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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Botia Botia, Alejandro The Venezuelan Diaspora: Toward a New Understanding of Forced Migration Latin American Studies 2019-08-17
Bottura, Juri Spiritual Regeneration and Ultra-Nationalism: The Political Thought of Pedro Albizu Campos and Plínio Salgado in 1930s Puerto Rico and Brazil Latin American Studies 2009-03-29
Cuj, Miguel Angel Maya Memories of the Internal Armed Conflict Health and Nutrition Issues in a Small K'iche Maya Community Latin American Studies 2018-03-23
De Pena, Gustavo Antonio The siblings of Hispaniola: political union and separation of Haiti and Santo Domingo, 1822-1844 Latin American Studies 2011-03-27
Delgado, Andrea L. Sumaq Kawsay, Allin Kawsay: Conceptions of Well-Being among Quechua Female Vendors in the Face of Change in Chinchero, Peru Latin American Studies 2018-03-02
Delgado, Laura E. Intellectual in Flux: the Development of Liberal Catholic Thought in Alceu Amoroso Lima Latin American Studies 2010-03-31
Eiland, Mary Elizabeth “Look at me and tell me if I don't have Brazil in every curve of my body:” women, propaganda, and nation during the Estado Nôvo, 1937-1945 Latin American Studies 2012-03-26
Ewing, Heather McMaster A Perfect Storm: How the Guatemalan Civil War, U.S. Immigration Policy and Drug Trafficking Organizations Debilitated the Guatemalan State Latin American Studies 2018-02-19
Fletcher, Grace Ellie Racial and Ethnic Identity in Mexican Public Health Research, 1990s – 2010s Latin American Studies 2017-03-27
Fletcher, Jessica Sarah "A World in Miniature:" Slavery and Freedom, Empire and Law, and Atlantic Identities in Freedom-Claiming across the Antebellum South Latin American Studies 2018-04-11
Foss, Sarah Ahora Todos Somos Panameños: Kuna Identity and Panamanian Nationalism under the Torrijos Regime, 1968-1981 Latin American Studies 2012-04-17
Harper, Kyle Lee Archaeology of Ribeirinho Culture in the Lower Amazon Basin, 1600-1800 Latin American Studies 2016-03-28
Hayes, Caleb Brown Le Rutzil Wachaj rech le Nawal Ja': The Well-Being of the Water Spirit - Community-Based Water Organizations and the Discourse of Well-Being Latin American Studies 2017-03-24
Kingsley, Tara Alison Intercultural Bilingual Education and Teacher Agency in Guatemala Latin American Studies 2016-03-28
Lopez, Elizabeth What it means to be an Undocumented Worker in the United States Latin American Studies 2016-04-11
Martinez-Zuniga, Sandra Monica Cultural factors affecting food preference: the case of tarwi in three Quechua speaking areas of Peru Latin American Studies 2007-03-29
Oleson, Megan Louise Enlightenment Implications, Bourbon Influence and Character Construction in Comedia nueva del apostolado en las Indias martirio de un cacique: An Alternative Approach to the Life, Works and Ideology of Eusebio Vela Latin American Studies 2014-06-19
Patton, Caitlin Rose Imagining Amazonia: Development and Environment in the Brazilian Amazon Latin American Studies 2014-03-20
Pitts Jr., Montie Bryan Forging Ethnic Identity Through Faith: Religion and the Syrian-Lebanese Community in São Paulo Latin American Studies 2006-07-26
Reuse Martins, Becky Kay Com a barriga cheia: the impact of the Bolsa Família Program on educational outcomes in Brazil Latin American Studies 2011-03-27
Saclarides, Theodora Kalliope Orthodox Christian Evangelism in the United States and Brazil: An Inter-American Approach in Evaluating the Evangelizing Mission of Orthodox Christian Publishing Companies Latin American Studies 2017-08-07
Sharp, Lynsey Nicole From Guatemaltecas to Guerrilleras: Women’s Participation in the Ejército Guerrillero de los Pobres Latin American Studies 2017-03-24
Southworth, Catherine Paige The Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo and Influences on International Recognition of Human Rights Organizations in Latin America Latin American Studies 2018-11-19
Voth, Hillary From Jach'a Mallku to Alcalde: The Tensions Between Liberal Democracy and Indigenous Autonomy in Bolivia Latin American Studies 2011-03-27
Weaver, David Cory Lo afro de la identidad Argentina: blackness and mestizaje in Argentina Latin American Studies 2017-03-27
West, Rebecca Doxsey The Finance and Administration Rabbit Hole: Examining the Demands of Chilean Student Protestors through Henry Levin’s Framework on School Choice Latin American Studies 2015-03-20
White, Yvonne Marie Being Dark-Skinned and Poor in Brazil: The Intersectionality of Skin Color, Income, and Gender Latin American Studies 2014-03-24
Williams, Chelsea Morgan Rights, Religion, and Realities: Public Opinion Toward Same-Sex Marriage in Mexico Latin American Studies 2014-04-08
Byl, Jacob Peter Toward More Effective Endangered Species Regulation Law and Economics 2015-03-23
Cecot, Caroline Shale Development: Risks, Responses, and Regulation Law and Economics 2014-04-03
DeAngelis, Scott Andrew Concussions in Athletics: Risk-Taking Behavior, Compensation, and Legal Remedies Law and Economics 2018-03-13
Drory, Danielle Drago Immigration federalism renewed: the effects of state and local policies on the legal and labor market outcomes of the U.S. immigrant population Law and Economics 2018-03-16
Druhan Bullock, Virginia Blair Judicial and Agency Enforcement of Nondiscrimination Laws Law and Economics 2015-03-22
Frank, Hannah Jean Appearance Discrimination in Criminal Court Law and Economics 2019-03-19
Lim, Jinghui Evaluating the Impact of Monitoring and Enforcement in the Clean Air Act Law and Economics 2013-07-24
Masterman, Clayton J. An Empirical Analysis of Policy Responses to the Opioid Epidemic Law and Economics 2019-03-07
McMichael, Benjamin Jacob Occupational Licensing and Legal Liability: The Effect of Regulation and Litigation on Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and the Healthcare System Law and Economics 2015-03-19
Miller, Samuel Mark Economic and Empirical Analysis of Contractual Dispute Resolution Law and Economics 2015-03-23
Philip Gentry, Anne Elissa Safety and Effectiveness: The FDA’s Approach to Risk in Prescription Medication Law and Economics 2016-04-04
Rautonen, Henri Mikael Mandatory Labeling: Changes in Consumer and Producer Behavior Law and Economics 2016-03-22
Shinall, Jennifer Hope Bennett Obesity in the Labor Market: Implications for the Legal System Law and Economics 2012-04-04
Xiao, Jean Yujing An Empirical Examination of Consumer Litigation Funding Law and Economics 2017-03-23
Baker, Dominique Julia An Examination of the Effects of Undergraduate Debt on Postbaccalaureate Decision-Making Leadership and Policy Studies 2016-07-19
Balch, Ryan Thomas The Validation of a Student Survey on Teacher Practice Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-07-18
Bartanen, Brendan Patrick Essays in Principal Improvement, Quality, and Turnover Leadership and Policy Studies 2019-05-23
Bartholomew, Karla Suzanne Welfare reform and infant health: the impact of mandatory maternal employment Leadership and Policy Studies 2010-03-31
Blissett, Richard Steele Lee The Ideological Politics of Charter Schools Leadership and Policy Studies 2017-08-04
Booker, Laura Neergaard Examining the Development of Beginning Middle School Math Teachers' Practices and their Relationship with Teachers' Effectiveness Leadership and Policy Studies 2014-04-07
Bower, Corey Bunje Non-School Social Policy and the Achievement Gap between Classes Leadership and Policy Studies 2013-07-19
Capshaw, Norman Clark The Quality of Higher Education - Internet and Computer Technologies: Exacerbating or Lessening Differences Across Countries? An Analysis at Three Levels: National, Institutional, and Classroom Leadership and Policy Studies 2007-03-24
Corn, Adrienne L. Learning what I want to be when I grow up: the contextual effects of schools on student locus of control and the development of student occupational aspirations Leadership and Policy Studies 2013-04-11
Cox, Monica Farmer An examination of the validity of the VaNTH Observation System (VOS) Leadership and Policy Studies 2005-10-24
Cravens, Xiu Chen The Cross-Cultural Fit of the Learning-Centered Leadership Framework and Assessment for Chinese Principals Leadership and Policy Studies 2008-07-11
Curran, Frank Christopher Zero Tolerance School Discipline: Implications for Schools, Leaders, and Students Leadership and Policy Studies 2015-06-17
DeBoer, Jennifer Jean The Role of Engineering Skills in Development Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-03-26
Dinger, Jason Micah Primary school under-enrollment in Mozambique: exploring the effects of household influences on school enrollment decisions Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-04-24
Drake, Timothy Arthur How Technology, Strategic Decision Making, and School Context Influence Principals' Use of a Data Warehouse: A Latent Class Growth Analysis Leadership and Policy Studies 2015-11-20
Ettema, Elizabeth Anne Teacher Retirement Preferences and Behavior Leadership and Policy Studies 2011-10-04
Fang, Meisha Has No Child Left Behind Enhanced School Efficiency Leadership and Policy Studies 2010-03-31
Finch, Maida Alice Macro Changes in a Minute Amount of Time: How Race to the Top is Changing Education Policy in Tennessee Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-03-26
Franklin, Shannon Brooke The Business of Choosing a College: A View of the For-Profit Sector Leadership and Policy Studies 2016-02-26
Goff, Peter Trabert Principals as Teachers: Measures of quality & distribution in the school leadership labor supply Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-07-18
Gorbunov, Alexander V. Performance funding in public higher education: Determinants of policy shifts Leadership and Policy Studies 2013-06-28
Gray, Bradley S. Global Leaders: Defining Relevant Leadership for the 21st Century Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-11-29
Guthrie, James Edward Three Studies on the Dynamics of Teacher and School Effectiveness Leadership and Policy Studies 2016-04-19
Hall II, Wilburn Keith Superintendents' Advice Seeking and Related Behavior in the Age of Strategic Reform Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-02-01
Hart, Christina C. How K-12 Public School District Fiscal Incentives Are Impacting Teacher Recruitment: What Do The Data Tell Us? Leadership and Policy Studies 2014-07-30
Hayes, Susan Ansell Exploring the theoretical base for teacher performance pay: a micropolitical perspective Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-07-13
Hinz, Serena E. Class Matters: Class of Origin, College Rank, and Variation in Earnings with a Bachelor’s Degree Leadership and Policy Studies 2015-07-01
Honey, Ngaire Noelle Transportation and Geographic Constraints to Educational Access and School Integration in a Context of School Choice Leadership and Policy Studies 2017-09-25
Houck, Eric A. Exploring school sequences as a new unit of analysis for intradistrict school finance equity studies Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-12-01
Huff, Jason Taylor Knowing "How" Is More Than Knowing "That": A Study of Educational Leadership Expertise Leadership and Policy Studies 2009-03-23
Hunter, Seth Baxter Identifying the Effects of Classroom Observations on Teacher Performance Leadership and Policy Studies 2018-06-13
Hutchens, Mary Kierst Nontraditional Students and Nontraditional Enrollment Patterns: College Choice, Multiple Life Roles, and Developmental Education Leadership and Policy Studies 2016-11-21
Jones, Willis Andre Examining the relationship between student body racial diversity and college/university retention and graduation rates Leadership and Policy Studies 2011-03-26
Kabourek, Sarah Elizabeth Heterogeneity in Public Preschool Efficacy: Evaluation, Student Growth Trajectories, and Approaches to Expansion Leadership and Policy Studies 2019-08-16
Katterfeld, Karin Principal leadership for instruction: Associations between principal vision, principal involvement in instruction, and teachers' perceptions of expectations for standards-based instructional practice Leadership and Policy Studies 2011-03-29
Kern, Emily Christine A mixed-methods investigation of how schools in an urban district respond to student benchmark data under shifting accountability incentives Leadership and Policy Studies 2019-06-18
Kho, Adam Three Essays on School Reform Leadership and Policy Studies 2018-07-20
Lee, Bommi What makes a good project? Success factors of the World Bank education development projects Leadership and Policy Studies 2016-03-27
Lee, Jie-Eun Grace Understanding the process of educational assimilation for refugee and non-refugee immigrant students: a pilot study of a community college Leadership and Policy Studies 2011-07-18
Lee, Jungmin Merit-Based Aid, College Affordability, and Student Success Leadership and Policy Studies 2014-03-24
Liu, Keke Peer Group Effects on Student Outcomes: Evidence from Randomized Lotteries Leadership and Policy Studies 2010-11-16
Liu, Ying Institutional characteristics and environmental factors that influence private giving to public colleges and universities: a longitudinal analysis Leadership and Policy Studies 2007-03-28
Lyken-Segosebe, Dawn Elise Faculty Interaction with Higher Education’s “Overlooked Majority”: Investigating the Impact of Non-Classroom Interaction on College Outcomes for Commuter Students. Leadership and Policy Studies 2015-03-23
Lykins, Chad Robert Scientific research in education: an analysis of federal policy Leadership and Policy Studies 2009-07-24
Marsicano, Christopher R. Lobbying for Alma Mater: Higher Education Institutions as Interest Groups Leadership and Policy Studies 2019-04-11
Mavrogordato, Madeline Emily Clark An Event History Analysis Examining the Rate of Reclassification for English Language Learners Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-08-02
McDonald, Nicole L. African American college students at predominantly White and historically Black colleges and universities Leadership and Policy Studies 2011-03-22
Mendiburo, Maria Angela Virtual and Physical Manipulatives: Technology's Impact on Fraction Learning Leadership and Policy Studies 2010-04-05
Meyers, Coby Vincent Teacher pay-for-performance in Texas: an analysis of teacher involvement in and understanding of the GEEG program and its subsequent impact on teachers Leadership and Policy Studies 2009-12-04
Min, Yunkyung Associations with Parental Socioeconomic Status, Social Capital, Technological Capital and Student's Scores for College Entrance in South Korea Leadership and Policy Studies 2013-12-19
Mitani, Hajime School Principals under Accountability Leadership and Policy Studies 2016-07-05
Mokher, Christine G. Developing Networks for Educational Collaboration: An Event History Analysis of the Spread of Statewide P-16 Councils Leadership and Policy Studies 2008-03-14
Murphy, John Professionalism through teacher training: A case study of Tennessee A. & I., 1930-1940 Leadership and Policy Studies 2009-03-30
Naccarato, Rose Marie Options for Tennessee's Tax System: A Prospective Portfolio Analysis Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-07-12
Ness, Erik Christian Deciding Who Earns HOPE, PROMISE, and SUCCESS: Toward a Comprehensive Model of the Merit Aid Eligibility Process Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-04-03
Nguyen, Tuan Dinh The Theories and Determinants of Teacher Attrition and Retention Leadership and Policy Studies 2018-05-01
Nicotera, Anna Charise The Impact of No Child Left Behind Public School Choice on Student Mobility and Achievement Leadership and Policy Studies 2014-01-16
Ochoa, Amanda Marie Shortchanging the Vulnerable? An Examination of the Effect of Contingent Faculty on Remedial Student Success Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-03-21
Osipian, Ararat Leonidovich Corruption in higher education Leadership and Policy Studies 2013-03-28
Park, Toby The role of the community college in Texas: the impact of academic intensity, transfer, and working on student success Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-03-24
Patrick, Susan Kemper Working Together: Organizational Conditions, Teacher Teams, and Learning Opportunities Created Through Teacher Collaboration Leadership and Policy Studies 2019-08-12
Pelczar, Marisa Trust and Secondary School Performance in the Dominican Republic Leadership and Policy Studies 2008-04-10
Peng, Xiao Three Essays in Teacher Value Added: Teacher Assignments from the Self-Contained Classroom to the Subject-Specific Classroom Leadership and Policy Studies 2013-12-20
Preston, Courtney Elizabeth Relationships between Teacher Preparation and Beginning Teacher Quality in North Carolina Public Universities Leadership and Policy Studies 2014-07-18
Proper, Eve The outcomes of board involvement in fundraising at independent, four-year colleges: an organization theory perspective Leadership and Policy Studies 2011-03-28
Redding, Christopher Hyde The Determinants and Consequences of Within-Year Teacher Turnover Leadership and Policy Studies 2017-03-27
Rogers, Laura Kathleen Uncloaking the 'Shadow Army': Understanding the Changing Role of Principal Supervisors Leadership and Policy Studies 2019-07-18
Rosenquist, Brooks Alexander Are State Assessments Aligned to College and Career Ready Standards More Sensitive to Ambitious Instruction in Mathematics?: Evidence from Two Large Urban School Districts Leadership and Policy Studies 2018-03-26
Rowley, Kristie J. Setting Boundaries: Monitoring the Effects of Closer-to-Home School Rezoning on Student Participation & Engagement in School Leadership and Policy Studies 2005-12-02
Rumyantseva, Nataliya Leonidovna Externalizing employment in higher education: determinants of contingent academic employment in institutions of higher education Leadership and Policy Studies 2008-07-20
Ryan, Christopher James Chasing Paper: The Economics of Attending Law School in the 21st Century Leadership and Policy Studies 2018-06-22
Santen, Sally A. Promotions committees: a role in regulation of the profession of medicine Leadership and Policy Studies 2009-07-29
Schmidt, Rebecca Anne Unpacking tracking: the role of instruction, teacher beliefs and supplemental courses in the relationship between tracking and student achievement Leadership and Policy Studies 2013-03-14
Shepherd, Justin Cole Linking University Expenses to Performance Outcomes: A Look at Departments, Colleges, and Institutions Leadership and Policy Studies 2014-07-02
Skinner, Benjamin Thomas Virtually the same: Using Bayesian methods to investigate the relationships between online course delivery and postsecondary student enrollment, course outcomes, and degree attainment Leadership and Policy Studies 2017-06-23
Springer, Matthew George Achievement Tradeoffs and No Child Left Behind Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-09-20
Steele, Stephanie Lee Examining the Inclination of Students to Apply to a Postsecondary Institution in Their Senior Year of High School Leadership and Policy Studies 2008-09-05
Stein, Marc Landon Race-Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status in Contemporary Educational Policy Leadership and Policy Studies 2009-07-20
Stenson, Christine Marie Democracy and education in a white suburban high school: an ethnography Leadership and Policy Studies 2007-04-01
Stern, Jonathan Michael Bradley Educational Privatization in the 21st Century: A Global Framework for Understanding Non-government Schools Leadership and Policy Studies 2014-03-20
Stuit, David Alan A comparative analysis of non-experimental methods for estimating the impact of magnet school enrollment on student achievement Leadership and Policy Studies 2009-10-05
Swain, Walker Alexander Combatting Poverty by Improving Children's Access to Health Services and Effective Teaching: An Evaluation of Three Social Policies Leadership and Policy Studies 2017-08-05
Teasley, Bettie Suzanne The NCLB Choice Provisions and Effects of Mobility: A Review of the Literature and Research Designs Leadership and Policy Studies 2017-04-18
Tobin, Kerri Jennifer Identifying Best Practices for Homeless Students Leadership and Policy Studies 2011-07-21
Torre, Daniela How Classroom Context Impacts the Academic Achievement of English Learners in a New Immigrant Destination Leadership and Policy Studies 2015-07-09
Viano, Samantha Lillian Online Learning as a Remedy for Course Failure: An Assessment of Credit Recovery as an Intervention to Earn Credits and Graduate from High School Leadership and Policy Studies 2018-05-31
Vriesenga, Michael Peter Judicial Beliefs and Education Finance Adequacy Remedies Leadership and Policy Studies 2005-09-16
Wood, Janell Lynn Zero Tolerance: A Policy Implementation Study Leadership and Policy Studies 2008-04-11
Zeidner, Timothy Lanse Information and Access: Modeling the impact of information on a student's probability of attending college Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-11-09
Alvey, Tara Lynn Designing Systems of Collaborative Video Essay Composition in Classrooms Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2014-03-21
Barnes, Erica Marie Head Start Preschool Teachers' Commenting Practices During Shared Book Reading Sessions: Describing Learning Opportunities for Children with Varying Vocabulary Abilities Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-08-30
Bell, Amanda Marie Exploring Computational Thinking Concepts, Practices, and Dispositions in K-12 Computer Science and Engineering Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2018-05-04
Bentley, Lydia Claire Black College Students’ Choice of STEM Major: An Analysis of their Perceptions and Experiences in their Intended STEM Pathways Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-09-14
Bigelow, Emily Culver iWrite: Digital Message Making Practices of Young Children Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-07-19
Brasel, Jason Thomas Supporting learning opportunities in teacher workgroups: facilitators’ orientations towards tool use. Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2016-07-21
Darrow, Catherine Lucie Making sense of preschool research: a multi-paper dissertation on the implementation and effectiveness of preschool curriculum interventions Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2010-08-02
David, Samuel Sherman Emergent practices in translingual pedagogy: Teachers learning to facilitate collaborative translation Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-03-25
Davis, Dennis S A Meta-Analysis of Comprehension Strategy Instruction for Upper Elementary and Middle School Students Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2010-06-16
Dickes, Amanda Catherine Computational Modeling in the Elementary Science Classroom Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-01-07
Dunlap, Charlotte Jean Examining How School Settings Support Teachers’ Improvement of their Classroom Instruction Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2016-07-20
Ehret, Christian Michael Movement, sensibilities, and desire: Coming to know affective dimensions of adolescents’ experiences with literacy and new media in school, on their own, and in the hospital Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2015-03-22
Fagan, Keenan Patrick The Problems of Communicative Language Teaching for Chinese Student Teachers in an American TESOL Practicum and Our Post-Lesson Dialogue for Solutions Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2019-03-20
Forsythe, Michelle Elizabeth Investigations of the Wild: The Development of Students' Scientific Practice and Knowledge During Ecological Fieldwork Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2016-07-25
Garner, Brette Data Use For Instructional Improvement: Tensions, Concerns, And Possibilities For Supporting Ambitious And Equitable Instruction Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2018-03-24
Garrison, Anne Louisa Understanding Teacher and Contextual Factors that Influence the Enactment of Cognitively Demanding Mathematics Tasks Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-06-07
Hadley, Elizabeth Burke Understanding, Measuring, and Fostering Preschool Children’s Acquisition of Vocabulary Depth Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-03-17
Hollett, Tyler Shannon Remapping learning geographies for youth within and beyond the public library Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2015-05-28
Hughes, James Michael Students’ framing of a digital physics videogame as seen in student discourse and post-gameplay data Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-07-17
Jocius, Robin K. Collaborative Composing in the Digital Dimension: An Investigation of Young Adolescents’ Multimodal Processes and Products Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2015-05-07
Jones, Ryan Seth A Construct Modeling Approach to Measuring Fidelity in Data Modeling Classes Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2014-12-11
Kahn, Jennifer Beth At the Intersection of Self and Society: Learning, Storytelling, and Modeling With Big Data Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-11-17
Kane, Britnie Delinger Concept Development through Practice: Preservice Teachers Learning to Teach Writing Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2015-06-11
Keyes, Christopher Stewart Rethinking Coaching: Transformative Professional Development Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-11-27
Kim, Min-Joung Tracing the naturalization of a learning progression centered assessment system in a teacher community Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-03-22
Krinks, Kara Danielle Integrating Digital Games and Modeling in K-12 Science Classrooms Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2016-03-27
Krishnan, Gokul Designing a Mobile Makerspace for Children’s Hospital Patients: Enhancing Patients’ Agency and Identity in Learning Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2015-08-18
Larbi-Cherif, Adrian Mohamed Investigating Relationships between Understanding of Inquiry Mathematics, District Context, and School Context on Principal Instructional Leadership Aimed at Ambitious Instruction Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-03-26
Manz, Eve Isabella Integrating the Epistemic, Conceptual, and Social Aspects of Scientific Modeling Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-07-15
Martinez Garza, Mario Manuel Coevolution of Theory and Data Analytics of Digital Game-Based Learning Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2016-01-24
Miller, Mary Ellen Translingual Home to School Connections: Including Students’ Heritage Languages and Cultural Experiences in the Curriculum through Family eBooks Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-06-10
Mock, Jin-Sil Creating Opportunities for Discussion in a Seventh Grade ELA/Social Studies Classroom in an Urban Middle School Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2018-09-17
Mowrey, Sascha Cybele Indexing Professional Culture: A Social Network Analysis of Three Pre-kindergarten Centers Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-03-01
Newman, Katherine Mackay Teacher and child verbal behaviors during guided play: An exploration of vocabulary learning mechanisms Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2019-05-14
Pacheco, Mark Barba Translanguaging in the English-Centric Classroom: A Communities of Practice Perspective Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2016-05-06
Pearman, Francis Alvin II When Change Lands in Place: Gentrification and Urban Schooling in the United States Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-07-24
Pfaff, Erin The role of teacher rehearsal in classroom mathematics discourse Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-04-12
Phillips, Nathan Charles Investigating Adolescents’ Interpretations and Productions of Thematic Maps and Map Argument Performances in the Media Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-08-13
Reynolds, Daniel Eagan Talking it Out: Scaffolding High Schoolers' Comprehension of Complex Text Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-10-16
Rivera, Bretta Louise Supporting Preschoolers’ Narrative Development Through Play and Vocabulary Instruction Supporting Preschoolers’ Narrative Development Through Play and Vocabulary Instruction Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2019-10-04
Rouse, Robert James Investigating how K-12 students engage in engineering practices Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2014-07-31
Self, Elizabeth Anne Designing and Using Clinical Simulations to Prepare Teachers for Culturally Responsive Teaching Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2016-03-02
Shapiro, Ben Rydal Interaction Geography & the Learning Sciences Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2018-03-21
Smith, Blaine Elizabeth Composing Across Modes: Urban Adolescents' Processes Responding to and Analyzing Literature Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2014-03-25
Taylor, Katie Headrick Counter-mapping the Neighborhood: A Social Design Experiment for Spatial Justice Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-06-14
Van Eaton, Grant Waller Beyond Traditional Measures of Teacher Quality: Incorporating Cultural Competence to Measure Classroom Community Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-11-01
Wilson, Jonee Investigating and Improving Designs for Supporting Professional Development Facilitators’ Learning Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2015-07-22
Wongkamalasai, Megan Joanne Young children designing and defining space: Supporting the co-development of mathematical practices and foundational understandings of space and symmetry Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2019-03-13
Wood, Summer Denise What is critical?: An analysis of small group critical conversations with African American second grade males Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2015-07-14
Yun, Cathy Kyuhee Early Childhood Teachers' School Readiness Beliefs: Exploring Manifestations and Inconsistencies in Classroom Practices Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-06-06
Cummings, Tracy Payne Engaging children in talk about mathematics: The effects of an early mathematics intervention Learning, Teaching, and Diversity 2011-07-21
Harris, Eugenia Kay “Speak softly and carry a big stick”: female appropriation of the phallus in Sara Paretsky’s V.I. Warshawski series Liberal Arts and Science 2006-03-21

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