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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

O'Brien, Barbara Maledy Jones Diverse Genetic and Transcriptional Programs Mediate Dendrite Development of a Nociceptor Neuron Neuroscience 2017-11-10
O'Brien, Daniel Patrick Delineation of a novel Helicobacter pylori receptor, decay-accelerating factor Cancer Biology 2008-03-19
O'Brien, Timothy Daniel Investigating the Genetic Influences of the Germline and Somatic Genomes in Three Subtypes of Lung Cancer Human Genetics 2017-05-24
O'Bryan, Diana Leigh Transparent rationality: a theory of the evolution of war powers Political Science 2006-04-18
O'Connell, Kelly Mary Characterisation and Hamiltonicity of K_{1,1,t}-minor-free Graphs: A Fan-based Approach Mathematics 2018-03-20
O'Doherty, Katherine Duffy Third Party Social Interaction and Word Learning from Video Psychology 2009-07-23
O'Doherty, Katherine Duffy Young children’s social-category based preferences and learning biases: an examination of methodological effects Psychology 2013-04-05
O'Grady, Kristin Poole Development of Optical Imaging Methods for Evaluating the Vascular Response to Hind Limb Ischemia Biomedical Engineering 2015-11-21
O'Keefe, Patrick Gerald An Application of Univariate Bootstrapping to DeFries-Fulker Regression Models Psychology 2018-09-21
O'Maley, Daniel Patrick Networking Democracy: Brazilian Internet Freedom Activism and the Influence of Participatory Democracy Anthropology 2015-10-09
O'Mansky, Matt The Petexbatun Intersite Settlement Pattern Survey: Shifting Settlement Strategies in the Ancient Maya World Anthropology 2007-04-01
O'Neal, Cynthia The Development of the Normalization Assessment Measure Nursing Science 2007-03-27
O'Neil, Richard Thomas Exploring the dynamics of A-to-I editing in the mammalian brain Neuroscience 2015-08-11
O'Reilly, Kelly Rose A “Semi-Official” Program: New Deal Politics and the Discourse of Birth Control in California, 1939-1942 History 2015-03-22
O'Reilly, Kelly Rose From the Environment to Education: AICP Nurses and the Narrowing of Reform History 2015-03-22
O'Reilly, Kelly Rose "Of the Poor, By the Poor, or For the Poor": Community Health Centers and the War on Poverty History 2017-08-27
O'Reilly, Matthew Charles Application of Organocatalysis to the Synthesis of Chiral Morpholines, Piperazines, Aziridines, Azetidines, beta-fluoroamines, and gamma-fluoroamines; Discovery of Selective Phospholipase D Inhibitors with Optimized in vivo Properties Chemistry 2014-06-26
Oakes, Landon Joseph Controlling Nanomaterial Assembly to Improve Material Performance in Energy Storage Electrodes Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2016-09-05
Obodo, Udochukwu Chinyere Not Restricted to the Ends: Yeast Telomere Proteins Rif1 and Cdc13 Function in Double-Strand Break Repair Pathways with Implications for Genome Stability Biological Sciences 2016-07-22
Ochoa, Amanda Marie Shortchanging the Vulnerable? An Examination of the Effect of Contingent Faculty on Remedial Student Success Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-03-21
Oestreich, Kenneth Joseph Regulation of T cell receptor gene assembly by local and long-range changes in chromatin accessibility Microbiology and Immunology 2006-07-14
Oetjens, Matthew Thomas Pharmacogenetic Discovery in an EMR-Biorepository Human Genetics 2014-03-25
Ogden, Seth Rayborn Helicobacter pylori-mediated dysregulation of p120-catenin and matrix metalloproteinase-7 Cancer Biology 2009-03-03
Oh, Se Hyung Does content of concessions matter in negotiation? Match between concession strategy and target’s regulatory focus Management 2012-07-16
Ohi, Yuki Long-range Nodal Signaling in Vertebrate Left-Right Specification Cell and Developmental Biology 2007-03-20
Okorn, Brian Edward Smuggling Tunnel Mapping using Slide Image Registration Computer Science 2011-03-28
Olaghere da Silva, Uade In Vivo Functional Consequences of the Fully Edited 5-HT2C-VGV Receptor Neuroscience 2010-02-01
Oldham, William Michael Mapping Conformational Changes Along the Activation Pathway of the Heterotrimeric G Protein α Subunit with Site-directed Spin-labeling Pharmacology 2008-04-07
Olena, Abigail Frances microRNA Regulation of Zebrafish Retinal Development Biological Sciences 2015-01-29
Oleson, Megan Louise Enlightenment Implications, Bourbon Influence and Character Construction in Comedia nueva del apostolado en las Indias martirio de un cacique: An Alternative Approach to the Life, Works and Ideology of Eusebio Vela Latin American Studies 2014-06-19
Olin, Michelle Elizabeth Corruption and gender perceptions in Latin America and the Caribbean Political Science 2013-03-26
Oliver, Kendra Helen Novel implications of lost serotonin transporter function on platelet biology Pharmacology 2016-08-16
Oliver, Kevin Michael Progress towards the natural products Baumycin and the alpha-2,3-sialyl T antigen Chemistry 2010-03-29
Oliver, Regina M Sustaining High Fidelity of Teacher Implemented Evidence-Based Practices: Performance Feedback with Self-Monitoring Special Education 2011-07-18
Olmsted, Ian Roys Investigating Biochemical Interactions Relevant To Human Health Using Backscattering Interferometry Chemistry 2013-07-11
Olson, Brian David Single-Event Effect Mitigation in Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Converters Electrical Engineering 2010-12-10
Olson, Molly Ann A Comparison of Approaches for Unplanned Sample Size Changes in Phase II Clinical Trials Biostatistics 2017-06-13
Onder, Ali Sina Fiscal and Monetary Competition: Their Interactions and Effects Economics 2009-05-13
Ondrake, Janet Elizabeth Posterior Hepatic Detection Using Ultrasound for Deformation Correction in Image Guided Liver Surgery Biomedical Engineering 2012-07-30
Ong, Ferdo Renardi The Tarsqi Toolkit’s Recognition of Temporal Expressions within Medical Documents Biomedical Informatics 2010-05-24
Ong, Rowena E PDE-Based Non-rigid Registration of Breast Surfaces Biomedical Engineering 2007-12-06
Ong, Rowena E Intra-operative Registration Methods for Image-Guided Kidney Surgery Biomedical Engineering 2012-04-12
Ooms, Laura Sue Post-entry Determinants of Mammalian Orthoreovirus Replication Pathology 2012-07-19
Oppenheimer, Stacey Renee A Molecular Assessment of Tumor Margins by MALDI Mass Spectrometry in Renal Carcinoma Chemistry 2007-03-09
Orcés, Diana Maria Welcome! Democratic attitudes and reactions toward immigrants in Latin America’s emerging democracies Political Science 2010-07-29
Orfanedes, Sarah Elizabeth Problem Behaviors in Young Children: The Impact of Hearing Loss and Language Impairment Hearing and Speech Sciences 2014-06-11
Orfield, Noah Jeremiah Correlation of the Atomic Structure and Photoluminescence of the Same Colloidal Quantum Dot Chemistry 2015-11-16
Orndorff, Rebecca Lee High Affinity Peptide Neurotoxin Quantum Dot Conjugates for Detecting Endogenous Targets in Live Cells and Ex Vivo Tissue Chemistry 2009-06-03
Ortega, Ryan Adam A new model of iron oxide nanoparticle magnetic properties to guide design of novel nanomaterials Biomedical Engineering 2010-12-03
Ortega, Ryan Adam Immunomodulation of Tumor Associated Macrophages by Targeted, siRNA-Delivering Nanoparticles Biomedical Engineering 2014-11-23
Ortiz, Juan Felipe Custers of gene duplicates: Identification, evolutionary consequences, and phylogenetic patterns Biological Sciences 2019-04-12
Osina, Maria Alexandrovna What and where in 12-month-old infants’ absent reference comprehension Psychology 2010-03-29
Osina, Maria Alexandrovna Infants' use of category labels and intonation in reference resolution Psychology 2014-11-21
Osipian, Ararat Leonidovich Corruption in higher education Leadership and Policy Studies 2013-03-28
Osler, Megan Emery Characterization of Bves Function in Epithelial Integrity Cell and Developmental Biology 2005-10-05
Ossi, Edward John Soft-error mitigation at the architecture-level using Berger codes for error detection Electrical Engineering 2011-12-02
Oster, Nathanael Allen Narrative threads: Karl Philipp Moritz's "Erfahrungsseelenkunde" and Rita Charon's narrative medicine German 2005-07-23
Osterman, Travis John Extracting Detailed Tobacco Exposure From The Electronic Health Record Biomedical Informatics 2017-07-14
Ostrow, Sonja Gammeltoft Advertising, Women, and the Spaces of Change in Wilhelmine Germany History 2012-12-21
Ostrow, Sonja Gammeltoft A Public in Process: The Frankfurt School, The Allensbach Institute, and The Pursuit of "Public Opinion" in 1950s West Germany History 2012-12-26
Ostrow, Sonja Gammeltoft Polling after Fascism: Opinion Research, Mass Society, and Democratic Fragility in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1945-1960 History 2017-07-19
Otte, Kyle Glen A study of the thermal properties of commercially available multi-walled carbon nanotubes and gold nanowires Mechanical Engineering 2013-07-12
Otte, William R Adaptive Deployment and Configuration Frameworks for Component-based Applications Computer Science 2011-12-09
Ou, Jao Jih Development of Modality-Independent Elastography as a Method of Breast Cancer Detection Biomedical Engineering 2008-03-27
Ou, Xiawei Quantitative magnetization transfer imaging techniques and applications. Physics 2007-11-26
Ovbiosa-Akinbosoye, Osayi Ethel Essays on the Effects of Trade Liberalization and Oil Price Volatility in Open Economies Economics 2009-02-02
Ovchinnikov, Oleg Sergeevich Development of Automated Methods for Extraction of Structural Information from Microscopy Data Physics 2018-10-18
Ovchinnikov, Oleg Sergeeivch Developing a high sensitivity and spatial resolution SPECT molecular imaging system through the use of novel multiplexing Physics 2014-07-28
Owen, Matthew David For the Progress of Man: The TVA, Electric Power, and the Environment, 1939-1969 History 2014-11-12
Oxner, Alexandra Louise "She was Out in Eternity": Dorothy Richardson's Feminist Revision of Classical Hollywood Cinema in Dawn's Left Hand English 2015-11-15
Oz, Yusuf Politics of grammar: a comparison of Wittgenstein and Foucault Philosophy 2013-07-17

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