political Science 2016-07-18
Perez, Jonas William The Design and Characterization of DNA-Based Viral Diagnostics Chemistry 2010-08-31
Perez, Samantha Louise Levels of Latino Parent Involvement: Differences by National Origin and Socioeconomic Status Sociology 2013-04-09
Perez, Samantha Louise Contextual and Ethnic Differences in Asian and Latino Panethnicity in Two U.S. Cities Sociology 2018-03-16
Perkins, Amber Nicole Hydroxyl tagging velocimetry (HTV) in highly accelerated flows Mechanical Engineering 2011-12-02
Perkins, Corinne Elizabeth Differential item functioning in the K-SADS using diagnosis of major depressive disorder as a grouping variable Psychology 2013-03-25
Perkins, Corinne Elizabeth The Impact of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Parceling Strategies on Hierarchical Multidimensional Models Psychology 2014-11-07
Perrault, Daniel Scott Giant country rock blocks within Searchlight pluton, southern Nevada Geology 2006-07-28
Perrone, Debra Characterizing Water, Food, and Energy Interrelationships Environmental Engineering 2014-03-24
Perry, Allyson Gail The Role of Nuclear Factor Kappa B in Myeloid Cells During Lung Carcinogenesis Cancer Biology 2016-10-09
Perry, Evan Thomas Discovery of small molecule inhibitors of immune checkpoint proteins Biochemistry 2019-03-15
Perry-Hauser, Nicole Anna Arrestins: multifunctional regulators of signaling pathways Pharmacology 2019-03-11
Peterman, Joel Stephen Impaired Recognition of Gait Presented Affect in Patients with Schizophrenia Psychology 2011-07-18
Peterman, Joel Stephen Inter- and Intrapersonal Body Perception in Schizophrenia Psychology 2016-11-18
Peters, Chelsea Nicole Freshwater in Coupled Human-Natural Systems in Bangladesh Environmental Engineering 2018-06-28
Peters, Kenneth Browne An understanding of Abraham through Heidegger and Derrida: a study on the ethics of Abraham in the Qur’an Religion 2009-07-01
Peters, Timothy James Experimental and field based investigations into the behavior of zircon in hydrothermal and deep-tectonic environments during mountain-building and crustal-evolution events. Earth and Environmental Sciences 2012-07-20
Petersen, Christine Pope Inflammatory Mediators promote the development and progression of metaplasia in the stomach Cell and Developmental Biology 2016-03-17
Petersen, Kalen John Novel Assays of Brain Networks and Applications to Neurodegeneration Chemical and Physical Biology 2019-05-01
Petersen, Sarah Catherine A transcriptional program remodels GABAergic synapses in C. elegans Cell and Developmental Biology 2011-12-05
Peterson, Emily Nancy Assessment of Propensity Score Performance in Small Samples Biostatistics 2015-07-18
Peterson, Kristin Rose Immunometabolism and the role of complement factor 5 in insulin action Pharmacology 2019-03-13
Peterson, Rachel Continuous free-flow electrophoresis and scanning electrochemical microscopy investigations of monolayer-protected nanoclusters Chemistry 2005-12-13
Petroskey-Nicoletti, Toni The Experience of Value From the First Person Perspective Philosophy 2008-07-22
Petrosyan, Armenak Dynamical Sampling and Systems of Vectors from Iterative Actions of Operators Mathematics 2017-05-17
Petrovic, Ana Grozdan Chiroptical spectroscopic structural determination of organic, inorganic and biomolecules Chemistry 2007-08-17
Petty Valenzuela, Stephen Neil Optimization of continuous micromagnetic separation for the treatment of Acinetobacter baumannii bacteremia Biomedical Engineering 2017-03-24
Pexa, Christopher John Ritual and the Poetics of Memory in Fred D'Aguiar's Bill of Rights English 2009-06-04
Pfaff, Erin The role of teacher rehearsal in classroom mathematics discourse Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-04-12
Pfaffman, Jay Alton Manipulating and Measuring Student Engagement in Computer-Based Instruction Education & Human Development 2003-11-26
Pfaltzgraff, Elise Rachel Studies on the Cellular and Molecular Regulation of Cardiovascular Development Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-06-18
Pheiffer, Thomas Steven Automatic generation of boundary conditions using demons non-rigid image registration for use in 3D modality-independent elastography. Biomedical Engineering 2010-03-31
Pheiffer, Thomas Steven Surgical Navigation Using Tracked Ultrasound Biomedical Engineering 2014-06-09
Phelan, James A Digital Ulysses for the Errant Reader: Joycean Encyclopedism and the Encyclopedic Web English 2014-07-16
Phelan, Vanessa Biosynthetic Investigations of the Peptide Natural Products K-26 and Anthramycin Chemistry 2011-02-15
Philip Gentry, Anne Elissa Safety and Effectiveness: The FDA’s Approach to Risk in Prescription Medication Law and Economics 2016-04-04
Phillips, Nathan Charles Investigating Adolescents’ Interpretations and Productions of Thematic Maps and Map Argument Performances in the Media Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-08-13
Phillips, Nichole Renee Evangelical Faith and The Ritualization of Politicized Death: The Power, Authority, and Identity of Rural Blacks and Whites Religion 2012-03-26
Pi, Qianhui Doctors with Borders: Medical Brain Drain Through the Ethical Lens Medicine, Health, and Society 2019-07-19
Pickering, Jennifer Lynne Late Quaternary Sedimentary Record of Holocene Channel Avulsions of the Brahmaputra River in the Upper Bengal Delta Plain Earth and Environmental Sciences 2013-03-22
Pickering, Jennifer Lynne Response of the Brahmaputra River to Tectonic Deformation and Paleohydrological Events in the Foreland Bengal Basin Environmental Engineering 2016-07-22
Pickup, Michael William Effects of alterations to the tumor microenvironment driven by transforming growth factor beta on tumor progression Cancer Biology 2013-10-09
Picou, Erin Margaret The Effect of Individual Variability on Listening Effort in Unaided and Aided Conditions Hearing and Speech Sciences 2011-07-25
Pierce, Dean Thomas The Influence of Manganese Content and Temperature on the Relative FCC/HCP Phase Stability and Strain-Hardening Behavior of High-Manganese TRIP/TWIP Steels Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2014-01-20
Pierce, Jeff Glenn Designing flexible engineering systems utilizing embedded architecture options Interdisciplinary Studies: Systems Engineering 2010-03-30
Pierce, Marquicia Reginee Regulation of Vitamin C Transport in Brain Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2014-03-25
Pigg, David Allen Coupled-Cluster Solution of the Time-Dependent Schrodinger Equation for Atomic Nuclei Physics 2012-07-19
Pike, Matthew Gregory Mechanical Modeling of Short Fiber Reinforced Composites Using the Extended Finite Element Method Civil Engineering 2015-11-09
Piker, Erin Gillikin Effects of Age on the Frequency Tuning of the cVEMP and oVEMP Hearing and Speech Sciences 2012-03-23
Pile, Jason Anthony Wire-Actuated Parallel Robots for Cochlear Implantation with In-vivo Sensory Feedback Mechanical Engineering 2015-06-08
Pineda, Ashley Quizon Sequential analysis of parent-adolescent interactions as a function of adolescent depressive symptoms Psychology 2004-07-26
Pineda, Ashley Quizon Children's attributional style as a mediator of the relation between parenting behaviors and children's depressive symptoms Psychology 2007-05-30
Pino, Christopher James Designing contact lenses for epithelial cell transfer: effect of surface geometry, surface coating and cell motility Biomedical Engineering 2006-11-29
Pipkin, Hashim Khalil To Tell the Impossible Story: Morrison, Patching History, and the Creative Demand of the Black Archive English 2014-06-15
Piras, Susan E. The Effect of Social Influence on Nurses' Hand Hygiene Behaviors Nursing Science 2016-11-28
Piscionere, Jennifer Anne The Clustering of Galaxies on the Smallest Scales Across Cosmic Time Physics 2015-07-20
Pishchany, Glib Human hemoglobin as an iron source of Staphylococcus aureus Microbiology and Immunology 2011-06-02
Pitts, Andrea J Racial Interpellation and Second-personhood: Understanding the Normative Dynamics of Race Talk Philosophy 2015-07-13
Pitts, Ronald Jason Novel Chemoreceptors and Gene Expression Profiling in antennae and maxillary palps of Anopheles gambiae Biological Sciences 2011-04-06
Pitts, Steven Lee Interactions of type II topoisomerases with divalent metal ions and therapeutic drugs Biochemistry 2011-07-07
Pitts Jr., Montie Bryan Forging Ethnic Identity Through Faith: Religion and the Syrian-Lebanese Community in São Paulo Latin American Studies 2006-07-26
Piya, Bhumika Gendered Terrain of Migration: Variations in International Migrant Populations Sociology 2013-10-23
Piya, Bhumika Environmental Stress and Health in Bangladesh: The Moderating Effects of Migration and Social Support Sociology 2018-02-14
Placencio, Veronica Rae Padilla Resident and Recruited Stroma Contribute to Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer Cancer Biology 2010-09-09
Plank, Jennifer Lynn Cell autonomous and non-cell autonomous regulation of beta cell mass expansion Cell and Developmental Biology 2011-12-05
Plassard, Andrew John Sequence-Aware and Advanced Biomarker Calculation Improves Statistical Inference in Image Processing of Parkinson’s Disease Computer Science 2017-11-13
Plata Caviedes, Juan Camilo The Electoral Disconnection: Local Political Competition and Public Goods Provision in an Era of Fiscal Re-Centralization Political Science 2018-02-09
Podgursky, Benjamin T Practical k-Anonymity on large datasets Computer Science 2011-04-04
Poindexter, Shenika Vonsha Critical Regulators of Epithelial Homeostasis and Intestinal Crypt Regeneration: Identification of Novel BVES/BCAR3 Signaling Complex in EMT and Tumorigenesis and Biological Implications for MTG16 in Stem Cell Function, Proliferation, Apoptosis and DNA Repair. Cancer Biology 2015-04-11
Pokorski, Elizabeth A Lag Schedules and Functional Communication Training: A Replication Special Education 2019-07-16
Polish, Jessica Sexual Difference in Hegel's Encyclopedia in its Logical, Natural, and Spiritual Aspects Philosophy 2014-07-24
Politica, Dustin Alan Structural Consequences of the C8-Guanine DNA Adduct Formed by 3-Nitrobenzanthrone; an Environmental Carcinogen Chemistry 2016-08-01
Poltoratski, Sonia A. Contextual effects in the early visual system and their modulation by attention Psychology 2017-08-06
Pool, Veronika Krepely Essays in Liquidity and Trading Activity Management 2006-08-14
Poole, Kristin Marie Quantitative optical imaging of vascular structure and function in a model of peripheral arterial disease Biomedical Engineering 2012-07-20
Poole, Lisa Ann SMARCAL1 Maintains Telomere Integrity During DNA Replication Biochemistry 2017-11-08
Pooley, Ryan Dee The role of LEK1 in recycling endosome trafficking and its function in heart development Cell and Developmental Biology 2006-11-30
Poorman, Megan Elizabeth Robust Magnetic Resonance Temperature Mapping for Real-Time Guidance of Interventional Therapies Biomedical Engineering 2018-07-23
Pope, Jillian Lashea The Role of Claudin-1 in Inflammation and Colon Cancer Cancer Biology 2014-03-23
Popescu, Daniela Catalina Regulation of the TRP calcium channel by eye-PKC in Drosophila Pharmacology 2006-11-24
Porter, Heather Masking Level Differences and Binaural Intelligibility Level Differences in Children with Down Syndrome Hearing and Speech Sciences 2012-03-26
Porter, Joseph E Compositional and Incremental Modeling and Analysis for High-Confidence Distributed Embedded Control Systems Electrical Engineering 2011-04-04
Porterfield, Aubrey Kimball Scattering Space and Time: The Posthuman Subject in Ito Sei's _Streets of Fiendish Ghosts_ English 2010-07-22
Porterfield, Aubrey Kimball Modernism's Choreographies of Stillness: How American, British, and Japanese Authors Politicized the Inert Body, 1897-1937 English 2014-07-17
Posey, Kelly Ann The role of dietary fat in hypothalamic insulin and leptin resistance and the pathogenesis of obesity Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2009-07-31
Postema, Meagan Marie Mechanisms of BAR Protein Function in Brush Border Assembly Cell and Developmental Biology 2019-09-13
Potdar, Alka Anand Characterizing eukaryotic single cell motility via bimodal analysis Chemical Engineering 2009-12-15
Potteiger, Bradley David A Moving Target Defense Approach Towards Security and Resilience in Cyber-Physical Systems Electrical Engineering 2019-09-25
Potter, Aimee D The Skeletal Environment Dictates Staphylococcus aureus Virulence Responses and Mediates Metabolic Processes in Vivo Microbiology and Immunology 2019-08-19
Potter, Leah Ashley Transcriptional Profiling of Pancreatic Progenitor Cells Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2011-12-01
Potts, Jennifer Elizabeth Stress, Negative Cognitive Style, and Coping as Predictors of Depressive Symptoms in Children of Depressed Parents Psychology 2010-03-26
Poulin, Emily Jean Characterization of Lrig1+ colonic stem/progenitor cells and their transformative capacity Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-03-17
Pound, Lynley Dayle Characterization of islet genes implicated in human disease Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2011-08-29
Powers, Albert Russell Narrowing the Window: Multisensory Perceptual Learning and its Neural Correlates Neuroscience 2010-06-03
Powers, Devon J Electrospun Nanofiber Composite Membranes for Hydrogen/Air Fuel Cells Chemical Engineering 2019-04-05
Poynter, Amy Denise Electrospun Nanofiber Anodes of Low Platinum Loading for Hydrogen/Air PEM Fuel Cells Chemistry 2014-08-01
Prabhakar, Ramadass Scheduling in time triggered systems under mode changes Electrical Engineering 2003-12-03
Pradhan, Subechhya Neurotransmitter measurements in the human brain at 3 Tesla and 7 Tesla Physics 2013-03-24
Pradhan, Subhav Man Algorithms and Techniques for Managing Extensibility in Cyber-Physical Systems Computer Science 2016-11-17
Prage, Edward B Structural Studies of Inhibition of the Human Inducible Prostaglandin E Synthase MPGES1 Chemistry 2012-02-20
Prasai, Dhiraj Kumar Monolayer MoS2 and MoS2/Quantum Dot hybrids: novel optoelectronic materials Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2015-11-13
Pratap, Siddharth In silico evaluation of DNA-pooled allelotyping versus individual genotyping for genome-wide association analysis of complex disease. Biomedical Informatics 2007-07-20
Prater, Tracie Joy An Investigation into the Friction Stir Welding of Al 6061 and Al 6061/SiC/17.5p using Diamond Coatings Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-30
Prater, Tracie Joy Predictive Process Modeling of Tool Wear in Friction Stir Welding of Metal Matrix Composites Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-17
Presmanes, Alison Greer Emotion Expression & Joint Attention: The Influence of Affect on Language Learning Psychology 2005-07-29
Presmanes, Alison Greer Conflicting signals: How gaze and point cues influence infants' attention-following Psychology 2008-03-31
Pressner, Daniella Righteous Gentile and Divine Daughter: An Analysis of Bat Pharaoh's Character and Identity in Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Times Religion 2010-03-26
Preston, Courtney Elizabeth Relationships between Teacher Preparation and Beginning Teacher Quality in North Carolina Public Universities Leadership and Policy Studies 2014-07-18
Pretto Garcia, Dalyir Imelda Domain-based structural studies of Replication Protein A: analysis of an RPA32N phospho-mimic mutant and the role of RPA70N in binding ssDNA Biochemistry 2010-07-12
Prewitt, Allison Renee Src Kinase Activation in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-07-06
Prieto-Ballengee, Edna Margarita Formulation, characterization, and in vivo remodeling mechanisms of polyurethane biocomposites for bone tissue engineering Chemical Engineering 2013-11-28
Proper, Eve The outcomes of board involvement in fundraising at independent, four-year colleges: an organization theory perspective Leadership and Policy Studies 2011-03-28
Pruitt, Freddie Lee A role for estrogen receptor and the estrogen-regulated protease cathepsin D in stromally-driven prostatic carcinogenesis. Cancer Biology 2013-06-24
Pruitt, Rory Nelson Structural and functional analysis of Clostridium difficile toxins A and B Microbiology and Immunology 2011-09-12
Prussien, Kemar Vanina Cognitive Functioning, Coping, and Emotional Distress in Children with Sickle Cell Disease Psychology 2017-04-13
Pryweller, Jennifer Raechelle A Neural Basis for Atypical Auditory Processing: A Williams Syndrome Model Interdisciplinary Studies: Human Genetics 2013-12-01
Pu, Qing Molecular Simulations on the Elongation Dynamics of Gold Nanowires in Vacuum and in Solvents Chemical Engineering 2008-03-11
Pullen, Katherine Taylor Representations of Gender in Photographs from People’s Daily: How has China’s Rise Affected Women? Sociology 2015-03-03
Pullmann, Michael David Predictors of Criminal Charges for Youth in Public Mental Health Services During the Transition to Adulthood Human and Organizational Development 2009-07-22
Pumphrey, Nicholaus Benjamin Names and power: the concept of secret names in the Ancient Near East Religion 2009-03-27
Purcell, Braden Alexander Neural mechanisms of perceptual decision making Psychology 2013-03-17
Putnam, Daniel Kent BCL::SAXS - Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Profiles to Assist Protein Structure Prediction Biomedical Informatics 2013-03-18
Putnam, Daniel Kent BCL::SAS- Small Angle X-Ray / Neutron Scattering Profiles to Assist Protein Structure Prediction Biomedical Informatics 2016-03-28
Putnam, Nicole Elizabeth Innate Immunity and Bone Remodeling during Staphylococcus aureus Osteomyelitis Microbiology and Immunology 2019-06-20
Puvvada, Karthik Application of particle filtering in predictable dynamic tubular environments Electrical Engineering 2013-12-02
Puzio, Kelly G. Social and organizational influences on literacy differentiation: a mixed methods study Teaching and Learning 2012-07-20
Pyburn, Tasia Marie Structural Analysis of the Helicobacter pylori Toxin VacA Cell and Developmental Biology 2017-03-17
Pyle, Amy Lauren SPRR3 Regulation and Function in the Atherosclerotic Microenvironment Pathology 2009-03-24

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