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Ka, Yohan A Model of Spiritual and Psychological Development: A Korean Wesleyan Perspective on the Significance of Community Religion 2008-09-02
Kabugi, Magana J. “We’re all caught up in it one way or another”: African American Comics, Civil Rights, and Political Personhood English 2016-11-18
Kaffenberger, Michelle The effect of educational attainment on corruption participation in Sub-Saharan Africa Economics 2012-03-22
Kahn, Jennifer Beth At the Intersection of Self and Society: Learning, Storytelling, and Modeling With Big Data Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-11-17
Kaiser, Jonathan Francis The catalytic activity of HDAC3 is necessary for a normal rate of cellular proliferation Biochemistry 2012-03-26
Kalavagunta, Aditya Understanding the impact of bulk traps on GaN HEMT DC and RF characteristics Electrical Engineering 2009-03-30
Kamai, Brittany Lehua Hunting for MHz Gravitational Waves with the Fermilab Holometer Physics 2016-07-22
Kammer, Michael Nolan Characterization of aptamer-small molecule interactions with backscattering interferometry Biomedical Engineering 2016-03-07
Kampf, Elizabeth Anne The impact of social media on body image and eating behaviors Psychology 2013-03-26
Kan, Dana Lynn Language Environments for Young Children with Hearing Loss: Teachers' Use of Linguistic Input Strategies that Support Vocabulary Development Hearing and Speech Sciences 2017-03-17
Kane, Britnie Delinger Concept Development through Practice: Preservice Teachers Learning to Teach Writing Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2015-06-11
Kang, Christopher Multiple-Hole Defects: Optimizing Light-Matter Interaction in Photonic Crystal Cavities Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2011-07-13
Kang, Min-Suk Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Binocular Rivalry Psychology 2008-12-15
Kang, Yuejun On-chip separation and detection of biological particles using dielectrophoresis and resistive pulse sensing Mechanical Engineering 2008-11-20
Kanies, Cindy Lynn Enrichment of AU-rich Element Containing mRNAs during Intestinal Cell Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition: Roles, Mechanisms, and Significance Cancer Biology 2008-03-27
Kanter, Elizabeth Marie Characterization of Raman spectroscopy for the human cervix Biomedical Engineering 2008-07-22
Kantz, Jeannelle Alexandria The role of vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A) in pancreatic islet function in adults Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2009-12-04
Kapitanov, Georgi A Mathematical Model of Cancer Stem Cell Lineage Population Dynamics with Mutation Accumulation and Telomere Length Hierarchies Mathematics 2012-06-22
Kara, Nergis microRNA Function in Zebrafish Development and Regeneration Biological Sciences 2018-10-22
Karakaş, Mert BCL::Fold - de novo protein structure prediction by assembly of secondary structure elements Chemical and Physical Biology 2011-12-01
Karakos, Holly Lynn Understanding Civic Engagement among Youth in Diverse Contexts Community Research and Action 2015-03-16
Karolak, Matthew Ross Neurofibromin Regulated Signaling Pathways in Endochondral Ossification Pharmacology 2015-07-07
Karp, Sharon Marie The Effects of Maternal Psychosocial Factors on Maternal Competence for Infant Feeding Nursing Science 2008-03-30
Kashikar, Nilesh Digvijay Novel and diverse roles of STRAP in maintenance of mesenchymal morphology and GSK3Beta signaling. Cancer Biology 2010-06-04
Kashima, Daniel Tetsunori Drugs and bugs: The role of toll-like receptor 4 in nucleus accumbens synaptic physiology and reward behavior Neuroscience 2019-03-24
Kasongo, Webster Age-Period-Cohort and Educational Attainment Effects on HIV Prevalence in Zambian Pregnant Women, 1994 through 2011 Epidemiology 2013-08-05
Katrangi, Waddah The role of polyunsaturated fatty acid and eicosanoid biosynthesis in the pathogenesis of cystic fibrosis Pathology 2014-06-24
Katsiaficas, Nathan James Provenance of Modern Soils of Middle Tennessee Assessed Using Zircon U-Pb Geochronology and Element Mass Fluxes Earth and Environmental Sciences 2014-11-19
Katterfeld, Karin Principal leadership for instruction: Associations between principal vision, principal involvement in instruction, and teachers' perceptions of expectations for standards-based instructional practice Leadership and Policy Studies 2011-03-29
Katwal, Santosh Bahadur Unsupervised Spatiotemporal Analysis of FMRI Data For Measuring Relative Timings of Brain Responses Electrical Engineering 2012-12-03
Katz, Sheila Marie Pursuing a 'Reformed' Dream: CalWORKs Mothers in Higher Education After "Ending Welfare As We Know It" Sociology 2008-07-21
Katzlberger, Thomas Learning by Teaching Agents Computer Science 2005-11-28
Kaufman, Jacob Marcus LKB1 loss induces characteristic pathway activation in human tumors and confers sensitivity to MEK inhibition associated with attenuated PI3K-AKT-FOXO3 signaling Cancer Biology 2013-10-29
Kaufmann, Kristian Wallace Computational prediction of protein small molecule interfaces using ROSETTA Chemistry 2011-11-09
Kaul, Dimple Automating Middleware Configuration and Specializations via Model-based Aspect-Oriented Software Development Computer Science 2007-04-02
Kauppila, Amy Vaughn Analysis of parameter variation impact on the single event response in sub-100nm CMOS storage cells Electrical Engineering 2012-04-09
Kauppila, Jeffrey Scott Layout-Aware Modeling and Analysis Methodologies for Transient Radiation Effects on Integrated Circuit Electronics Electrical Engineering 2015-03-15
Kavanaugh, Taylor Elizabeth Antioxidant microspheres as drug delivery vehicles for the prevention of post-traumatic osteoarthritis Biomedical Engineering 2017-03-20
Kavimandan, Amogh Reusable Model Transformation Techniques for Automating Middleware QoS Configuration in Distributed Real-time and Embedded Systems Computer Science 2008-12-03
Kay, William Hunter Single-Event Upset Characterization of Flip-Flops Across Temperature and Supply Voltage for a 20-nm Bulk, Planar, CMOS Technology Electrical Engineering 2015-03-30
Kaymaz Keskinpala, Hande Analysis of spectral properties of speech for detecting suicide risk and impact of gender specific differences Electrical Engineering 2011-04-18
Kazmier, Kelli Nicole Revealing the Mechanistic Diversity of the LeuT Fold: A Comparative Analysis of the Leucine Transporter and the Hydantoin Transporter using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Chemical and Physical Biology 2013-12-03
Kearns, Devin McCready Describing the cognitive characteristics of reading disability Special Education 2010-08-27
Keene, Joseph Daniel Effects of Surface and Chemical Composition on the Charge Carriers of Alloyed Quantum Dots Chemistry 2015-03-12
Keeys, Mia Ruth Imagination, Interrupted: The Black Child's Public Sphere & Critical Race (Literary) Spaces Sociology 2015-11-19
Keigher, Laura Elizabeth Investigating iASPP as a potential cancer drug target Chemical and Physical Biology 2012-11-18
Keithly, Mary Elizabeth Structure, substrate selectivity, and catalytic mechanism of the fosfomycin resistance enzyme, FosB, from Gram-positive pathogens Chemistry 2016-07-07
Keller, Jeffrey Wayne The contribution of RAS function to transformation of the colonic epithelium: functional differences, similarities, and cooperation between RAS family members Cell and Developmental Biology 2006-05-16
Keller, Matthew David Using organotypic raft cultures to understand the biological basis of Raman spectra from skin Biomedical Engineering 2006-04-03
Keller, Matthew David Optical spectroscopy for the evaluation of surgical margin status following breast cancer resection Biomedical Engineering 2009-12-03
Keller, Ryan Frederick Total Ionizing Dose Effects in Silicon Bulk FinFETs at Cryogenic Temperatures Electrical Engineering 2017-08-25
Kelly, Loran Elizabeth The Relationship Between Emotional Eating, Depression, and Body Mass Index Psychology 2013-12-02
Kelm, Nathaniel David High Resolution 3D Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging of Whole Rat Brain Biomedical Engineering 2014-03-25
Kelm, Nathaniel David Experimental Evaluation of Advanced Diffusion MRI Methods Towards Improved Assessment of Myelinated Neural Tissue Biomedical Engineering 2017-02-09
Kelz, Robert Vincent Competing Germanies: The Freie Deutsche Buehne and the Deutsches Theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1938-1965 German 2010-07-28
Kenealy, Shannon Investigating the genetic susceptibility to multiple sclerosis: a genomic convergence approach Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2006-04-04
Kenerson, Donna Marie Use of the Theory of Planned Behavior to Assess Prostate Cancer Screening Intent Among African American Men Nursing Science 2010-03-30
Kennedy, Jack Phillip Synthesis and biological evaluation of dispyrin, synthesis and design of selective M4 muscarinic modulators, and exploration of the total synthesis of piperazimycin A Chemistry 2010-07-29
Kennedy, Tyler Joseph Development and Function of the Drosophila Giant Fiber Neural Circuit Biological Sciences 2019-03-19
Kent, Curtis Andrew Topological properties of asymptotic cones Mathematics 2013-03-20
Kent-Stoll, Peter Ross Constructing Risky Categories: The Politics of Race, Gender, and Colorectal Cancer Advocacy Medicine, Health, and Society 2017-03-26
Kerr, Thomas Joshua Development of Novel Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry Shift Reagents for Proteomic Applications Chemistry 2011-03-28
Kersh, Erin Leigh U.S. freight investment efficiency of waterways and highways Civil Engineering 2012-03-26
Kersh, Sarah Erin Naked Novels: Victorian Amatory Sonnet Sequences and the Problem of Marriage English 2010-11-28
Keskinpala, Turker Model Based Performance Testing of Distributed Large Scale Systems Electrical Engineering 2009-07-22
Kesorn, Jeerasuda Adaptive-Interpolative Subband Decomposition for Lossless and Lossy Image Compression Electrical Engineering 2003-03-24
Ketron, Adam Christopher Synthetic and Natural Products as Poisons of Human Topoisomerase II Chemical and Physical Biology 2013-03-25
Kettrey, Heather Hensman It “Just Happened” One Night: Gender Norms and Consent to Unwanted Sexual Activity on College Hookups Sociology 2014-11-17
Keyes, Christopher Stewart Rethinking Coaching: Transformative Professional Development Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-11-27
Khan, Naqi Ali Clinical Encounter Information Flow: Applications In Evaluating Medical Documentation Tools Biomedical Informatics 2012-11-26
Khan, Sadia Sadaff Investigation into the role of TFIID as a coactivator for the cell-cycle regulated transcription factor, Swi6p Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2007-03-30
Khatib-Shahidi, Sheerin Direct analysis of endogenous and exogenous compounds in whole-animal tissue sections by imaging MALDI mass spectrometry Chemistry 2007-12-07
Khaytin, Ilya Analysis of Cortical and Thalamic Contributors to The Functional Organization of Primate Primary Visual Cortex (V1) Neuroscience 2008-03-27
Kho, Adam Three Essays on School Reform Leadership and Policy Studies 2018-07-20
Khorasgani, Hamed Ghazavi Model- and data-driven approaches to fault detection and isolation in complex systems Electrical Engineering 2018-01-18
Khuansuwan, Sataree A transcription factor network dictates neuronal cell fate decisions in the zebrafish dorsal diencephalon Biological Sciences 2014-09-24
Kidd, Daniel Wayne Accelerated Time Propagation in Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory Physics 2018-03-28
Kiddie, Bradley Thomas Layout-Based Fault Injection for Combinational Logic in Nanometer Technologies Electrical Engineering 2012-03-26
Kiddie, Bradley Thomas Single-Event Multiple-Transient Characterization and Mitigation via Standard Cell Placement Methods Electrical Engineering 2016-09-28
Kiddie, Elizabeth Ferrick Kv1.1 RNA Editing: Physiological Roles and its Implications for Episodic Ataxia Type-1 Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2017-03-15
Kieslich, Ingo Walter Benjamin, Hannah Arendt. Storytelling in and as Theoretical Writing German 2013-03-26
Kilchrist, Kameron V. Mechanism of Enhanced Cellular Uptake and Cytosolic Retention of MK2 Inhibitory Peptide Nano-polyplexes Biomedical Engineering 2016-03-28
Killingsworth, Stefanos Sherif Object-Relevant Kinematics Influence Imitative Compatibility Psychology 2012-07-29
Kim, Daejin Three Essays On Market Microstructure Management 2014-03-24
Kim, Jejoong Perception of biological motion in schizophrenia Psychology 2008-07-15
Kim, Jeongoh A Sense of Place and the Uncertainty of the Self English 2007-12-05
Kim, Jongchan Modeling human prostate cancer development using transgenic mice with heterogeneous mutations Pathology 2009-09-10
Kim, Joseph Un Orbitofrontal cortex lesions attenuate affective biases in economic decision-making Psychology 2011-12-02
Kim, Joseph Un Ventral Prefrontal Cortex and Emotion Regulation Psychology 2016-11-10
Kim, Min-Joung Tracing the naturalization of a learning progression centered assessment system in a teacher community Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-03-22
Kim, Nam Soo The observation of contingent negative variation with reaction times in non-human primates Psychology 2013-01-07
Kim, Robert Jaewook Structural Determination and Computational Prediction of Adenoviral Surface Epitopes Provide Insight into the Mechanisms of Adenoviral Inactivation by Human Defensin 5 Chemical and Physical Biology 2012-04-13
Kim, Sukwon Three essays on market microstructure Management 2009-06-18
Kim, Sunghoon Determination of structural models of the complex between erythrocyte band 3 and ankyrin-R repeats 13-24 Chemical and Physical Biology 2011-11-07
Kim, Sungjune Impact of bacteria on the phenotype, functions, and therapeutic activities of invariant NKT cells in mice Microbiology and Immunology 2008-07-22
Kim, Yu-Ri Intimate Partnering of Chinese International Students in the American South: The Sexual Fields Approach Sociology 2017-07-15
Kim, Yung Suk Soma christou in 1 Corinthians: de(re)construction Religion 2005-12-08
Kincaid, Helen Anne Physical immobilization of photosystem I (PSI) at self-assembled monolayers on gold: directed adsorption, electron transfer, and biomimetic entrapment Chemical Engineering 2006-03-31
Kinder, Kiersten Ann Comparing the effects of descriptive comments versus descriptive comments plus prompted trials on children's letter naming. Special Education 2010-10-21
Kinder, Rachel A. Development and Validation of the Student Activation Measure Nursing Science 2008-11-20
King, Christopher Stewart Democracy, Dliberation, and Political Legitimacy Philosophy 2007-07-26
King, Jonas Glenn Exploring the importance of mosquito hemocoelic and salivary gland components during host-pathogen interactions Biological Sciences 2012-08-22
King, Michael Patrick The impact of delta-rays on single-event upsets in highly scaled SOI SRAMs Electrical Engineering 2011-07-25
King, Michael Patrick Energetic electron-induced single event upsets in static random access memory Electrical Engineering 2014-03-24
King, Renee Elizabeth Outcomes of Voice Rest after Microflap Surgery for Benign Vocal Fold Lesions Hearing and Speech Sciences 2015-03-22
Kingsley, Tara Alison Intercultural Bilingual Education and Teacher Agency in Guatemala Latin American Studies 2016-03-28
Kinnebrew, John S. Global Sensor Web Coordination and Control Using Multi-agent Systems Computer Science 2010-03-31
Kirkland, Ryan Anderson Leaching assessment of red mud and phosphogypsum for beneficial use as construction materials Environmental Engineering 2009-12-03
Kirkpatrick, Douglas Andrew Development And Analysis of Biologically Inspired Communication Algorithms for Artificial Agents Computer Science 2015-03-30
Kitko, Kristina Elizabeth Nanomaterial-based approaches to the study of membrane signaling Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2018-11-16
Klar, Rebecca The Role of mGlu7 in Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity: Implications for Novel Therapeutics for Rett Syndrome Pharmacology 2015-08-05
Klaus, Colin James Stockdale Parabolic Variational Problems of 1-Laplacian Type and Finite Element Models of Protein Diffusion and Homogenized Cone Photoreceptor Visual Transduction Mathematics 2017-08-25
Klein, Christoph Thomas Towards rational design of nanoscale lubricants and elucidation of the hydration lubrication mechanism using molecular simulation Chemical Engineering 2017-11-16
Klemm, Amy Song Development of a Novel Viral RNA Extraction Method Biomedical Engineering 2009-09-02
Kliman, Michal Advanced Structural and Spatial Analysis of Lipids Using Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2011-07-21
Klimovich, Vitaly Vladimirovich Insights into the roles of human Cdc6 and replication protein A in initiation of eukaryotic DNA replication Biological Sciences 2005-03-30
Kline, Crystal Faith Local Signaling Microdomains in Excitable Cells: Defining Novel Roles for Ankyrin-B in Ion Channel Targeting and Regulation Pathology 2009-03-27
Kline, Nora Katharine Laughter and Amusement’s Buffering Effect on Stress in a Population with Symptoms of Anxiety: An Experimental Design Psychology 2016-03-25
Kline, Peter Passion for Nothing: Kierkegaard's Apophatic Theology Religion 2016-03-24
Klots, Andrey R. Interaction of 2D Excitonic Complexes with their Environment Physics 2017-11-07
Klug, Jason Richard Role of CaMKII and the GluN2B subunit of the NMDAR in dorsal striatal glutamatergic synaptic transmission, MSN morphology and striatal-based behaviors Neuroscience 2012-09-24
Knepprath, Nichole Elizabeth Late Permian forests of the Buckley Formation, Beardmore Glacier area, Antarctica Earth and Environmental Sciences 2006-05-23
Knight, Marcus Lynn Quantitative Framework for Planning Highway Bridge Inspection and Assessment Civil Engineering 2007-04-02
Knowe, Matthew Thomas Enantioselective desymmetrization of carboxylic acids by Brønsted base catalysis; preparation of arylglycine peptides; progress toward the synthesis of (+)-zwittermicin A Chemistry 2018-04-04
Knowles, Byron Andrew Clarence Omar Characterization of the Mechanisms Involved in Maintenance of Apical Trafficking and Polarity in Intestinal Epithelial Cells Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-07-23
Knowles, Kelly Ann Affect labeling of discrete negative emotions as a mechanism of emotion regulation Psychology 2017-05-15
Knutson, Charles Gerhard Francesco Oxidative metabolism of exocyclic DNA adducts Biochemistry 2008-03-12
Knutson, Sarah Kathleen In vivo characterization of the role of histone deacetylase 3 in metabolic and transcriptional regulation Biochemistry 2008-05-22
Ko, Philip C. The objects of visual attention and memory. Psychology 2010-04-02
Kobiela, Marta Anna Mathematical defining as a practice: Investigations of characterization, investigation, and development Teaching and Learning 2012-11-30
Kocalis, Heidi Elizabeth The role of neuronal peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta in diet-induced obesity and hypothalamic inflammation Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2012-09-19
Kochen, Michael Allen Greazy: Open-Source Software for Automated Phospholipid MS/MS Identification Biomedical Informatics 2015-07-01
Kodaman, Nuri The Genetics of Cardiovascular Risk Factor Correlations Human Genetics 2015-12-08
Koellner, Sarah Reenvisioning Privacy in Contemporary German Literature and Culture German 2018-08-16
Kogekar, Arundhati Model-driven Composition and Performance Evaluation of Pattern-Based Systems Computer Science 2007-04-02
Kogekar, Sachin Vijay Dynamic Software Reconfiguration in Sensor Networks Computer Science 2004-09-08
Kohut, Lauren Elizabeth Cooperation through War: Late Intermediate Period Warfare and Community Formation in the South-Central Andes Anthropology 2016-06-29
Kohut, Michael Robert Making evolutionists and creationists in Tennessee: the causes and consequences of evolution education, 2009-2012 Anthropology 2016-05-28
Kolb, Frances Bailey Borderlands in transition: Acadian immigration and British merchant networks in Louisiana, 1765-1790. History 2010-03-31
Kolb, Frances Bailey Contesting Borderlands: Policy and Practice in Spanish Louisiana, 1765-1800 History 2014-07-16
Konkle, Mary Elizabeth Indomethacin-Amides As Molecular Scaffolds To Investigate The Structure and Function of Cyclooxygenases, Thromboxane Synthase, and Sterol 14-alpha Demethylase From Trypanosoma Cruzi Chemistry 2008-11-21
Koola, Jejo David Risk Prediction Models and Visualizations for Hepatorenal Syndrome Biomedical Informatics 2018-11-19
Koparde, Vishal Nitinchandra Study of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles via Molecular Dynamics Simulations Chemical Engineering 2006-07-26
Koran, Mary Ellen Irene Imaging and Genetics of Two Amyloid Related Diseases: Alzheimer’s Disease and Down Syndrome Human Genetics 2014-02-07
Korelitz, Katherine Elizabeth Relations among Symptom Severity, Coping, and Parenting in Depressed and Non-depressed Parents Psychology 2012-07-18
Korelitz, Katherine Elizabeth Children’s and Parents’ Perceptions of Parenting: Correlates, Predictors, and Moderators Psychology 2016-08-25
Korman, Zachary Michael Enhancing Locomotor Performance by Modulating Shoe Cushioning Properties Mechanical Engineering 2016-04-07
Korsnack, Kylie Jo Globalization, Postmodernity, and the Bildungsroman: Tracing Narratives of Development in Three Versions of Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game” Story English 2015-11-20
Korwek, Kimberly Consequences of apolipoprotein E isoform variation: effects on hippocampus synaptic plasticity, learning and memory in the adult mouse Neuroscience 2009-07-30
Kosinski, Mary E. Identification of a vesicle budding mechanism for the release of a meiotic maturation hormone from Caenorhabditis elegans Cell and Development Biology 2005-06-14
Kost, Susan Danica Patient-Specific Dosimetry for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy Using Deformable Anthropomorphic Phantoms Physics 2015-05-27
Kostelnik, Kevin Michael An Analysis of Institutional Responsibilities for the Long-term Management of Contaminant Isolation Facilities Environmental Engineering 2005-03-30
Kostiw, Nicolette Marie Child and Citizen: The Tutelage of Minors, Slavery, and Transition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1871-1900 History 2015-03-22
Kothiwale, Sandeepkumar Kailas A novel knowledge based conformation sampling algorithm and applications in drug discovery Chemistry 2016-07-31
Kotsiris, Leonidas Even as we are one: a study on the question of will in Trinitarian theology until 381 Religion 2013-04-03
Kou, Lingbo Impact of process variations on soft error sensitivity of 32-nm VLSI circuits in near-threshold region Electrical Engineering 2014-04-08
Kovacevich, Brigitte Reconstructing Classic Maya Economic Systems: Production and Exchange at Cancuen, Guatemala Anthropology 2006-07-19
Koval, Andriy Volodymyrovych A Graphical System for Longitudinal Modeling using Dynamic Documents: Application to NLSY97 Religiosity Data Psychology 2014-07-30
Kovtun, Oleg Probing ensemble and single-molecule behavior of cocaine-sensitive dopamine transporter with antagonist-conjugated quantum dots Chemistry 2013-11-23
Kowal, Ewa Anna Structural Studies of Synthetic Base Analogs in Oligodeoxynucleotides Chemistry 2012-12-17
Kowalski, Piotr The Physics of the Atmospheres of Cool White Dwarfs Physics 2006-11-30
Kozakova, Iva Percolation and Ising Model on Graphs with Tree-like Structure Mathematics 2008-12-03
Kozik, Marcin Andrzej On some complexity problems in finite algebras Mathematics 2004-09-29
Kraatz, Miriam Correlational Equivalence Testing Psychology 2007-04-02
Kraatz, Miriam Investigating the Performance of Procedures for Correlations Under Nonnormality Psychology 2011-11-30
Kraemer, Bradley Rhoads A Role for the p75NTR in Axonal Degeneration and Apoptosis Induced by Oxidative Stress Neuroscience 2014-08-25
Kraemer, Maria Palazzo Interactions between Angiotensin II and Prostaglandin E2: Mechanisms for Regulation of Vascular Reactivity Biochemistry 2016-08-05
Kraft, Lewis James Investigating the Emergent Properties of an Autophagy Protein in Living Cells Chemical and Physical Biology 2014-04-23
Kragel, James Edward The functional neuroanatomy of episodic retrieval: using neuroimaging to understand the computational processes underlying human memory Neuroscience 2015-05-20
Krakowiak, Michelle Stokes Matrix Metalloproteinase 7 Supresses M1 Macrophage Polarization to Protect Against Helicobacter pylori-induced Gastric Inflammation Cancer Biology 2012-10-30
Kramer, Glenna Jean Pharmacology and Chemical Probe Development of the K-26 Family of Natural Product Angiotensin-I Converting Enzyme Inhibitors Chemistry 2014-10-01
Kratchman, Louis Beryl Image-Guided Targeting and Control of Implantable Electrodes Mechanical Engineering 2015-03-30
Krause, James Remington Translation and the Reception and Influence of Latin American Literature in the United States Spanish and Portuguese 2010-12-01
Krause, Jennifer A From Classical to Postmodern: Madness in Inter-American Narrative English 2009-07-16
Kreiselmaier, Andrew Kent An Evolutionary and Developmental Science Framework for Integrating Attachment, Mentalization, and Mindfulness: Implications for Religious Practice and Moral Development Religion 2017-03-27
Kreiselmaier, Laura Rosser Transliminality and Transcendence: An Exploration of the Connections among Creativity, Mystical Experience, and Psycho"pathology" Religion 2016-03-23
Krejci, Alexander James Studying and Controlling Order Within Nanoparticle Monolayers Fabricated Through Electrophoretic Deposition Physics 2013-07-11
Krentz, Sarah Elizabeth Potentially tsunamigenic layer in late Holocene Great South Bay, Long Island, New York: constraints on origins, processes, and effects Earth and Environmental Sciences 2009-07-23
Kriete, Trenton Edward Impaired Cognitive Flexibility and Intact Cognitive Control in Autism: A Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Approach Computer Science 2005-04-01
Krim, Morgan L Substrate fabrication and characterization for photovoltaics and biomaterials applications Chemistry 2010-04-01
Krimm, Hannah Marie Predictive Value of Orthographic Processing for Spelling Proficiency Hearing and Speech Sciences 2013-07-26
Krimm, Hannah An Exploration of Educator Linguistic Knowledge and Expertise Hearing and Speech Sciences 2019-03-20
Krinks, Kara Danielle Integrating Digital Games and Modeling in K-12 Science Classrooms Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2016-03-27
Krishna, Arvind Optimization Techniques for Enhancing Middleware Quality of Service for Product-line Architectures Computer Science 2005-11-16
Krishnan, Arun Comparison of Interfacial Shear Strength measurements for Bonded materials and Composite materials Civil Engineering 2008-09-11
Krishnan, Arun The Interfacial Failure of Bonded Materials and Composites Civil Engineering 2010-12-01
Krishnan, Gokul Designing a Mobile Makerspace for Children’s Hospital Patients: Enhancing Patients’ Agency and Identity in Learning Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2015-08-18
Kroh, Heather K. Molecular Mechanism of Prothrombin Activation by von Willebrand Factor-Binding Protein Pathology 2009-12-16
Krootjohn, Soradech Video Image Processing using MPEG Technology for a Mobile Robot Electrical Engineering 2007-06-14
Kropp, Peter Allerton Regulation of gene expression in the embryonic pancreas by Oc1 and its impact on postnatal function Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2018-01-03
Krowka, Sarah Kathryn Cognitive Profiles of Inadequate Responders to Fractions Intervention Special Education 2019-03-29
Krueger, Juliane Multisensory Networks in Primary and Association Cortices in Cat Neuroscience 2016-01-18
Kuhn, Samuel James Development and Characterization of Functionalized Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles for Interstitial Applications Biomedical Engineering 2005-12-02
Kulkarni, Chetan Shrikant A physics-based degradation modeling framework for diagnostic and prognostic studies in electrolytic capacitors Electrical Engineering 2013-01-14
Kumah-Crystal, Yaa Aboagyewa Augmenting Communication With Before Visit Questionnaires Biomedical Informatics 2017-09-23
Kumar, Aaram Abhiram Impact of obesity on immune responses to influenza virus infection Microbiology and Immunology 2016-04-18
Kumar, Ankur N. Quantifying in vivo motion in video sequences using image registration Electrical Engineering 2014-11-21
Kumar, Kevin Krishan Investigation of Neuronal Manganese Regulation in Physiology and Disease Using High Throughput Screening, Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, and Chemical Biology Approaches. Neuroscience 2014-08-26
Kumar, Pranav Srinivas Integrated Timing Analysis and Verification of Component-based Distributed Real-time Systems Computer Science 2016-09-23
Kuntz, Emily Marie Evaluation of a Collaborative Planning Framework for General Educators Teaching Students with Severe Disabilities Special Education 2019-03-19
Kuo, Dennis W. Structures of the 3,4-Epoxybutene-Derived R- and S-N1-(2-Hydroxy-buten-2-yl) -2' Deoxyinosine DNA Adducts: Regiochemical Control of Glycosidic Torsion Angle Conformation Chemical and Physical Biology 2015-11-23
Kurela, LeAnne Renee Insights into the influences of sensory experience and serotonin on multisensory processing in the superior colliculus Neuroscience 2017-03-23
Kurin, Danielle Shawn The Bioarchaeology of Collapse: Ethnocide and Ethnogenesis in Post-Imperial Andahuaylas, Peru (AD 900 - 1200) Anthropology 2012-11-27
Kurley, Sarah Jean The role of p120 catenin in mammary development and breast cancer Cancer Biology 2012-03-23
Kuryla, Peter Andrew The Integration of the American Mind: Intellectuals and the Creation of the Civil Rights Movement, 1944-1983 History 2006-12-01
Kurz, Alexander Opportunity to learn the intended curriculum: measuring key instructional indicators and examining relations to achievement for students with disabilities Special Education 2011-12-08
Kusari, Sanjukta The dark side of trust and mechanisms to manage it. Management 2010-04-14
Kushwaha, Manish Sensor Node Localization Using Mobile Acoustic Beacons Computer Science 2005-07-29
Kushwaha, Manish Feature-level information fusion methods for urban surveillance using heterogeneous sensor networks Computer Science 2010-01-29
Kusmierczyk, Ireneusz W. Water Over the Bridge: Examining Transnational Municipal Networks of American and Canadian Local Governments in the Context of Canada-U.S. Bilateral Environmental Relations within the Great Lakes Basin Political Science 2010-03-31
Kusnoor, Sheila Vijay Thalamostriatal Neurons and Parkinsonism Neuroscience 2010-03-29
Kussainov, Arman Sainovitch Multiple quantum coherences experiment, simulations and applications Physics 2008-11-19
Kussrow, Amanda Kathryn Interrogation of Biomolecular Interactions Utilizing Backscattering Interferometry Chemistry 2009-12-04
Kusumalnukool, Kanok The Self Agent for mobile robot Electrical Engineering 2002-03-29
Kusy, Branislav Spatiotemporal Coordination in Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science 2007-08-08
Kuzmuk, Kellie McAuliffe A Comparison of Emotion Granularity in Managing Acute and Repeated Stress Psychology 2015-03-18
Kwakye, Gunnar Francis Development of a novel high throughput assay: impaired manganese transport kinetics and homeostasis in Huntington’s disease Neuroscience 2011-09-12
Kwakye, Leslie Ellen Dowell Disruptions in the spatial filtering and temporal processing of low-level unisensory and multisensory stimuli in autism spectrum disorders Neuroscience 2011-11-30

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