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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Ianni, Julianna Denise Trajectory Auto-Corrected Image Reconstruction Biomedical Engineering 2015-11-20
Ianni, Julianna Denise Trajectory Optimization and Machine Learning Radiofrequency Pulses for Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomedical Engineering 2017-11-16
Ichinose, Megan Christina Cross-task Relations of Verbal Memory Performance in Schizophrenia: A Case for Cognitive Dysconnectivity Psychology 2015-07-14
Ince, Chantal Kerie Effect of carbon nano and microfibers on the mechanical properties and durability of cement pastes Environmental Engineering 2008-12-05
Infanger, Scott Ryan Dying to Speak: Death and the Creation of a New Reader in the Latin American Novel Spanish and Portuguese 2009-12-04
Infante Lara, Lorena Exploring two new modalities of topoisomerase II-targeting drugs to enhance specificity for cancer cells Biochemistry 2019-01-15
Ingersoll, Hannah Jurisprudence Amid Legal Ambiguity in The Transition to Jim Crow: Black Women versus Railway Companies, 1865-1908 Sociology 2018-07-20
Ingram, Philip David Investigation of the Madaras Wind Turbine using Computational Tools Mechanical Engineering 2012-11-13
Ingrisani, Emma "An irresistible propensity to play with him": Torment and Delight in Our Mutual Friend English 2011-06-30
Ingwersen, Lance Richard Mexico City in the Age of Theater, 1830-1901 History 2017-06-15
Inman, Natalie Rishay Networks in negotiation: the role of family and kinship in intercultural diplomacy on the trans-Appalachian frontier, 1680-1840 History 2010-08-13
Inniss-Thompson, Misha Nicole Reducing Depressive Symptoms among African American Youth through the Strong African American Families (SAAF) Program Community Research and Action 2018-10-16
Irimia, Andrei A Modular Computer Program for the Acquisition and Analysis of Biomagnetic Signals Using SQUID Magnetometers Computer Science 2004-07-29
Irimia, Andrei Multivariate signal processing and theoretical modeling for the study of gastrointestinal bioelectromagnetism Physics 2007-11-20
Irvin, Michael Warren Angiogenic outgrowth from a perfused vascular explant: design and implementation of a perfused vascular explant bioreactor Biomedical Engineering 2012-01-17
Ives, Nathan Elmer Effects of Proton-Induced Displacement Damage on Gallium Nitrided Power Amplifier RF Performance Electrical Engineering 2015-06-25
Ivie, Susan Elizabeth Structure-function analysis of the Helicobacter pylori VacA p55 domain Microbiology and Immunology 2009-09-22
Ivory, Catherine H Standardizing Failure to Rescue Elements in Perinatal Nursing Documentation Nursing Science 2011-11-29
Ivy, Sarah Elizabeth An Analysis of Graduated Guidance to Teach Spoon-use to Children with Multiple Disablities Special Education 2014-07-11

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