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Arndt, Karen Marie Barako The Production of Complement Taking Verbs Across Complement Clause Types By Typically Developing Preschool Children Hearing and Speech Sciences 2019-05-20
Castle, George R Reading between the lines: Do textual characteristics and social skills influence reading comprehension performance in individuals with autism spectrum disorder? Hearing and Speech Sciences 2019-03-28
Choi, Dahye Emotional diathesis, emotional stress and childhood stuttering Hearing and Speech Sciences 2014-07-17
Conroy, Kate Rose An Investigation of Acupuncture and Hypnosis as Treatments for Tinnitus Hearing and Speech Sciences 2013-04-25
Covington, Natalie V Characterizing Multiple Memory Systems in Moderate-Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Hearing and Speech Sciences 2019-08-07
Davis, Tonia Nicole Children Evaluated for Speech and Language Concerns: One Year Outcomes Hearing and Speech Sciences 2016-05-25
DeLong, Andrew Patrick Specificity of the Video Head Impulse Test System Hearing and Speech Sciences 2013-04-25
Diedesch, Anna Colleen Binaural-cue weighting in sound localization with open-fit hearing aids and in simulated reverberation Hearing and Speech Sciences 2016-07-21
Dundas, John Andrew Assessment of a measure of response confidence for a speech recognition task in noise. Hearing and Speech Sciences 2009-12-10
Edery Clark, Chagit Speech-Language Dissociations, Distractibility, and Childhood Stuttering Hearing and Speech Sciences 2014-07-07
Federman, Jeremy Effects of musical training on speech understanding in noise Hearing and Speech Sciences 2011-12-01
Fisher, Jamie D. Complex Syntax Production in Preschool Teacher Talk Hearing and Speech Sciences 2013-10-18
Fowler, Andrea Paige EMG Normalization Eliminates cVEMP Amplitude Asymmetries in Normal Subjects Hearing and Speech Sciences 2013-04-26
Friedman, Jessica Gabrielle Personality and Treatment Compliance: Do certain personality traits influence patient compliance with voice rest? Hearing and Speech Sciences 2012-05-16
Galster, Jason Alan The Effect of Room Volume on Speech Recognition in Enclosures with Similar Mean Reverberation Time Hearing and Speech Sciences 2007-12-06
Gillum, Heather The Relationships between Achievement in Basic Reading and Language and Achievement in Reading Comprehension across the School Years Hearing and Speech Sciences 2006-03-28
Guillot, Kathryn Marie Speech Perception in Children with Cochlear Implants for Continua Varying in Formant Transition Duration Hearing and Speech Sciences 2011-11-29
Gustafson, Samantha Jordan Cortical Associates of Speech-in-Noise Perception from Childhood to Adulthood Hearing and Speech Sciences 2017-11-14
Hillock, Andrea Developmental changes in the temporal window of auditory and visual integration Hearing and Speech Sciences 2010-08-06
Johnson, Jeffrey Phillip Voice Rest and Augmentative and Alternative Communication: A Feasibility Study Hearing and Speech Sciences 2012-05-09
Jones, Robin Michael Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Associates of Childhood Stuttering Hearing and Speech Sciences 2012-08-29
Kan, Dana Lynn Language Environments for Young Children with Hearing Loss: Teachers' Use of Linguistic Input Strategies that Support Vocabulary Development Hearing and Speech Sciences 2017-03-17
King, Renee Elizabeth Outcomes of Voice Rest after Microflap Surgery for Benign Vocal Fold Lesions Hearing and Speech Sciences 2015-03-22
Krimm, Hannah Marie Predictive Value of Orthographic Processing for Spelling Proficiency Hearing and Speech Sciences 2013-07-26
Krimm, Hannah An Exploration of Educator Linguistic Knowledge and Expertise Hearing and Speech Sciences 2019-03-20
Lancaster, Hope Sparks Language disorder typologies: Clustering and Principal Components Analysis in the EpiSLI database Hearing and Speech Sciences 2015-03-13
Li, Yike Electrical stimulation to promote selective reinnervation of denervated laryngeal muscles Hearing and Speech Sciences 2016-08-10
Lund, Emily Ann Early Maternal Word-Learning Cues to Children with and without Cochlear Implants Hearing and Speech Sciences 2013-11-12
Maloff, Erin Sara Human sensitivity to differences in the rate of auditory cue change. Hearing and Speech Sciences 2010-03-26
McDaniel, Jena Evaluating the Validity of Vocalization Measures for Assessing Vocal Development in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Hearing and Speech Sciences 2019-03-12
Millager, Ryan Andrew Expressive language intratest scatter and attention problems of preschool-age children who stutter Hearing and Speech Sciences 2012-04-25
Moore, Travis M. Context-Dependent Trading of Binaural Spatial Cues in Virtual Reality Hearing and Speech Sciences 2018-11-12
Nichols, Samara Alexandra Cross-modal Generalization of Vocabulary in Children with Specific Language Impairment Hearing and Speech Sciences 2014-05-05
Nidiffer, Aaron Ross Temporal Correlation and Its Role in Multisensory Feature Integration and Binding Hearing and Speech Sciences 2018-08-16
Novaleski, Carolyn K. Effects of Time-Doses and Cycle-Doses of Acute Vibration Exposure on Apoptotic Cell Death and TNF-α Signaling in the Vocal Fold Epithelium Hearing and Speech Sciences 2016-06-24
Ntourou, Aikaterini A behavioral study of emotional reactivity and emotion regulation in preschool-age children who stutter Hearing and Speech Sciences 2011-08-08
Orfanedes, Sarah Elizabeth Problem Behaviors in Young Children: The Impact of Hearing Loss and Language Impairment Hearing and Speech Sciences 2014-06-11
Picou, Erin Margaret The Effect of Individual Variability on Listening Effort in Unaided and Aided Conditions Hearing and Speech Sciences 2011-07-25
Piker, Erin Gillikin Effects of Age on the Frequency Tuning of the cVEMP and oVEMP Hearing and Speech Sciences 2012-03-23
Porter, Heather Masking Level Differences and Binaural Intelligibility Level Differences in Children with Down Syndrome Hearing and Speech Sciences 2012-03-26
Ryan, Hollea Ann McClellan Mother-Child Attachment Development in Young Children with Hearing Loss: Effects of Early Versus Late Diagnosis of Hearing Loss Hearing and Speech Sciences 2012-07-20
Sheffield, Sterling Wilkinson The effects of auditory stimulus level and speech recognition performance on fNIRS measured cortical activation in adults with normal hearing and adults with cochlear implants Hearing and Speech Sciences 2016-03-08
Singer, Cara Michelle Clinical Characteristics Associated with Stuttering Persistence: A Meta-Analysis Hearing and Speech Sciences 2019-07-10
Soman, Uma Gokhale Characterizing Perception of Prosody in Children with Hearing Loss Hearing and Speech Sciences 2017-03-19
Spankovich, Christopher Early Indices of Auditory Pathology in Young Adults with Type-1 Diabetes Hearing and Speech Sciences 2010-09-14
Spencer, Elizabeth J Part-term Learning in Preschool Children with Low Socioeconomic Status Hearing and Speech Sciences 2009-08-20
Weiler, Brian Kenneth Tense Marking in the General Kindergarten Population: Is there Evidence of Bimodal Distribution? Hearing and Speech Sciences 2016-03-28
Werfel, Krystal Leigh Contribution of Linguistic Knowledge to Spelling Performance in Children with and without Language Impairment Hearing and Speech Sciences 2012-10-20
Whitten, Allison Paige Developing an ecologically valid EEG paradigm to parse language subgroups in autism Hearing and Speech Sciences 2018-12-20
Wilson, Laura Diane Return to School after Sports-Related Concussion Hearing and Speech Sciences 2016-03-16
Woynaroski, Tiffany G The Stability and Validity of Automated Vocal Analysis in Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Early Stages of Language Development Hearing and Speech Sciences 2014-11-25
Yen, Melodie Adaptive paradigms for identifying the neural substrates of phonological encoding in individuals with and without aphasia Hearing and Speech Sciences 2019-07-15
Zengin-Bolatkale, Hatun Cortical Associates Of Emotional Reactivity And Regulation In Children Who Stutter Hearing and Speech Sciences 2016-11-02
Anthony, Patrick Richard The Case for Non-Institutional Research Schools in the History of Science: Matthew Fontaine Maury as a Student in the School of Humboldt History 2017-04-07
Anthony, Patrick Richard Natural History and Vertical Thinking in Germany’s Underground Enlightenment: Mining as the Working World of Humboldt’s Science History 2017-04-03
Banton, Caree Ann Marie "More auspicious shores": post-emancipation Barbadian emigrants in pursuit of freedom, citizenship, and nationhood in Liberia, 1834-1912 History 2013-07-01
Bates, Jason Lee The "Drug Evil": Narcotics Law, Race, and the Making of America's Composite Penal State History 2016-09-09
Beasley, Nicholas M. Christian Liturgy and the Creation of British Slave Societies, 1650-1780 History 2006-07-19
Berger, Eugene Clark Permanent war on Peru’s periphery: frontier identity and the politics of conflict in 17th century Chile History 2006-07-24
Bishop, William Lowrey Diplomacy in Black and White: America and the Search for Zimbabwean Independence, 1965-1980 History 2012-07-12
Brignac, Kelly Ann Romantic Wanderlusts: German Travelers to the United States, 1822-1852 History 2014-11-23
Brignac, Kelly Ann "His Most Paternal Chest": Bourbon Royalism and the Death of Paternalism in Nineteenth-Century Martinique History 2014-11-23
Brown, Marjorie Denise Diplomatic Ties: Slavery and Diplomacy in the Gulf Coast Region, 1836-45 History 2017-07-28
Bruno, Louis Dean A Place Called Home: Dispossession and Remembrance of a Central NY Landscape History 2018-08-17
Campbell, Courtney Jeanette Culture, nation and imperialism: ISEB and U.S. cultural influence in cold-war Brazil and Joaquim Nabuco, British abolitionists and the case of Morro Velho History 2010-03-31
Campbell, Courtney Jeanette The Brazilian Northeast, Inside Out: Region, Nation, and Globalization (1926-1968) History 2014-06-03
Chavez, Tizoc Victor Hutchinson Presidential Parley: Personal Diplomacy and the Modern Presidency History 2016-07-21
Chresfield, Michell Improve the race: eugenics as a strategy for racial uplift, 1900-1940 History 2013-04-09
Chresfield, Michell Rayshaun The legible citizen: race making and classification in Jim Crow Louisiana, 1955-1965 History 2013-04-09
Chresfield, Michell Problem and Promise: Scientific Experts and the Mixed-Blood, 1870-1970 History 2016-07-23
deGregory, Crystal Anne Raising a Nonviolent Army: Four Nashville Black Colleges and the Century-Long Struggle for Civil Rights, 1830s-1930s History 2011-03-27
DeWaal, Jeremy John “Mer all sin kölle”: Colognian identity, Colognian carnival and the evolution of Heimatwerte. History 2010-06-13
DeWaal, Jeremy John Redemptive Geographies: The Turn to Local Heimat in West Germany, 1945-1965 History 2014-06-22
Dickerson, Christina Marie Diplomats, Soldiers, and Slaveholders: The Coulon de Villiers Family in New France, 1700-1763 History 2011-03-22
Dodd, Jenifer Michele “Compulsive Rapism”: Psychiatric Approaches to Sexual Violence in the 1980s History 2016-06-29
Donaldson, Rachel Clare Music for the People: The Folk Music Revival and American National Identity, 1930-1970 History 2011-03-23
Doumaux, Thomas Cornell Fast days and faction: the struggle for reformation, order, and unity in England 1558 – c.1640 History 2008-03-31
Erickson, Miriam Rebekah Martin The Black Auxiliary Troops of King Carlos IV: African Diaspora in the Spanish Atlantic World, 1791-1818 History 2015-05-17
Fore, Whitney A. Politics and Motherhood in the Cold War: The American Public Relations Forum, Women Strike for Peace, and Maternalism as a Mobilizing Strategy History 2009-07-23
Gajewski, Paula Kathleen The New York Stock Exchange and the Transformation of Retirement in America History 2016-03-24
Gant, Amy Religion, Politics, Print and Public Discourse in Mid-Seventeenth Century England and New England: Two Studies History 2011-05-23
Genkins, Daniel Noble Entangled Empires: Anglo-Spanish Competition in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean History 2018-07-19
Gibson, Robert Michael Spasmodic Effervescence: Outsiders' Perspectives on Revolutionary Nationalism in Germany, 1815-1848. The Aesthetics of Propaganda: Weimar Continuities in Filmic Representations of Frederick the Great History 2011-07-18
Gomez Zuluaga, Pablo Fernando Bodies of encounter: health, illness and death in the early modern African-Spanish Caribbean. History 2010-06-07
Gorman, Henry Grey A Contact Threesome: Americans, Arabs, and Imperialists History 2015-03-23
Gorman, Henry Grey Pilgrim's (Scientific) Progress: Natural History, Vision, and Sacred Geography in Palestine History 2015-04-06
Gorman, Henry Grey American Ottomans: Protestant Missionaries in the Service of an Islamic Empire History 2019-08-18
Hansen, Jonathan Michael Development at the Margins: Missionaries, the State, and the Transformation of Marsabit, Kenya in the Twentieth Century History 2015-03-22
Hansen, Jonathan Michael Freedom to Witness: Southern Baptists in Rhodesia, 1950-1980 History 2009-03-27
Hansen, Jonathan Michael The Great Depression and Southern Baptist Spiritual Recreation History 2015-10-13
Harcourt, Edward John 'That Mystic Cloud': Civil War Memory in the Tennessee Heartland, 1865-1920 History 2008-03-31
Hardin, William Fernandez Litigating the Lash: Quaker Emancipator Robert Pleasants, the Law of Slavery and the Meaning of Manumission in Revolutionary and Early National Virginia. History 2013-03-29
Harrison, Stephen Kennedy Communism and Christianity: Missionaries and the Communist Seizure of Power in China History 2013-11-07
Hayden, Erica Rhodes "Plunged into a vortex of iniquity": Female Criminality and Punishment in Pennsylvania, 1820-1860 History 2013-03-04
Hayden, Erica Rhodes Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary: The Darker Side of Good Intentions in Criminal Punishment History 2015-10-13
Hayden, Erica Rhodes "Before The Poison Had Been Far Spread": An Examination of Punishments Dealt to Slave Rebels in Two 18th Century British Plantation Societies History 2009-03-27
Hubbard, Justin Wade ‘You Can’t Fool the P Test’: American Science, the Department of Defense, and the Unlikely Invention of the War on Drugs, 1945-1980 History 2019-08-18
Hudson, Cheryl Anne Making Citizens: Political Culture in Chicago, 1890-1930 History 2011-12-02
Hutton, Thomas Robert Clendenen "'Bloody Breathitt': Power and Violence in the mountain South" History 2009-03-29
Ingwersen, Lance Richard Mexico City in the Age of Theater, 1830-1901 History 2017-06-15
Inman, Natalie Rishay Networks in negotiation: the role of family and kinship in intercultural diplomacy on the trans-Appalachian frontier, 1680-1840 History 2010-08-13
Jackson, Patrick Daniel Lost: American Evangelicals in the Public Square, 1925-1955 History 2012-11-20
Jóhannesson, Sveinn Máni Securing the State: Public Coercion, Constitution-Making and the Problem of Rebellion in the Post-Revolutionary United States, 1786-1788 History 2014-07-28
Jóhannesson, Sveinn Máni Corporate Sovereigns, Middle Class Managers, and In/Visible Hands: The Subjective Figures of American Capitalism, 1900-2014 History 2014-08-05
Kolb, Frances Bailey Borderlands in transition: Acadian immigration and British merchant networks in Louisiana, 1765-1790. History 2010-03-31
Kolb, Frances Bailey Contesting Borderlands: Policy and Practice in Spanish Louisiana, 1765-1800 History 2014-07-16
Kostiw, Nicolette Marie Child and Citizen: The Tutelage of Minors, Slavery, and Transition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1871-1900 History 2015-03-22
Koul, Ashish Making New Muslim Arains: Reform, Law, and Politics in Colonial Punjab, 1890s-1940s History 2017-07-26
Kuryla, Peter Andrew The Integration of the American Mind: Intellectuals and the Creation of the Civil Rights Movement, 1944-1983 History 2006-12-01
LaFevor, David Clark Forging the Masculine and Modern Nation: Race, Identity, and the Public Sphere in Cuba and Mexico, 1890s - 1930s History 2011-03-28
Lazo, Katherine Shreve Catholic Loyalty in Jacobean England: Thomas Preston’s Appeal to the English Catholic Laity over the 1606 Oath of Allegiance History 2015-03-22
Lazo, Katherine Shreve Episcopacy and Enmity in Early Modern England: Bishop Richard Smith, Catholic Information Networks, and the Question of Religious Toleration, 1631-1638 History 2015-03-22
Lippert, Werner D. Richard Nixon's Detente and Willy Brandt's Ostpolitik: The Politics and Economic Diplomacy of Engaging the East History 2005-07-12
Lipson, Steven Jay “A better understanding between the races”: Southern educational initiatives to improve race relations between World War I and World War II History 2013-04-08
Lipson, Steven Jay The bible and the ballot: Rev. Joseph H. Jackson and black conservatism in the civil rights movement History 2013-04-10
Marasco, Sue Ann Remembering the king on the crescent: Louis XIV’s cultural order and the founding of New Orleans, 1699-1743 History 2008-09-04
Matheuszik, Deanna Lynn The angel paradox: Elizabeth Fry and the role of gender and religion in nineteenth-century Britain History 2013-03-26
Mazurska, Joanna Maria Making sense of Czeslaw Milosz: a poet’s formative dialogue with his transnational audiences History 2013-07-19
Mazurska, Joanna Maria Czeslaw Milosz in Transition History 2009-03-31
Mazurska, Joanna Maria Russian Intelligentsia at the Crossroads: A Portrayal at the Turn of the 21st Century History 2015-11-12
Miller, Steven P. The Politics of Decency: Billy Graham, Evangelicalism, and the End of the Solid South, 1950-1980 History 2006-03-24
Mosher, Shawn Joseph Competing Ideals: How Commerce, Christianity, and Civilization Shaped Nationhood in Nineteenth-Century Liberia History 2018-12-07
Murrell, William Stephen Jr. Dragomans and Crusaders: The Role of Translators and Translation in the Medieval Eastern Mediterranean, 1098-1291 History 2018-06-13
Nelson, Nichole Ashley "A Model for America: Racial Integration in South Orange, New Jersey" History 2014-07-15
Nelson, Nichole Ashley "Still Separate and Still Unequal: How the Department of Housing and Urban Development Can Eradicate Racial Residential Segregation" History 2014-07-15
O'Reilly, Kelly Rose A “Semi-Official” Program: New Deal Politics and the Discourse of Birth Control in California, 1939-1942 History 2015-03-22
O'Reilly, Kelly Rose From the Environment to Education: AICP Nurses and the Narrowing of Reform History 2015-03-22
O'Reilly, Kelly Rose "Of the Poor, By the Poor, or For the Poor": Community Health Centers and the War on Poverty History 2017-08-27
Ostrow, Sonja Gammeltoft Advertising, Women, and the Spaces of Change in Wilhelmine Germany History 2012-12-21
Ostrow, Sonja Gammeltoft A Public in Process: The Frankfurt School, The Allensbach Institute, and The Pursuit of "Public Opinion" in 1950s West Germany History 2012-12-26
Ostrow, Sonja Gammeltoft Polling after Fascism: Opinion Research, Mass Society, and Democratic Fragility in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1945-1960 History 2017-07-19
Owen, Matthew David For the Progress of Man: The TVA, Electric Power, and the Environment, 1939-1969 History 2014-11-12
Pendergraph, Joseph Maxton A Cause for Reflection: Imagining Brazil at 100 Years of Independence History 2015-06-18
Pendergraph, Joseph Maxton Ideas about Brazilian Abolition and Immigration: A Franco-Brazilian Public Sphere 1871 - 1889 History 2015-06-18
Quiros, Ansley Lillian The Activities and Rhetoric of Protestant Missions History 2010-03-31
Quiros, Ansley Lillian 'God's on our Side, Today,': Lived Theology in the Civil Rights Movement in Americus, Georgia, 1942-1976 History 2014-12-02
Rasico, Patrick David Daniells' Calcutta: Visions of Life, Death, and Nabobery in Late-Eighteenth-Century British India History 2015-03-25
Rasico, Patrick David Two Navigators…Sailing on Horseback: Daniell’s and Ayton’s 1813 Coastal Voyage from Land’s End to Holyhead History 2015-04-13
Rivers, Larry Omar “Our God is Marching On”: James Hudson and the Theological Foundation of the Civil Rights Movement History 2010-07-20
Rocha, Christian The Indestructible Bond of Blood: Foreign Perceptions, Caricatures, and Visual Culture in the Mexican Press, 1898-1921 History 2015-06-08
Rocha, Christian Boomtown Modernism: Urban Planning and Crisis Management in Tijuana, Mexico. 1960-1982. History 2015-06-07
Romero, Eulogio Kyle A Tale of Two Ships: A Microhistory of Empire, Trade, and U.S.-Spanish Relations in the Nineteenth Century History 2016-07-15
Romero, Eulogio Kyle Memorializing “The Last Great Cause”: Spanish Civil War Refugees and the Re-Alignment of the American Left in the 1950s History 2016-07-15
Sanderfer, Selena Ronshaye For Land and Liberty: Black Territorial Separatism in the South, 1776-1904 History 2010-07-28
Sanderson, Mary Louise “Our own Catholic countrymen”: religion, loyalism, and subjecthood in Britain and its empire, 1755-1829 History 2010-04-09
Schultz, Kara Danielle "Progressive Scientism: Paul Schuster Taylor and the Making of Mexican Labor in the United States" and "Out-Imagining the Other: Spanish Perceptions of the Dutch in the Seventeenth-Century Atlantic World" History 2012-03-27
Schultz, Kara Danielle 'The Kingdom of Angola is not Very Far from Here': The Río de la Plata, Brazil, and Angola, 1580-1680 History 2016-12-08
Siracusa, Anthony Christopher III Disrupting the Calculation of Violence: James M. Lawson, Jr. and the Politics of Nonviolence History 2015-03-23
Siracusa, Anthony Christopher III Building the Most Durable Weapon: The Origins of Non-Violence in the U.S. Struggle for Civil Rights History 2015-03-23
Stone, Erin Woodruff Indian Harvest: The Rise of the Indigenous Slave Trade and Diaspora from Española to the Circum-Caribbean, 1492-1542 History 2014-03-12
Story, Emily Fay Constructing Development: Brasília and the Making of Modern Brazil History 2006-07-28
Sun, Lu Battling the Military Jim Crow: Thurgood Marshall and the Racial Politics of the NAACP during the Korean War History 2014-07-18
Sun, Lu Tattooing, terror, and the American search for a “moral victory”: voluntary repatriation and the Korean War armistice History 2014-08-01
Sun, Lu Prisoners, diplomats, and saboteurs: an international history of the diplomacy of captivity during and following the Korean war History 2017-03-27
Sutton, Angela Christine “Infested with piratts”: piracy and the Atlantic slave trade History 2009-03-30
Sutton, Angela Christine White Slaves in Barbary: The Early American Republic, Orientalism and the Barbary Pirates History 2015-10-14
Tan, Amy Gant Richard Bernard and His Publics: A Puritan Minister as Author History 2015-06-29
Vanzant, Kevin Singletary "We Sweat and Toil": Self-Interest, Labor, and the Power of the People in early American Politics, 1607-1689 History 2013-07-16
Villanueva, Nicholas No Place of Refuge: Mexicans, Anglos, and Violence in the Texas Borderland, 1900-1920 History 2013-08-20
Wheat, David The Afro-Portuguese Maritime World and the Foundations of Spanish Caribbean Society, 1570-1640 History 2009-05-27
Wilhide, Nicolette Marie Veja and Brazilian Race Relations The Gazeta da Tarde and the Case of Tira-Couro History 2010-03-31
Williford, Thomas J. Armando los espiritus: Political Rhetoric in Colombia on the Eve of La Violencia, 1930-1945 History 2005-07-22
Wilsman, Adam Richard Our Enemy’s Enemy: Human Rights and the U.S. Intervention in El Salvador, 1977-1992 History 2014-03-14
Wilsman, Adam Richard Two Front War: An Examination of the Civil Rights Struggle in the Cold War Context History 2015-10-12
Wilsman, Adam Richard Human Rights in an Age of Cold War Violence: the Central American example. History 2011-03-10
Loevy, Katharine Denise The NAMES PROJECT AIDS memorial quilt: visibility, sexuality, mourning History of Art 2011-12-12
Jones, Diana L. Organizing Through Congregations: Mediating and Moderating Roles of Spirituality Human & Organizational Development 2008-12-05
Armstead, Theresa Leola Exploring Synergic Power and Network-Based Leadership in a Community Organizing Context Human and Organizational Development 2006-09-13
Craven, Krista Lauren "No papers, no fear": The boundary politics of undocumented immigrant youth activists in Tennessee Human and Organizational Development 2014-07-17
Eccleston, Sara Michelle Perisho “Belonging”: Relocators Describe Their Motivations, Goals, and Experiences of Christian Community Development Human and Organizational Development 2017-03-24
Geller, Joanna Danielle Probing the relationship between volunteering and substance abuse in adolescence: A test of two explanations. Human and Organizational Development 2011-09-08
Glendening, Zachary Shaw Risk Models for Returns to Housing Instability Among Families Experiencing Homelessness Human and Organizational Development 2017-07-07
Gupta, Jyoti Toward Political Community: Navigating Civic Conditions and Civic Positions in the Creative Economy Human and Organizational Development 2019-04-07
Hanlin, Carrie E. A Study of Local Labor Unions as Mediating Structures: Exploring the Black Box of Democratic Participation Human and Organizational Development 2005-07-29
Hoffman, Cheri Young and Homeless in Nashville: The Scope of Runaway and Throwaway Youth and the Experiences of Homeless Youth Human and Organizational Development 2009-09-16
Malpert, Adele Victoria Accountability in Cross-Institutional Out-of-school Time Networks: A Case Study of Practitioner Experiences in the Nashville After Zone Alliance Human and Organizational Development 2019-05-13
Mihaylov, Nikolay Lyubenov Releasing the Waters: A Sociological Study of the Anti-fracking Movement in Bulgaria Human and Organizational Development 2018-03-09
Pullmann, Michael David Predictors of Criminal Charges for Youth in Public Mental Health Services During the Transition to Adulthood Human and Organizational Development 2009-07-22
Rodriguez, Jason Michael Leaving Shelter (for Good): The Effectiveness of Homelessness Interventions in Georgia Human and Organizational Development 2017-04-14
Thurber, Amie The Neighborhood Story Project: Keeping More Than Our Homes Human and Organizational Development 2018-03-06
VanHooser, Sarah Elizabeth Individual and Community Relationships in Ecuador: A Lesson for Development Theory Human and Organizational Development 2006-06-07
Vick, John Wesley “The best laid plans:” An ecological analysis of community participation, power, and urban neighborhood planning in practice Human and Organizational Development 2014-07-21
Zape, Marianne Perez “How Long is it Going to Take for Me to Be Seen as Equal?”: Implications of the Current Political Climate on Immigrant-Origin Youth Human and Organizational Development 2019-07-01
Bennett, Jeffrey Scott A biphasic role for the voltage-gated sodium channel scn5Lab in cardiac development of zebrafish Human Genetics 2013-06-17
Bray, Michael Joseph Evaluating Epidemiologic and Genetic Risk Factors for Uterine Fibroid Characteristics Human Genetics 2018-03-20
Brooks, Andrew Wallace The Role of Host-Associated Factors on Metazoan Microbiome Assembly Human Genetics 2019-05-15
Bush, William Scott A Knowledge-Driven Multi-Locus Analysis of Multiple Sclerosis Susceptiblity Human Genetics 2009-03-05
Clendenning, Dawn Elizabeth Determining the role of Growth Differentiation Factor-6 (Gdf6) in the development of the coronal suture Human Genetics 2012-04-16
Cummings, Anna Christine Exploring the genetic architecture of late-onset Alzheimer disease in an Amish population Human Genetics 2012-11-29
D'Aoust, Laura Nicole Examination of Candidate Exonic Variants that Confer Susceptibility to Alzheimer Disease in the Amish Human Genetics 2015-03-18
Davis, Mary Feller Determining the Use of Electronic Medical Records in Genetic Studies of Multiple Sclerosis Human Genetics 2013-11-30
Delahanty, Ryan James Towards an understanding of the role of chromosome 15q11-q13 in idiopathic autism Human Genetics 2010-01-28
Dumitrescu, Logan Caneel Identificatiion and Characterization of Genetic Variants Associated with Lipid and Lipoprotein Levels Human Genetics 2011-03-25
Edwards, Todd L An Extension to and Application of the Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction Pedigree Disequilibrium Test Human Genetics 2008-03-03
Fish, Alexandra Elizabeth Leveraging gene expression and local ancestry to investigate regulatory epistasis in humans Human Genetics 2017-03-24
Gandhi, Vishal V Investigating mitochondrial deoxyribonucleotide metabolism and its role in a family of genetic diseases Human Genetics 2011-11-29
Hall, Jacob B. The genetics of age-related macular degeneration: exploring pathway and epistatic effects Human Genetics 2016-03-28
Hoffman, Joshua David Modeling Macular Degeneration Using Quantitative Phenotypes Human Genetics 2015-03-05
Hollister, Brittany Marie Examining the Role of Socioeconomic Status on Blood Pressure in African Americans Human Genetics 2017-08-02
Jeff, Janina Maria The Genetics of Quantitative Traits Associated with Cardiovascular Disease in African Americans Human Genetics 2012-03-07
Jones, Carissa Christine Examining the role of genetics in lung cancer survival and risk in African Americans Human Genetics 2017-08-02
Kodaman, Nuri The Genetics of Cardiovascular Risk Factor Correlations Human Genetics 2015-12-08
Koran, Mary Ellen Irene Imaging and Genetics of Two Amyloid Related Diseases: Alzheimer’s Disease and Down Syndrome Human Genetics 2014-02-07
Levinson, Rebecca Terrall The Phenotypic Consequences of Distinct Genetic Variation in an Electronic Medical Record Human Genetics 2016-11-21
Liang, Xueying Investigation of genetic susceptibility to late-onset Alzheimer disease through genomic convergence Human Genetics 2007-04-04
Malinowski, Jennifer Renee Women's Health: Genetic Variation in Complex Traits Human Genetics 2014-10-26
McElroy, Jude James Genetics of spontaneous idiopathic preterm birth: exploration of maternal and fetal genomes Human Genetics 2013-06-24
Mitchell, Sabrina L. Investigation into the molecular and physiologic relationship between peptide tyrosine tyrosine and N-acetylglutamate synthase Human Genetics 2010-12-02
Moore, Carrie Colleen Buchanan A biologically informed method for detecting associations with rare variants Human Genetics 2013-11-27
Musser, Melissa Anne Enteric nervous system deficits in the ganglionated bowel of Hirschsprung mouse models and patients. Human Genetics 2014-11-23
Neill, Meaghan Anne Nitrogen Metabolism: Enzyme Expression and Protein Interactions in the Urea and Nitric Oxide Cycles Human Genetics 2010-03-30
O'Brien, Timothy Daniel Investigating the Genetic Influences of the Germline and Somatic Genomes in Three Subtypes of Lung Cancer Human Genetics 2017-05-24
Oetjens, Matthew Thomas Pharmacogenetic Discovery in an EMR-Biorepository Human Genetics 2014-03-25
Reif, David Michael Integrated Analysis of Genetic and Proteomic Data Human Genetics 2006-10-19
Restrepo, Nicole Ann Investigation of the genetic epidemiology of age-related macular degeneration, primary open-angle glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy in diverse populations Human Genetics 2015-03-20
Rinker, David C. Transcriptional profiling and functional modeling of the chemosensory appendages of anopheles gambiae Human Genetics 2015-11-21
Ryckman, Kelli Kae The Genetics and Epidemiology of Reproductive Disorders Human Genetics 2009-01-14
Simonti, Corinne Nicole Leveraging Biobanks and PheWAS to Uncover the Health Consequences of Recent Human Evolution Human Genetics 2017-03-24
Sobota, Rafal Sebastian Genetics of Tuberculosis Resistance Human Genetics 2015-04-10
Song, Zhuo Stochastic modeling of mitochondrial polymerase gamma replication and novel algorithms to enrich rare disease alleles and detect tumor somatic mutations in deep sequencing data Human Genetics 2012-03-08
Spencer, Kylee L. Variants in complement factor pathway genes and a novel locus on chromosome 16p12 influence age-related macular degeneration susceptibility Human Genetics 2007-08-27
Turner, Stephen Dale Knowledge-Driven Genome-Wide Analysis of Multigenic Interactions Impacting HDL Cholesterol Level Human Genetics 2010-12-16
Veatch, Olivia Jean Identifying biological pathways implicated in defined subgroups of phenotypic expression for Autism Spectrum Disorders and evaluating small molecule effects on expression of ASMT Human Genetics 2013-12-02
Velez, Digna Rosa Investigations into the genetic susceptibility to preterm birth Human Genetics 2008-01-29
Walters, Lauren Colleen Strain-specific alleles of Phox2B differentially modify Sox10Dom aganglionosis Human Genetics 2010-12-16
White, Marquitta Jonisse Genetics of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor – 1: a potent biological effector of cardiovascular disease risk Human Genetics 2014-08-27
Wiley, Laura Katherine Addressing Barriers to Clinical Implementation of Pharmacogenomics Human Genetics 2016-03-28
Zuvich, Rebecca Lynn Pathway Approach to Decoding Multiple Sclerosis Human Genetics 2009-12-03

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