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Abreu, Maria Mercedes C/EBPbeta3 (LIP) induces cell death in breast cancer cells. Cancer Biology 2012-04-16
Amato, Katherine Renee Targeting the EPHA2 receptor tyrosine kinase in KRAS and EGFR mutant lung cancer Cancer Biology 2015-03-23
Ao, Mingfang TGF-beta signaling in stromal contribution to prostate cancer progression Cancer Biology 2006-06-30
Atwood, Allison Annette Regulation of C/EBPbeta1 in transformed mammary epithelial cells and the role of C/EBPbeta1 in oncogene-induced senescence Cancer Biology 2010-12-10
Austin, David C. The Role of Nuclear Factor Kappa B in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Cancer Biology 2016-03-17
Bankaitis, Katherine Venmar The epithelial IL4 receptor signaling axis mediates enhanced breast and colon tumor growth and metastasis Cancer Biology 2016-03-13
Barrett, Caitlyn Whitten Dietary and protein modifiers of colitis-associated carcinoma: selenium, selenoproteins, and myeloid translocation genes and their impacts on inflammation, stem cell properties, and oxidative stress Cancer Biology 2013-09-15
Bates, Andreia LaShonne Roles of Fibroblast MMP2 in Breast to Lung Metastasis Cancer Biology 2015-03-17
Bierie, Brian Richard TGF-â in mammary development and tumorigenesis Cancer Biology 2008-08-27
Bissonnette, Adam Marc Role of PAK2 promoting intrinsic tumor cell motility and worsening patient outcomes in non-small cell lung cancer Cancer Biology 2018-03-26
Boelte, Kimberly Covington The role of Rgs2 in hematopoiesis and myeloid derived suppressor cells in cancer Cancer Biology 2011-03-29
Branch, Kevin Michael Cell-ECM Interactions Promote Invadopodia Maturation Cancer Biology 2012-08-31
Buenrostro, Denise The role of TGF-B responsive myeloid cell in tumor induced bone disease Cancer Biology 2018-04-02
Cannonier-Rudolph, Shellese Amanda Signaling Mechanisms Controlling Bony Invasion and Bone Destruction in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cancer Biology 2016-11-29
Childress, Merrida Ann Understanding Oncogenic Tyrosine Kinase Fusion Driven Cancer: An Investigation into Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor and the Non-kinase Fusion Partner Cancer Biology 2018-10-05
Davis, Michael Alan Loss of p120ctn : its effect on cadherin levels, development, and tumor progression Cancer Biology 2005-04-01
DeBusk, Laura M AKT/IKKα/VAV1 signaling in endothelial cell survival and angiogenesis Cancer Biology 2008-03-31
Dey, Soumyadeep Role of the TAL1/SCL transcription factor in differentiation of bone marrow monocyte-macrophage precursors Cancer Biology 2010-03-30
Diggins, Kirsten Elizabeth Quantifying Cellular Heterogeneity in Cancer and the Microenvironment Cancer Biology 2016-11-28
Duell, Stephanie Kaposi's Sarcoma Associated Herpesvirus-Encoded Cyclin, K-cyclin Enhance NF-kappa B Dependent Transcription And Interacts With Latency-Associated Nuclear Antigen In Virally and Non-Virally Infected Cells Cancer Biology 2007-06-22
Elion, David Len Harnessing RIG-I in the tumor microenvironment for therapeutic breast cancer treatment Cancer Biology 2019-11-13
Elliott, Natalina Elizabeth The role of activating mutations in the FERM domain of janus kinase 3 in the development of adult t-cell leukemia/lymphoma Cancer Biology 2013-01-07
Erdogan, Mete R-Ras Proteins and TGF-Beta in Cancer Cancer Biology 2008-03-19
Evans, Justin D Dissecting Location-Specific Signaling Pathway Activity in the Neurogenic Niche Cancer Biology 2014-03-25
Fang, Wei Bin The Role of EphA2 RTK in Breast Cancer Cell Malignancy and Tumor Angiogenesis Cancer Biology 2008-08-22
Fowler, Jessica Aaron The role of the bone marrow microenvironment in the establishment and progression of multiple myeloma Cancer Biology 2010-09-08
French, Christi Lynn Identification of novel regulators of colorectal adenocarcinoma and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Cancer Biology 2015-07-15
Gallant, Jean-Nicolas EGFR Rearrangements as Oncogenic Drivers and Therapeutic Targets in Lung Cancer Cancer Biology 2017-03-18
Garcia, Christina Valerie Boma Reprogramming of cellular differentiation by the oncogene SYT-SSX2 Cancer Biology 2011-09-22
Ghosh, Ritwik Stathmin Mediated Tumor Progression Through Androgens And TGF-beta Signaling Cancer Biology 2007-08-30
Goodings, Charnise Amoré Analyzing the mechanisms of LMO2-induced T-cell leukemia and the functional dissection of the LMO2 target HHEX in adult hematopoiesis Cancer Biology 2015-03-08
Gupta, Aparna Neuroendocrine prostate tumors mimic endocrine differentiation of pancreatic beta cells in 12t-10 mice: foxa2 and mash-1 the key players in neuroendocrine differentiation of prostate tumors. Cancer Biology 2007-07-30
Hansen, Amanda Georgia The Detection and Functional Contribution of ALCAM in Cancer Progression Cancer Biology 2013-06-12
Hardeman, Keisha Nicole Cellular Metabolism Contributes To Therapeutic Responses in BRAF-Mutated Melanomas Cancer Biology 2017-04-11
Harlow, Matthew L. Optimizing Trabectedin Therapy for the Treatment of Ewing Sarcoma Cancer Biology 2017-08-07
Harris, Mark Philip The Study of Cancer Cell Heterogeneity, by Image-based Migration Analysis Cancer Biology 2009-07-28
He, Miao Functional studies on interleukin 24 in vitro and in vivo Cancer Biology 2009-03-30
He, Yue Building new in vivo models of human prostate cancer progression by manipulation of cyclin D1 and PTEN Cancer Biology 2007-10-20
Hebron, Katie Elizabeth ALCAM Dynamically Regulates Tumor Cell Adhesion Through Differential Proteolysis and a Novel Binding Partner, Tetraspanin CD151 Cancer Biology 2018-03-26
Hong, Nan Hyung The role of cortactin in endolysosomal compartment regulation Cancer Biology 2015-03-18
Hutchinson, Katherine Emily Identification of Novel Targets for Therapy in Solid Tumors Cancer Biology 2014-12-11
Janumyan, Yelena Melkum Bcl-2/Bcl-xL Regulates Cell Cycle Through a Novel Mechanism in Addition to Cell Survival Cancer Biology 2005-12-02
Johnson, Jeffery Chad COX-2 inhibition in colorectal carcinoma: changes in gene expression and impact on prostaglandin metabolites Cancer Biology 2007-07-22
Johnson, Rachelle Whitney Molecular mechanisms of Gli2 regulation in osteolytic bone disease Cancer Biology 2011-08-16
Jovanovic, Bojana Deciphering the roles of TGF-β signaling in triple negative breast cancer Cancer Biology 2014-07-20
Kanies, Cindy Lynn Enrichment of AU-rich Element Containing mRNAs during Intestinal Cell Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition: Roles, Mechanisms, and Significance Cancer Biology 2008-03-27
Kashikar, Nilesh Digvijay Novel and diverse roles of STRAP in maintenance of mesenchymal morphology and GSK3Beta signaling. Cancer Biology 2010-06-04
Kaufman, Jacob Marcus LKB1 loss induces characteristic pathway activation in human tumors and confers sensitivity to MEK inhibition associated with attenuated PI3K-AKT-FOXO3 signaling Cancer Biology 2013-10-29
Krakowiak, Michelle Stokes Matrix Metalloproteinase 7 Supresses M1 Macrophage Polarization to Protect Against Helicobacter pylori-induced Gastric Inflammation Cancer Biology 2012-10-30
Kurley, Sarah Jean The role of p120 catenin in mammary development and breast cancer Cancer Biology 2012-03-23
Lee, Sora Focal Adhesion Kinase Mediates Gastrin-Releasing Peptide Receptor-Induced Neuroblastoma Progression Cancer Biology 2013-04-09
Leelatian, Nalin Stratification of Adult Glioblastoma with Signaling and Single Cell Biology Cancer Biology 2018-03-18
Lewis, Nuruddeen Arginase, Nitric Oxide, and the Defective Immune Response to Helicobacter pylori Cancer Biology 2011-02-02
Lin, Luping Targeting Notch3 signaling in lung cancer Cancer Biology 2011-11-01
Linkous, Amanda Gwynn The role of lipid second messengers in angiogenesis and the vascular endothelium response to radiation. Cancer Biology 2009-11-23
Liu, Dan The roles of LZAP in vertebrate embryogenesis and head and neck carcinogenesis Cancer Biology 2012-11-14
Loomans, Holli Ann Loss of ACVRIB-dependent Activin A signaling induces esophageal and head and neck carcinoma aggressiveness Cancer Biology 2017-04-28
Lu, Xinyuan LZAP and PPM phosphatases: reciprocal regulation and shared mechanisms altering tumor behavior Cancer Biology 2013-07-12
Macias-Perez, Ines Maria The role of the murine EP3 receptor variants on cell function. Cancer Biology 2008-02-05
Madamanchi, Aasakiran α2β1 integrin in Retinopathy and Sprouting Angiogenesis Cancer Biology 2016-02-09
Markham, Nicholas Owen DIPA is a novel, isoform-specific binding partner of the tumor-associated p120 isoform 1 Cancer Biology 2012-07-19
Matise, Lauren Alicia Role of TGF-β signaling in carcinoma cell migration and tumor progression Cancer Biology 2012-07-19
Meador, Catherine Belle Optimizing the sequence of targeted therapy in EGFR-mutant lung adenocarcinoma Cancer Biology 2015-07-20
Mendonsa, Alisha Maria Cellular and Molecular Changes Impacting Cancer Progression in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Cancer Biology 2014-12-30
Mont, Stacey Accumulation of γKetoaldehyde-modified Protein in Normal and Fibrotic Lung Cancer Biology 2016-06-27
Morrison, Meghan Melinda The role of mTORC2 in mammary morphogenesis and HER2-mediated tumorigenesis Cancer Biology 2015-07-07
Moser, Leta Ruth The role of bad phosphorylation status and binding partners in promoting apoptosis. Cancer Biology 2007-04-01
Mulcrone, Patrick Louis Influence of Stress on Bone Vasculature and Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis Cancer Biology 2017-07-25
Muñoz, Nina Margarita Contribution of transforming growth factor-β signaling to intestinal cancer development Cancer Biology 2006-11-29
Nagy, Toni Ann Delineation of signaling pathways induced by Helicobacter pylori that regulate host cell survival Cancer Biology 2009-11-12
Nam, Edward Adam Phospho-regulation of the DNA Damage Response Kinase ATR Cancer Biology 2011-09-03
Nandana, Srinivas Rao Mouse Models of Prostate Cancer Progression and Bone Metastasis Cancer Biology 2010-07-12
Nebhan, Caroline Amalia Acquired Resistance to Targeted Therapy in EGFR-Mutant Lung Adenocarcinoma Cancer Biology 2014-08-31
Neel, Nicole Fowler Regulation of CXC Chemokine Receptor Function Through Intracellular Trafficking and Novel Receptor-Interacting Proteins Cancer Biology 2008-03-05
O'Brien, Daniel Patrick Delineation of a novel Helicobacter pylori receptor, decay-accelerating factor Cancer Biology 2008-03-19
Ogden, Seth Rayborn Helicobacter pylori-mediated dysregulation of p120-catenin and matrix metalloproteinase-7 Cancer Biology 2009-03-03
Panaccione, Alexander Colin Identification and Characterization of Neural-like Cancer Stem Cells in Salivary Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Cancer Biology 2016-03-28
Parang, Bobak The role of the MTG family and BVES in intestinal biology and tumorigenesis Cancer Biology 2015-06-22
Paul, Pritha Targeting Gastrin-releasing Peptide in Neuroblastoma Cancer Biology 2013-08-20
Perry, Allyson Gail The Role of Nuclear Factor Kappa B in Myeloid Cells During Lung Carcinogenesis Cancer Biology 2016-10-09
Pickup, Michael William Effects of alterations to the tumor microenvironment driven by transforming growth factor beta on tumor progression Cancer Biology 2013-10-09
Placencio, Veronica Rae Padilla Resident and Recruited Stroma Contribute to Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer Cancer Biology 2010-09-09
Poindexter, Shenika Vonsha Critical Regulators of Epithelial Homeostasis and Intestinal Crypt Regeneration: Identification of Novel BVES/BCAR3 Signaling Complex in EMT and Tumorigenesis and Biological Implications for MTG16 in Stem Cell Function, Proliferation, Apoptosis and DNA Repair. Cancer Biology 2015-04-11
Pope, Jillian Lashea The Role of Claudin-1 in Inflammation and Colon Cancer Cancer Biology 2014-03-23
Pruitt, Freddie Lee A role for estrogen receptor and the estrogen-regulated protease cathepsin D in stromally-driven prostatic carcinogenesis. Cancer Biology 2013-06-24
Rao, Meghana Nallamala The Role of VAPB in Breast Cancer Cancer Biology 2012-11-29
Reddy, Vishruth Keesara The role of blood vessel epicardial substance in the maintenance of intestinal epithelial integrity Cancer Biology 2016-02-01
Reiner, Jennifer Elisabeth Oncogenic STRAP regulates c-Jun stability and persistent migration Cancer Biology 2011-06-13
Riggins, Karen Shakita The importance of MT1-MMP during renal development Cancer Biology 2010-08-24
Rojas, Andres Transforming growth factor-beta1 activation and transforming growth factor-beta receptor 2 expression levels in the regulation of the TGF-beta signaling pathway Cancer Biology 2008-03-31
Russell, Alisha Joy The role of CCAAT/enhancer binding protein beta2 in mammary epithelial cells Cancer Biology 2010-08-23
Samanta, Debangshu Long-term smoking-mediated downregulation of Smad3 induces tumorigenicity and carboplatin resistance in non-small cell lung cancer Cancer Biology 2012-04-12
Saxon, Jamie Ausborn Investigation of epithelial canonical and non-canonical NF-κB signaling in lung adenocarcinoma Cancer Biology 2016-02-09
Short, Sarah Palmer A Gatekeeper Function for p120 and the E-cadherin Complex in Intestinal Tumorigenesis Cancer Biology 2015-03-20
Simonik, Elizabeth Anne The role of LIM domain and LIM domain binding proteins in human head and neck carcinoma Cancer Biology 2016-09-27
Sinha, Seema A Novel Role of Cortactin in Exosome Secretion and Tumor Progression Cancer Biology 2016-07-21
Sinnamon, Mark J Pro and anti tumorigenic effect of proteinases in intestinal tumorigenesis Cancer Biology 2008-03-31
Smith, Andrew Leslie ReCLIP (Reversible Cross-Link Immuno-Precipitation) reveals a novel interaction between p120-catenin and p160 Rho Kinase Cancer Biology 2011-03-22
Sun, Qian Identifying FoxA1 Interacting Partners: Insight into Androgen Regulated Prostatic Genes Cancer Biology 2010-04-13
Thiolloy, Sophie Differential contributions of host-derived matrix metalloproteinases in mammary tumor growth in the bone microenvironment Cancer Biology 2009-07-01
Thompson, Joshua James Blood vessel epicardial substance (BVES) and BVES binding partners in intestinal homeostasis and tumorigenesis Cancer Biology 2019-09-18
Thu, Yee Mon The role of NF-kB inducing kinase (NIK) in modulating melanoma tumorigenesis Cancer Biology 2011-10-02
Tripathi, Manisha Proteolytic processing of laminin-332 by hepsin and matriptase and its role in prostate cancer progression Cancer Biology 2011-01-28
Valentin-Santiago, Mayda Role of Autophagy in BCL-2/BCL-XL Mediated G0 Arrest Cancer Biology 2007-03-30
Varga, Matthew Gordon The Role of Toll-Like Receptor 9 in Helicobacter pylori-Mediated Inflammation and Carcinogenesis Cancer Biology 2016-08-08
Vaught, David Bryan EphA2 receptor tyrosine kinase in mammary gland development and breast cancer induced osteolysis Cancer Biology 2011-03-28
Wang, Hailun TIP-1, a new biomarker for radiotherapy, regulates migration and invasion of human gliomas through Rho GTPases Cancer Biology 2011-03-25
Wang, Jie MYC and PIM1 synergism in prostate cancer Cancer Biology 2010-12-04
Wildenberg, Gregg Anthony p120-catenin and p190RhoGAP regulate cell-cell adhesion by coordinating antagonism between Rac and Rho Cancer Biology 2007-03-06
Williams, Andrew John TGFbeta signaling enhances wound healing inflammation in post-partum breast cancer. Cancer Biology 2014-12-02
Williams, Michelle Marie Mcl-1 Drives Resistance of Estrogen Receptor-α Positive Breast Cancers to Targeted Therapies Cancer Biology 2017-07-18
Wooten, David Jordan Mathematical Modeling of Heterogeneity and Drug Response in Lung Cancer Cancer Biology 2018-09-01
Yaspan, Brian Louis Genetic Predisposition to Prostate Cancer: The Contribution of the HPCX locus and TGFB1 gene Cancer Biology 2008-03-05
Youngblood, Victoria Marie The Ephrin-A1/EPHA2 Signaling Axis Regulates Glutaminolysis in HER2-positive Breast Cancer Cancer Biology 2016-03-17
Yu, Huapeng p120-catenin controls contractility along the vertical axis of epithelial lateral membranes Cancer Biology 2015-12-07
Zhang, Xi Beta1 integrin in kidney development Cancer Biology 2010-03-23
Zhuang, Guanglei Pro and Anti Tumorigenic Effects of EPHA Receptor Signaling in Breast and Lung Cancer Cancer Biology 2010-03-25
Alcazar-Roman, Abel Rodrigo Inositol hexakisphosphate and Gle1P direct mRNA export by spatially regulating the dead-box protein Dbp5P at the nuclear pore complex Cell and Development Biology 2008-03-31
Bartholomew, Clinton Ron The p21-activated kinases Cla4 and Ste20 regulate vacuole inheritance in S. cerevisiae. Cell and Development Biology 2008-03-26
Boyer, Daniel Frederick Tissue-specific regulation and function of Pancreatic and duodenal homeobox 1 Cell and Development Biology 2006-11-30
Boyle, Scott Clifford The Role of Cited Family Proteins in the Developing Kidney Cell and Development Biology 2007-07-26
Carter, Hillary Hager Analysis of Bves function in vesicular transport and cell morphology Cell and Development Biology 2009-11-30
Kosinski, Mary E. Identification of a vesicle budding mechanism for the release of a meiotic maturation hormone from Caenorhabditis elegans Cell and Development Biology 2005-06-14
Moynihan, Katherine Lynn Murine CENP-F regulates microtubule network function and is essential in heart development Cell and Development Biology 2009-12-01
Adams, Rebecca Lynn Determinants for mRNP remodeling at the cytoplasmic face of the nuclear pore complex Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-02-02
Aditi, Aditi Uncovering the roles of an essential mRNA regulatory factor Gle1 in stress response and disease Cell and Developmental Biology 2016-09-07
Aho, Erin Renee Pharmacological WDR5 WIN site inhibition as an anti-leukemia target Cell and Developmental Biology 2019-05-13
Aisagbonhi, Omonigho Augustina Investigating molecular and cellular responses to myocardial infarction: canonical wnt activation and endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-09-14
Al-Greene, Nicole Theresa Four Jointed Box One, a Novel Pro-Angiogenic Protein in Colorectal Carcinoma Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-09-30
Anderson, Michael Andrew Regulation of dynein-dynactin during Drosophila spermatogenesis Cell and Developmental Biology 2009-09-14
Andrews, Alex Michael SAN1 - a novel nuclease involved in interstrand cross-link repair Cell and Developmental Biology 2018-07-02
Armour, Eric Andrew Dysregulated mTOR signaling and tissue-specific phenotypes in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-11-16
Armstrong, Laura Craig Modeling Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Using Patient-Derived Cells Cell and Developmental Biology 2017-09-16
Arnette, Christopher R. Functional and regulatory mechanisms of microtubule-associated proteins involved in cancer progression Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-03-17
Banerjee, Amrita Small Intestinal Tuft Cell Specification and Behavior in Homeostasis and Intestinal Inflammatory Disease Cell and Developmental Biology 2019-03-21
Bankaitis, Eric Daniel Linked Programs of Epithelial Morphogenesis and Cell Fate in the Pancreatic Endocrine Progenitor Niche Cell and Developmental Biology 2016-07-10
Benesh, Andrew Eugene Myosin-1d expression and dynamics in polarized cells Cell and Developmental Biology 2011-12-02
Bertram, Clinton Cody Bid Maintains Cell Viability and Homeostasis by Regulating Mitochondrial Physiology and the DNA Damage Response. Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-10-06
Bohnert, Kenneth Adam Divide and Prosper: Molecular Mechanisms and Consequences of Cytokinetic Ring Regulation Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-07-17
Boone, David Nelson Transcriptional regulation of Myc by the tumor suppressor ARF Cell and Developmental Biology 2011-03-28
Bretz, Colin Andrew The Role of NFAT Family Transcription Factors in Diabetic Retinopathy Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-03-13
Broadus, Matthew Ryan Mechanisms that control localization of the Schizosaccharomyces pombe Clp1/Cdc14 phosphatase Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-04-01
Broderick, Sarah M Genetic Analysis of Ninjurin A, A stress-regulated potein that induces nonapoptotic cell death Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-04-18
Burman, Ankita Unraveling the Role of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) Cell and Developmental Biology 2019-01-11
Burns, Laura Titus Nuclear Structure in Budding yeast: Impacts of Chromatin Organization and Gene Expression Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-11-26
Carmody, Sean Robert Analysis of the mRNA-binding protein Nab2 during the nuclear export mechanism Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-11-30
Carnahan Jr., Robert Herschel The PCH family protein, Cdc15p, interacts directly with two actin nucleation pathways to contribute to cytokinetic actin ring formation in schizosaccharomyces pombe Cell and Developmental Biology 2003-09-23
Carver, Billy Joe NF-κB interacts with SP3 to limit SP1-mediated FGF-10 expression in the developing fetal lung Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-08-19
Casey, Amanda Kathleen Roles for regulators of cortical ER structure in maintaining NPC integrity Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-03-11
Cha, Yong I. Cyclooxygenase-1 derived prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) signaling in early development Cell and Developmental Biology 2006-03-06
Cha, Young Ryun Positive and negative regulaton of pattern formation during Xenopus embryogenesis Cell and Developmental Biology 2006-04-01
Chen, Tony Wayne Novel Biochemical Regulatory Mechanisms of Developmental Signaling Pathways Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-12-18
Cheng, Frances Yun Modulation of Sonic Hedgehog signaling alters cerebellar development and medulloblastoma formation Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-12-10
Cheng, Hua Analysis of Eph receptor signaling during oocyte meiotic maturation in Caenorhabditis elegans cell and developmental biology 2008-11-28
Chiba, Takuto The Role of Retinoic Acid Signaling in Acute Kidney Injury Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-05-27
Clayton, Hannah Worchel Variables that influence transcription factor-mediated acinar to beta cell reprogramming Cell and Developmental Biology 2017-02-20
Collier, Scott Edward Using Structural Biology to Characterize the Schizosaccharomyces pombe Spliceosome Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-04-30
Cross, Emily Elizabeth Studies on the Molecular Regulation of Epicardial Cell Movement Cell and Developmental Biology 2012-01-25
Cselenyi, Christopher Stephen Receptor-Mediated Activation of Canonical Wnt Signaling Cell and Developmental Biology 2008-07-21
DeLaughter, Daniel Morris Novel Regulators of Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transformation in Cardiogenesis are Identified Through Next-Generation Sequencing Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-05-28
Ding, Wei Regulation of Naked2 by transforming growth factor-alpha and Wnt signaling Cell and Developmental Biology 2008-03-18
Dise, Rebecca Susanne Epidermal growth factor stimulates intestinal epithelial cell migration through activation of the small GTPase Rac Cell and Developmental Biology 2006-04-04
Donato, Dominique Maria The focal adhesion localization of p130Cas: dynamics, targeting mechanism, and signaling. Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-06-30
Doxie, Deon Bryant Quantitative Single Cell Analysis of Cancerous Cells During Therapy Cell and Developmental Biology 2018-06-18
Ducharme, Nicole Annette The Role of Rab11-FIP2 in Epithelial Cells Cell and Developmental Biology 2007-03-23
Dumas, Megan Elissa Regulation and Pharmacology of the Mitotic Kinesin Kif15 Cell and Developmental Biology 2019-05-13
Earls, Laurie Rebecca RNAi studies in caenorhabditis elegans reveal that coenzyme Q protects GABA neurons from apoptotic, calcium-dependent degeneration Cell and Developmental Biology 2007-12-06
Edelblum, Karen Leigh Raf-1 kinase regulates intestinal epithelial cell survival in response to pro-inflammatory stimuli Cell and Developmental Biology 2008-03-24
Elmore, Zachary Cole Stay on target: mechanisms of casein kinase 1 targeting to control mitotic checkpoint function Cell and Developmental Biology 2018-03-20
Everhart, Michael Brett The role of Nuclear Factor-kappa B (NF-kB) in the regulation of lung inflammation. Cell and Developmental Biology 2004-12-01
Fenix, Aidan Mandy Constructing Contractile Ensembles: How Cells Build Units of Force Generation Cell and Developmental Biology 2018-11-08
Fleming, Jonathan Tyler The sonic hedgehog pathway mediates central regulation of cerebellar development and sarcoma phenotypic outcome Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-04-16
Foegeding, Nora June Cellular Responses to the Helicobacter pylori Pore-Forming Toxin, VacA Cell and Developmental Biology 2019-05-14
Folkmann, Andrew William Elucidation of the Molecular and Cellular Perturbations that Underpin the Human Disease Lethal Congenital Contracture Syndrome 1 Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-04-29
Fox, Rebecca Marie Expression Profiling Reveals Key Regulators of Synaptic Specificity and Function in the C. elegans Motor Circuit Cell and Developmental Biology 2006-11-27
Freeman, Tanner John Understanding the Role of Smad4 in Intestinal Homeostasis and Tumorigenesis Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-07-29
Frump, Andrea Lee Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptor Mutation and Heritable Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-01-30
Gao, Nan Forkhead transcription factor regulates prostate-specific gene expression and prostatic morphogenesis: a functional interaction with androgen signaling Cell and Developmental Biology 2004-10-04
Gayek, Anna Sophia Not Just for Pulling Chromosomes: The Role of Kinetochore-Microtubules in Enforcing Bipolarity of the Human Mitotic Spindle Cell and Developmental Biology 2016-03-28
Gephart, Jonathan David The trafficking of amphiregulin in polarized epithelial cells Cell and Developmental Biology 2011-07-11
Goettel, Jeremy Allen Kinase suppressor of Ras 1 is a functional protein kinase and protects from experimental colitis in mice by regulating T lymphocyte IFN-γ production Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-08-03
Govindan, Jothi Amaranath On the molecular mechanisms controlling oocyte meiotic maturation in Caenorhabditis elegans Cell and Developmental Biology 2008-01-16
Grega Larson, Nathan Eric Investigating a Role for the Actin Nucleator Cordon-Bleu in Brush Border Assembly Cell and Developmental Biology 2016-10-12
Grimaldi, Ashley Dyan A Role for CLASPs in the Regulation of the Major Microtubule +TIP Complex Organizers, End-Binding Proteins Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-06-18
Gupta, Rajnish Anand Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor gamma (PPARg) is a Regulator of Colorectal Cancer Cell Growth and Differentiation Cell and Developmental Biology 2004-03-31
Guyer, Richard Allen Tumor suppressor mechanisms of the polarity protein Par3 Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-07-17
Hacker, Mallory Louise Investigating the mechanism of GABA neuron degeneration in a model of coenzyme Q deficiency Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-07-08
Hainline, Sarah Grace Regulation and Requirement of MCPH1 and Rough Deal during Drosophila Early Embryogenesis Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-08-13
Halstead, Angela Marie Dissecting the spatiotemporal regulation of nodal signaling and its role as a morphogenetic cue Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-10-28
Hang, Brian I. Kinase Regulation of XIAP in Wnt Signaling Cell and Developmental Biology 2016-07-07
Hanson, Alison Jean Regulation of Canonical Wnt Signaling by Ubiquitylation Cell and Developmental Biology 2012-03-25
Harris, Jana Eleonore On the Control of Microtubule Reorganization in Caenorhabditis elegans Oocytes prior to Fertilization Cell and Developmental Biology 2006-10-27
Henley, Kathryn Dana Examination of Hnf6 and downstream effectors in postnatal endocrine function Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-09-20
Hilliard, Valda Catherine TNF-alpha converting enzyme-dependent ErbB4 transactivation by TNF promotes colonic epithelial cell survival Cell and Developmental Biology 2011-07-20
Howard, Angela Marie Basement Membrane Homeostasis and Repair Cell and Developmental Biology 2019-03-22
Howard, Gregory Caleb The role of the ubiquitin-proteasome system in Gcn4 target gene transcription Cell and Developmental Biology 2016-08-29
Huang, Chen Synaptotagmin IV and Myt factors promote β-cell functional maturation and maintenance Cell and Developmental Biology 2017-02-22
Huang, Xi Sonic hedgehog signaling in brain development and diseases Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-03-31
Jernigan, Kristin Kalie Role of LRP6 in the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway and its regulation by heterotrimeric G proteins Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-03-02
Jodoin, Jeanne Nicole Regulation of dynein localization and ciliogenesis by ASUNDER via its role in the RNA processing complex, Integrator Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-12-02
Johnson, Alyssa Erica Kim 'Braking' the cycle: Mechanism of cytokinesis inhibition by the E3 ubiquitin ligase Dma1 Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-07-17
Jones, Christine Marie Regulation of the key mitotic checkpoint protein Dma1 through post-translational modifications Cell and Developmental Biology 2018-02-16
Keller, Jeffrey Wayne The contribution of RAS function to transformation of the colonic epithelium: functional differences, similarities, and cooperation between RAS family members Cell and Developmental Biology 2006-05-16
Knowles, Byron Andrew Clarence Omar Characterization of the Mechanisms Involved in Maintenance of Apical Trafficking and Polarity in Intestinal Epithelial Cells Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-07-23
LaFever, Leesa Marie The role of diet in the regulation of Drosophila ovarian stem cells and their progeny Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-11-29
Landino, Jennifer Elaine Actin and Microtubule Cross-talk during Cytokinesis Cell and Developmental Biology 2017-03-23
Langworthy, Melissa Marie The role of NFATc1 in proximal tubule injury and repair Cell and Developmental Biology 2008-03-28
Levic, Daniel Scott Analysis of developmental regulation and disease modeling of cargo trafficking in zebrafish Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-11-23
Li, Yina Bmp signaling in the morphogenesis of the esophagus and trachea Cell and Developmental Biology 2007-02-27
Liu, Jiang Shh signaling in limb development Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-02-18
Liu, Jing Ngn3-expressing progenitor heterogeneity drives endocrine lineage allocation in pancreas development Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-11-15
Liu, Yang Pro-apoptotic BID facilitates ATR function following replicative stress Cell and Developmental Biology 2011-08-24
Livesay, Stephen Brent Spliceosomal GTPase Cwf10: Roles in Splicing in vivo and Characterization of the N-terminal Extension (NTE) Domain Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-09-04
Lowery, Jonathan Wayne Bmp signaling in pulmonary vascular homeostasis and disease Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-04-21
Lu, Lucy Xiangxi Phosphoregulation of the Cdc25 phosphatase and its effects on Schizosaccharomyces pombe mitotic entrance and exit Cell and Developmental Biology 2012-08-17
Lund, Sabata Silva Constancio Studies on Src tyrosine kinase in tumorigenic cell growth and invasion Cell and Developmental Biology 2008-06-23
Mackert, John Rodway Dual Negative Roles of C/EBPα in the Expansion and Pro-angiogenic Function of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells Cell and Developmental Biology 2012-12-14
Manalo, Annabelle E Exploring the Role of Microtubule Binding Protein CENP-F in Cardiac Disease Cell and Developmental Biology 2018-02-14
Marjoram, Lindsay Taylor High resolution studies of Xnr1 signaling and left-right asymmetry in Xenopus Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-11-22
Mason, Twila Annette The role of AKAP350 splice variants in cellular stress response Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-10-25
Mazerik, Jessica Nicole Uncovering mechanisms that control myosin-1a membrane binding and targeting dynamics Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-04-30
McCann, Tyler Scott Elucidation of the Biological Function of the RPC Family Ubiquitin Ligase Asr1 Cell and Developmental Biology 2016-01-11
McCartney, Heather Joan SAN1 - a novel nuclease involved in DNA Interstrand Crosslinnk Repair Cell and Developmental Biology 2018-09-20
McConnell, Russell E. Microvillar membrane shedding; a novel aspect of brush border function regulated by myosin-1a Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-03-19
Meenderink, Leslie M. The Role of p130Cas Signaling Domains in Cell Migraion Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-09-25
Mehta, Sapna Characterization of Byr4 and Cdc7 functional domains affecting the septation initiation network in Schizosaccharomyces pombe Cell and Developmental Biology 2005-06-21
Melville, David Boyd Paralog specific functions of the COPII machinery in craniofacial development of zebrafish Danio rerio Cell and Developmental Biology 2012-05-07
Merkle, Julie Ann Regulation of Drosophila early embryogenesis and genome maintenance by the E3 ubiquitin ligase no poles Cell and Developmental Biology 2011-07-21
Miao, Mi Analysis of integral membrane protein pom34p in nuclear pore complex structure and function. Cell and Developmental Biology 2007-03-27
Miller, Paul Myron Function and regulation of the CLASP-dependent microtubule array at the Golgi Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-07-15
Misfeldt, Andrew Michael Endocardial cells are a distinct endothelial lineage derived from multipotent cardiovascular progenitors Cell and Developmental Biology 2008-12-05
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Lead Optimization for Discovery of Potent and Selective Dopamine Receptor D4 Antagonist

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Jiang, Shanshan Network and Service Failure Restoration and Prevention in Multi-hop Wireless and Mobile Networks Computer Science 2009-11-23
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Kushwaha, Manish Sensor Node Localization Using Mobile Acoustic Beacons Computer Science 2005-07-29
Kushwaha, Manish Feature-level information fusion methods for urban surveillance using heterogeneous sensor networks Computer Science 2010-01-29
Kusy, Branislav Spatiotemporal Coordination in Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science 2007-08-08
Lee, Christina Mei-Fang An evaluation of machine learning techniques in intrusion detection Computer Science 2007-02-28
Li, Bo Secure learning in adversarial environments Computer Science 2016-07-08
Li, Muqun Scalable Natural Language De-identification based on Machine Learning Approaches Computer Science 2018-03-26
Li, Xiaowei Detection and prevention of logic attacks against web applications through black-box analysis Computer Science 2013-05-30
Li, Yi Linux Device Driver Synthesis and Verification Computer Science 2015-11-17
Lin, Qiufeng People's perception and action in immersive virtual environments Computer Science 2014-12-18
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Nath, Vishwesh Empirical Estimation of Intra-Voxel Structure with Persistent Angular Structure and Q-ball Models of Diffusion Weighted MRI Computer Science 2017-03-31
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Sen, Sayan Dev An intelligent and unified framework for multiple robot and human coalition formation Computer Science 2015-03-24
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Thopte, Deepti Suresh A real-time, event based driver alert system for accident avoidance due to red light running Computer Science 2009-07-20
Varshneya, Pooja Distributed and Adaptive Parallel Computing for Computational Finance Applications Computer Science 2010-06-08
Vig, Lovekesh Multi-Robot Coalition Formation Computer Science 2006-09-15
Wade, Joshua William Design and Evaluation of a Virtual Reality Adaptive Driving Intervention Architecture (VADIA): Applications in Autism Spectrum Disorder Computer Science 2015-12-04
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Wang, Meng Indoor navigation systems based on iBeacon fingerprinting Computer Science 2015-03-23
Wang, Weichen A Cyber-security defense method using Docker containers Computer Science 2015-03-23
Wang, Weihan RGB-D Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) Application Computer Science 2019-10-17
Wang, Xiaotian Investigation of Training Order Effects on Artificial Neural Networks for Image Recognition Computer Science 2018-03-23
Wang, Yiming Vection (The Self-motion Illusion) in Virtual Reality Computer Science 2015-11-30
Wellons, Jonathan Lawrence Robust and Efficient Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks Computer Science 2011-03-26
Weng, Jiannian Dynamic Bayesian Network Based Fault Diagnosis on Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Computer Science 2013-04-01
White, Christopher Jules Optimizing the Configuration of Software Product Line Variants Computer Science 2008-11-05
Williams, Betsy Design and Evaluation of Methods for Motor Exploration in Large Virtual Environments with Head-Mounted Display Technology Computer Science 2008-08-04
Williams, Jonathon A Data Distribution System For Mobile Devices Computer Science 2011-12-02
Wolf, Friedhelm Component-based Fault Tolerance for Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems Computer Science 2009-03-30
Wu, Dili A profiling and performance analysis based self-tuning system for optimization of Hadoop MapReduce cluster configuration Computer Science 2013-04-02
Wu, Taojun Preserving Privacy in Wireless Networks Computer Science 2007-06-22
Xia, Weiyi Optimizing the Privacy Risk - Utility Framework in Data Publication Computer Science 2017-01-05
Xie, Wei Protecting Participant Privacy in Genotype-Phenotype Association Meta-analysis Computer Science 2014-11-05
Xie, Xianshi An Examination of Navigation Methods for Large Immersive Virtual Environments with Application to the Study of Human-Robot Teams Computer Science 2015-03-21
Xu, Ning Correction of image distortion in echo planar image series using phase and intensity Computer Science 2008-02-21
Yan, Wei A Data-Driven Approach to Optimal Resource Management for Large-Scale Data Processing Platforms Computer Science 2015-07-17
Yin, Zhijun Automated Learning Of Health Behaviors Through Consumer Authored Natural Language Text Computer Science 2018-02-11
Yu, Weijie Model-Based Design of Garbled Circuits Computer Science 2015-07-23
Zare, Hamid Hands-On Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity Education in High Schools Computer Science 2019-11-17
Zhang, Haifeng Algorithmic Marketing with Data-Driven Simulations Computer Science 2017-06-20
Zhang, Peng Architectures and Patterns for Moving Towards the Use of High-Frequency, Low-Fidelity Data in Healthcare Computer Science 2018-09-17
Zhang, Wen Learning from Access Log to Mitigate Insider Threats Computer Science 2016-03-15
Zhang, Zhenkai Analysis and Verification of Cyber-Physical System Software Using Static Analysis Computer Science 2015-10-19
Diaz, Carla Isabella We Could Leave This Place Together Creative Writing 2019-05-09
Haney, Daniel James The Junction Box: Poems Creative Writing 2016-07-24
Sarnowski, Michael Mapping the Catacombs Creative Writing 2009-03-27
Somerville, Mary Flannery Blue Run Creative Writing 2017-06-13
Stid, Sophia Rosemary Matrescence Creative Writing 2019-07-24
Sullivan, Valerie A Special Relativity Creative Writing 2010-04-12

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