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D'Agostino McGowan, Lucy Improving Modern Techniques of Causal Inference: Finite Sample Performance of ATM and ATO Doubly Robust Estimators, Variance Estimation for ATO Estimators, and Contextualized Tipping Point Sensitivity Analyses for Unmeasured Confounding Biostatistics 2018-03-23
D'Aoust, Laura Nicole Examination of Candidate Exonic Variants that Confer Susceptibility to Alzheimer Disease in the Amish Human Genetics 2015-03-18
Dabay, Thomas M. Naturalism and Inference: On the Need for a Theory of Material Inference Philosophy 2017-07-24
Dabholkar, Akshay Vishwas Principles for Safe and Automated Middleware Specializations for Distributed, Real-time and Embedded Systems Computer Science 2012-04-18
Dadalko, Olga Igorevna Brain without Rictor: mTORC2 Signaling Regulates Central Dopamine Homeostasis Neuroscience 2015-11-16
Dadwal, Ushashi Chand Studying Tumor Induced Bone Disease using ex vivo Bone Analogue Systems to Aid Drug Prediction, Efficacy and Validation Chemical Engineering 2016-03-25
Dagadu, Helena Eyram Heart Trouble and Racial Group Identity: Exploring Ethnic Heterogeneity Among Black Americans Sociology 2012-11-30
Dagadu, Helena Eyram Placing a Health Equity Lens on Non-Communicable Diseases: Origin and Destination Considerations Sociology 2015-07-01
Dai, Heng Neural Network Adaptation in the Retina: Dopaminergic Signaling Mechanisms Biological Sciences 2018-04-02
Dai, Hu Computational modeling of fluid–structure interaction in biological flying and swimming Mechanical Engineering 2013-01-30
Dai, Liang Optimizing traffic distribution in multi-radio multi-channel wireless mesh networks under dynamic traffic demand Computer Science 2011-07-13
Dai, Siyuan Compositional Modeling and Design of Cyber-Physical Systems Using Port-Hamiltonian Systems Electrical Engineering 2016-08-04
Daigle, Matthew John A Qualitative Event-based Approach to Fault Diagnosis of Hybrid Systems Computer Science 2008-03-31
Daigre, Amber Lynette Stress, pain, and mood in adolescents with sickle cell disease Psychology 2006-03-31
Daigre, Amber Lynette Mother-Child Communication About Cancer: The Role of Maternal Anxiety and Coping Psychology 2009-12-30
Dalley, Skyler Ashton Development and Control of a Multigrasp Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-08
Damiano, Cara The Development of Perceptual Expertise for Faces and Objects in Autism Spectrum Disorders Psychology 2010-03-29
Danciu, Ioana 1/f noise and aging effects on MOS transistors Electrical Engineering 2011-10-16
Danciu, Ioana Mixed methods approach for understanding clinical workflow Biomedical Informatics 2018-03-21
Dani, Neil Chandrakant Genetic dissection of glycan functions at the synapse Biological Sciences 2014-11-21
Daniel, Aaron William Hydrothermal Synthesis of Phase-Changing Vanadium Dioxide Nanoparticles and Their Use in Environmental Remediation Chemistry 2018-07-19
Daniels, Brandy Renee Who's the "We?" Futurity and the Formation of Spiritual and Sexual Subjectivities Religion 2017-06-20
Daniels, Richard Nathan Total Synthesis and Stereochemical Revision of Ciliatamides A-C, Total Synthesis of 8-epi-Lucentamycin A, and Development of Microwave Methodology to Facilitate the Synthesis of BMP Inhibitors Chemistry 2010-09-27
Danilchenko, Andrei Fiducial-Based Registration with Anisotropic Localization Error Computer Science 2011-04-13
Dankner, Nathan Alexander Autism Spectrum Symptoms in Prader-Willi Syndrome: Comparisons Across Genetic Subtype Psychology 2012-07-19
Dankner, Nathan Alexander Core Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Skills in Williams Syndrome Psychology 2016-07-06
Danko, Istvan Zsolt Search for the Familon in Two-Body B Meson Decays Physics 2001-11-30
Danneman, Michael William Applications of Chiral Amidine Catalysis Towards the Synthesis of Small Molecule Therapeutics and Recent Advances in Vicinal Diamine Synthesis Chemistry 2016-03-03
Darbinyan, Arman The word and conjugacy problems in lacunary hyperbolic groups Mathematics 2018-07-11
Dark, James David Insert Soul Here: The Witness of Sacramental Poetics as Apocalyptic for the People Religion 2011-03-28
Darrow, Catherine Lucie Making sense of preschool research: a multi-paper dissertation on the implementation and effectiveness of preschool curriculum interventions Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2010-08-02
Das, Gaurav Predicting the thermophysical properties of molecules with anisotropic interaction and structure using the statistical associating fluid theory Chemical Engineering 2015-07-31
Das, Jadav Robotic control of deformable continua and objects therein Mechanical Engineering 2010-11-10
Das, Rupam Fermions and Bosons in Loop Quantum Gravity and Its Cosmological Implications Physics 2008-12-04
Das, Sayan Poisson boundaries of finite von Neumann algebras Mathematics 2017-07-20
Dasgupta, Aritra Enhanced defect generation in gate oxides of P-channel MOS transistors in the presence of water Electrical Engineering 2009-02-06
Dasgupta, Aritra Radiation Response in MOS Devices with High-K Gate Oxides and Metal Gates Electrical Engineering 2011-08-18
DasGupta, Sandeepan Trends in single event pulse widths and pulse shapes in deep submicron CMOS Electrical Engineering 2007-08-21
DasGupta, Sandeepan DC and small signal degradation in InAs - AlSb HEMTs under hot carrier stress Electrical Engineering 2010-11-29
Datta, Soumita Constraint Programming Approach to the TAEMS Scheduling Problem Computer Science 2006-04-01
Datteri, Ryan David Assessing registration quality via registration circuits Computer Science 2014-09-30
Dattilo, Brian Matthew Structural characterization of the receptor for advanced glycation end products reveals a two domain modular architecture Biochemistry 2007-05-30
Daugherty, Bradley John The Bishops Of North Africa: Rethinking Practice And Belief In Late Antiquity Religion 2015-11-23
Dault, David The Covert Magisterium: Theology, Textuality and the Question of Scripture Religion 2009-03-23
Dave', Sonya CBS Domains Regulate CLC Chloride Channel Gating: Role of the R-Helix Linker Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2010-08-15
David, Bea Testing a process model of emotions: associative activation of appraisals via priming techniques – preliminary studies Psychology 2007-07-20
David, Bea The Influence of Disgust on Judgments about Moral Violations Psychology 2012-05-01
David, Samuel Sherman Emergent practices in translingual pedagogy: Teachers learning to facilitate collaborative translation Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-03-25
Davidovich, Karin Memorias en femenino: testimonios de mujeres sobrevivientes de la dictadura Argentina Spanish 2014-09-19
Davidson, Heather Ann Assessing the safety of freestanding birth centers with propensity score analysis Psychology 2005-12-02
Davidson, Kimberly A. Adapting the Question Answer Relationship Strategy for Middle School Students with Intellectual Disabilities Special Education 2017-03-27
Davidson, Roderick Belden II Nonlinear Near-Field Dynamics of Plasmonic Nanostructures Physics 2016-12-01
Davies, Christopher Jason Ethics and the Event in Deleuze, Derrida, and Badiou Philosophy 2013-11-23
Davis, Adeola Ronke Role of alpha2A-adrenergic receptors in extinction of positive and negative valence learned behaviors Neuroscience 2009-06-24
Davis, Carolyn Jane Aflame With Passion: Towards a Theology of Adolescent Sexuality Religion 2014-03-22
Davis, Dennis S A Meta-Analysis of Comprehension Strategy Instruction for Upper Elementary and Middle School Students Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2010-06-16
Davis, Donna Jo (D. J.) Fraying at the Edges: Qualitative Insight into the Experiences of CPS Caseworkers and the Issue of Voluntary Employee Turnover Community Research and Action 2009-04-03
Davis, Gwynne Lane Neurobehavioral Impact of Disease-Associated Variation in the Dopamine Transporter Neuroscience 2017-11-21
Davis, Ian Ly Thermionic Emission of Diamond Using Laser as a Heat Source Electrical Engineering 2007-04-01
Davis, Jacqueline Teresa Haines Spatio-temporal trade-off for quasi-uniform sampling of signals in evolutionary systems Mathematics 2014-07-16
Davis, Jonathan Scott Globalization and the Business Cycle Economics 2009-07-23
Davis, Joshua Bradley Waiting and Being: Creation, Grace, and Agency Religion 2010-04-15
Davis, Keersten Michelle Development of Rapid Immunoassays for Improved Point-of-Care Malaria Diagnostics Chemistry 2015-07-14
Davis, Mary Elizabeth Characterization of fibrinogen-binding surface protein B and staphylocoagulase in human blood fibrinolysis and coagulation Pathology 2011-07-15
Davis, Mary Feller Parkinson Disease Loci in the Mid-Western Amish Interdisciplinary Studies: Applied Statistics 2013-03-26
Davis, Mary Feller Determining the Use of Electronic Medical Records in Genetic Studies of Multiple Sclerosis Human Genetics 2013-11-30
Davis, Michael Alan Loss of p120ctn : its effect on cadherin levels, development, and tumor progression Cancer Biology 2005-04-01
Davis, Robert Woods Synthesis of Four Diastereomeric Linoleic Triols and Development of a Large Scale Convergent Approach to Apoptolidinone C Chemistry 2018-05-16
Davis, Ryan Conrad Divine Inscrutability in Wisdom Literature in Ancient Israel and Mesopotamia Religion 2010-03-30
Davis, Sharon Elizabeth Performance Drift of Clinical Prediction Models: Impact of modeling methods on prospective model performance Biomedical Informatics 2017-03-27
Davis, Sharon Elizabeth Stabilizing Calibration of Clinical Prediction Models in Non-Stationary Environments: Methods Supporting Data-Driven Model Updating Biomedical Informatics 2019-10-16
Davis, Tara Colleen Subgroup Distortion in Metabelian and Free Nilpotent Groups Mathematics 2011-03-22
Davis, Thomas Andrew Jr. Developing SCADA Simulations with C2WindTunnel Computer Science 2011-04-05
Davis, Timothy Dwight Resisting Docility: Michel Foucault, Judith Butler and Performative Liturgical Theology Religion 2018-04-12
Davis, Tonia Nicole Cross Modal Generalization of Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary in Children with Down Syndrome Interdisciplinary Studies: Communication Disorders and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities 2014-03-24
Davis, Tonia Nicole Children Evaluated for Speech and Language Concerns: One Year Outcomes Hearing and Speech Sciences 2016-05-25
Davis, Tyler Andrew Electronic Modification and Development of a More Reactive Chiral Proton Catalyst for the Enantioselective Aza-Henry Reaction and its Application to the Synthesis of Therapeutics Chemistry 2011-07-22
Dawson, Claire Suzanne Smith The dialogical understanding of framing: the Cherokee Nation’s struggle to retain Indian Territory Sociology 2006-10-31
Dawson, Edward Clark The Poetic Loop: Austrian Rap Music and Sonic Reproducibility German 2018-03-22
Day, Charles Asher Role of Cytoskeleton in Cholera Toxin Diffusion and Endocytosis Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2013-04-17
Day, Keri Leigh Poor Urban Black Women and Prospects Toward Thriving: The Significance of Critical Social Theory for Womanist Theo-Ethical Discourse Religion 2009-09-04
de Bodisco, Christopher N. The regional value of water in agriculture Economics 2007-07-24
de Juan, Christina Nereida Cartoon Textures: Re-Using Traditional Animation via Methods for Segmentation, Re-Sequencing, and Inbetweening Computer Science 2006-03-29
de la Mothe, Lisa Anne Connections of Auditory Medial Belt Cortex in Marmoset Monkeys Psychology 2006-04-07
de la Mothe, Lisa Anne Subdivisions and Connections of Auditory Cortex in Marmoset Monkeys Psychology 2008-12-01
De Niear, Matthew Allen The Plasticity of Temporal Perception: Perceptual Training Enhances Multisensory Temporal Acuity Neuroscience 2016-08-18
De Pena, Gustavo Antonio The siblings of Hispaniola: political union and separation of Haiti and Santo Domingo, 1822-1844 Latin American Studies 2011-03-27
Dean, Benjamin Jurrien Neurogenic Determinants of Left-Right Brain Asymmetry: Developmental Investigations of the Zebrafish Habenular Nuclei Neuroscience 2014-08-04
Dean, Chrystal Ollis An analysis of the emergence and concurrent learning of a professional teaching community Teaching and Learning 2005-07-15
Dean, Dorothy Chappell A New Anthropology for Ecotheology: Rethinking the Human in the World with Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Flesh Religion 2018-02-28
Dean, Terrance Saved “Out,” Sanctified “Out,” and Souled “Out”: A Critical Analysis of Disgust and the Prophetic Immanence of James Baldwin’s Gender Sexual Politics Religion 2019-06-14
Deanda-Camacho, Elena Ofensiva a los oídos piadosos: Poéticas y políticas de la obscenidad y la censura en la España trasatlántica Spanish 2010-12-07
DeAngelis, Scott Andrew Concussions in Athletics: Risk-Taking Behavior, Compensation, and Legal Remedies Law and Economics 2018-03-13
Dear, Mary Lynn Matrix Metalloproteinase Requirements for Neuromuscular Synaptogenesis Biological Sciences 2018-01-10
Deatherage, Catherine Laura Comparative Biochemical and Structural Analysis of the Alzheimer’s Disease Related Proteins: Amyloid Precursor Protein and Notch1. Biochemistry 2016-03-28
DeBoer, Jennifer Jean The Role of Engineering Skills in Development Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-03-26
DeBusk, Laura M AKT/IKKα/VAV1 signaling in endothelial cell survival and angiogenesis Cancer Biology 2008-03-31
DeCarlo, Erin Camille Uncertainty Quantification and Confidence Assessment in Time-Dependent, Multidisciplinary Simulations Civil Engineering 2017-07-20
DeClercq, Joshua Joseph Medication Adherence: Definitions, Calculations, and Statistical Modeling Strategies Biostatistics 2018-06-28
Deel, Megan Elizabeth Alterations in GABAA receptor expression and physiology in a mouse model of idiopathic generalized epilepsy Neuroscience 2012-11-29
Deeley, Matthew Aaron The benefit of automatic segmentation of intracranial organs at risk for radiation therapy: a multi-rater behavioral investigation Chemical and Physical Biology 2013-07-12
Deepchand, Vimal Characterization of the optical properties of gallium arsenide as a function of pump intensity using picosecond ultrasonics Physics 2010-03-19
deGregory, Crystal Anne Raising a Nonviolent Army: Four Nashville Black Colleges and the Century-Long Struggle for Civil Rights, 1830s-1930s History 2011-03-27
DeGuire, Sean Michael Total Synthesis of a Bicyclo[1.1.0]butane Fatty Acid and Biosynthetically Empowered Investigation of the Biological Activity of Apoptolidin Chemistry 2013-02-13
DeGuzman, Kathleen Rose Economies of Entanglement: Reading Radical Cultural Work in the Anglophone Caribbean and Victorian Britain English 2015-07-10
Dei, Kazuyuki Model-Based Ultrasound Imaging for Challenging Acoustic Clutter Suppression Biomedical Engineering 2019-01-07
Deichert, Maggie Ann Partisan Cultural Stereotypes: The Effect of Everyday Partisan Associations on Social Life in the United States Political Science 2019-04-02
Deka, Suruj Sambhav Memristance Phenomenon in TiO2-Porous Silicon Nanocomposites Electrical Engineering 2015-03-23
del Pozo Martinez, Alberto El retrato de artista en Hispanoamerica: historia de un genero a traves de las novelas de Roberto Bolano. Spanish 2010-07-20
Delahanty, Ryan James Towards an understanding of the role of chromosome 15q11-q13 in idiopathic autism Human Genetics 2010-01-28
Delannoy Sotomayor, Andres Guillermo Search for dark matter and supersymmetry via vector boson fusion at the Large Hadron Collider Physics 2016-03-28
DeLaughter, Daniel Morris Novel Regulators of Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transformation in Cardiogenesis are Identified Through Next-Generation Sequencing Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-05-28
DelBove, Claire Elise Visualizing APP trafficking and processing reveals its functional relationship with neuronal membrane cholesterol Pharmacology 2018-07-23
Delgado, Andrea L. Sumaq Kawsay, Allin Kawsay: Conceptions of Well-Being among Quechua Female Vendors in the Face of Change in Chinchero, Peru Latin American Studies 2018-03-02
Delgado, Laura E. Intellectual in Flux: the Development of Liberal Catholic Thought in Alceu Amoroso Lima Latin American Studies 2010-03-31
DeLisi, Michael Paul Characterization and Enhancement of Transorbital Endoscopy Biomedical Engineering 2014-04-14
DeLong, Andrew Patrick Specificity of the Video Head Impulse Test System Hearing and Speech Sciences 2013-04-25
DeLuca, Samuel Louis Development of Novel Methods for Computational Protein Design and Protein-Ligand Docking Chemical and Physical Biology 2015-07-02
DeLuca, Stephanie Judith Han Hirst Protein structure elucidation by combining computational and experimental methods Chemical and Physical Biology 2015-03-10
Dempster, Richard Kenichi Structural study of the N6-(Deoxy-d-erythro-pentofuranosyl)-2,6-diamino-3,4-dihydro-4-oxo-5-N-methylformamido-pyrimidine DNA adduct Chemistry 2014-11-24
DeNeve, Daniel R Probing Molecular Structure with Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy Chemistry 2019-03-21
Deng, Gan Deployment and configuration of component-based distributed, real-time and embedded systems Computer Science 2007-12-05
Deng, Jie The impact of secondary lymphedema after head and neck cancer treatment on symptoms, functional status, and quality of life Nursing Science 2010-07-29
Deng, Qiang Fluid Dynamic Study of Bubble Entrapment during Encapsulation Mechanical Engineering 2007-02-19
Dennen, Hilary Claire Are You There Party? It’s Me, Your Supporter: Do Parties Respond to Supporters' Preferences on the European Union Political Science 2014-03-25
Denny, Joshua C Evaluation of a novel terminology to categorize clinical document section headers and a related clinical note section tagger Biomedical Informatics 2007-07-27
Denton, Peter Bennert Methods for Probing New Physics at High Energies Physics 2016-07-05
Deppen, Stephen Andrew Development of a lung cancer prediction model for surgeons and factors affecting its national application Epidemiology 2013-06-06
Deravi, Leila Fariba Piezoelectric Inkjet Printing of Multicomposite Biomaterials Chemistry 2009-04-14
DeSante, Christopher David Who's Afraid of Reason? Social and Political Thought 2007-04-01
DeSante, Christopher David The Leviathan in the Original Position: The Unacknowledged Influence of Thomas Hobbes on the Social Contract of John Rawls Political Science 2006-03-31
Desjardins, Leandra Social competence and social problems in children recently diagnosed with cancer Psychology 2013-07-18
Desjardins, Leandra Social Adjustment and Coping in Children Diagnosed with Cancer: From Diagnosis to 12 Months Psychology 2017-09-18
Dessein , Eva Marguerite Suzanne Learner identity construction in multilingual contexts: A case study of the study abroad experience. French 2012-11-19
Devkota, Tina A Two Event Brokering Architecture for Information Dissemination in Vehicular Networks Computer Science 2009-03-27
Dew-Reeves, Sarah Emily Pediatrician Adherence with the AAP ADHD Guidelines: Understanding the Contributions of Individual and Practice-Level Characteristics Psychology 2008-09-08
DeWaal, Jeremy John “Mer all sin kölle”: Colognian identity, Colognian carnival and the evolution of Heimatwerte. History 2010-06-13
DeWaal, Jeremy John Redemptive Geographies: The Turn to Local Heimat in West Germany, 1945-1965 History 2014-06-22
Deweese, Joseph Edward The DNA Cleavage Reaction of Human Type II Topoisomerases Biochemistry 2009-02-04
Dexheimer, Judith W A Computerized Pneumococcal Vaccination Reminder System in the Adult Emergency Department Biomedical Informatics 2006-05-26
Dexheimer, Judith Wehling Design and implementation of a computerized asthma management system in the pediatric emergency department Biomedical Informatics 2011-03-28
Dey, Soumyadeep Role of the TAL1/SCL transcription factor in differentiation of bone marrow monocyte-macrophage precursors Cancer Biology 2010-03-30
Dhar, Sarit Nitrogen and hydrogen induced trap passivation at the SiO2/4H-SiC interface Materials Science and Engineering 2005-02-22
Dhingra, Nalini Elucidating the role of Dpb11 in replication initiation Biological Sciences 2015-07-08
Dhital, Saurav Ultra-wide, Low-mass Binaries: Constraints on Binary Formation Theory and Calibration of Fundamental Stellar Parameters Physics 2012-03-21
Di Natali, Christian Magnetic Medical Capsule Robots Mechanical Engineering 2015-07-14
Diaz, Carla Isabella We Could Leave This Place Together Creative Writing 2019-05-09
Diaz-Dominguez, Alejandro Mixed Messages: The Catholic Church and Mexico's Uneven Local Contexts Political Science 2014-03-27
Dichter, Gabriel Sviatoslav Relative left frontal hypoactivation in adolescents at risk for depression Psychology 2001-07-26
Dichter, Gabriel Sviatoslav Anticipatory affective startle modulation in unipolar depression Psychology 2004-07-06
Dick, Kevin Douglas Fault de-interleaving for reliability in high-speed circuits Electrical Engineering 2011-02-24
Dickerson, Christina Marie Diplomats, Soldiers, and Slaveholders: The Coulon de Villiers Family in New France, 1700-1763 History 2011-03-22
Dickerson, Febbie Claudina The Parable of the Widow and Judge (Luke 18:2-5): Talking Back to African American Stereotypes Religion 2017-08-09
Dickes, Amanda Catherine Computational Modeling in the Elementary Science Classroom Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2017-01-07
DiCostanzo, Catherine Anne The Regulation of Net Hepatic Glucose Uptake in vivo Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2005-10-25
Dieckmann, Blake Webster Regulation of insulin resistance by Cyp2c44-derived lipids Interdisciplinary Studies: Metabolic Pharmacology 2016-11-22
Diedesch, Anna Colleen Binaural-cue weighting in sound localization with open-fit hearing aids and in simulated reverberation Hearing and Speech Sciences 2016-07-21
Diggins, Kirsten Elizabeth Quantifying Cellular Heterogeneity in Cancer and the Microenvironment Cancer Biology 2016-11-28
Diggins, Nicole Lee AAPPL1 inhibits cell migration by modulating integrin trafficking and Rac signaling Biological Sciences 2018-02-13
Diggins, Zachary John Using capacitance to radiation harden flip-flops at advanced technology nodes Electrical Engineering 2013-11-19
Diggins, Zachary John System Health Awareness in Total-Ionizing Dose Environments Electrical Engineering 2016-11-21
Dillon, Neal Patrick Analysis, Design, and Modeling of Image-Guided Robotic Systems for Otologic Surgery Mechanical Engineering 2017-01-24
DiLorenzo, Matthew Daniel Essays on Institutions, Aid, and Conflict Political Science 2016-07-27
Dimitrova, Yoana Nantcheva Biochemical and structural analyses of TBL1: insights into the function of a transcriptional regulator Biochemistry 2010-10-28
Ding, Jinlong Role of KCC3 in the Hereditary Sensory Motor Neuropathy: HMSN/ACC Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2014-10-11
Ding, Siyi Intraoperative brain shift estimation using vessel segmentation registration and tracking Electrical Engineering 2011-03-26
Ding, Wei Regulation of Naked2 by transforming growth factor-alpha and Wnt signaling Cell and Developmental Biology 2008-03-18
Dinger, Jason Micah Primary school under-enrollment in Mozambique: exploring the effects of household influences on school enrollment decisions Leadership and Policy Studies 2012-04-24
Dinkins, Cody Adam Qualitative Characterization of Single-event Transient and Latchup Trends in 180 nm CMOS Technology Electrical Engineering 2011-04-08
Dise, Rebecca Susanne Epidermal growth factor stimulates intestinal epithelial cell migration through activation of the small GTPase Rac Cell and Developmental Biology 2006-04-04
Dixit, Shilpy Ascorbate Deficiency Accelerates Neuropathology in Alzheimer's Disease Neuroscience 2017-09-25
Dixit, Sriram Kannan Radiation-induced charge trapping studies of advanced Si and SiC based MOS devices Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2008-03-31
Doane, Tyler Hill Hillslope Characteristics and Behavior in Relation to Nonlocal Sediment Transport Earth and Environmental Sciences 2014-07-16
Doane, Tyler Hill Theory and Application of Nonlocal Hillslope Sediment Transport Earth and Environmental Sciences 2018-07-16
Dobish, Mark Christopher Chiral bisamidine catalysis: enantioselective alkylations and halolactonizations with applications to small molecule therapeutics Chemistry 2012-12-05
Dockery, Mary Diana Focused Ultrasound for the Generation of Cancer Immunotherapy Biomedical Engineering 2016-11-21
Dodd, Jenifer Michele “Compulsive Rapism”: Psychiatric Approaches to Sexual Violence in the 1980s History 2016-06-29
Dodd, Will The Design of Procedural, Semantic, and Episodic Memory Systems for a Cognitive Robot Electrical Engineering 2005-08-10
Dodds, James Nicholas Investigation of Separation Strategies for Bioanalytical Methods: Chromatography, Ion Mobility and Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2018-03-22
Dodds, Nathaniel Anson Charge generation by secondary particles from nuclear reactions in back end of line materials Electrical Engineering 2009-12-04
Dodds, Nathaniel Anson Single event latchup: hardening strategies, triggering mechanisms, and testing considerations Electrical Engineering 2012-11-03
Dodson, Kirsten Heikkinen Microfluidic Platforms for Chemical and Electrical Signaling in Whole Retina Tissue Mechanical Engineering 2016-07-20
Doll, Caleb Andrew Endoplasmic reticulum translocon function is required for dorsal diencephalic neurogenesis in the zebrafish Neuroscience 2012-10-07
Donaldson, Rachel Clare Music for the People: The Folk Music Revival and American National Identity, 1930-1970 History 2011-03-23
Donato, Dominique Maria The focal adhesion localization of p130Cas: dynamics, targeting mechanism, and signaling. Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-06-30
Donev, Eugenii U. Metal-Semiconductor Transitions in Nanoscale Vanadium Dioxide - Thin Films, Subwavelength Holes, and Nanoparticles Physics 2008-10-09
Dong, Yi Modeling Students' Learning Behaviors in Open Ended Learning Environments Computer Science 2018-09-20
Donohue, Shelly Lynn Using dental microwear textures to assess feeding ecology of extinct and extant bears Earth and Environmental Sciences 2013-03-22
Donoso, Juan Carlos A Means to an End: Judicial Independence, Corruption and the Rule of Law in Latin America Political Science 2009-07-15
Doody, Amanda Blane Synthetic Pursuit of the Tridecapeptide Feglymycin and the Manzamine Alkaloid Kauluamine Chemistry 2014-03-19
Doop, Mikisha Lyn Facial emotion and orientation-matching in schizophrenia patients and normal controls Psychology 2008-08-18
Dorset, Daniel Charles Visualization of nuclear targeting of breast cancer cell lines. [and] Quantification and detection of matrilysin produced by five cancer cell lines Biomedical Engineering 2006-12-15
Dortch, Richard D. Compartmental Tissue Characterization using NMR Relaxometry Biomedical Engineering 2009-03-29
Doster , Ryan Steven Streptococcus agalactiae infection of gestational tissues induces innate immune responses including the release of placental macrophage extracellular traps Microbiology and Immunology 2018-12-13
Dotson, Stephen Scott Experiments on and with backscattering interferometry Chemistry 2008-03-24
Dougherty, Brian Patrick Configuration and deployment derivation strategies for distributed real-time and embedded systems Computer Science 2011-03-21
Dougherty, Kacie Neural Mechanisms of Signal Convergence in the Primate Primary Visual Pathway Psychology 2018-11-16
Douglas, Anna Elisabeth Sustainable Manufacturing of Carbon Nanomaterials for Energy Storage Applications Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2019-03-25
Douglas, Ashli-Ann Latoya The Impact of Information, Context, and Child Gender on Parents’ Early Numeracy Input Psychology 2019-07-19
Doumaux, Thomas Cornell Fast days and faction: the struggle for reformation, order, and unity in England 1558 – c.1640 History 2008-03-31
Dove, Dwayne E. The role of cholesterol efflux in macrophage cholesterol homeostasis Pathology 2005-01-03
Downey, Jason Duane Structure-Function Analyses of Prostaglandin E2 Receptor Subtypes 1 and 3 Pharmacology 2012-11-09
Downs, Lindsay E. Modeling Longitudinal Relations Between Stress and Depressive Symptoms: Coping as a Mediator Psychology 2010-03-26
Doxie, Deon Bryant Quantitative Single Cell Analysis of Cancerous Cells During Therapy Cell and Developmental Biology 2018-06-18
Doydum, Ayzit Ozlem Executive Function Development during the Kindergarten to First Grade Transition Psychology 2016-12-06
Doykos, Bernadette “Everybody Say They’ll Go to College, but Until You Grow Up, You Don’t Really Understand”: Examining the Contextual, Relational, and Networked Experiences of College Bound Students from Traditionally Underserved College-Going Populations Community Research and Action 2017-04-10
Doyle, Joshua David Reovirus Capsid Stability and Disease Pathogenesis Microbiology and Immunology 2012-12-04
Dragovic, Srdan Miodrag Proteasomes, TAP and ERAAP control CD4+ Th cell responses by regulating indirect presentation of MHC class II-restricted cytoplasmic antigens Microbiology and Immunology 2011-06-24
Drake, Kenneth James Glutamine and glutamate limit the shortening of cardiac action potential during and after ischemia and anoxia Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2015-11-17
Drake, Timothy Arthur How Technology, Strategic Decision Making, and School Context Influence Principals' Use of a Data Warehouse: A Latent Class Growth Analysis Leadership and Policy Studies 2015-11-20
Driscoll, Joseph Andrew Electron field emission in nanostructures: A first-principles study Physics 2011-03-15
Droege, Kristin Diane The Structural Dynamics of Human Lipoxygenases Enzymatic and Regulatory Mechanisms Chemistry 2017-08-04
Drory, Danielle Drago Immigration federalism renewed: the effects of state and local policies on the legal and labor market outcomes of the U.S. immigrant population Law and Economics 2018-03-16
Druhan Bullock, Virginia Blair Judicial and Agency Enforcement of Nondiscrimination Laws Law and Economics 2015-03-22
Du, Liping Likelihood Approaches for Evaluating Bioequivalence for Highly Variable Drugs Biostatistics 2013-07-19
Du, Wenyue Structural basis for oligomerization of the eukaryotic replication factor Mcm10 Biological Sciences 2013-11-18
Duan, Guoxing Total ionizing dose radiation effects and negative bias temperature instability on SiGe pMOS devices Electrical Engineering 2014-03-25
Duan, Guoxing Radiation effects, negative-bias-temperature instability, and low-frequency 1/f noise in SiGe/SiO2/HfO2 pMOS devices Electrical Engineering 2016-07-21
Dubey, Abhishek Metamodel Based Language and Computation Platform for Algorithmic Analysis of Hybrid Systems Electrical Engineering 2005-07-29
Dubey, Abhishek Using Model-based techniques for improving performance and reliability in high performance scientific computing Electrical Engineering 2009-03-23
Ducharme, Nicole Annette The Role of Rab11-FIP2 in Epithelial Cells Cell and Developmental Biology 2007-03-23
Duclos, Gerald Cory Fighting from the Margins: Discourse, Subversion, and Realism in Early Modern Spanish Narrative Spanish 2013-06-14
Duda, Stephany Norah Developing Computer-generated PubMed Queries for Identifying Drug-Drug Interaction Content in MEDLINE Biomedical Informatics 2005-11-30
Duda, Stephany Norah Identifying, Investigating, and Classifying Data Errors: an Analysis of Clinical Research Data Quality from an Observational HIV Research Network in Latin America and the Caribbean Biomedical Informatics 2011-03-25
Duell, Stephanie Kaposi's Sarcoma Associated Herpesvirus-Encoded Cyclin, K-cyclin Enhance NF-kappa B Dependent Transcription And Interacts With Latency-Associated Nuclear Antigen In Virally and Non-Virally Infected Cells Cancer Biology 2007-06-22
Dufendach, Kevin Reid Design of an Interactive Crowdsourcing Platform to Facilitate User-Centered Information Needs Evaluation Biomedical Informatics 2016-07-22
Dufton, Lynette Marie Recurrent Abdominal Pain, Anxiety, and Responses to Stress in Children and Adolescents Psychology 2008-05-05
Duggan, Kelsey Constance Structural and Functional Analysis of Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibition by Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Biochemistry 2011-01-14
Duke, Austin Robert Combined Optical and Electrical Stimulation of Neural Tissue In Vivo Biomedical Engineering 2009-04-06
Duke, Austin Robert Selective control of electrical neural activation using infrared light Biomedical Engineering 2012-11-26
Dukeman, Anton Leo Hybrid Mission Planning with Coalition Formation Computer Science 2017-03-27
Dukes, Madeline Jayne Scanning transmission electron microscopy of tagged proteins in whole eukaryotic cells Chemistry 2011-03-25
Dukes, III, Albert Demaine Single Nanocrystal Spectroscopy and Pinned Emission of White Light-Emitting Cadmium Selenide Nanocrystals Chemistry 2011-03-02
Dula, Adrienne Nicole Micro-anatomical characterization of central white matter using magnetic resonance imaging Biomedical Engineering 2008-04-17
Dulaney, Weston Patrick Determining the Mechanism of SV40-induced DNA Damage Biological Sciences 2011-03-28
Dumas, Jerald Allograft mineralized bone particle/polyurethane composites for bone tissue engineering Chemical Engineering 2010-12-13
Dumas, Megan Elissa Regulation and Pharmacology of the Mitotic Kinesin Kif15 Cell and Developmental Biology 2019-05-13
Dumitrescu, Logan Caneel Identificatiion and Characterization of Genetic Variants Associated with Lipid and Lipoprotein Levels Human Genetics 2011-03-25
Dumpuri, Prashanth Development and quantification of an atlas-based method for model-updated image-guided neurosurgery Biomedical Engineering 2007-12-07
Dunbar, Jennifer Elizabeth Potts Negative cognitive style and its correlates in children and adolescents at varied risk for depression Psychology 2015-07-08
Duncan, Adam Ray Radiation Characterization of a Radiation Hardened Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) Driver and Receiver Electrical Engineering 2006-04-26
Duncan, Ebony Michelle The Color of Change? Race and Charter Schools in an Age of Neoliberal Education Reform Sociology 2014-07-16
Duncan, Leslie Lyons Regional and Local Hydrologic Responses to Climate Fluctuations and Land Use Change, Columbia River Basin, Washington Environmental Engineering 2017-03-27
Dundas, John Andrew Assessment of a measure of response confidence for a speech recognition task in noise. Hearing and Speech Sciences 2009-12-10
Dundon, Leah Anne Managing Hydraulic Fracturing: Approaches to Assessing and Addressing Transportation Impacts Environmental Engineering 2017-12-04
Dunlap, Charlotte Jean Examining How School Settings Support Teachers’ Improvement of their Classroom Instruction Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2016-07-20
Dunn, David James Symphonia in the secular: an ecclesiology for the Narthex Religion 2011-05-04
Dunn, Glenna Caitlin Direct collapse black hole formation and assembly in cosmological simulations Astronomy 2019-07-15
Dunn, Madeleine Jackson Posttraumatic stress symptoms, coping, emotion processes, and parenting in parents of children with cancer Psychology 2011-06-13
Dunn, Madeleine Jackson Psychological Distress in Mothers and Fathers of Children with Cancer: Posttraumatic Stress, Depression, and Anxiety Symptoms Psychology 2009-03-26
Duques, Matthew Eliot Connected Genres and Competing Nations: From Lahontan's New Voyages to John Dennis's Liberty Asserted English 2008-08-11
Duques, Matthew Elliot "To a Certain Degree": Northern Education Reform, Settler Colonialism, and the Early U.S. Novel, 1782-1872 English 2013-05-24
Duran, Daniel Paul Speciation and diversification in the North American tiger beetles of the cicindela sylvatica group: morphological variation and an ecophylogeographic approach. Biological Sciences 2010-12-13
Durbin, Braden Michael Development of a Compensated Interferometric Detector Chemistry 2015-02-23
Durham, Elizabeth Ashley Knowledge-based environment potentials for protein structure prediction Biomedical Informatics 2008-05-28
Durham, Elizabeth Ashley A framework for accurate, efficient private record linkage Biomedical Informatics 2012-03-26
Durkin, Kelley The Effectiveness Of Comparing Correct and Incorrect Examples for Learning About Decimal Magnitude Psychology 2009-12-03
Durkin, Kelley The Effectiveness of Incorrect Examples and Comparison When Learning About Decimal Magnitude Psychology 2012-04-02
Dutter, Brendan Frank Chemical biology of bacterial metal acquisition and homeostasis Chemical and Physical Biology 2016-07-22
Dyer, Jennifer Eaton The Core Beliefs of Southern Evangelicals: A Psycho-Social Investigation of the Evangelical Megachurch Phenomenon Religion 2007-03-14
Dyer, Katherine Veach 'Healing Steps': Jesus' Dionysiac Tour in Luke Religion 2008-06-24
Dyer, Peter James Molecular modeling of aqueous solutions: The effects of molecular polarization on classical forcefield development Chemical Engineering 2008-10-30
Dyer, Ryan Robert The Roles of S-nitrosylation and S-glutathionylation in Alzheimer’s Disease Chemistry 2019-03-13
Dygert, Nicole Leigh Model Polyimide Films: Synthesis, Characterization, and Deposition by Resonant Infrared Laser Ablation Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2008-08-18

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