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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Ha, Jaesung Liberation from the demon and the demonic:critical analysis of women's experience in spirit possession Religion 2006-03-28
Ha, Kevin Hong youl Control methods for powered assistive devices for individuals with mobility impairments: compensating for disrupted physiological control loops Mechanical Engineering 2015-03-30
Hachtel, Jordan Adam The Nanoscale Optical Properties of Complex Nanostructures Physics 2016-11-19
Hacker, Mallory Louise Investigating the mechanism of GABA neuron degeneration in a model of coenzyme Q deficiency Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-07-08
Hadd, Alexandria Ree Correlation Matrices in Cosine Space Psychology 2016-11-16
Hadd, Alexandria Ree A Comparison of Confidence Interval Techniques for Dependent Correlations Psychology 2019-10-11
Hadley, Elizabeth Burke Understanding, Measuring, and Fostering Preschool Children’s Acquisition of Vocabulary Depth Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-03-17
Hadley, Kevin R. A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Self-Assembly of Human Skin Lipids Chemical Engineering 2009-12-02
Haeffner, Timothy D. Irradiation and temperature characterization for a 32nm RF silicon-on-insulator CMOS process Electrical Engineering 2015-03-30
Hafeman, Andrea Elise Polyurethane scaffold with delivery of biologically active small molecules for tissue regeneration Chemical Engineering 2010-03-29
Haglund, Evan Thomas Priorities, Personal Characteristics, and Performance: Presidents and Their Appointees Political Science 2014-07-02
Hagood, Charlotte Amanda "Tracking Down a Negro Legend": Authenticity and the Postmodern Tourist in Colson Whitehead's John Henry Days English 2006-06-07
Hagood, Charlotte Amanda The domestication of U.S. environmentalism, 1945-1962 English 2010-07-28
Hahn, Kristopher Neil A general approach to medium ring azabicycles, total synthesis of cremastrine, and total synthesis of grandisine D Chemistry 2012-10-30
Hainline, Allison Elisabeth Advanced Statistical Techniques in DW-MRI and fMRI Data Analysis Biostatistics 2018-09-18
Hainline, Sarah Grace Regulation and Requirement of MCPH1 and Rough Deal during Drosophila Early Embryogenesis Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-08-13
Haker, Kelly Ann Observed Parenting and Children’s Coping Strategies: Cross-Sectional and Prospective Relations in the Context of a Family Group Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Psychology 2011-03-21
Halabica, Andrej Coherent acoustic phonons in metal/dielectric superlattices Physics 2009-11-04
Halder, Bibhrajit Robust nonlinear analytic redundancy for fault detection and isolation of robotic systems Mechanical Engineering 2006-10-19
Hale, William Beardall The role of class identity in political orientations Sociology 2009-11-24
Hale, William Beardall Sexual Orientation and Health-Related Outcomes: How Victimization Stressors Explain the Increased Risk Faced by Sexual Minorities Sociology 2013-06-17
Haley, Jessica Deloris Evaluating the effectiveness of risk education for early adolescents Environmental Engineering 2010-03-30
Haley, Jessica Deloris Predicting the Thermodynamic Properties of Complex Molecular Systems for Environmental Applications Chemical Engineering 2015-07-17
Haley, Kathryn Patricia The role of the Staphylococcus lugdunensis Isd system in iron acquisition and biofilm formation Microbiology and Immunology 2014-07-15
Halfpenny, Kristin Cay Biological Applications of Fluorescent Imaging Chemistry 2009-07-24
Hall, Carl Alan Instability of premixed lean hydrogen laminar tubular flames Mechanical Engineering 2016-03-04
Hall, Jacob B. The genetics of age-related macular degeneration: exploring pathway and epistatic effects Human Genetics 2016-03-28
Hall, Joshua Maloy Figuration: A Philosophy of Dance Philosophy 2012-07-19
Hall, Melinda Charis Transhumanist Utopias: Rethinking Enhancement and Disability Philosophy 2013-05-26
Hall II, Wilburn Keith Superintendents' Advice Seeking and Related Behavior in the Age of Strategic Reform Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-02-01
Hall III, Joseph Franklin Internal rehearsal for a cognitive robot using collision detection Electrical Engineering 2007-09-17
Halling, Anna-Lisa Feminine voice and space in early modern Iberian convent theater Spanish and Portuguese 2012-11-24
Hallman, Kent Anson Picosecond Optical Modulation of Vanadium Dioxide Incorporated into Silicon Photonics Physics 2018-11-20
Halpenny, Robert Morgan Car Detection by Classification of Image Segments Computer Science 2008-12-05
Halstead, Angela Marie Dissecting the spatiotemporal regulation of nodal signaling and its role as a morphogenetic cue Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-10-28
Halverson, Jared Michael "Extravagant Fictions": The Book of Mormon in the Antebellum Popular Imagination Religion 2012-08-13
Halvorson, Alese Erin A statistical critique of normalization methods in basic science research Biostatistics 2019-11-16
Hambuchen, Kimberly Ann Multi-modal attention and event binding in humanoid robots using a sensory ego-sphere Electrical Engineering 2004-03-30
Hamilton, Peter James The reversal of dopamine transporter function is governed by plasma membrane interactions and disrupted by genetic variations Neuroscience 2014-12-05
Hamm, Nathan The Explicit Incorporation of Variance in the Performance Modeling of Scheduling Algorithms in Distributed and Soft Real-Time Systems Computer Science 2011-03-28
Hammond, Robert G. Seller Pricing Behavior in Auction and Posted-Price Markets Economics 2008-12-02
Hammonds, Jeffrey Clay Evaluation of an In-line Phase-Contrast and Phase Shift Digital Tomosynthesis System Physics 2013-07-19
Hammons, Meredith Burke Before Joan of Arc: Gender Identity and Heroism in Ancient Mesopotamian Birth Rituals Religion 2008-03-31
Hammontree, John Stephen Hypercomplex-Transfinite Numbers: A Theory of Chaos, Totality and Modality Philosophy 2014-04-17
Hampton, Lauren Hazledine Examining the Predictors of Response to Treatment for Children with Primary Language Delays Special Education 2016-03-24
Han, Chul Heum Suffering and Resistance in the Apocalypse: A Cultural Studies Approach to Apocalyptic Crisis Religion 2014-07-18
Han, Gloria Tian-Hsing Temporal Patterns, Heterogeneity, And Stability Of Diurnal Cortisol Rhythms In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Psychology 2015-11-17
Han, Lihong Essays on Technology, Finance, and Macroeconomics Economics 2008-07-23
Han, Mi-Ryung Rare coding variants in GWAS identified loci with breast cancer risk Epidemiology 2016-03-18
Han, Suk Won Functional fractionation of the stimulus-driven attention network Psychology 2013-04-04
Han, Zhaoying Effect of non-rigid registration algorithms on the analysis of brain MR images with deformation based morphometry Electrical Engineering 2011-09-24
Haney, Daniel James The Junction Box: Poems Creative Writing 2016-07-24
Hang, Brian I. Kinase Regulation of XIAP in Wnt Signaling Cell and Developmental Biology 2016-07-07
Hankins, Hannah Marcille Novel Functions of the Flippase Drs2 and the Coat Protein COPI in Protein Trafficking Biological Sciences 2016-03-28
Hanlin, Carrie E. A Study of Local Labor Unions as Mediating Structures: Exploring the Black Box of Democratic Participation Human and Organizational Development 2005-07-29
Hansberger, Mark William Viral and cellular determinants of reovirus-induced NF-kB activation and apoptosis Microbiology and Immunology 2006-10-20
Hansel, Rachael Ann Phosphor thermometry using rare-earth doped materials Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2010-08-05
Hansen, Amanda Georgia The Detection and Functional Contribution of ALCAM in Cancer Progression Cancer Biology 2013-06-12
Hansen, Jonathan Michael Development at the Margins: Missionaries, the State, and the Transformation of Marsabit, Kenya in the Twentieth Century History 2015-03-22
Hansen, Jonathan Michael Freedom to Witness: Southern Baptists in Rhodesia, 1950-1980 History 2009-03-27
Hansen, Jonathan Michael The Great Depression and Southern Baptist Spiritual Recreation History 2015-10-13
Hansen, Sarah K. Zoe, Bios and the Language of Biopower Philosophy 2010-07-23
Hanson, Alison Jean Regulation of Canonical Wnt Signaling by Ubiquitylation Cell and Developmental Biology 2012-03-25
Harbin, Persephone Emily Transforming the Race-mother: Motherhood and Eugenics in British Modernism English 2008-07-22
Harbison, Amy Lynn The Prediction of Vocabulary Level by Early Declarative and Imperative Communication Acts in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Special Education 2019-11-11
Harbour, Michael David Freedom as Anti-domination Philosophy 2010-08-18
Harcourt, Edward John 'That Mystic Cloud': Civil War Memory in the Tennessee Heartland, 1865-1920 History 2008-03-31
Hardaway, James Andrew III Identification and characterization of a novel, conserved metallo-β-lactamase regulator of dopamine and glutamate signaling Neuroscience 2013-09-13
Hardbower, Dana Michelle Mechanisms Regulating Macrophage Activation and Function during Bacterial Infection and Carcinogenesis Microbiology and Immunology 2017-03-14
Hardeman, Keisha Nicole Cellular Metabolism Contributes To Therapeutic Responses in BRAF-Mutated Melanomas Cancer Biology 2017-04-11
Harder, Rene A Modular Point-of-Care Platform for Real-Time Monitoring and Transmission of Physiological Signals Electrical Engineering 2015-07-21
Hardesty, William Michael Proteomic analysis and classification of metastatic melanoma by MALDI imaging mass spectrometry Chemistry 2010-08-25
Hardin, William Fernandez Litigating the Lash: Quaker Emancipator Robert Pleasants, the Law of Slavery and the Meaning of Manumission in Revolutionary and Early National Virginia. History 2013-03-29
Hardy, Jessica Kristen Systematic Instruction of Early Math Skills Special Education 2014-04-02
Hardy, Klarissa Dawniette Formation and Metabolism of 15-Deoxy-{Delta}12,14-Prostaglandin J2 in Vivo Pharmacology 2011-03-24
Hargrove, Taylor Woodland Does It Work?: Examining the Utility of the Stress Process Model for Explaining Variations in Mental Health among African American Young Adults Sociology 2013-11-21
Hargrove, Taylor Woodland Different Shades of Health: The Joint Consequences of Skin Color, Race, Gender, and Social Class in a Life Course Context Sociology 2016-03-28
Hariri, Ghazal Radiation-Guided P-selectin Targeted Tumor Imaging in a Lung Tumor Model Biomedical Engineering 2007-04-02
Hariri, Ghazal Development, Optimization and Evaluation of Tumor-Specific Nanosponge Drug Delivery Systems as Chemotherapeutics Chemical and Physical Biology 2014-11-24
Harkins, Robert Justin Jonah and the Prophetic Character Religion 2010-03-29
Harkness, Kellen Structural characterization of monolayer-protected metal nanoparticles by ion mobility-mass spectrometry Chemistry 2011-03-28
Harl, Robert Randall, Jr. Processing considerations for the combustion synthesis of yttrium aluminum garnet powders Chemical Engineering 2013-12-02
Harlow, Matthew L. Optimizing Trabectedin Therapy for the Treatment of Ewing Sarcoma Cancer Biology 2017-08-07
Harmata, Andrew James Injectable, settable polyurethane biocomposites for bone remodeling in weight-bearing and contaminated fractures. Chemical Engineering 2015-03-16
Harmon, Lydia Jane Plagioclase, orthopyroxene, clinopyroxene, glass magma-meter and application to Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand and Paraná volcanic province, Brazil Earth and Environmental Sciences 2016-07-21
Harper, Kyle Lee Archaeology of Ribeirinho Culture in the Lower Amazon Basin, 1600-1800 Latin American Studies 2016-03-28
Harrell, Morgan Rachel A Computational Analysis on Gene Fusions in Human Cancer Biomedical Informatics 2014-07-09
Harrell, Morgan Rachel Learning the State of Patient Care and Opportunities for Improvement from Electronic Health Record Data with Applications in Breast Cancer Patients Biomedical Informatics 2017-03-27
Harrell, Sarah-Ann Michelle Bright White Light Emission of Ultrasmall Nanocrystals for Use in Solid State Lighting Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2013-04-10
Harrigan, Robert Louis Optic Nerve Characterization using Magnetic Resonance Imaging: The Search for Biomarkers Electrical Engineering 2017-03-14
Harrington, Rachel Christine Models for Characterizing Single-Event Effects in Advanced Technology Circuits Electrical Engineering 2019-05-15
Harriott, Caroline Elizabeth Workload and task performance in human-robot peer-based teams Computer Science 2015-03-19
Harris, Andrew Gordon Recent Advances in Chemical Synthesis Methodology of Inorganic Materials and Theoretical Computation of Metal Nanoparticles/Carbon Interfaces Chemistry 2015-11-30
Harris, Eugenia Kay “Speak softly and carry a big stick”: female appropriation of the phallus in Sara Paretsky’s V.I. Warshawski series Liberal Arts and Science 2006-03-21
Harris, Jana Eleonore On the Control of Microtubule Reorganization in Caenorhabditis elegans Oocytes prior to Fertilization Cell and Developmental Biology 2006-10-27
Harris, Mark Philip The Study of Cancer Cell Heterogeneity, by Image-based Migration Analysis Cancer Biology 2009-07-28
Harris, Nicholas Andrew Characterization of novel excitatory actions of alpha2A-adrenergic receptors in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2018-08-30
Harrison, James Maxwell Trade Frictions and Micro-Price Behaviors: Historical Applications from the United States Economics 2018-06-28
Harrison, Melissa Ambre Heterogeneously Alloyed Semiconductor Nanocrystals with Induced Chemical Composition Gradients Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2012-12-06
Harrison, Stephen Kennedy Communism and Christianity: Missionaries and the Communist Seizure of Power in China History 2013-11-07
Harrison, Stephenie Ashley The Effect of Race on the Holistic Processing of Faces Psychology 2012-06-05
Harry, Stephen Reese Bioanalytical Approaches to Chemical Biology Chemistry 2010-06-01
Hart, Christina C. How K-12 Public School District Fiscal Incentives Are Impacting Teacher Recruitment: What Do The Data Tell Us? Leadership and Policy Studies 2014-07-30
Hartig, Sean Michael Optimization of Polyelectrolyte Complex Production: Implications of Molecular Characteristics on Physicochemical and Biological Properties Chemical Engineering 2006-11-13
Hartmann, Steven L Intraoperative identification and display of cortical brain function Biomedical Engineering 2002-03-21
Hartzog, Thomas Reed Controls, Distribution, and Significance of Gravel in the Holocene Stratigraphy of the Brahmaputra River Earth and Environmental Sciences 2015-03-23
Harvey, Richard Dale Distributed Control to Improve the Performance of Thermoelectric Coolers Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-29
Hasan, Saad Abir Nanoparticles as the sole building blocks of macroscopic solids Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2010-04-15
Hasan, Saqib Improving Resilience in Large Scale Cyber-Physical Networks Electrical Engineering 2019-02-18
Hasenour, Clinton Michael Coordinate control of metabolic flux with liver energy status by AMPK in vivo Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2014-06-29
Hassan, Safiah Seid When You Are the News: The Health Effects of Contemporary Islamophobia on Muslims in the United States and United Kingdom Medicine, Health, and Society 2017-03-27
Hassan Balasubramanya, Sahana Hyperbolic Structures on groups Mathematics 2018-05-25
Hasselwander, Christopher Jordan gr-MRI: A Software Package for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Software Defined Radios Biomedical Engineering 2016-04-08
Hastings, Andrew Kenneth Evasion of type I IFN signaling by the small hydrophobic protein of HMPV and the implications for viral replication and pathogenesis Microbiology and Immunology 2015-03-17
Hatcher, Ryan Michael Dynamic Response of Electronic Systems: An Implementation and Application of Time-Dependent Density-Functional-Theory Physics 2007-09-13
Hathaway, Jennifer I. Starting Where Teachers Are: The Influence of Beliefs in the Literacy Coaching Relationship Teaching and Learning 2009-07-08
Haupt, Ryan James Dental microwear texture analysis of dentin: can mammalian diets be inferred without enamel? Earth and Environmental Sciences 2012-11-22
Hawkins, Charlene Biogenesis of Yeast Telomerase Occurs through Two Different Nuclear Import Pathways Biological Sciences 2014-07-02
Hawkins, Nicole Alise Identification of epilepsy modifier genes in a mouse model Neuroscience 2013-11-19
Hayden, Erica Rhodes "Plunged into a vortex of iniquity": Female Criminality and Punishment in Pennsylvania, 1820-1860 History 2013-03-04
Hayden, Erica Rhodes Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary: The Darker Side of Good Intentions in Criminal Punishment History 2015-10-13
Hayden, Erica Rhodes "Before The Poison Had Been Far Spread": An Examination of Punishments Dealt to Slave Rebels in Two 18th Century British Plantation Societies History 2009-03-27
Hayden, Sean Gabriel Religion and the Limits of Critique: Bonhoeffer's Theological Sociology Religion 2013-03-26
Hayes, Caleb Brown Le Rutzil Wachaj rech le Nawal Ja': The Well-Being of the Water Spirit - Community-Based Water Organizations and the Discourse of Well-Being Latin American Studies 2017-03-24
Hayes, John Philip Studies Toward the Chemical Synthesis of Lacto-N-neotetraose Chemistry 2016-07-20
Hayes, Sean Timothy Accurate Interaction for Mobile Applications Computer Science 2015-03-16
Hayes, Susan Ansell Exploring the theoretical base for teacher performance pay: a micropolitical perspective Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-07-13
Haynes, Justin Carnival: Transformation, Performance and Play in Caribbean Festivals English 2010-07-25
He, Jiangtao Investigation of the stereo structures of chiral molecules using vibrational circular dichroism, optical rotation, and density functional theory Chemistry 2005-11-22
He, Miao Functional studies on interleukin 24 in vitro and in vivo Cancer Biology 2009-03-30
He, Qiliang Acquisition and Development of Spatial Knowledge during Wayfinding Psychology 2017-11-19
He, Shenglai Electron Transport on the Nanoscale Physics 2017-09-22
He, Siwei Spatial and temporal regulation of synaptic plasticity in the C. elegans motor circuit Neuroscience 2018-12-05
He, Weidong Synthesis and characterizations of europium chalcogenide and tellurium nanocrystals Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2011-03-08
He, Weidong Ultra-small nanocrystals: synthesis, optical and magnetic properties, oriented attachment, and film assembly Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2011-12-20
He, Wenjuan Examination of the Cytoprotective Role of Sirtuin-1 in the Renal Medulla Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2010-07-07
He, Yue Building new in vivo models of human prostate cancer progression by manipulation of cyclin D1 and PTEN Cancer Biology 2007-10-20
Heard, Jamison An adaptive supervisory-based human-robot teaming architecture Electrical Engineering 2019-08-16
Heard, William Franklin Development and Multi-Scale Characterization of a Self-Consolidating High-Strength Concrete for Quasi-Static and Transient Loads Civil Engineering 2014-03-24
Hearne, Brittany Nicole The Effect of Parenting Styles and Depressive Symptoms on Young Adult’s Educational Attainment Sociology 2015-03-11
Hearne, Brittany Nicole Should We Take the Next Step? Romantic Relationships and the Consequences for Self-concept and Health by Race, Gender, and Educational Attainment Sociology 2018-03-23
Heaster, Tiffany Marie Optical imaging of cell cycle-driven tumor heterogeneity Biomedical Engineering 2016-03-28
Heath, Christopher C Disablement of a surgical drill via CT guidance to protect vital anatomy Electrical Engineering 2008-07-24
Heath, Webster William Racial Violence, American Imperialism, and Hybrid Futurism: An examination of the Writings of W.E.B. DuBois and Jose Martí English 2018-11-14
Hebert, Michael Armand Examining effects of note-taking and extended writing on the expository text comprehension of fourth grade students Special Education 2012-10-23
Hebron, Katie Elizabeth ALCAM Dynamically Regulates Tumor Cell Adhesion Through Differential Proteolysis and a Novel Binding Partner, Tetraspanin CD151 Cancer Biology 2018-03-26
Hedda, Monica Satyanarayan Flagging and Ranking Suspicious Accesses in Electronic Health Record Systems. Computer Science 2018-03-26
Hedgecock II, Ronald William Mobile Air Quality Monitoring and Web-Based Visualization Electrical Engineering 2009-12-02
Hedgecock II, Ronald William Precise Real-Time Relative Localization Using Single-Frequency GPS Electrical Engineering 2014-03-30
Hei, Songtao A Decision Tree Based Approach to Filter Candidates for Software Engineering Jobs Using GitHub Data Computer Science 2015-03-23
Heidlage, Jodi K The Effects of Augmentative Assisted Language Matrix Training for Young Children with Down Syndrome Special Education 2019-03-22
Hein, Laura Christine Survival Among Male Homeless Adolescents Nursing Science 2006-03-08
Heinze, Sten Improvements to BCL::Fold de novo Protein Structure Prediction Chemistry 2015-04-13
Heiselman, Jon Stanley Characterization and Correction of Intraoperative Soft Tissue Deformation in Image-Guided Laparoscopic Liver Surgery Biomedical Engineering 2017-11-14
Helderman, Ira Philip “Religion” and “secular” in U.S. psychotherapists’ approaches to Buddhist traditions Religion 2016-07-26
Helmcke, Kirsten Jeanne Caenorhabditis elegans as a model to study molecular mechanisms of methylmercury toxicity Pharmacology 2010-01-14
Hemingway, Graham S. Time-Triggered High-Confidence Embedded Systems:\Modeling, Simulation, Analysis and Back Computer Science 2011-04-04
Hempel, Jonathan Edward Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of HMP-Y1 and Hibarimicinone Chemistry 2012-12-21
Henage, Lee Gardner Kinetic analysis of phospholipase D: Allosteric modulation by monomeric GTPases, protein kinase C, and polyphosphoinositides Pharmacology 2006-01-30
Hendrick, Richard Joseph System Design and Elastic Stability Modeling of Transendoscopic Continuum Robots Mechanical Engineering 2017-07-20
Hendricks, Ashley Erin Evaluation of thermally enhanced soil vapor extraction using electrical resistance heating for chlorinated solvent remediation in the vadose zone Environmental Engineering 2006-04-03
Hendricks, Christopher Edward The mechanical effects of weavetrack on friction stir welds in a lap configuration Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-17
Hendricks, Emma Lu Predicting Poor Readers’ Response to a Multi-Component Reading Comprehension Intervention Special Education 2019-03-22
Henley, Kathryn Dana Examination of Hnf6 and downstream effectors in postnatal endocrine function Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-09-20
Hennessy, Emily Alden Adolescent recovery capital and application of exploratory methods Community Research and Action 2017-03-22
Henry, Lauren Marie Threat and Deprivation: Early Adversities as Predictors of Child and Adolescent Internalizing and Externalizing Psychopathology Psychology 2018-09-11
Henry, Rachel Anne Immune Tolerance for Insulin in Developing B Lymphocytes Microbiology and Immunology 2009-03-17
Henson, Raymond Scott Law and Order in the International COmmunity The Impact of International Law on Interstate Relations Political Science 2005-07-29
Herberg, Jonathan Representing Social Agents, Actions, and Knowledge States at Separate Levels of Explicitness Psychology 2011-04-11
Heritage, Allan James Response modulation deficits in psychopathy: evidence from stimulus and response processing Psychology 2012-06-04
Heritage, Allan James Interactive Cognitive-Affective Deficits: A Theory of the Psychopathic Personality Psychology 2017-05-25
Hermann, Nicholas Wayne Spatial Patterns and Driving Mechanisms of mid-Holocene Moisture in the Western United States: Comparison of Paleoclimate Records and Global Circulation Models Earth and Environmental Sciences 2016-03-27
Hermanson, Daniel John Substrate-selective Inhibition of Cyclooxygenase-2: Molecular Determinants, Probe Development, and In Vivo Effects Chemistry 2014-03-21
Hernández Garavito, Carla Cecilia Legibility and Empire: Mediating the Inka Presence in Huarochirí Province, Peru Anthropology 2019-06-12
Herring, Charles Albert Cell Fate Relationships Mapped by p-Creode Trajectory Analysis of Single-cell Data Chemical and Physical Biology 2018-03-30
Herring, Kristen Identification of protein markers of drug-induced nephrotoxicity by MALDI MS: in vivo discovery of ubiquitin-t Biochemistry 2009-04-02
Herrington, Catherine Gallerani Children's Metacognitive Development and Learning Cognitive Behavior Therapy Psychology 2014-07-25
Hester, Patrick Thomas Facility Protection Optimization Under Uncertainty Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-17
Hewitt, Lyndi The Politics of Transnational Feminist Discourse: Framing across Differences, Building Solidarities Sociology 2009-07-31
Hiatt, Leslie Ann Gravimetric Detection of Pathogens and an Electrochemical Study of the Immunological Consequences of Tuberculosis Exposure Chemistry 2011-01-10
Hickman, Francis Edward Mechanisms of p75 neurotrophin receptor signaling Neuroscience 2018-07-02
Hieber, Laura Louise Effects of Social Isolation and Loneliness on Social Perception Psychology 2015-07-16
Hiegemann, Mike Landvermessungen: Rolf Dieter Brinkmanns und Einar Schleefs Ortsinszenierungen auf der Bühne des 20. Jahrhunderts German 2017-06-19
Higgs, Stephanie Erin Spontaneous Combustion, Starvation, and Chagrin: Disease and Materiality in Bleak House English 2010-07-28
Higgs, Stephanie Erin Invisible Threads: Fictions of Cotton in the Anglo-Atlantic Triangle, 1833-1863 English 2016-07-22
Hight, Matthew Roland PET imaging diagnostics of mitochondrial homeostasis in precision cancer medicine Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2014-11-21
Hill, James H Agile Techniques for Developing and Evaluating Large-scale Component-based Distributed Real-time and Embedded Systems Computer Science 2009-03-28
Hill, Kristin Anita Under the Shade of Hopelessness: Future Orientation and Black Middle Class Youth Medicine, Health, and Society 2015-03-31
Hill, Timothy Michael Role of Invariant Natural Killer T Cells in Tularemia-like Disease in Mice Microbiology and Immunology 2015-11-03
Hill-McAlester, Andrea Alyssa Activation of NF-κB drives the enhanced survival of adipose tissue macrophages in an obesogenic environment Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2015-09-03
Hilliard, Valda Catherine TNF-alpha converting enzyme-dependent ErbB4 transactivation by TNF promotes colonic epithelial cell survival Cell and Developmental Biology 2011-07-20
Hillock, Andrea Developmental changes in the temporal window of auditory and visual integration Hearing and Speech Sciences 2010-08-06
Hilt, Paul James Quantification of cardiac longitudinal relaxation (T1) at 3.0 T during normal and hyperoxic breathing conditions Biomedical Engineering 2008-07-25
Hines, Andrew Joseph Black and Blue: Jazz, Technology, and Afro-Diasporic Identity English 2011-06-13
Hines, Andrew Joseph Understanding Criticism: An Institutional Ecology of USAmerican Literary Criticism English 2015-06-01
Hines, Emily Bartlett Referential Worlds English 2012-11-30
Hines, Kelly Marie Biomolecular Signatures of Disease via Ion Mobility and Mass Spectrometry Techniques Chemistry 2014-03-20
Hinger, Scott Andrew KRAS-dependent Extracellular Vesicles in Colorectal Cancer: Cargo, Biogenesis, and Function Biological Sciences 2019-12-17
Hinneburg, Kristina Monika “Unsere Interpretationen vermitteln Aufklärung über uns selber.“ Die historische Politisierung des Nathan-Stoffes in der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Rezeption 1779, 1933 und ab 2001 German 2005-12-05
Hinow, Peter Partial differential equation models for intranuclear diffusion, inverse problems in nanobiology and cell cycle specific effects of anticancer drugs Mathematics 2007-05-03
Hinton, Kendra Elise Go/No-Go Performance is Related to White Matter Microstructure in a Broad Range of Regions Psychology 2015-07-16
Hinz, Eugenia Renee McPeek Evaluation of an electronic health record adaptation of a 4-year mortality risk index Biomedical Informatics 2012-07-31
Hinz, Serena E. Class Matters: Class of Origin, College Rank, and Variation in Earnings with a Bachelor’s Degree Leadership and Policy Studies 2015-07-01
Hirtle, Jane Anne Trapp The Difficulties of Applying Category Knowledge Gleaned from 3-dimensional Experience to 2-dimensional Contexts by 7- to 9-month-old Infants Psychology 2013-07-16
Hirtle, Jane Anne Trapp I Know Something You Don’t Know: Twenty-Month-Olds’ Tool use Learning from Exploration and Social Interaction Psychology 2016-07-05
Hixson, Brian Carl Electrophoretic separations of monolayer protected clusters Chemistry 2009-07-28
Ho, Karen W. The Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid-1 Channel in Stress-Induced Astrocyte Migration Pharmacology 2014-10-13
Hoang, Anh Ngoc Hemozoin: a case of heme crystal engineering Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2010-07-27
Hocking, Kyle Mitchell Uncoupling force and calcium flux to develop novel therapeutics for subarachnoid hemorrhage-induced vasospasm Biomedical Engineering 2014-07-24
Hofacker, Mark Elliot Model-Based Design and Experimental Validation of Multi-Domain Dynamic Energy Conversion Devices Mechanical Engineering 2013-12-18
Hofer, Kerry G. Measuring quality in pre-kindergarten classrooms: assessing the early childhood environment rating scale Teaching and Learning 2008-03-27
Hoffer, Lauren Nicole That Inevitable Woman: The Paid Female Companion and Sympathy in the Victorian Novel English 2009-06-27
Hoffert, Joseph William Design and run-time quality of service management techniques for publish/subscribe distributed real-time and embedded systems Computer Science 2011-02-07
Hoffman, Cheri Young and Homeless in Nashville: The Scope of Runaway and Throwaway Youth and the Experiences of Homeless Youth Human and Organizational Development 2009-09-16
Hoffman, Joshua David Modeling Macular Degeneration Using Quantitative Phenotypes Human Genetics 2015-03-05
Hoffman, Laurel R. Investigation of CaMKII activation: a model of self-regulation Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2011-11-30
Hofmeister, Lucas Hudson Development and characterization of a novel microfluidic bioreactor system utilized for examining hemodynamic effects on cellular response Biomedical Engineering 2013-07-05
Hofmeister, Lucas Hudson Development of hemodynamic targeted theranostic nanoparticles for the prevention of atherosclerosis Biomedical Engineering 2015-03-12
Holcomb, Mark Raymond Measurement And Analysis Of Cardiac Tissue During Electrical Stimulation Physics 2007-05-23
Holden, Whitney Marie The Antifungal Arsenal in Amphibian Skin: Innate Immune Defenses Against Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Southern Leopard Frogs Microbiology and Immunology 2014-03-24
Holladay, Melanie Butler Individualism Possessed: The Supernatural Marriage Plot, 1820-1870 English 2006-07-21
Holleran, Katherine Mercedes Regulation of Basal and Ethanol Abstinence-Induced Affective Behaviors by GluN2B-containin NMDA Receptors in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis and Endocannabinoids Neuroscience 2016-02-04
Hollett, Tyler Shannon Remapping learning geographies for youth within and beyond the public library Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2015-05-28
Hollingsworth, Charrise Phillips Defining Social Justice through Service: Implementing Social Justice Curricula in a Human Services Context Community Research and Action 2017-11-21
Hollister, Brittany Marie Examining the Role of Socioeconomic Status on Blood Pressure in African Americans Human Genetics 2017-08-02
Hollo, Alexandra Elizabeth Teacher Talk in General and Special Education Classrooms That Included Children with Problem Behavior Special Education 2013-07-10
Holman, Donald Wood The Death of Dionysos: Formative Experience and Human Autonomy in "Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre" Comparative Literature 2005-04-23
Holmes, Jeffrey Thomas Grant Learning by explaining: the effects of software agents as learning partners Teaching and Learning 2003-11-07
Holmes, Martha J The Identification and Properties of Linked and Knotted flux tubes in Particle Physics Physics 2009-03-30
Holt, Christopher Analysis of single event transients in dynamic logic circuitry Electrical Engineering 2008-04-02
Holt, Jonathan Andrew The systematic ascertainment of structured family health information using an online patient portal Biomedical Informatics 2012-07-25
Holt, Marilyn Elaine Contributions to template priming from the human DNA primase 4Fe-4S cluster domain Chemical and Physical Biology 2019-02-12
Holton, Douglas Lee Enactive Modeling as a Catalyst for Conceptual Understanding: An Example with a Circuit Simulation Teaching and Learning 2006-07-18
Honert, Eric Christian Ankle and Foot Biomechanics during Human Walking: Powerful Insights on Multiarticular Muscles, Soft Tissues, and Toe Joint Dynamics Mechanical Engineering 2019-03-15
Honey, Ngaire Noelle Transportation and Geographic Constraints to Educational Access and School Integration in a Context of School Choice Leadership and Policy Studies 2017-09-25
Hong, Kai Essays on the Effectiveness of Educational Inputs and Organization on Student Achievement, Adult Behaviors and Longevity Economics 2016-07-13
Hong, Ki Bum Brønsted acid promoted olefin functionalization (anti-aminohydroxylation) and progress toward (+)-zwittermicin A Chemistry 2010-03-23
Hong, Nan Hyung The role of cortactin in endolysosomal compartment regulation Cancer Biology 2015-03-18
Hong, Sunghoon The Economics of Network Flows Economics 2012-04-17
Hong, Tu Low-dimensional materials for optoelectronic and bioelectronic applications Electrical Engineering 2017-08-01
Hong, Xin Improved characterization of white matter fiber bundles using diffusion MRI Biomedical Engineering 2006-12-01
Hong, Xin High angular resolution diffusion imaging of brain white matter and its application to schizophrenia Biomedical Engineering 2010-03-29
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