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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Chen, Ying Three Essays on Leader-Member Exchange in U.S. and China Management 2011-06-13
Ferguson, Merideth From Bad to Worse: A Social Contagion Model of Organizational Misbehavior Management 2007-03-28
Galbreth, Michael Ryan Managing Condition Variability in Remanufacturing Management 2006-04-03
Goates, Nathan Reputation as a Basis for Trust Management 2008-04-02
Grimes, Matthew Glenn To thine own self be true?: the process and consequences of ‘pivoting’ during idea-stage entrepreneurship Management 2012-05-14
Guo, Lixiong Essays in Corporate Governance Management 2012-05-18
Kim, Daejin Three Essays On Market Microstructure Management 2014-03-24
Kim, Sukwon Three essays on market microstructure Management 2009-06-18
Kusari, Sanjukta The dark side of trust and mechanisms to manage it. Management 2010-04-14
Liu, Wu A Dynamic Constructivist Approach to Cross-cultural Negotiation Management 2008-07-23
Oh, Se Hyung Does content of concessions matter in negotiation? Match between concession strategy and target’s regulatory focus Management 2012-07-16
Pool, Veronika Krepely Essays in Liquidity and Trading Activity Management 2006-08-14
Reza, Syed Walid Essays in corporate governance Management 2013-07-17
Stansbury, Jason Martin Moral openness: on the climate for reasoned moral agreement Management 2011-03-11
Sung, Li-Kuo The Effects of Pay Differential on Social Undermining and Work Effort via Envy Management 2015-11-22
Tan, Yongxian Three Essays on Empirical Finance Management 2011-08-23
Touve, David Charles Ghosts in the shell: An investigation of the relationship between automation and the nature of work. Management 2010-12-02
Wang, Cong Essays in Corporate Finance Management 2007-06-25
Xie, Fei Essays on Executive Compensation Management 2005-11-27
Zhang, Shage Three essays in empirical corporate finance Management 2012-06-14
Brindle, Kari Elizabeth The Relationship Between Life-Cycle Costing and Performance: An Exploratory Analysis Management of Technology 2005-03-23
Grant, Ryan Timothy The Effect of Diminishing Manufacturing Sources on Legacy Systems Using System Dynamics Management of Technology 2006-04-03
Johnson, Joshua H. The role of the customer in the new product development of radical innovations. Management of Technology 2007-04-03
Jose, Pavil A comparative study of the paper based error reporting system and an electronic error reporting system Management of Technology 2005-03-31
Lashley, Kisha The effects of university technology commercialization practices on licensing income - a comparative study Management of Technology 2004-07-21
Maggart, Stephen Perry Anticipation of Legacy System Supply Chain Risks: A Comparative Study of Decision Maker Perspectives Management of Technology 2006-04-03
Matthews, Ben Life Cycle Extension Stategies for Legacy Systems Management of Technology 2004-12-03
McGuire, Stephen John Meta-Standards and Order-Qualifiers: An Event Study of the Impact of ISO 9000 Certification on the Market Value of a Firm Management of Technology 2005-11-03
Menon, Gourija S Expedited protocol development: Boon or Bane? Management of Technology 2006-04-03
Pathak, Surya Dev An investigative framework for studying the growth and evolution of complex supply networks Management of Technology 2005-03-29
Pence, Kenneth Rosson Strategic Decision Bias by Role in Failed Technology Projects Management of Technology 2003-06-24
Pence, Kenneth Rosson Arrested decisions: the effects of information latency on high-risk decision-making Management of Technology 2005-03-09
Rai, Siddharth Medical information sources for cancer patients: Health care providers perspective Management of Technology 2005-03-28
Sellars, Autumn Life Cycle Extension Strategies For Legacy Systems Management of Technology 2004-07-06
Statnikova, Kristina N Information technology implementation: what works and what does not Management of Technology 2005-04-01
Stout, Robert Tyler CAIV's Effect on System Attributes: An Exploratory Pilot Study Management of Technology 2005-03-23
Tapia de Miguel, Pedro The impact of logistics and manufacturing on shareholder wealth Management of Technology 2005-12-07
Wang, Chen Medical Information Sources for Cancer Patients and Their Companions Management of Technology 2005-03-29
Xie, Bin Impact of patient obtained medical information (POMI) on the physician-patient relationship Management of Technology 2005-07-06
Crochet, Jared John Charge and Energy Transfer Dynamics in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Ensembles Materials Science and Engineering 2007-12-07
Dhar, Sarit Nitrogen and hydrogen induced trap passivation at the SiO2/4H-SiC interface Materials Science and Engineering 2005-02-22
Scherer, Randy Lee Ray Mix-and-match nanodendrons for detection and treatment of breast cancer metastases Materials Science and Engineering 2010-01-20
Soman, Chinmay Prakash Molecular recognition based agglomeration of quantum dot bioconjugates for multiplexed antigen detection Materials Science and Engineering 2008-11-25
Zhou, Xing Charge Trapping Properties of Alternative High-k Dielectrics in MOS Devices Materials Science and Engineering 2006-11-21
Acosta Reyes, Ernesto Non-linear optimal signal models and stability of sampling-reconstruction Mathematics 2009-03-29
Babenko, Yuliya On the asymptotic behavior of the optimal error of spline interpolation of multivariate functions Mathematics 2006-05-01
Boatman, Nicholas Stephen Partial-Burnside Groups Mathematics 2012-11-30
Borodachov, Sergiy Volodymyrovych Asymptotic Results for the minimum energy and Best-Packing Problems on Rectifiable Sets Mathematics 2006-06-21
Bosuwan, Nattapong Two problems in asymptotic analysis Padé-orthogonal approximation and Riesz polarization constants and configurations Mathematics 2013-07-01
Calef, Matthew Thomas Theoretical and Computational Investigations of Minimal Energy Problems Mathematics 2009-07-15
Callender, Hannah Lea Mathematical modeling of species-specific diacylglycerol dynamics in the raw 264.7 macrophage following P2Y6 receptor activation by uridine 5’-diphosphate Mathematics 2007-06-21
Camp, Wes Alan Graph Separators and Boundaries of Right-Angled Artin and Coxeter Groups Mathematics 2013-03-25
Chaynikov, Vladimir Vladimirovich Properties of hyperbolic groups: free normal subgroups, quasiconvex subgroups and actions of maximal growth Mathematics 2012-06-21
Chen, Xuemei Stability of compressed sensing for dictionaries and almost sure convergence rate for the Kaczmarz algorithm Mathematics 2012-06-01
Chong, Fan Fei E-theory for Lp algebras and the dual novikov conjecture Mathematics 2014-06-05
Corson, Samuel Mark Subgroups and Quotients of Fundamental Groups Mathematics 2016-03-25
Darbinyan, Arman The word and conjugacy problems in lacunary hyperbolic groups Mathematics 2018-07-11
Das, Sayan Poisson boundaries of finite von Neumann algebras Mathematics 2017-07-20
Davis, Jacqueline Teresa Haines Spatio-temporal trade-off for quasi-uniform sampling of signals in evolutionary systems Mathematics 2014-07-16
Davis, Tara Colleen Subgroup Distortion in Metabelian and Free Nilpotent Groups Mathematics 2011-03-22
Feigenbaum, Ahram Samuel Applications of Modular Forms to Geometry and Interpolation Problems Mathematics 2019-10-17
Fitzpatrick, Justin Liam The Geometry of Optimal and Near-Optimal Riesz Energy Configurations Mathematics 2010-08-09
Galatos, Nikolaos Varieties of residuated lattices Mathematics 2003-03-31
Gao, Min Age-structured Population Models with Applications Mathematics 2015-07-24
Gaslowitz, Joshua Zachary Characterizations of Graphs Without Certain Small Minors Mathematics 2018-03-26
Gui, Bin A unitary tensor product theory for unitary vertex operator algebra modules Mathematics 2018-06-27
Hassan Balasubramanya, Sahana Hyperbolic Structures on groups Mathematics 2018-05-25
Hinow, Peter Partial differential equation models for intranuclear diffusion, inverse problems in nanobiology and cell cycle specific effects of anticancer drugs Mathematics 2007-05-03
Huang, Longxiu Dynamical Sampling and its Applications Mathematics 2019-03-19
Hull, Michael Bradley Properties of acylindrically hyperbolic groups and their small cancellation quotients Mathematics 2013-04-09
Huo, Xi A Disease Age Structured Model of Epidemic Population Dynamics with Public Health Interventions Mathematics 2014-06-23
Jiang, Jiayi Quantization in Signal Processing with Frame Theory Mathematics 2016-03-25
Jones, Corey Michael Annular representation theory with applications to approximation and rigidity properties for rigid C*-tensor categories Mathematics 2016-03-25
Kapitanov, Georgi A Mathematical Model of Cancer Stem Cell Lineage Population Dynamics with Mutation Accumulation and Telomere Length Hierarchies Mathematics 2012-06-22
Kent, Curtis Andrew Topological properties of asymptotic cones Mathematics 2013-03-20
Klaus, Colin James Stockdale Parabolic Variational Problems of 1-Laplacian Type and Finite Element Models of Protein Diffusion and Homogenized Cone Photoreceptor Visual Transduction Mathematics 2017-08-25
Kozakova, Iva Percolation and Ising Model on Graphs with Tree-like Structure Mathematics 2008-12-03
Kozik, Marcin Andrzej On some complexity problems in finite algebras Mathematics 2004-09-29
Lambert, Thomas Paul On the Classification of Closed Flat Four-Manifolds Mathematics 2007-07-25
LeCrone, Jeremy On the axisymmetric surface diffusion flow Mathematics 2012-05-22
Lee, Chang Hsin Analysis of Signal Reconstruction Algorithms Based on Consistency Constraints Mathematics 2017-06-15
Leonetti, Casey Clark Reconstruction from Error-Affected Sampled Data in Shift-Invariant Spaces Mathematics 2007-03-29
Leshen, Sara Balian-Low Type Results for Gabor Schauder Bases Mathematics 2019-03-20
Li, Shiying Adaptive Methods and Collocation by Splines for Solving Differential Equations Mathematics 2019-07-11
Liao, Naian Topics on a Logarithmic Diffusion Equation Mathematics 2014-05-20
Liu, Zhengwei Skein theory for subfactor planar algebras Mathematics 2015-03-15
López García, Abey Two problems in Computational Mathematics: Multiple Orthogonal Polynomials and Greedy Energy Points Mathematics 2010-05-22
Marshall, Emily Abernethy Hamiltonicity and Structure of Classes of Minor-Free Graphs Mathematics 2014-03-21
Michaels, Timothy Joseph Node Generation on Surfaces and Bounds on Minimal Riesz Energy Mathematics 2017-11-07
Mina Diaz, Erwin Asymptotics for Faber polynomials and polynomials orthogonal over regions in the complex plane Mathematics 2006-06-06
Minasyan, Ashot On Quasiconvex Subsets of Hyperbolic Groups Mathematics 2005-04-06
Mirani, Mozhgan Classical Trees and Ultrametric Spaces Mathematics 2006-03-27
Muranov, Alexey On geometry and combinatorics of van Kampen diagrams Mathematics 2006-05-10
Nica, Bogdan Spectral morphisms, K-theory, and stable ranks Mathematics 2009-07-24
Nikkel, Jordan On Extending Stallings 2-Cores of Diagram Groups to R. Thompson's Group T and Jones Subgroup of T Mathematics 2019-05-16
Northington, Michael Carr V Balian-Low Type Theorems for Shift-Invariant Spaces Mathematics 2016-03-25
Nowak, Piotr Wojciech Property A as metric amenability and its applications to geometry Mathematics 2008-03-27
O'Connell, Kelly Mary Characterisation and Hamiltonicity of K_{1,1,t}-minor-free Graphs: A Fan-based Approach Mathematics 2018-03-20
Petrosyan, Armenak Dynamical Sampling and Systems of Vectors from Iterative Actions of Operators Mathematics 2017-05-17
Ren, Yunxiang Skein theory of planar algebras and some applications Mathematics 2017-08-12
Schroeder, Justin Zane Hamilton cycle embeddings of complete tripartite graphs and their applications Mathematics 2012-03-20
Sekmen, Ali Safak Subspace Segmentation and High-Dimensional Data Analysis Mathematics 2012-04-02
Shan, Lin Equivariant index theory and non-positively curved manifolds. Mathematics 2007-04-02
Shao, Yuanzhen Theory of parabolic differential equations on singular manifolds and its applications to geometric analysis Mathematics 2015-06-15
Sinclair, Thomas John Deformations of II_1 factors with applications to their structural theory Mathematics 2011-03-22
Smedberg, Matthew Raine Necessary conditions for finite decidability in locally finite varieties admitting strongly abelian behavior Mathematics 2014-03-13
Solava, Ryan William On the fine structure of graphs avoiding certain complete bipartite minors Mathematics 2019-08-18
Sonkin, Dmitriy Markovich On Groups of Large Exponents n and n-periodic Products Mathematics 2005-06-03
Spaeth, Anneliese Heidi A Determination of the Existence of Various Types of Positive Systems in L^p Mathematics 2013-07-12
Spakula, Jan K-theory of uniform Roe algebras Mathematics 2008-07-10
Su, Yujian Discrete Minimal Energy on Flat Tori and Four-Point Maximal Polarization on S^2 Mathematics 2015-11-12
Sun, Bin Cohomology of group theoretic Dehn fillings Mathematics 2019-05-12
Tang, Sui Dynamical Sampling Mathematics 2016-05-30
Villalobos Guillén, Cristóbal A Measure Theoretic Approach for the Recovery of Remanent Magnetizations Mathematics 2019-03-26
Vlasiuk, Oleksandr Riesz energy functionals and their applications Mathematics 2018-08-16
Wang, Haichao Topic on Shift-Invariant Spaces with Extra Invariance Mathematics 2011-05-19
Wang, Hang L2-index formula for proper cocompact group actions Mathematics 2011-07-25
Wang, Lujun Trivariate polynomial splines on 3D T-meshes Mathematics 2012-05-15
Wen, Chenxu Amenable Extensions in II1 Factors Mathematics 2016-06-15
Wires, Alexander Duane Some Results in Universal Algebra Mathematics 2013-05-03
Wu, Jianchao The Novikov Conjecture, the Group of Volume Preserving Diffeomorphisms and Non-Positively Curved Hilbert Manifolds Mathematics 2019-07-22
Yattselev, Maxim L Non-Hermitian Orthogonality and Meromorphic Approximation Mathematics 2007-07-26
Young, William Joseph An Investigation of Residuated Lattices with Modal Operators Mathematics 2013-03-22
Zhao, Yan A model for strep throat infection: dynamics of contingency gene selection in an infected host Mathematics 2005-12-03
Zhong, Changyong Multiplication Operators and M-Berezin Transforms Mathematics 2006-03-23
Zhou, Dapeng The coarse Baum-Connes conjecture and controlled operator K-theory Mathematics 2013-12-02
alDosari, Majid Saad Thermal Properties of Yttrium Aluminum Garnett from Molecular Dynamics Simulations Mechanical Engineering 2012-03-26
Bajo, Andrea Control, Sensing, and Telemanipulation of Surgical Continuum Robots Mechanical Engineering 2013-04-08
Bearden, William Chadwick Examination of Nitric Oxide Formation for Unseeded Molecular Tagging Velocimetry Mechanical Engineering 2017-04-06
Beccani, Marco A Modular Open Source Architecture for Rapid Prototyping of Medical Capsule Robots Mechanical Engineering 2015-11-28
Bell, Charreau Sieanna Image-based Motion Estimation for Teloperated Flexible Endoscopes Mechanical Engineering 2014-11-25
Bennett, Daniel Alvin Design and Assessment of an Upper Extremity Prosthetic System Mechanical Engineering 2015-12-15
Bhattacharyya, Sam Motion Planning and Constraint Exploration for Robotic Surgery Mechanical Engineering 2011-12-05
Bloodworth, Thomas Stuart On the Immersed Friction Stir Welding of AA6061-T6: A Metallurgic and Mechanical Comparison to Friction Stir Welding Mechanical Engineering 2009-03-30
Bohara, Amit Design and Control of Transfemoral Powered Prosthesis Mechanical Engineering 2006-12-01
Boyles, Robert William Mechanical Design of an Instrumented Cane for Gait Prediction by Physical Therapists Mechanical Engineering 2015-11-10
Branscombe, Lauren M. Evaluating a Wearable Sensor-Based Tibia Force Estimation Algorithm for Applications in Stress Fracture Reduction in Runners Mechanical Engineering 2018-05-05
Braun, David J A control approach to human-like locomotion in biped robots. with An approach for numerical simulation of constrained mechanical systems Mechanical Engineering 2009-12-03
Brewer, Bryson McKinley Development of Microfluidic Cell Culture Platforms for Investigating Cellular Phenomena Mechanical Engineering 2015-03-20
Byreddy, Chakradhar Reddy Fault-Tolerant Active Vibration Control Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-25
Caprara, Robert Joseph A Novel Device for Gastric Cancer Screening in Low- and Middle-Income Nations Mechanical Engineering 2015-05-21
Cardona, Diana Catalina A MRI compatible concentric tube continuum robot with pneumatic actuation Mechanical Engineering 2012-04-05
Carter, Rachel Elizabeth Room Temperature Sulfur Cathode Design and Processing Techniques Mechanical Engineering 2017-04-10
Cetin, Barbaros Microfluidic Continuous Separation of Particles and Cells by using AC-Dielectrophoresis Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-27
Chang, Siyuan Computational fluid-structure interaction for vocal fold modeling Mechanical Engineering 2016-10-28
Cohn, Adam Paul Cointercalation and In-Situ Plating for Advanced Sodium Batteries Mechanical Engineering 2018-05-16
Cola, Baratunde Aole Optimization of a pulsed source-sink micromixing device Mechanical Engineering 2004-12-05
Comber, David Benjamin Design and Control of Magnetic Resonance-Compatible, Pneumatic Actuators and Robotic Platforms for Steerable Needle Interventions Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-30
Coppens, Zachary Joseph Probing and controlling photothermal heat generation in plasmonic nanostructures Mechanical Engineering 2012-11-30
Coppens, Zachary Joseph Electromagnetic Metamaterials for Controlling Absorption and Thermal Emission Mechanical Engineering 2017-09-29
Cox, Chase Davison Friction Stir Welded magnesium alloy AZ31B in a lap joint configuration Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-28
Cox, Chase Davison Friction Stir Spot Welding: Engineering Analysis and Design Mechanical Engineering 2014-03-04
Crim, Paul Richmond Thermographic Phosphors as a Means of Estimating Heating Rate to Solve the Inverse Heat Conduction Problem Mechanical Engineering 2005-12-02
Cummins, Joshua Joseph Characterization of a Pneumatic Strain Energy Accumulator: Efficiency and First Principles Models with Uncertainty Analysis Mechanical Engineering 2016-03-23
Dai, Hu Computational modeling of fluid–structure interaction in biological flying and swimming Mechanical Engineering 2013-01-30
Dalley, Skyler Ashton Development and Control of a Multigrasp Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-08
Das, Jadav Robotic control of deformable continua and objects therein Mechanical Engineering 2010-11-10
Deng, Qiang Fluid Dynamic Study of Bubble Entrapment during Encapsulation Mechanical Engineering 2007-02-19
Di Natali, Christian Magnetic Medical Capsule Robots Mechanical Engineering 2015-07-14
Dillon, Neal Patrick Analysis, Design, and Modeling of Image-Guided Robotic Systems for Otologic Surgery Mechanical Engineering 2017-01-24
Dodson, Kirsten Heikkinen Microfluidic Platforms for Chemical and Electrical Signaling in Whole Retina Tissue Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-20
Ekelem, Andrew Control Methods for Improving Mobility for Persons with Lower Limb Paralysis Mechanical Engineering 2018-09-24
Eluvathingal, Sebastian Jemmis Computational Modeling of a Cell-based Microphysiometer Mechanical Engineering 2005-12-02
Evans, William Todd The application of Friction Stir Welding Processes to new materials and new material combinations. Mechanical Engineering 2018-03-23
Farris, Ryan James Design of a Multi-Disc Electromechanical Brake Mechanical Engineering 2009-11-19
Farris, Ryan James Design of a Powered Lower-Limb Exoskeleton and Control for Gait Assistance in Paraplegics Mechanical Engineering 2012-02-22
Finley, Pierce Stephen A Study of Multifunctional Slope Adaptive Behaviors in Ankle Prostheses Mechanical Engineering 2019-07-17
Gao, Yandong Microfluidic platforms for cell culture and microenvironment control Mechanical Engineering 2011-11-30
Garbin, Nicolo Endoscopic and magnetic actuation for miniature lifesaving devices Mechanical Engineering 2019-02-05
Gasser, Benjamin William Design of an Upper-Limb Exoskeleton for Functional Assistance of Bimanual Activities of Daily Living Mechanical Engineering 2019-11-09
Gibson, Brian Travis Custom Low-Cost Force Measurement Methods In Friction Stir Welding Mechanical Engineering 2011-03-16
Gibson, Brian Travis The Development of In-Process Monitoring and Control Techniques for Aerospace Applications of Friction Stir Welding Mechanical Engineering 2015-03-16
Gibson, Tyler J. Exhaust Gas Energy Reclamation With a Pneumatic Boost Converter Mechanical Engineering 2017-07-20
Gilbert, Hunter Bryant Concentric Tube Robots: Design, Deployment, and Stability Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-20
Gorlewicz, Jenna Lynn The Efficacy of Surface Haptics and Force Feedback in Education Mechanical Engineering 2013-03-22
Grady, Nathan Ryan Hydroxyl Tagging Velocimetry in a Supersonic Flow Over a Ramped-Wall Cavity Flameholder with an Upstream Strut Mechanical Engineering 2010-12-10
Grady, Nathan Ryan Laser Diagnostics of Turbulent Flames in High Speed Flows Mechanical Engineering 2015-07-22
Gulati, Navneet Modeling and observer-based robust control design for energy-dense monopropellant powered actuators Mechanical Engineering 2005-11-22
Guo, Liyun Development and testing of a biofeedback system for wheelchair propulsion analysis Mechanical Engineering 2012-03-30
Gupta, Vikash Kinematic Analysis of a Thumb-Exoskeleton System for Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Mechanical Engineering 2010-06-17
Ha, Kevin Hong youl Control methods for powered assistive devices for individuals with mobility impairments: compensating for disrupted physiological control loops Mechanical Engineering 2015-03-30
Halder, Bibhrajit Robust nonlinear analytic redundancy for fault detection and isolation of robotic systems Mechanical Engineering 2006-10-19
Hall, Carl Alan Instability of premixed lean hydrogen laminar tubular flames Mechanical Engineering 2016-03-04
Harvey, Richard Dale Distributed Control to Improve the Performance of Thermoelectric Coolers Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-29
Hendrick, Richard Joseph System Design and Elastic Stability Modeling of Transendoscopic Continuum Robots Mechanical Engineering 2017-07-20
Hendricks, Christopher Edward The mechanical effects of weavetrack on friction stir welds in a lap configuration Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-17
Hester, Patrick Thomas Facility Protection Optimization Under Uncertainty Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-17
Hofacker, Mark Elliot Model-Based Design and Experimental Validation of Multi-Domain Dynamic Energy Conversion Devices Mechanical Engineering 2013-12-18
Honert, Eric Christian Ankle and Foot Biomechanics during Human Walking: Powerful Insights on Multiarticular Muscles, Soft Tissues, and Toe Joint Dynamics Mechanical Engineering 2019-03-15
House, Dustin Lee Design and experimental validation of a miniature real-time polymerase chain reaction device using disposable microfluidic chips Mechanical Engineering 2008-11-21
House, Dustin L Applications of the boundary-element method for electrokinetics in microfluidics Mechanical Engineering 2012-01-20
Hu, Shengteng Measurements and modeling of non-premixed tubular flames: structure, extinction and instability Mechanical Engineering 2007-09-30
Ingram, Philip David Investigation of the Madaras Wind Turbine using Computational Tools Mechanical Engineering 2012-11-13
Jarrell, Adam Wesley The Eclipse Ballooning Project at Vanderbilt University and the construction of custom equipment Mechanical Engineering 2017-11-17
Kang, Yuejun On-chip separation and detection of biological particles using dielectrophoresis and resistive pulse sensing Mechanical Engineering 2008-11-20
Korman, Zachary Michael Enhancing Locomotor Performance by Modulating Shoe Cushioning Properties Mechanical Engineering 2016-04-07
Kratchman, Louis Beryl Image-Guided Targeting and Control of Implantable Electrodes Mechanical Engineering 2015-03-30
Lagus, Todd Peter Self-ordering Dynamics in Controlled Encapsulation of Single and Multiple Cells Mechanical Engineering 2014-01-10
Lahiri, Uttama Virtual-reality based gaze-sensitive adaptive response technology for children with autism spectrum disorder. Mechanical Engineering 2011-03-23
Lahr, Michael David Hydroxyl Tagging Velocimetry in Supersonic Flow Over a Wall Cavity Flameholder Mechanical Engineering 2005-12-01
Lammlein, David Hunter Friction stir welding of spheres, cylinders, and T-joints: design, experiment, modelling, and analysis Mechanical Engineering 2010-10-22
Lathrop, Ray Adams Dexterity and Guidance Without Automation: Surgical Robot-Like Capabilities at a Fraction of the Cost Mechanical Engineering 2014-01-31
Lawson, Brian Edward A Multi-Purpose Finite State-Based Standing Controller for a Powered Transfemoral Prosthesis Mechanical Engineering 2011-12-20
Lawson, Brian Edward Control Methodologies for Powered Prosthetic Interventions in Unilateral and Bilateral Transfemoral Amputees Mechanical Engineering 2014-05-06
Ledoux, Elissa Danielle Control and Evaluation of Stair Ascent with a Powered Transfemoral Prosthesis Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-15
Li, Bo Tyler Design and Control of a Variable Displacement Vane Pump for Valveless Hydraulic Actuation Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-22
Li, Mengya Nanomanufacturing of Carbon Nanocomposites for Energy Storage and Environmental Applications Mechanical Engineering 2018-07-17
Li, Qiong An expert system for stress analysis of human teeth Mechanical Engineering 2009-02-10
Li, Wei Photothermal and Photoelectrical Energy Conversion in Plasmonic Nanostructures Mechanical Engineering 2016-03-14
Liu, Zhangshi Analysis and Modeling of Wire-actuated Wrist with a Universal Joint Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-25
Longhurst, William Russell Simulation and analysis of terrain sensing, position determination and navigation by a robotic lunar rover Mechanical Engineering 2007-10-08
Longhurst, William Russell Force control of friction stir welding Mechanical Engineering 2009-11-04
Lyne, Christopher Tucker Calibration and Testing of Rapid Prototyped Nozzles for Guidance and Control Mechanical Engineering 2017-11-25
Mallapragada, Vishnu Goutham Towards A Robot Assisted Breast Biopsy System Mechanical Engineering 2008-11-16
Mallory, William Timothy Jr. Large Scale Wind Tunnel Humidity Sensor Using Laser Diode Absorption Spectroscopy Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-04
Marince, Christopher Evan Design of a 7 Degree-of-Freedom Haptic Robot Mechanical Engineering 2015-07-21
Martinez Guerra, Andres Control Methodologies for Powered Orthoses for People with Ambulatory Disabilities Mechanical Engineering 2019-07-15
Martinez Guerra, Andres Control Methodologies for Powered Orthoses for People with Ambulatory Disabilities Mechanical Engineering 2019-07-08
Matthews, Jacob Russell A study of the critical viscosity model of friction stir welding in relation to tool features Mechanical Engineering 2018-09-05
McFarland, John Milburn Uncertainty Analysis for Computer Simulations through Validation and Calibration Mechanical Engineering 2008-03-28
Mitchell, Jason Edward Design of modular self contained knee and ankle prostheses Mechanical Engineering 2014-11-14
Mohammed Shahdan, Mohd Adeeb Temperature Measurement Method of Friction Stir Welding Using Ultrasonic Time of Flight Mechanical Engineering 2012-04-20
Mosbacher, David Matthew Temperature Measurements Using UV-Induced Vibrational Hydrogen Raman Bandshape Spectroscopy Mechanical Engineering 2004-10-05
Myers, Michael Richard Parameter Estimation Using Extended Kalman Filter and Ultrasonic Pulse Time of Flight to Locate Transient, Concentrated Heating Sources Mechanical Engineering 2012-03-22
Neely, Kelsay Elizabeth Formulation of a Reactive Material Paste for Additive Manufacturing Mechanical Engineering 2017-03-24
Otte, Kyle Glen A study of the thermal properties of commercially available multi-walled carbon nanotubes and gold nanowires Mechanical Engineering 2013-07-12
Pedchenko, Alexander Vadimovich Design and Finite Element Modeling of a High Energy Density Strain Energy Accumulator Mechanical Engineering 2014-02-25
Pedchenko, Alexander Vadimovich The Power Harvesting Ratio: Design and Power Estimation of Vibration Energy Harvesters Mechanical Engineering 2015-12-08
Perkins, Amber Nicole Hydroxyl tagging velocimetry (HTV) in highly accelerated flows Mechanical Engineering 2011-12-02
Pile, Jason Anthony Wire-Actuated Parallel Robots for Cochlear Implantation with In-vivo Sensory Feedback Mechanical Engineering 2015-06-08
Prater, Tracie Joy An Investigation into the Friction Stir Welding of Al 6061 and Al 6061/SiC/17.5p using Diamond Coatings Mechanical Engineering 2008-07-30
Prater, Tracie Joy Predictive Process Modeling of Tool Wear in Friction Stir Welding of Metal Matrix Composites Mechanical Engineering 2012-07-17
Qiu, Shaojun Dynamic analysis of composite overwrap pressure vessel Mechanical Engineering 2004-11-23
Quintero, Hugo Alberto A powered lower limb exoskeleton supplemented with FES for gait assistance in paraplegic patients Mechanical Engineering 2012-02-27
Ramsey, Marc Christopher Energetic Cavitation Collapse Mechanical Engineering 2013-06-17
Reinholtz, Carrie K A qualitative experimental analysis of lid-driven cavity flow with split boundaries Mechanical Engineering 2006-11-29
Reynolds, Jay Thomas Improvements in Friction Stir Welding Control System and an Extremum Controller for Tracking Friction Stir Extrusion Process Mechanical Engineering 2017-11-17
Riofrio, Jose A Design and Implementation of a Free Piston Compressor Mechanical Engineering 2005-12-01
Riofrío, José Antonio Design, Modeling and Experimental Characterization of a Free Liquid-Piston Engine Compressor with Separated Combustion Chamber Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-03
Roberts, Nicholas Adam Thermal Rectification in Nanostructured Boundaries and Interfaces Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-30
Rucker, Daniel Caleb The mechanics of continuum robots: model-based sensing and control Mechanical Engineering 2011-10-04
Russell, Ryan Christopher Computer Finite Element Simulation in Mechanical Design Mechanical Engineering 2013-11-18
Sarli, Nima Design, Modeling and Control of Continuum Robots and Dexterous Wrists with Applications to Transurethral Bladder Cancer Resection Mechanical Engineering 2018-09-05
Schauben, Deanna Nicole Mechano-Electrochemistry of Nickel Titanium Alloy Mechanical Engineering 2017-04-10
Schmidt, Peter Leo Effects of Convection on Sound Radiation Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-25
Shen, Xiangrong Exploiting Natural Characteristics of Pneumatic Servo-Actuation Through Multi-Input Control Mechanical Engineering 2006-03-31
Shopoff, Scott William Combustion instabilities in non-premixed opposed-flow tubular flames Mechanical Engineering 2010-12-02
Shultz, Amanda Huff Control Methods for Powered Prostheses to Improve Mobility and Stability in Persons with Lower Limb Amputation Mechanical Engineering 2017-08-19
Sinclair, Paul Charles Heated Friction Stir Welding: An Investigation into how Preheating Aluminum 6061 Affects Process Forces Mechanical Engineering 2009-03-30
Sirithanapipat, Taweedej Haptic Interface Control Design for Performance and Stability Robustness Mechanical Engineering 2002-03-29
Smith, Byron Fitzgerald Wireless Insufflation for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Mechanical Engineering 2012-12-17
Song, Jialei Computational modeling of unsteady aerodynamics in hummingbird flight Mechanical Engineering 2016-01-19
Stilson, Thomas Allen Vibroacoustic methods for corrosion-state monitoring in nuclear power plant secondary piping structures Mechanical Engineering 2019-08-14
Sun, Jiashu Microfluidic Resistance sensing for single cell growth rate measurements and cell separation characterization. Mechanical Engineering 2010-12-08
Sup IV, Frank Charles Design and Control of a Powered Transfemoral Prosthesis Mechanical Engineering 2006-11-27
Sup IV, Frank Charles A Powered Self-Contained Knee and Ankle Prosthesis for Near Normal Gait in Transfemoral Amputees Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-22
Swaney, Philip Joseph Design and Modeling of Distal Dexterity Mechanisms for Needle-sized Robots: Systems for Lung and Endonasal Interventions Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-21
Sweitzer, Devany Autumn Analysis of Friction Stir Welding Behavior of Aluminum Cerium Alloy and Viability for Industrial Application Mechanical Engineering 2019-03-25
Tian, Yu Effect of wheel slip in modeling and control of wheeled mobile robots: applications to formation control and pursuit-evasion problems Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-18
Tinker, Darren Charles Partially premixed tubular flames: an experimental survey Mechanical Engineering 2016-11-21
Travis, Brandon Ewin Fundamental understanding of electroosmotic flow in a heterogeneous converging-diverging circular microchannel Mechanical Engineering 2008-12-05
Tucker, John Michael Design and Experimental Evaluation of a High Energy Density Elastomeric Strain Energy Accumulator Mechanical Engineering 2012-04-05
Turba, Ronald David Design of a Nuclear Propulsion System for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mechanical Engineering 2011-03-10
Wait, Keith Wesley Design of a Goniometric Input Device for Master/Slave Control of a Transhumeral Prosthesis Mechanical Engineering 2007-03-30
Wait, Keith Wesley The Use of Pneumatic Actuation to Address Shortcomings Concerning Normalized Output Power in State of the Art Mobile Robotics Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-26
Wang, Furui Design and control of robotic systems for upper extremity rehabilitation following stroke Mechanical Engineering 2011-12-01
Wang, Peiyong Investigation of stretch and curvature effects on flames Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-12
Wang, Yu Cellular instability phenomenon in premixed tubular flames and non-premixed opposed tubular flames Mechanical Engineering 2008-09-19
Webb, Joshua Eric Unsteady Aerodynamics of Pitching and Perching Wings Mechanical Engineering 2016-11-11
Willhite, Joel Andrew Dynamic Model-Based Design, Validation, and Characterization of a Compact, High-Inertance Free Liquid Piston Engine Compressor Mechanical Engineering 2010-12-10
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