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Gabriel, Curtis Lee The interplay between diet, metabolism and autoimmunity in the B6.SLE mouse model of systemic lupus erythematosus Pathology 2013-03-07
Gadlage, Mark Jacob Analysis of Papain-like Protease Mediated Processing and Roles of the Cleavage Products in Coronavirus Replication Microbiology and Immunology 2010-02-19
Gadlage, Matthew John Impact of Temperature on Single-Event Transients in Deep Submicrometer Bulk and Silicon-On-Insulator Digital CMOS Technologies Electrical Engineering 2010-03-26
Gai, Lili Examining the phase behavior of complex fluids with free energy methods by computer simulation Chemical Engineering 2014-05-27
Gajewski, Paula Kathleen The New York Stock Exchange and the Transformation of Retirement in America History 2016-03-24
Galassie, Allison Caitlin Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of the Human Immune Response Following Influenza Vaccination Chemistry 2017-02-28
Galatos, Nikolaos Varieties of residuated lattices Mathematics 2003-03-31
Galbraith, Kyle Lee Responsible Genetics: Examining Responsibility in Light of Genetic Biotechnologies Religion 2010-04-14
Galbreth, Michael Ryan Managing Condition Variability in Remanufacturing Management 2006-04-03
Galenti, Elizabeth Stark Oral Health Disparities: Children With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Medicine, Health, and Society 2016-03-28
Gallant, Jean-Nicolas EGFR Rearrangements as Oncogenic Drivers and Therapeutic Targets in Lung Cancer Cancer Biology 2017-03-18
Gallerani, Catherine Mary The predictive relation between depression and comorbid psychopathology in adolescents at varied risk for depression Psychology 2008-03-28
Galster, Jason Alan The Effect of Room Volume on Speech Recognition in Enclosures with Similar Mean Reverberation Time Hearing and Speech Sciences 2007-12-06
Gamble-George, Joyonna Carrie Endocannabinoid Augmentation Through Substrate-Selective COX-2 Inhibition: Behavioral and Synaptic Effects In An Animal Model of Stress-Induced Anxiety Neuroscience 2016-07-19
Gamino, Aaron Michael Health and Human Capital Effects of Mandated Dependent Insurance Coverage Economics 2017-07-28
Gandhi, Vishal V Investigating mitochondrial deoxyribonucleotide metabolism and its role in a family of genetic diseases Human Genetics 2011-11-29
Gangwer, Kelly Ann Structural, Functional, and Phylogenetic Analyses of the Helicobacter pylori Vacuolating Toxin (VacA) Microbiology and Immunology 2010-07-08
Gant, Amy Religion, Politics, Print and Public Discourse in Mid-Seventeenth Century England and New England: Two Studies History 2011-05-23
Gant-Branum, Randi Lee Characterization of Post-Translationally Modified Peptides and Proteins Using Lanthanide-Based Labeling Strategies Chemistry 2011-07-20
Gao, Min Age-structured Population Models with Applications Mathematics 2015-07-24
Gao, Nan Forkhead transcription factor regulates prostate-specific gene expression and prostatic morphogenesis: a functional interaction with androgen signaling Cell and Developmental Biology 2004-10-04
Gao, Yandong Microfluidic platforms for cell culture and microenvironment control Mechanical Engineering 2011-11-30
Gao, Yang TV Talk: American Television, Chinese Audiences, and the Pursuit of an Authentic Self Sociology 2012-07-18
Gao, Yuanzhi Essays in commodities and firms Economics 2015-06-04
Gao, Yurui Validation of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Measures of Corticocortical Connectivity in the Brain Biomedical Engineering 2013-03-25
Garbarini, Nicole Jodela Regulation of the neuronal K+-Cl- cotransporter KCC2 by protein associated with MYC Neuroscience 2008-03-31
Garbin, Nicolo Endoscopic and magnetic actuation for miniature lifesaving devices Mechanical Engineering 2019-02-05
Garcia, Bonnie Gale Corticostriatal regulation of medium spiny neuron dendritic remodeling in models of parkinsonism Pharmacology 2010-03-30
Garcia, Christina Valerie Boma Reprogramming of cellular differentiation by the oncogene SYT-SSX2 Cancer Biology 2011-09-22
Garcia, Efrain Eduardo Unraveling the Role of G-proteins in Hallucinogenic Drug Action Pharmacology 2007-03-07
Garcia, Eugenio Victor Astrophysical Laboratories and Advanced Imaging Techniques for Testing Stellar Models: Eclipsing Binaries, High Contrast Imaging, and Optical Interferometry Physics 2016-04-11
Garcia, Martha Las mujeres del Quijote: sus voces, imagenes e influencia en la narrativa Spanish and Portuguese 2005-04-03
Garcia Barrantes, Pedro Manuel Total synthesis of Gombamide A and Actinophenanthroline A. Discovery, optimization and characterization of novel positive allosteric modulators for the metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 1 Chemical and Physical Biology 2016-10-31
Garcia-Fernandez, Anton Rogues in Dialogue: The Literature of Roguery in Spain and England in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries Spanish 2011-11-01
Garcia-Fernandez, Erin Elizabeth "Delicious Plural": The Editorial "We" in Nineteenth-Century Fiction and Periodicals English 2012-11-30
Gardella, Joseph Hiroyuki Promoting School Connectedness For Adolescents Who Experience Multiple Victimization Community Research and Action 2016-03-28
Garg, Ishita A computational approach to pre-align point cloud data for surface registration in image guided liver surgery Biomedical Engineering 2007-11-07
Garmendia, Craig Alexander In vitro replication studies of oligonucleotides containing site-specific DNA adducts in frameshift-prone sequences Chemistry 2008-12-04
Garner, Brette Data Use For Instructional Improvement: Tensions, Concerns, And Possibilities For Supporting Ambitious And Equitable Instruction Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2018-03-24
Garnett, Joy Carleen Maxwell Fisheye Lens As A Waveguide Crossing For Integrated Photonics Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2013-06-03
Garnett, Joy Carleen The Evolution of Surface Symmetry in Femtosecond Laser-Induced Transient States of Matter Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2017-03-27
Garretson, Jeremiah J Changing Media, Chaning Minds: The Lesbian and Gay Movement, Television, and Public Opinion Political Science 2009-08-26
Garrett, Dawn Marie Parental Perceptions of Body Weight in Toddlers and Preschool Children Nursing Science 2008-07-10
Garrison, Anne Louisa Understanding Teacher and Contextual Factors that Influence the Enactment of Cognitively Demanding Mathematics Tasks Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2013-06-07
Garrison, Sarah Mason Decomposing the causes of the SES-health gradient with biometrical modeling Psychology 2016-11-16
Gaslowitz, Joshua Zachary Characterizations of Graphs Without Certain Small Minors Mathematics 2018-03-26
Gaspard, Nelson Joseph III Impact of well structure on SE response in 90-nm bulk CMOS Electrical Engineering 2011-04-12
Gaspard, Nelson Joseph III Single-Event Upset Technology Scaling Trends of Unhardened and Hardened Flip-Flops in Bulk CMOS Electrical Engineering 2017-03-16
Gasser, Benjamin William Design of an Upper-Limb Exoskeleton for Functional Assistance of Bimanual Activities of Daily Living Mechanical Engineering 2019-11-09
Gault, Melanie Ann Infrared neural stimulation of Aplysia californica Biomedical Engineering 2011-07-29
Gaur, Girija U. Quantum dot integrated silicon photonic devices for optical sensor applications Electrical Engineering 2015-11-17
Gaur, Pooja Advancements in MRI Temperature Map Reconstruction for Real-Time Guidance of Thermal Therapies Chemical and Physical Biology 2016-03-28
Gayek, Anna Sophia Not Just for Pulling Chromosomes: The Role of Kinetochore-Microtubules in Enforcing Bipolarity of the Human Mitotic Spindle Cell and Developmental Biology 2016-03-28
Geanes, Alexander Richard Development and application of ligand-based computational methods for de-novo drug design and virtual screening Chemistry 2016-11-17
Gebhart, Steven Charles Liquid-crystal tunable filter spectral imaging for discrimination between normal and neoplastic tissues in the brain Biomedical Engineering 2006-11-27
Geil, Robert Druhan Analysis of High-k Dielectric Thin Films with Time-of-Flight Medium Energy Backscattering Chemical Engineering 2005-05-19
Geller, Joanna Danielle Probing the relationship between volunteering and substance abuse in adolescence: A test of two explanations. Human and Organizational Development 2011-09-08
Geller, Joanna Danielle Re-Imagining School Communities: An Exploration of the Factors Influencing Teachers' Trust in Parents Community Research and Action 2014-11-16
Geng, Difei Essays on Intellectual Property Protection and Product Standards in the Global Economy Economics 2016-07-11
Geng, Yipeng A mechanism for exosite-mediated factor IX activation by factor XIa Pathology 2014-03-24
Genkins, Daniel Noble Entangled Empires: Anglo-Spanish Competition in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean History 2018-07-19
Gentry, Amanda Cormine Role of DNA interactions in modulating the activity of human topoisomerases and anticancer drugs Biochemistry 2011-03-15
Gentry, Matthew Loren Essays on the Analysis of Selection and Search Economics 2012-07-06
Gentry, Patrick Ryan Discovery, Optimization, and Characterization of Novel Subtype-Selective M5 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor Ligands Chemical and Physical Biology 2014-07-18
George, Andrea Kus An Examination of Communication, Information, and Resource Management Linkages among Community Hospitals and Emergency Management Agencies Environmental Engineering 2007-04-05
George, Gregory Joseph Characterization of salinity sources in southwestern Bangladesh evaluated through surface water and groundwater geochemical analyses Earth and Environmental Sciences 2013-11-27
George, Mekha Raichie Studies of ultra high temperature ceramic composite components: synthesis and characterization of HfOxCy and Si oxidation in atomic oxygen containing environments Chemical Engineering 2008-07-21
Georgescu, Walter Quantifying cancer cell motility in an in vitro system Biomedical Engineering 2012-06-04
Gephart, Jonathan David The trafficking of amphiregulin in polarized epithelial cells Cell and Developmental Biology 2011-07-11
Gerbasi, Robert Vincent Functional analysis of RNP complexes in eukaryotic mRNA translation Microbiology and Immunology 2007-03-13
Gerding, Jason Scott Verdazyl-based Bent-Core Liquid Crystals Chemistry 2015-03-30
Gerdon, Aren Elliott Peptide Epitope Functionalized Monolayer-Protected Clusters for Life Science Applications Chemistry 2006-12-07
Germane, Katherine Lynn Structural and Functional Studies of Virulence Factor Homologs EspG and VirA Microbiology and Immunology 2011-08-23
Germans Gard, Marja Katinka Sex differences in the time course of emotion Psychology 2004-08-27
Gesel, Samantha Ann Comparing Schedules of Progress Monitoring Using Curriculum-Based Measurement in Reading: A Replication Study Special Education 2019-06-18
Ghafouri, Amin Resilient Anomaly Detection in Cyber-Physical Systems Computer Science 2018-02-15
Ghose, Dipanwita Novel insights into multisensory processing in the superior colliculus Psychology 2013-06-24
Ghosh, Nikkon CNT field emission cell with built-in electron beam source for electron stimulated amplified field emission Electrical Engineering 2008-08-04
Ghosh, Nikkon Monolithic multifinger lateral nanodiamond electron emission devices Electrical Engineering 2012-10-24
Ghosh, Ritwik Stathmin Mediated Tumor Progression Through Androgens And TGF-beta Signaling Cancer Biology 2007-08-30
Ghoshal, Ayan Functional reorganization of barrel cortex following atypical sensory rearing experiences: the effect on cortical spike synchrony Psychology 2011-01-25
Gibbons, Hunter Ramsdell T-Helper Polarization: Regulation by Noncoding RNA and Super-Enhancers Microbiology and Immunology 2019-10-03
Gibbons, John Gregory The Function and Evolution of the Aspergillus Genome Biological Sciences 2012-06-25
Gibbons, Lynsey Kay Examining mathematics coaches in supporting teachers to develop ambitious instructional practices: a three-paper dissertation investigating context, knowledge, and practice Teaching, Learning, and Diversity 2012-07-18
Gibson, Brandt Michael Ediacaran-style Decay Experiments using Mollusks and Sea Anemones Earth and Environmental Sciences 2017-07-17
Gibson, Brian Travis Custom Low-Cost Force Measurement Methods In Friction Stir Welding Mechanical Engineering 2011-03-16
Gibson, Brian Travis The Development of In-Process Monitoring and Control Techniques for Aerospace Applications of Friction Stir Welding Mechanical Engineering 2015-03-16
Gibson, Chelsea Lynn Neurodegeneration and Metabolomic Impact of Genetic Elimination of the Orphan Metallo Beta-Lactamase, SWIP-10/MBLAC1 Neuroscience 2018-03-23
Gibson, Elizabeth Grace Overcoming fluoroquinolone resistance: Mechanistic basis of non-quinolone antibacterials targeting type II topoisomerases Pharmacology 2019-03-04
Gibson, Lauren Elizabeth Development of Sensitive Biomolecule Detection Strategies for Low-Resource Settings Chemistry 2017-04-07
Gibson, Robert Michael Spasmodic Effervescence: Outsiders' Perspectives on Revolutionary Nationalism in Germany, 1815-1848. The Aesthetics of Propaganda: Weimar Continuities in Filmic Representations of Frederick the Great History 2011-07-18
Gibson, Tyler J. Exhaust Gas Energy Reclamation With a Pneumatic Boost Converter Mechanical Engineering 2017-07-20
Giesy, Timothy Joel Characterization of mass transfer in adsorbents for use in oxygen separation from air. Chemical Engineering 2014-03-20
Gifford, Aliya MRI characterization of brown adipose tissue in adult humans with validation by PET-CT Chemical and Physical Biology 2016-03-25
Giganti, Mark Joseph Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Error-Prone Electronic Health Records: Impact of Source Data Verification, Time Discretized Multiple Imputation, and Variance Estimation with Incompatible Imputation and Analysis Models Biostatistics 2018-08-23
Gigli, Kristin Hittle Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Role in Care Delivery within Pediatric Intensive Care Units Nursing Science 2017-07-06
Gil, Daniel Ari Assessing Tracheal Health Using Optical Metabolic Imaging and Optical Coherence Tomography Biomedical Engineering 2016-11-21
Gilbert, Hunter Bryant Concentric Tube Robots: Design, Deployment, and Stability Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-20
Gilbert, Jennifer K. Word and Person Effects on Decoding Accuracy Special Education 2010-07-22
Gilbert Corder, Stephanie Nicole Ultrafast relaxation dynamics and optical properties of GaAs and GaAs-based heterostructures Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2014-11-17
Gillespie, Amy Marie Writing to Learn in Science: Effects on Fourth-Grade Students' Understanding of Balance Special Education 2014-06-06
Gillespie-Marthaler, Leslie Building Adaptive Capacity to Climate Hazard Scenarios through Use of the Sustainable Resilience Framework Environmental Engineering 2019-03-19
Gillman, Amelie R. Correlating MALDI-IMS and MRI diffusion measurements in the C6 rat glioma tumor model Biomedical Engineering 2009-03-30
Gillum, Heather The Relationships between Achievement in Basic Reading and Language and Achievement in Reading Comprehension across the School Years Hearing and Speech Sciences 2006-03-28
Gilmore, Kelly Anne Development of Drug Delivery Vehicles for Biomedical Applications Chemistry 2017-07-19
Gilmour, Allison Frances Examining the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities and Teacher Attrition Special Education 2017-03-06
Gilson, Carly Blustein Video-Based Instruction to Promote Employment-Related Social Behaviors for High School Students with Severe Intellectual Disability Special Education 2017-03-14
Ginther, Matthew Raymond Neural and Cognitive Bases of Human Punishment Behavior Neuroscience 2017-03-26
Giordano, Lara Kirsch Redemptive Criticism: Sigmund Freud, Walter Benjamin, Stanley Cavell and Democratic Culture Philosophy 2015-03-19
Giri, Ayush Modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for pelvic organ prolapse Epidemiology 2015-11-02
Gizzie, Evan Alexander Enhancing Electron Transfer at the Protein/Electrode Interface: Applications in Bioderived Solar Energy Conversion and Electrochemical Biosensors Chemistry 2017-02-07
Glandon, Philip John The Economics of Sales Economics 2011-07-20
Glass, Evan B. Balancing Copper-Induced Cytotoxicity with Conjugation Efficiency in "Click" Chemistry of Polymeric Nanoparticles Biomedical Engineering 2018-11-15
Glass, Zipporah G. Land, labor and law: viewing Persian Yehud's economy through socio-economic modeling Religion 2010-07-19
Glendening, Zachary Shaw Risk Models for Returns to Housing Instability Among Families Experiencing Homelessness Human and Organizational Development 2017-07-07
Glenn, Kimberly Renee The Role of Physical Activity and Obesity in the Occurrence of Major Cardiovascular Events and Mortality among a Low-Income Population with Diabetes Epidemiology 2014-06-30
Glisson, Courtenay Locke Comparison and assessment of semiautomatic image segmentation in computed tomography scans of the kidney. Biomedical Engineering 2010-03-31
Glover, Thomas Grant Novel Adsorbent Synthesis, Diffusion in Nanoporous Materials, and Adsorption System Optimization Chemical Engineering 2008-03-28
Glynn, Sarah Jane Doing what you’ve got to do: the role of working conditions on musicians’ work behaviors Sociology 2008-03-31
Glynn, Sarah Jane You think it, they ink it: Interactive service encounters in the tattoo industry Sociology 2017-03-27
Gnecco, Juan Sebastian Determining the Role of the Perivascular Microenvironment on Reproductive Function in an Organ-on-Chip Model of the Human Endometrium Pathology 2018-03-26
Goates, Nathan Reputation as a Basis for Trust Management 2008-04-02
Gobbel, Glenn Temple Assisted annotation of biomedical text using rapTAT, an online learning-based tool Biomedical Informatics 2013-12-02
Godlove, David Christian Execution and evaluation of eye movements: from muscles to medial frontal cortex Neuroscience 2013-09-20
Godwin, Franklin Douglass Investigations of the global network properties of attention and awareness Psychology 2016-03-23
Goettel, Jeremy Allen Kinase suppressor of Ras 1 is a functional protein kinase and protects from experimental colitis in mice by regulating T lymphocyte IFN-γ production Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-08-03
Goff, Peter Trabert Principals as Teachers: Measures of quality & distribution in the school leadership labor supply Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-07-18
Goh, Meng Hun The Middle Voice of Love in I Corinthians: Reading Singularity and Plurality from Different Cultures Religion 2014-11-24
Goldman, Samantha E Using School-Home Communication to Reduce Problem Behaviors in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Special Education 2016-07-07
Gollub, Sarah Louise Systematic Investigation of Defect-Mediated Photoluminescence Through Radiation-Induced Displacement Damage Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2015-03-23
Gomez, Nithin Michael Incident duration model and secondary incident causation model based on archived traffic management center data Civil Engineering 2005-04-04
Gomez Maqueo Chew, Yilen On the Analysis of Two Low-Mass, Eclipsing Binary Systems in the Young Orion Nebula Cluster Physics 2010-07-26
Gomez Zuluaga, Pablo Fernando Bodies of encounter: health, illness and death in the early modern African-Spanish Caribbean. History 2010-06-07
Goncharov, Vladimir Anatoliy Nonlinear optical response: New in silico Methods and Features Physics 2014-03-21
Gong, Huiqi Single-event transients in Indium Gallium Arsenide MOSFETs for Sub-10 nm CMOS technology Electrical Engineering 2018-09-17
Gonzalez, Eric The Kinetic and Chemical Mechanisms of Human Cytochrome P450 17A1 Biochemistry 2017-04-10
Gonzalez-Rivera, Christian Structure and Function of the Helicobacter pylori VacA p33 Domain Microbiology and Immunology 2013-03-15
Goodin, Christopher Angular correlations of prompt gamma-rays from the spontaneous fission of 252Cf Physics 2008-07-23
Goodings, Charnise Amoré Analyzing the mechanisms of LMO2-induced T-cell leukemia and the functional dissection of the LMO2 target HHEX in adult hematopoiesis Cancer Biology 2015-03-08
Goodman, Michael Christopher Investigations of the enzymatic mechanisms and inhibition of prostaglandin E2 biosynthesis Chemistry 2018-03-20
Goodrich, Warren Scott Behavior of Extended Shear Tabs in Stiffened Beam-to-Column Web Connections Civil Engineering 2005-07-25
Goodwin, Cody Ray Advanced Structural Mass Spectrometry for Metabolomics Chemistry 2013-02-26
Goodwin, Craig Matthew Targeting K-Ras, Pak-1, And Mcl-1 for the Treatment of Cancer Pharmacology 2015-11-17
Gorbunov, Alexander V. Performance funding in public higher education: Determinants of policy shifts Leadership and Policy Studies 2013-06-28
Gorchichko, Mariia Total-Ionizing-Dose Effects and Low-Frequency Noise in 30-nm Gate-Length Bulk and SOI FinFETs with SiO2/HfO2 Gate Dielectrics Electrical Engineering 2019-11-14
Gordon, Andrew Young Contrast-Enhanced Optical Coherence Tomography Using Gold Nanorods Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2019-06-19
Gordon, Odaine Narado Oxidative Transformation of Curcumin: Products and Reaction Mechanisms Pharmacology 2014-03-25
Gordon, Stephen Michael Cognitive map generation for localization and navigation from 3-D laser scan images Electrical Engineering 2005-03-31
Gordon, Stephen Michael Investigating the cognitive processing of experience for decision making in robots: accounting for internal states and appraisals Electrical Engineering 2009-03-27
Gordy, Laura Elizabeth Repertoire selection and effector differentiation during NKT cell development Microbiology and Immunology 2012-03-29
Gorlewicz, Jenna Lynn The Efficacy of Surface Haptics and Force Feedback in Education Mechanical Engineering 2013-03-22
Gorman, Henry Grey A Contact Threesome: Americans, Arabs, and Imperialists History 2015-03-23
Gorman, Henry Grey Pilgrim's (Scientific) Progress: Natural History, Vision, and Sacred Geography in Palestine History 2015-04-06
Gorman, Henry Grey American Ottomans: Protestant Missionaries in the Service of an Islamic Empire History 2019-08-18
Gorman, Sarah Magdelene The Role of Waste in Modern Political Philosophy Philosophy 2019-07-18
Gormley, Thomas Chester Assessment of the Environmental and Economic Impact of Air Changes in a Hospital Operating Room Civil Engineering 2016-11-10
Gorrindo, Phillip Translational investigations of gastrointestinal comorbidities in children with autism Neuroscience 2011-11-26
Gosnell, Heather Brown Stress- and Drug-Dependent Regulation of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2011-03-28
Gosnell, Jonathan David A Phosphor-based Light-emitting Diode Using White-light Cadmium Selenide Nanocrystals Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2010-03-31
Gould, Rachel Elizabeth "Restless and still Unsatisfied We Roam": Politics and Gender in Eliza Haywood's The Fair Captive English 2015-11-20
Govindan, Jothi Amaranath On the molecular mechanisms controlling oocyte meiotic maturation in Caenorhabditis elegans Cell and Developmental Biology 2008-01-16
Gowrishankar, Raajaram Modeling Molecular And Physiological Contributions To Dopamine-Associated Neuropsychiatric Disorders Neuroscience 2018-06-06
Grady, Nathan Ryan Hydroxyl Tagging Velocimetry in a Supersonic Flow Over a Ramped-Wall Cavity Flameholder with an Upstream Strut Mechanical Engineering 2010-12-10
Grady, Nathan Ryan Laser Diagnostics of Turbulent Flames in High Speed Flows Mechanical Engineering 2015-07-22
Graepel, Kevin Whittle Tracing adaptive pathways in a proofreading-deficient coronavirus Microbiology and Immunology 2019-05-14
Grandillo, Jessica Louise Structural and Mechanistic Observations of the FosX Class of Fosfomycin Resistance Proteins Biochemistry 2006-11-21
Grannan, Michael David Evaluating Novel Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor Potentiators for the Treatment of Cognitive Deficits in Schizophrenia Pharmacology 2016-11-21
Grant, Ryan Timothy The Effect of Diminishing Manufacturing Sources on Legacy Systems Using System Dynamics Management of Technology 2006-04-03
Gray, Bradley S. Global Leaders: Defining Relevant Leadership for the 21st Century Leadership and Policy Studies 2006-11-29
Gray, Steven James Functional components of a mammalian origin of DNA replication and the possible role of an origin in human Fragile X Mental Retardation Molecular Biology 2006-08-24
Gray, Tami Michelle Automatic Volcanic Ash Detection from MODIS Observations using a Back-Propagation Neural Network Earth and Environmental Sciences 2015-03-20
Gray, Tyson-Lord Justice Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology): Black Culture, Aesthetics, and the Search for a 'Green' Community Religion 2014-03-29
Graydon, Benjamin Thomas Marketing Fictions: Product Branding in American Literature and Culture, 1890-1915 English 2008-08-29
Grayson, Britney L Gene expression and copy number variation in common complex diseases Microbiology and Immunology 2010-12-10
Greaving, Jason James Fabrication and Characterization of Diamond Thin Films as Nanocarbon Transistor Substrates Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2013-07-10
Green, Blake Allen Working Toward a Legal, Scientific, and Philosophical Conception of Mental Capacity Philosophy 2014-07-18
Green, Christa Lynn Home-schooling as an extreme form of parental involvement Psychology 2005-03-04
Green, Christa L. Linking parental motivations for involvement and student proximal achievement outcomes in home-schooling and public-schooling settings Psychology 2008-03-17
Green, Noah Hammond Perinatal Photoperiod Affects the Serotonergic System and Affective Behaviors Biological Sciences 2015-06-29
Greene, Jason Rapid Online Measurement of Amino Acid Flux of Continuously Perifused Cells Biological and Applied Chemistry 2009-10-09
Greenplate, Allison Rae A Comprehensive Framework for Systems Immune Monitoring in Patients with Cancer Microbiology and Immunology 2018-03-22
Greer, Andrew Louis Ecological neighborhood-differences in mortgage default: investments in homes and communities Community Research and Action 2010-11-28
Greer, Andrew Louis Preventing Homelessness in Alameda County, CA and New York City, NY: Investigating Effectiveness and Efficiency Community Research and Action 2014-07-13
Greer, Michael J. Exploring the Utility of Ratio-based Co-expression Networks using a GPU Implementation of Semantic Similarity Biomedical Informatics 2017-11-13
Grega Larson, Nathan Eric Investigating a Role for the Actin Nucleator Cordon-Bleu in Brush Border Assembly Cell and Developmental Biology 2016-10-12
Gregory, Justin Mark Effect of Electron and Phonon Excitation on the Optical Properties of Indirect Gap Semiconductors Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2013-03-19
Gren, Cameron Karl Synthesis and structures of main group organometallic complexes with sterically bulky allyl ligands Chemistry 2009-07-23
Grenvicz, Lisa Olivia Redefining the “supplement” in 18th-century French travel literature: 1750-1789 French 2012-12-07
Grieb, Brian Charles The Function of MTBP in Proliferation, Tumorigenesis and Tumor Cell Maintenance Pathology 2014-07-15
Grier, Mark Donald Unraveling the Gene/Environment Knot in Neurodevelopmental Disease: Focus on Angelman Syndrome Interdisciplinary Studies: Developmental Neuropharmacology 2015-06-01
Grifenhagen, Jill Freiberg Nurturing Word Learners: Children’s Opportunities for Vocabulary Learning in Head Start Classrooms Teaching and Learning 2012-11-27
Griffin, Megan Marie Participation in transition planning among high school students with autism spectrum disorders Special Education 2012-07-09
Griffith, Candice Denise Inclusion of Fatigue Effects in Human Reliability Analysis Civil and Enviromental Engineering 2013-04-05
Grimaldi, Ashley Dyan A Role for CLASPs in the Regulation of the Major Microtubule +TIP Complex Organizers, End-Binding Proteins Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-06-18
Grimes, Matthew Glenn To thine own self be true?: the process and consequences of ‘pivoting’ during idea-stage entrepreneurship Management 2012-05-14
Groenert, Valeska Strategic Equilibrium in Social Networks and Games: Theory and Applications Economics 2009-07-10
Groseclose, Mark Reid High-throughput analysis of tissue microarrays of disease: combining in situ proteomics with MALDI imaging mass spectrometry Chemistry 2009-07-23
Gross, Christopher Lee Spirituality and Religion as a Social Determinant and Social Mediator of Health Medicine, Health, and Society 2015-07-29
Grove, Kerri Jaye Imaging Mass Spectrometry for the Elucidation of Lipid and Protein Changes in Diabetic Nephropathy and Assessment of Drug Efficacy Chemistry 2014-07-07
Grover, Vandana Kaminie From fats to fluorescent fish: lipid modifications of sonic hedgehog ligand dictate cellular reception and signal response Neuroscience 2011-12-06
Grueter, Brad Alan Metabotropic glutamate receptor mediated synaptic plasticity in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis as a target for stress, anxiety and addiction disorders Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2006-01-19
Grueter, Chad Eric Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II regulates cardiac l-type Ca2+ channels via the beta subunit Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2006-11-13
Gruhn, Meredith Adele Testing specificity in the relationship between parenting and child psychopathology in children of depressed parents Psychology 2013-04-02
Gruver, Jonathan Scott Towards a Unified Understanding of Eukaryotic Cell Motility Pharmacology 2010-01-28
Gu, Chang Auditory cortical narrowing to native speech: changes across development and implications for reading difficulty Psychology 2014-11-25
Guardiola-Sáenz, Leticia Aída Jesus the borderlander: hybridity as survival strategy and model for political change. A Cultural Representation from the Gospel of John Religion 2009-08-11
Guckes, Kirsten Raquel Investigating QseBC and PmrAB two-component system cross-interactions Microbiology and Immunology 2017-02-23
Guerrero Ayala, Leon Guzmán sentenciado: El nacimiento de la picaresca y la retórica legal en tiempos de Felipe II Spanish and Portuguese 2016-11-28
Guglielmi, Kristen Marie Structure-function analysis of mammalian orthoreovirus attachment protein ó1 Microbiology and Immunology 2008-03-24
Gui, Bin A unitary tensor product theory for unitary vertex operator algebra modules Mathematics 2018-06-27
Guillot, Kathryn Marie Speech Perception in Children with Cochlear Implants for Continua Varying in Formant Transition Duration Hearing and Speech Sciences 2011-11-29
Gulati, Navneet Modeling and observer-based robust control design for energy-dense monopropellant powered actuators Mechanical Engineering 2005-11-22
Guler, Gulfem Dilek Human DNA helicase B in replication fork surveillance and replication stress recovery Biological Sciences 2011-12-29
Gulka, Christopher Peter Gold as a Sensing Platform for the Rapid Detection of Explosives and Malarial Biomarkers Chemistry 2014-11-19
Gunda, Thushara The Water-Food Nexus: A Data-driven, Interdisciplinary Approach to Inform Decision Making in Sri Lanka Environmental Engineering 2017-07-31
Guney, Michelle Aylin The Role of Connective Tissue Growth Factor in Islet Morphogenesis and Beta Cell Proliferation Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2011-03-25
Gunther, Darlene Photosystem I From Higher Plants Enhances Electrode Performance Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2013-03-25
Guo, Lei Search for S=+1 exotic baryon in γp→π+K-K+n Physics 2004-04-08
Guo, Lixiong Essays in Corporate Governance Management 2012-05-18
Guo, Liyun Development and testing of a biofeedback system for wheelchair propulsion analysis Mechanical Engineering 2012-03-30
Guo, Ruijing Development of polyurethane scaffolds with controlled mechanical strength and inner structure as potential cell/drug delivery system for tissue regeneration Chemical Engineering 2015-03-23
Guo, Yin Interleukin-15-mediated immunotoxicity and exacerbation of sepsis: role of natural killer cells and interferon γ Microbiology and Immunology 2016-09-30
Guo, Yuanjun Homeodomain-Interacting Protein Kinase 2 (HIPK2), a Novel Kinase Regulator in the Heart Pharmacology 2019-11-18
Guo, Zhengfeng Three essays on nonlinear time series econometrics Economics 2011-05-25
Guo, Zhiyong Day-to-day dynamics and system reliability in urban traffic networks Civil Engineering 2006-03-31
Guo, Ziyi Essays on Macroeconomics and Dynamic Factor Models Economics 2013-06-22
Gupta, Aparna Neuroendocrine prostate tumors mimic endocrine differentiation of pancreatic beta cells in 12t-10 mice: foxa2 and mash-1 the key players in neuroendocrine differentiation of prostate tumors. Cancer Biology 2007-07-30
Gupta, Jyoti Toward Political Community: Navigating Civic Conditions and Civic Positions in the Creative Economy Human and Organizational Development 2019-04-07
Gupta, Jyoti Rose is not an approved color: Discourses of place meaning and the politics of gentrification Community Research and Action 2017-03-20
Gupta, Rajnish Anand Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor gamma (PPARg) is a Regulator of Colorectal Cancer Cell Growth and Differentiation Cell and Developmental Biology 2004-03-31
Gupta, Shobhana Satyendra Structural and Functional Analysis of the Helicobacter pylori Response Regulator ArsR Microbiology and Immunology 2009-08-05
Gupta, Vikash Kinematic Analysis of a Thumb-Exoskeleton System for Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Mechanical Engineering 2010-06-17
Guragain, Kiran Kumar Documentation management and generation for domain-specific models Computer Science 2010-07-27
Guratzsch, Robert Frank Sensor Placement Optimization Under Uncertainty for Structural Health Monitoring Systems of Hot Aerospace Structures. Civil Engineering 2007-03-29
Gurba, Katharine Nicole Effects of Epilepsy-Associated Mutations on GABAA Receptor Assembly, Trafficking, and Function Neuroscience 2013-07-17
Gursel Sevin, Tugba Caras de España y de la Diáspora sefardita Spanish 2014-07-02
Gustafson, Samantha Jordan Cortical Associates of Speech-in-Noise Perception from Childhood to Adulthood Hearing and Speech Sciences 2017-11-14
Gustin, Richard Michael The role of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent kinase II in normal and abnormal early postnatal development Pharmacology 2010-06-28
Guthrie, James Edward Three Studies on the Dynamics of Teacher and School Effectiveness Leadership and Policy Studies 2016-04-19
Gutierrez, Dario Alejandro Effects of Leptin Receptor, C-C Chemokine Receptor 2 and Complement Factor 5 Deficiency on Mouse Immunometabolism Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2012-03-26
Gutman, Jennifer Marilyn Cyborg Storytelling: Virtual Embodiment in Jennifer Egan's "Black Box" English 2018-09-23
Guyer, Richard Allen Tumor suppressor mechanisms of the polarity protein Par3 Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-07-17

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