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Faber, Kenneth Mark The Totality, the Individual, and Their Relation: A Study of the Nature of Reality and the Significance of Life Philosophy 2015-07-31
Fadeyi, Olugbeminiyi Application of organocatalysis to the synthesis of pharmacological relevant scaffolds: chiral β-fluoroamines and aziridines. Total synthesis of carpanone, polemannone b & c and brevisamide, and a general approach for the construction of azabicyclic ring-containing alkaloids Chemistry 2011-06-27
Fadlon, Yariv Essays on Statistical Discrimination and on the Payoff to Publishing in Economics Journals Economics 2010-07-27
Fagan, Keenan Patrick The Problems of Communicative Language Teaching for Chinese Student Teachers in an American TESOL Practicum and Our Post-Lesson Dialogue for Solutions Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2019-03-20
Fain, Joshua Stephen Fabrication, Characterization, and Applications of Porous Silicon Metal-Oxide Nanocomposites Electrical Engineering 2019-03-25
Fakhruddin, Sahar A National Security, Economization, and the Rhetoric of Refugee and Veteran PTSD Medicine, Health, and Society 2019-03-25
Faley, Shannon Leigh Development of a novel microfluidic platform to study T cell signaling Biomedical Engineering 2007-07-27
Fan, Jing Models of Adaptation in Intelligent Human-Machine Interaction and Their Applications to Elder Care and Autism Spectrum Disorder Intervention Electrical Engineering 2019-05-14
Fan, Qianqian Effects of visuospatial and verbal processing on traumatic intrusions Psychology 2013-05-30
Fan, Qiuyun Diffusion Tensor Imaging reveals correlations between brain connectivity and children's reading abilities Biomedical Engineering 2011-03-27
Fan, Qiuyun Improved Assessment of Reading Networks in the Brain Using Diffusion MRI Biomedical Engineering 2013-03-20
Fan, Reuben Hsing Topography and functional organization of extrastriate areas V3 and V4 Neuroscience 2012-09-01
Fan, Run Development of prognostic model for breast cancer in Shanghai Breast Cancer Survival Study (SBCSS) Biostatistics 2015-07-17
Fananapazir, Nafeh Development and evaluation of a prototype system for automated analysis of clinical mass spectrometry data Biomedical Informatics 2007-07-24
Fang, Dan "Your Wish is My Command" and Other Fictions: Reluctant Possessions in Richard Burton's "Aladdin" English 2011-06-10
Fang, Dan Magical Objects in Victorian Literature: Enchantment, Narrative Imagination, and the Power of Things English 2015-07-17
Fang, Meisha Has No Child Left Behind Enhanced School Efficiency Leadership and Policy Studies 2010-03-31
Fang, Pei-chun Yoko Motor systems of frontal lobe in prosimian galagos: areas, nuclei, and connections Psychology 2005-02-28
Fang, Wei Bin The Role of EphA2 RTK in Breast Cancer Cell Malignancy and Tumor Angiogenesis Cancer Biology 2008-08-22
Fanning, Joseph B. Genetic Counseling and the Spirit of Communication Religion 2008-03-29
Farley, Adam Richard Assessing the Components of the eIF3 Complex and Their Phosphorylation Status Biochemistry 2011-12-01
Farris, Ryan James Design of a Multi-Disc Electromechanical Brake Mechanical Engineering 2009-11-19
Farris, Ryan James Design of a Powered Lower-Limb Exoskeleton and Control for Gait Assistance in Paraplegics Mechanical Engineering 2012-02-22
Fathel, Siobhan L. Dynamics of desert-shrub populations in regulating soil transport based on plant-size scaling relevant to climate-change timescales Earth and Environmental Sciences 2013-07-05
Fathel, Siobhan L. Experimental Analysis of Bed Load Sediment Motions Using High-Speed Imagery in Support of Statistical Mechanics Theory Environmental Engineering 2016-11-10
Faughnan, Brian Matthew Substituting the State: The Effects of the National Federation of Colombian Coffee-Growers on Democratic Behaviors and Attitudes Political Science 2013-08-01
Faulkner, Christopher James Investigation of electrochemical interfaces for the development of novel electrodes for biomimetic energy conversion and hydrogen fuel cells Chemical Engineering 2010-02-08
Favret, Derek Joe Analysis on the Potential Implications of a Terrorist Attack at U.S. Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facilities Physics 2006-07-21
Fear, Jessica Marie Children of Depressed Parents: Interparental Conflict, Self-Blame, and Coping Psychology 2007-03-29
Fear, Jessica M. Coping as a Mediator in a Preventive Intervention for Children and Adolescents of Parents with Depression Psychology 2009-05-28
Feaster, Tromondae Kenta Implementation of human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte to model excitation-contraction coupling in health and disease Pharmacology 2015-11-18
Federman, Jeremy Effects of musical training on speech understanding in noise Hearing and Speech Sciences 2011-12-01
Federspiel, Joel Davis Dynamic Regulation of Apoptosis Signal-Regulating Kinase 1 Biochemistry 2016-04-05
Fehd, Hilda M. Eye movement strategies during attentional tracking Psychology 2009-03-24
Feigenbaum, Ahram Samuel Applications of Modular Forms to Geometry and Interpolation Problems Mathematics 2019-10-17
Feigerle, Jordan Taylor Molecular Genetic Dissection of the RNA Polymerase II Transcription Factor D (TFIID) Subunit Taf2 Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2016-12-13
Felix, James Andrew The Radiation Response and Long Term Reliability of High-k gate dielectrics Electrical Engineering 2003-12-03
Felton, Julia Widney Examination of Weight Change as a Symptom of Depression in Children and Adolescents Psychology 2007-04-20
Felton, Julia Widney An Examination of the Cognitive, Personality, and Social Components Associated with Gender Differences in Rates of Depression Psychology 2011-12-01
Feng, Yi Autoregulation of ADAR2 function by RNA editing. Pharmacology 2005-12-02
Fenix, Aidan Mandy Constructing Contractile Ensembles: How Cells Build Units of Force Generation Cell and Developmental Biology 2018-11-08
Fenn, Larissa Spell Detection and characterization of glycans and glycoconjugates using ion mobility-mass spectrometry Chemistry 2010-04-12
Fennessy, Grant Autonomous Vehicle End-to-End Reinforcement Learning Model and the Effects of Image Segmentation on Model Quality Computer Science 2019-03-12
Fentress, Hugh Montrell Human 5-HT2C receptor variants: functional properties and genetic associations in major depressive disorder Neuroscience 2005-06-20
Ferguson, Jenifer Lynn Exploring the Cell Cycle-Regulated Degradation of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Telomerase Recruitment Subunit Est1 Biological Sciences 2013-03-25
Ferguson, Merideth From Bad to Worse: A Social Contagion Model of Organizational Misbehavior Management 2007-03-28
Ferranti, Lori Burch Medical Decision Making: The Usage of Medical Registries and The Influence of Educational Background Interdisciplinary Studies: Management of Technology 2009-04-06
Ferrara, Davon Wayne Plasmonic Interactions in Gold::Vanadium Dioxide Hybrid Nanostructures Physics 2011-04-15
Ferrer, Rosa Essays on economic incentives related to the law Economics 2009-03-27
Ferriman, Kimberley Work preferences, life values, and personal views of top math/science graduate students and the profoundly gifted: developmental changes and sex differences during young adulthood and parenthood Psychology 2008-05-02
Fetterly, Tracy Lynne Dissecting the Stress Recruitment of BNST CRF Neurons: Regulation of Glutamatergic Inputs via Gi-coupled GPCR Signaling Neuroscience 2018-09-16
Fey, Erin Elizabeth Phased Whole-Genome Detection and Analysis of Structural Variants of Invasive Ductal and Lobular Breast Cancer Cell Lines Pathology 2019-10-23
Finch, Maida Alice Macro Changes in a Minute Amount of Time: How Race to the Top is Changing Education Policy in Tennessee Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-03-26
Finley, Pierce Stephen A Study of Multifunctional Slope Adaptive Behaviors in Ankle Prostheses Mechanical Engineering 2019-07-17
Finn, Shane Thomas The development of petaled molybdenum disulfide as a versatile and sustainable electrocatalyst for alternative energy technologies. Chemistry 2017-03-22
Fintzi, Anat Rina Is there stimulus-driven attention without awareness? Psychology 2016-07-22
Fioret, Bryan Adam Endothelial cells serve as a cardiac progenitor population in the adult heart during homeostasis and contribute to repair after ischemic injury Pharmacology 2014-07-02
Fischer, Axel Walter In silico prediction of protein structures and ensembles Chemistry 2018-01-13
Fischer, Melissa Ann The characterization of the role of myeloid translocation gene 16 in hematopoietic progenitor and stem cell functions Biochemistry 2011-08-12
Fischer, Rachel Anne Significance of Potassium Homeostasis for Neurodegeneration in Glaucoma Pharmacology 2019-09-04
Fischer, Remington Eric Properties of stretched 830 EW Aquivion Chemical Engineering 2012-06-11
Fish, Alexandra Elizabeth Leveraging gene expression and local ancestry to investigate regulatory epistasis in humans Human Genetics 2017-03-24
Fisher, Benjamin William School Resource Officers, Exclusionary Discipline, and the Role of Context Community Research and Action 2016-04-11
Fisher, Christopher Michael An exotic southern and central Appalachian basement: Pb and Nd isotopic evidence Geology 2006-06-28
Fisher, Daniel Shalom Representations of the Poor in The Poor Man of Nippur and The Eloquent Peasant Religion 2008-07-01
Fisher, Jamie D. Complex Syntax Production in Preschool Teacher Talk Hearing and Speech Sciences 2013-10-18
Fisher, Linda Wiley The Influence of Organizational and Personal Factors on U.S. Army Nurse Corps Officers' Intent to Leave the Army Nursing Science 2010-11-28
Fisher, Marisa Helene Teaching young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to respond appropriately to lures from strangers Special Education 2010-06-16
Fisher, Jr. , Michael Ray A City on a Hill: An Empirical Study and Moral Analysis of Neoliberal Urban Redevelopment in the U.S. with Implications for the Study of Religion, Space, and Place Religion 2019-03-26
Fites, Jeffrey Scott Evasion of adaptive immune defenses by the lethal chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Biological Sciences 2014-02-25
Fitzpatrick, Justin Liam The Geometry of Optimal and Near-Optimal Riesz Energy Configurations Mathematics 2010-08-09
Flach, Andrew Louis Investigation of Counterion Effects in an Organocatalyzed Iodolactonization and Discovery of an Organocatalyzed Iodolactonization to Give 7-Membered Lactones Chemistry 2017-08-25
Flanagan, Daniel Michael Zircon from Swift Creek stage eruptions records the assembly and evolution of an intrusive magmatic complex beneath Mount St. Helens Earth and Environmental Sciences 2009-12-01
Flanery, Marci A. The Neural Correlates of Explicit Categorization Psychology 2005-03-31
Flavin, Stephanie Anne The Effects of α2A-Adrenergic Receptors on Glutamatergic Signaling in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis Neuroscience 2014-08-20
Fleming, Jonathan Tyler The sonic hedgehog pathway mediates central regulation of cerebellar development and sarcoma phenotypic outcome Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-04-16
Fleming, Katherine Achim Organization and prioritization of sensory information using an ego-centered, locally-connected network Electrical Engineering 2009-04-03
Fleming, Paul Aaron Implementing A Robust 3-Dimensional Egocentric Navigation System Electrical Engineering 2005-07-27
Fleming, Paul Aaron Monitoring and control in friction stir welding Electrical Engineering 2009-01-22
Fletcher, Grace Ellie Racial and Ethnic Identity in Mexican Public Health Research, 1990s – 2010s Latin American Studies 2017-03-27
Fletcher, Jessica Sarah "A World in Miniature:" Slavery and Freedom, Empire and Law, and Atlantic Identities in Freedom-Claiming across the Antebellum South Latin American Studies 2018-04-11
Flores, Israel Language Brokering During Shared EBook Reading Psychology 2017-10-30
Flores-Cuautle, Francisco Desarrollo y crisis de la nación y la literatura del siglo XIX en México: Servando Teresa de Mier e Ignacio Manuel Altamirano Spanish and Portuguese 2010-11-30
Florez Bustos, Carlos Andres Search for high mass resonances decaying to tau pairs at the CMS experiment Physics 2011-08-30
Floyd, Kyle Anthony Dissecting Protein Stratification and Regulation in Uropathogenic Escherichia coli Biofilms Microbiology and Immunology 2017-02-27
Flushman, Tanya Nonfiction writing in prekindergarten: understandings of informational text features and use of science journals Teaching and Learning 2012-07-19
Flyak, Andrew I. The Analysis of the Human Antibody Response to Filovirus Infection Microbiology and Immunology 2016-06-16
Flynn, Cynthia Self-Esteem Level, Lability, and Depressive Symptoms in Late Adolescence and Young Adulthood Psychology 2005-11-05
Flynt, Alex Sutton Diverse Roles for miRNAs in Zebrafish Biological Sciences 2007-10-14
Foegeding, Nora June Cellular Responses to the Helicobacter pylori Pore-Forming Toxin, VacA Cell and Developmental Biology 2019-05-14
Foley, Briana Isabelle Armor, Heirloom, Bauble: Three Case Studies on Tibetan Jewelry Religion 2019-06-12
Foley, Jennifer Marie When Worlds Collide: Understanding the Effects of Maya-Teotihuacán Interaction on Ancient Maya Identity and Community Anthropology 2017-03-27
Foley, Michelle Lee Textural and Geochemical Investigation of the Peach Spring Tuff CA-NV-AZ: Evidence for Dynamic Pre-Supereruption Processes Earth and Environmental Sciences 2017-07-21
Folkmann, Andrew William Elucidation of the Molecular and Cellular Perturbations that Underpin the Human Disease Lethal Congenital Contracture Syndrome 1 Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-04-29
Folley, Bradley Scott The cognitive neuroscience of creative thinking in the schizophrenia spectrum: individual differences, functional laterality and white matter connectivity Psychology 2006-01-30
Fong, Dennis Ji-Bin Fission studies with 252Cf: half-lives of excited states, isomeric structures in 113,115,117Pd, and neutron multiplicities Physics 2005-03-25
Fong, Kim Yuen Investigations of Antimalarial Inhibition of Hemozoin Formation in Plasmodium falciparum Chemistry 2016-07-14
Fong de los Santos, Luis E High-Resolution Imaging of Magnetic Fields using Scanning Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) Microscopy Physics 2005-03-31
Fooksa, Michaela Sever Optimization of BCL::Fold for Protein Folding de novo and with Cryo-EM Restraints Chemical and Physical Biology 2017-08-02
Forcehimes, Andrew Thomas Putting Reasons First: A Defense of Normative Non-Naturalism Philosophy 2015-03-17
Fore, Whitney A. Politics and Motherhood in the Cold War: The American Public Relations Forum, Women Strike for Peace, and Maternalism as a Mobilizing Strategy History 2009-07-23
Foreman-Murray, Lindsay Radcliffe School Engagement and Support for the Transition to High School for Students with Learning Disabilities Special Education 2019-07-18
Forsythe, Jay Garrett Advanced strategies for imaging mass spectrometry and ion mobility - mass spectrometry Chemistry 2014-02-05
Forsythe, Michelle Elizabeth Investigations of the Wild: The Development of Students' Scientific Practice and Knowledge During Ecological Fieldwork Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2016-07-25
Fortes, Mayra Identidades sin frontera: rupturas y continuidades en la narrativa de la Onda y la narrativa chicana Spanish 2010-03-05
Foss, Sarah Ahora Todos Somos Panameños: Kuna Identity and Panamanian Nationalism under the Torrijos Regime, 1968-1981 Latin American Studies 2012-04-17
Foss-Feig, Jennifer H Quantifying temporal aspects of low-level multisensory processing in children with autism spectrum disorders: a psychophysical study Psychology 2008-07-24
Foss-Feig, Jennifer H. Behavioral and neural indices of auditory temporal processing in children with autism spectrum disorders Psychology 2013-06-08
Foster, Deatrick Examining very-long-term variability in X-ray binaries: are ultraluminous X-ray sources intermediate mass black holes? Physics 2013-12-01
Foster, Terrah Leigh A Mixed Method Study of Continuing Bonds: Maintaining Connections After the Death of a Child Nursing Science 2008-03-30
Foster, Timothy Michael Dissonant Conquests: Literature, Music, and Empire in Early Modern Spain Spanish and Portuguese 2017-07-10
Fougnie, Daryl Lawrence Dual-task studies on the capacity limits of perceptual attention and working memory. Psychology 2010-02-19
Fowler, Andrea Paige EMG Normalization Eliminates cVEMP Amplitude Asymmetries in Normal Subjects Hearing and Speech Sciences 2013-04-26
Fowler, Jessica Aaron The role of the bone marrow microenvironment in the establishment and progression of multiple myeloma Cancer Biology 2010-09-08
Fox, Rebecca Marie Expression Profiling Reveals Key Regulators of Synaptic Specificity and Function in the C. elegans Motor Circuit Cell and Developmental Biology 2006-11-27
Frahm, David Gregory The phenomenon of meaning and Heidegger’s ontology Philosophy 2012-07-04
Francis, Sarah Ashley Effects of Moisture Exposure and Total Dose Irradiation on MOS Low Frequency Noise Electrical Engineering 2008-12-12
Francis, Sarah Ashley Aging and Irradiation Response of 1/f Noise in Metal Oxide Semiconductor Devices Electrical Engineering 2011-11-10
Franco, Teresa Cristina de Borges Paleoecology and sedentism of early coastal hunter-gatherers in north Chile Anthropology 2015-03-22
Frank, Hannah Jean Appearance Discrimination in Criminal Court Law and Economics 2019-03-19
Frankel, Sarah Anne Relations Among Family Context, Depression, and Gender in Offspring of Depressed and Nondepressed Parents Psychology 2008-07-24
Frankel, Sarah Anne Scientific Reasoning Ability and Children's Learning of Skills Taught in Cognitive Therapy Psychology 2013-07-11
Franklin, Monica Denise The relationship between psychosocial factors, self-care behaviors, and metabolic control in adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Psychology 2007-08-07
Franklin, Shannon Brooke The Business of Choosing a College: A View of the For-Profit Sector Leadership and Policy Studies 2016-02-26
Frappier, Sara Lynn MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry for small molecule quantitation and evaluation for markers of drug response in Gliomas Chemistry 2011-03-28
Frazier, Cleothia G. Psychological Well-being in Young Adults: The Enduring Effects of Child Adversity on Self-concept Sociology 2018-06-15
Frazier, Meredith N. Structural and Functional Studies of AP4 and its Accessory Protein Tepsin Biological Sciences 2018-03-21
Frazier, William Oliver Petrochemical Constraints on Generation of the Peach Spring Tuff Supereruption Magma, Arizona, Nevada, and California Earth and Environmental Sciences 2013-07-16
Frederick, Aliya Latisha Genetic dissection of the behavioral effects of the dopamine receptor agonist SKF83959 does not support the D1/D2 receptor heteromer model Neuroscience 2013-04-11
Frederiksen, Jens Radical Democracy or Symptomatic Closure: An Immanent Critique of Chantal Mouffe's Agonism Political Science 2010-03-31
Freed, Salama Salihah Essays in Health Economics and Health Policy Economics 2018-04-09
Freedman, Darcy Ann Politics of Food Access in Food Insecure Communities Community Research and Action 2008-06-04
Freedman, Sanford Tory Human-Inspired Forgetting for Robotic Systems Computer Science 2010-12-02
Freeman, Heather Elizabeth "Prosaic Confessors": An Examination of the Medical and Legal Professions in Anthony Trollope's Chronicles of Barsetshire English 2009-07-18
Freeman, Heather Elizabeth Marketing "Proper" Names: Female Authors, Sensation Discourse, and the Mid-Victorian Literary Profession English 2013-07-18
Freeman, Megan Culler Cell Biology of Coronavirus Replication Microbiology and Immunology 2014-08-01
Freeman, Tanner John Understanding the Role of Smad4 in Intestinal Homeostasis and Tumorigenesis Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-07-29
Freid, Cathryn Melanie Beliefs associated with Eating Disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: The Development of the Obsessive Beliefs about Body Size and Eating Survey (OBBSES) Psychology 2007-07-25
French, Christi Lynn Identification of novel regulators of colorectal adenocarcinoma and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Cancer Biology 2015-07-15
French, Matthew Dalton Essays on the U.S. Labor Market Economics 2017-03-26
French, William Randal Computer Simulations for Improved Atomic-Level Control and Understanding of Molecular Electronic Devices Chemical Engineering 2013-03-21
Frey, Jennifer Rebecca Caregivers' Responses to Toddlers' Intelligible and Unintelligible Utterances Special Education 2012-03-15
Frick, Peter Lee Quantifying cancer heterogeneity to predict and improve targeted therapy outcomes Chemical and Physical Biology 2014-11-24
Frick-Cheng, Arwen Elise The Molecular and Structural Analysis of the cag Type IV Secretion System Core Complex Microbiology and Immunology 2017-03-24
Friedman, Jessica Gabrielle Personality and Treatment Compliance: Do certain personality traits influence patient compliance with voice rest? Hearing and Speech Sciences 2012-05-16
Frierson, Johnna McKeeta The Role of Sialic Acid Binding in Reovirus Neuropathogenesis Microbiology and Immunology 2012-09-25
Frisvold, David E. Behavioral Responses to Educational Investments Economics 2006-04-03
Fritzdixon, Kathryn Louise Essays on Consumer Finance: Topics in Auto Title Lending Economics 2015-03-29
Frömming, Gesa Pastorale. Musik, Melancholie und die Kunst der Selbstregierung im Werk von Christoph Martin Wieland German 2011-12-01
Froom, Eric Kierkegaard, Wittgenstein, and philosophical doubt Philosophy 2009-07-21
Frump, Andrea Lee Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptor Mutation and Heritable Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-01-30
Fry, David Christopher Characterizing temporal and spatial trends in soil geochemistry on Polder 32, southwest Bangladesh Earth and Environmental Sciences 2015-07-16
Fu, Darwin Yu Improving Protein-Small Molecule Structure Predictions with Ensemble Methods, or Using Computers to Guess How Tiny Things Fit Together Chemistry 2018-08-01
Fu, Lawrence Dachen A Comparison of State-of-the-Art Algorithms for Learning Bayesian Network Structure from Continuous Data Biomedical Informatics 2005-12-02
Fu, Lawrence Dachen Improving Biomedical Information Retrieval Citation Metrics Using Machine Learning Biomedical Informatics 2008-12-03
Fu, Lingjun Flavor Propagations of High Energy Cosmic Neutrinos Physics 2017-03-21
Fu, Lingjun Conditional Associations with Big Data: Estimating Adjusted Rank Correlations in the Electronic Health Record Biostatistics 2017-07-11
Fu, Qiang The Effect of Avatar Model in Stepping Off a Ledge in an Immersive Virtual Environment Computer Science 2015-11-24
Fu, Yang Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of FePt/MgO Multilayered Thin Films Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2006-12-01
Fuller, Elizabeth Ashley The Additive Effects of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems on Novel Word Learning Special Education 2017-12-27
Fuller, Elizabeth Ashley Understanding Mediators and Moderators of an Adaptive Communication Intervention for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Special Education 2018-07-11
Fuller, Leanna Kelley When Christ's Body is Broken: Anxiety, Identity, and Conflict in Congregations Religion 2013-03-10
Fulmer, James Burton René Girard and the exorcism of the possessed consumer Social and Political Thought 2006-04-03
Fulmer, James Burton Identities Bought and Sold, Identity Received as Grace: A Theological Criticism of and Alternative to Consumerist Understandings of the Self Religion 2006-09-20
Funkhouser, Erik David Impact of Scaling on Energy Deposition in Sensitive Volumes Due to Direct Ionization by Space Radiation Electrical Engineering 2014-07-07
Funkhouser-Jones, Lisa Jean The Impact of Maternally Transmitted Microbes on Animal Evolution Biological Sciences 2016-02-29
Furman, Jim Samuel Outcomes and Assessment in Teacher Education: Contradictions, Tensions, and Implications for Educating Preservice Teachers Teaching and Learning 2009-03-26
Furtado, Amanda M. B. Novel Nanoporous Composite Materials for Light Gas Adsorption Chemical Engineering 2012-03-26
Fusco, Katherine Time material: temporality, narrative, and modernity in silent film and American naturalism English 2008-07-28
Fuseini, Hubaida The Role of Ovarian Hormones and Testosterone on Type 2 and IL-17A-Mediated Airway inflammation Microbiology and Immunology 2019-04-02
Fyfe, Emily Ruth The Effects of Feedback During Exploratory Mathematics Problem Solving: Prior Knowledge Matters Psychology 2012-03-21
Fyfe, Emily Ruth Is that correct? Clarifying the effects of feedback during mathematics problem solving Psychology 2015-06-03
Fyfe, Shannon Elizabeth Responsibility and the Harm of Mass Sexual Slavery Philosophy 2018-07-17
Fyffe, Lyndsey Morgan An Evaluation of Safety and Health Data, with an Emphasis on Developing Performance Measures for Nuclear Chemical Facilities, Using Quantitative and Semi-quantitative Methods Environmental Engineering 2016-03-28

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