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Cadar, Adrian Gabriel Titin regulation and maintenance in the cardiac sarcomere Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2017-05-22
Caffrey, Erin A comparison of dynamic assessment and progress monitoring in the prediction of reading achievement for students in kindergarten and first grade Special Education 2006-11-25
Caglar, Faruk Dynamic Resource Management in Resource-overbooked Cloud Data Centers Computer Science 2015-07-21
Cai, Chong Spin dynamics of nuclear singlet-states: application to parahydrogen induced hyperpolarization Physics 2013-11-05
Cai, Guowei Big Data Analytics in Structural Health Monitoring Civil Engineering 2017-09-26
Cai, Xinsheng Stability of externalizing problem behaviors with onset in early childhood: a meta-analytic review Education & Human Development 2004-11-04
Cakir, Ahmet Use of patient-specific models for computer-assisted cochlear implant programming Computer Science 2019-07-12
Calderon Arrivillaga, Victor Francisco Understanding The Galaxy-Halo Connection Through Galaxy Group Catalogues Physics 2019-07-18
Caldwell, Brittany Catherine Calibration between fiber-optic probe based Raman spectroscopy systems Biomedical Engineering 2011-12-05
Caldwell, Brittany Catherine Dopamine Regulation of Insulin Secretion Investigated by Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy Biomedical Engineering 2016-03-21
Calef, Matthew Thomas Theoretical and Computational Investigations of Minimal Energy Problems Mathematics 2009-07-15
Callaghan, Michael George Technologies of Power: Ritual Economy and Ceramic Production in the Terminal Preclassic Period Holmul Region, Guatemala Anthropology 2008-11-07
Callaway, Brantly Mercer IV Essays on Distributional Treatment Effects with Panel Data Economics 2016-03-28
Callender, Hannah Lea Mathematical modeling of species-specific diacylglycerol dynamics in the raw 264.7 macrophage following P2Y6 receptor activation by uridine 5’-diphosphate Mathematics 2007-06-21
Calloway, Cara Suzanne Cognitive Vulnerabilities, Negative Life Events, and Depressive Symptoms in Young Adolescents Nursing Science 2010-03-31
Calvache Meyer, Francisco Agustin Associations Between Reward Processing in the Monetary Incentive Delay Task and Higher Order Factors of Psychopathology Psychology 2019-03-21
Camalier, Corrie Randolph Serial and parallel processing in primate auditory cortex: a comparison of response properties in the core, belt, and parabelt Neuroscience 2010-08-03
Camarillo, Jeannie Marie Functional implications of electrophilic protein adducts Biochemistry 2016-11-17
Camp, Janey Vanessa Smith Design and Implementation of an Advanced Spill Management Information System for Surface Waters Environmental Engineering 2009-07-28
Camp, Wes Alan Graph Separators and Boundaries of Right-Angled Artin and Coxeter Groups Mathematics 2013-03-25
Campbell, Courtney Jeanette Culture, nation and imperialism: ISEB and U.S. cultural influence in cold-war Brazil and Joaquim Nabuco, British abolitionists and the case of Morro Velho History 2010-03-31
Campbell, Courtney Jeanette The Brazilian Northeast, Inside Out: Region, Nation, and Globalization (1926-1968) History 2014-06-03
Campbell, Courtney Michelle Pharmacological Targeting of Gain-of-function KCNQ1 Mutations Predisposing to Atrial Fibrillation Pharmacology 2013-07-19
Campbell, Desmond LeOtis A High-Purity Germanium Imaging System for Limited-Angle Nuclear Breast Tomography Physics 2015-03-16
Campbell, Jacquelyn Andrea Structure-function analysis of reovirus binding to junctional adhesion molecule-A Microbiology and Immunology 2005-11-28
Campbell, James Preston The role of osteoblastic β-adrenergic signaling in breast cancer metastasis to bone Pharmacology 2012-11-08
Campbell, Jason Amare Essays in International Trade Economics 2018-06-11
Campbell, Laura Keys Executive function and coping in survivors of childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia Psychology 2007-05-27
Campbell, Lauren Elizabeth Towards the Unbound Stellar Population in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Physics 2015-03-19
Campbell, Nicholas George Rare variants affecting regulation of serotonin and dopamine transport contribute to the genetic liability of autism Neuroscience 2014-04-15
Campbell-Reed, Eileen Renee Anatomy of a schism: how clergywomen’s narratives interpret the fracturing of the Southern Baptist Convention Religion 2008-07-23
Campion, Jr., Thomas Richmond Improving Provider-to-Provider Communication: Evaluation of a Computerized Inpatient Sign-out Tool Biomedical Informatics 2007-09-04
Campion, Jr., Thomas Richmond Understanding Delivery of Computer-based Intensive Insulin Therapy Biomedical Informatics 2010-07-16
Cannonier-Rudolph, Shellese Amanda Signaling Mechanisms Controlling Bony Invasion and Bone Destruction in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cancer Biology 2016-11-29
Cao, Shang Non-redundant functions of the mouse Ssrp1 and Pfdn1 genes revealed by gene targeting and gene entrapment Microbiology and Immunology 2005-11-30
Cao, Shen Modulation of free viewing and saccades on visual cortex Psychology 2008-07-10
Cao, Yanchuan Network-Calculus-Based Analysis of Power Management in Video Sensor Networks Computer Science 2008-12-18
Cao, Yanchuan Minimizing service disruption in peer-to-peer streaming. Computer Science 2011-02-25
Cao, Yunhao A study of optoelectronic properties of carbon nanomaterials: transistors, sensors, and beyond Electrical Engineering 2013-08-08
Capozzi, Megan Elise The Role of Epoxygenated Fatty Acids in Diabetic Retinopathy Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2016-12-15
Cappel, David Andrew Metabolic Health with Obesity: A Novel Role for Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2014-03-24
Caprara, Robert Joseph A Novel Device for Gastric Cancer Screening in Low- and Middle-Income Nations Mechanical Engineering 2015-05-21
Capshaw, Norman Clark The Quality of Higher Education - Internet and Computer Technologies: Exacerbating or Lessening Differences Across Countries? An Analysis at Three Levels: National, Institutional, and Classroom Leadership and Policy Studies 2007-03-24
Carboneau, Bethany Ann Regulation of Beta-Cell Mass Expansion by Prostaglandin E2 Signaling Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2017-08-15
Cardona, Diana Catalina A MRI compatible concentric tube continuum robot with pneumatic actuation Mechanical Engineering 2012-04-05
Cargile, Phillip Andrew Testing the Chronometric Accuracy of Stellar Evolution Models Using Young Stars in Open Clusters Physics 2010-03-31
Carl, Joshua David High Performance Numerical Simulations To Support System Level Design Electrical Engineering 2015-12-22
Carley, Tamara Lou Studies of the evolution of felsic magma systems: I. Zircon in historic eruptions, Iceland; II. Modeling magma chamber evolution leading to the Peach Spring Tuff supereruption, Arizona, Nevada and California Earth and Environmental Sciences 2010-07-09
Carley, Tamara Lou The generation and evolution of silicic magma and juvenile crust: Insight from the Icelandic zircon record Environmental Engineering 2014-07-17
Carlin, Daniel L. The homeodomain transcription factor Six3 is required for telencephalon patterning in zebrafish Biological Sciences 2012-09-10
Carlisle, Nancy Beth Flexibility in working memory guidance of attention Psychology 2011-07-17
Carmody, Sean Robert Analysis of the mRNA-binding protein Nab2 during the nuclear export mechanism Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-11-30
Carnahan Jr., Robert Herschel The PCH family protein, Cdc15p, interacts directly with two actin nucleation pathways to contribute to cytokinetic actin ring formation in schizosaccharomyces pombe Cell and Developmental Biology 2003-09-23
Carnes, Stephanie Kaye HIV-1 Engages a Dynein-Dynactin-BICD2 Complex for Infection and Transport to the Nucleus Microbiology and Immunology 2019-03-19
Carnevale, Randy Joseph A preliminary study of automated tools to monitor microbiological data and improve compliance with hospital infection control policies Biomedical Informatics 2007-07-27
Carnevale, Randy Joseph MIASMA: A Medical Informatics Application for Systematic Microbiological Alerts Biomedical Informatics 2011-09-01
Caron, Annalise Lawler Trajectories of Adolescent Internalizing and Externalizing Problems: Parenting Behaviors as Predictors of Change Psychology 2005-07-25
Carrell, Holly Marie Isolation and Characterization of Anti-malarial Compounds from a Natural Product Library Chemistry 2013-07-17
Carretta, Carrie M Rape trauma: a study of preferred rape disclosure methods and factors influencing psychological outcomes in rape victims Nursing Science 2011-11-11
Carrico, Amanda R. An examination of partisan identity and political behavior in a panel study of college undergraduates during the 2004 U.S. federal election Psychology 2005-12-01
Carrico, Amanda R Motivating Pro-Environmental Behavior: The Use of Feedback and Peer Education to Promote Energy Conservation in an Organizational Setting Psychology 2009-07-20
Carrillo, Alexia Melo Characterization of synthetic lethality between Mdm2 overexpression and genotoxic agents and identification of a novel function of the Mdmx oncogene in DNA repair Pathology 2014-08-14
Carrington, Leolene Jean The Rho family GEF Asef2 regulates cancer cell migration by modulating Rac activation and actomyosin contractility Biological Sciences 2016-03-28
Carrington, Sheridan Jared S Differential Glycosylation of the Inwardly Rectifying Potassium Channel Kir7.1 by G protein-coupled Receptors Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2019-03-19
Carroll, Robert James Efficient Development of Electronic Health Record Based Algorithms to Identify Rheumatoid Arthritis Biomedical Informatics 2011-10-19
Carroll, Robert James Defining Phenotypes, Predicting Drug Response, and Discovering Genetic Associations in the Electronic Health Record with Applications in Rheumatoid Arthritis Biomedical Informatics 2014-11-22
Carter, Arthur Francis, Jr. Diaspora Poetics & (re)Constructions of Differentness:Conceiving Acts 6.1 – 8.40 as Diaspora Religion 2016-03-23
Carter, Hillary Hager Analysis of Bves function in vesicular transport and cell morphology Cell and Development Biology 2009-11-30
Carter, Jocelyn Smith Main and Interactive Effects of Stress and Negative Cognitions as Predictors of Depression in Adolescence Psychology 2008-05-24
Carter, Linda Kay Evening Schools and Child Labor in the United States, 1870-1910 Economics 2009-03-30
Carter, Melissa Diane Hemozoin: A Paradigm for Biomineralization in Disease Chemistry 2009-07-15
Carter, Rachel Elizabeth Room Temperature Sulfur Cathode Design and Processing Techniques Mechanical Engineering 2017-04-10
Carter, Susan Payne Essays in Consumer Finance: Bankruptcy and Fringe Banking Economics 2012-03-26
Caruso, Pascal Michael Respect for persons: the foundational moral disposition in medicine (a renewed physician ethos: respect for patients as persons) Philosophy 2016-02-22
Carver, Billy Joe NF-κB interacts with SP3 to limit SP1-mediated FGF-10 expression in the developing fetal lung Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-08-19
Carver, Diana Elizabeth Pediatric Red Marrow and Organ Radiation Dose Estimates in Computed Tomography from Monte Carlo Simulations Physics 2015-06-29
Case, James Brett Roles of the Coronavirus 3'-to-5' Exoribonuclease and N7-Methyltransferase in Counteracting Innate Immunity Microbiology and Immunology 2018-03-16
Casey, Amanda Kathleen Roles for regulators of cortical ER structure in maintaining NPC integrity Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-03-11
Casey, Amy Michelle How Do Early Childhood Teachers Know How They're Doing? Receipt of Feedback and Its Relationship to Use of Recommended Practices Special Education 2008-11-03
Casey, Matthew Curtis Investigations of Vanadium Dioxide as a Catalytic Electrode and Support Chemistry 2015-11-20
Casey, Megan Colleen Single-Event Effects in Digital CMOS Circuits Operating at Ultra-Low Power Electrical Engineering 2009-12-04
Castellanos, Jason Alfred Predicting Colorectal Cancer Recurrence by Utilizing Multiple-View Multiple-Learner Supervised Learning Biomedical Informatics 2016-06-14
Castellanos Gonella, Carolina Performances de masculinidades: mujeres guerreras y transgresión de género en la literatura latinoamericana Spanish and Portuguese 2010-06-29
Castillo, Stephanie Surface Study of Nickel Phosphide and Cobalt Sulfide Nanoparticles for Heterogeneous Catalysis Chemistry 2017-08-17
Castle, George R Reading between the lines: Do textual characteristics and social skills influence reading comprehension performance in individuals with autism spectrum disorder? Hearing and Speech Sciences 2019-03-28
Castorena, Oscar Essays on Political Representation and Accountability in Mexico Political Science 2019-03-24
Castro, Anne Margaret Actions Top His Speech: Bodies of Power in Marlowe's Tamburlaine The Great English 2012-08-07
Castro, Anne Margaret The Sacred Act of Reading: Spirituality, Performance, and Power in Afro-Diasporic Literature English 2016-07-13
Catania, Elizabeth Haldeman Emotional regulation and the limbic system associated membrane protein Neuroscience 2008-07-17
Caudel, David Dewayne Manipulating Nonproportionality of Strontium Iodide Crystals with High-Flux Irradiation by 137Cs Gamma Rays Physics 2017-03-27
Cavener, Victoria S. Inhibition of Diacylglycerol Lipase Impairs Fear Extinction in Mice Neuroscience 2018-08-24
Cayce, Jonathan Matthew Infrared neural stimulation of thalamocortical brain slices in vitro Biomedical Engineering 2008-03-31
Cayce, Jonathan Matthew Optical Characterization of Pulsed Infrared Light Evoked Cortical Brain Activity Biomedical Engineering 2013-03-19
Cecot, Caroline Shale Development: Risks, Responses, and Regulation Law and Economics 2014-04-03
Ceddia, Ryan Patrick The Role of the Prostaglandin E2 EP3 Receptor in Obesity, Insulin Resistance, and Glycemic Control Pharmacology 2015-11-24
Cerkevich, Christina Marie Differential connections in the brains of New World and Old World monkeys Psychology 2013-03-22
Cetin, Barbaros Microfluidic Continuous Separation of Particles and Cells by using AC-Dielectrophoresis Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-27
Cha, Diana Jean KRAS-dependent Regulation of Extracellular RNAs in Colorectal Cancer Biological Sciences 2017-03-27
Cha, Yong I. Cyclooxygenase-1 derived prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) signaling in early development Cell and Developmental Biology 2006-03-06
Cha, Young Ryun Positive and negative regulaton of pattern formation during Xenopus embryogenesis Cell and Developmental Biology 2006-04-01
Chacon, Almary Radical-promoted peptide cleavage in the gas-phase via peroxycarbamates Chemistry 2007-11-20
Chaganti, Shikha Contextualizing Medical Image Analyses with Electronic Health Histories Computer Science 2019-02-14
Chakraborty, Ipshita Characterization of a passive diffusion microdevice for assays of chemotaxis and morphogenesis Biomedical Engineering 2007-07-26
Chakraborty, Sudipta Gene-Environment Interactions Between Manganese Toxicity and Early-Onset Parkinson's Disease Genes Neuroscience 2015-03-15
Chambers, Matthew Chase Omicron: a Galaxy for reproducible proteogenomics Biomedical Informatics 2016-08-05
Champion, Jennifer Elaine The role of caretaking in children of mothers with a history of depression Psychology 2005-12-01
Champion, Jennifer Elaine Caretaking behaviors in adolescent children of depressed parents Psychology 2009-05-18
Champion, Sharon Zipporah White Privilege vs. White Invisibility and the Creation of White Fragility: How Social Normativity Negatively Impacts White Health Medicine, Health, and Society 2016-03-28
Chandler, Kelly Jane Identification of an ancient Bmp4 cis-regulatory element using fish and mouse Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2008-07-07
Chandra, Aroop The application of new methods to the synthesis of constrained proline derivatives, (+)-serratezomine A, and hapalindoles A, G, I, and K Chemistry 2011-03-28
Chandrasekaran, Ramyavardhanee Mechanism of Clostridium difficile Toxin A Entry into Host Cells Microbiology and Immunology 2017-11-09
Chang, Chia Hua Single quantum dot approach for molecular dissection of serotonin transporter regulation in living cells Chemistry 2013-01-30
Chang, Hui-Yiing Scalar field models for dark energy Physics 2014-07-18
Chang, Siyuan Computational fluid-structure interaction for vocal fold modeling Mechanical Engineering 2016-10-28
Chang, Xinlian Module for simulating composition effects on secondary organic aerosol partitioning and its evaluation in the southeastern United States Environmental Engineering 2006-08-24
Chaplin, Vandiver Lazenby Precision and Selectivity: New Techniques in Image Guided Focused Ultrasound Chemical and Physical Biology 2018-03-21
Chapman, Gabrielle Lynn The application of theory to intervention: the intersection of theories of deviance and juvenile delinquency intervention programs Sociology 2007-03-29
Chapman, Rebecca Renee Rehabilitating Shakespeare: Cultural Appropriation and Queer Subjectivity English 2009-07-23
Charlton, Matthew Way A United Methodist Theology of Service Religion 2008-11-21
Chatterjee, Indranil Single-event charge collection and upset in 65-nm and 40-nm dual- and triple-well bulk CMOS SRAMS Electrical Engineering 2012-03-25
Chatterjee, Indranil Geometric Dependence of the Total Ionizing Dose Response of FinFETs Electrical Engineering 2014-07-31
Chatterjee, Samrat Development of an analytic basis for performing all-hazards risk management Civil Engineering 2010-03-30
Chattin, Archer Elleen Syn-eruptive Processes as Recorded by Crystals and Vesicles in the Bishop Tuff, California: A Combination of Experimental Petrology and 3D Imaging Earth and Environmental Sciences 2015-07-16
Chau, Stephen Thomas Progess Toward The Total Synthesis of Ammocidin D Chemistry 2011-09-15
Chaudhuri, Soma Tempest in a tea pot: analysis of contemporary witch hunts in the tea plantations of Bengal Sociology 2008-07-29
Chauhan, Muhammad Zain Applying an Institutional Perspective to the Adoption of Health Information Technology in Dental Clinics in Tennessee Medicine, Health, and Society 2017-07-18
Chauvin, Casey Bateman Examining an Adaptive Approach to Tier II Interventions: Using Critical Factors to Adapt Check-in, Check-out Special Education 2018-07-13
Chavez, Diana Andrea Replication Fork Remodeling by Helicase-Like Transcription Factor Biological Sciences 2018-06-25
Chavez, Tizoc Victor Hutchinson Presidential Parley: Personal Diplomacy and the Modern Presidency History 2016-07-21
Chaynikov, Vladimir Vladimirovich Properties of hyperbolic groups: free normal subgroups, quasiconvex subgroups and actions of maximal growth Mathematics 2012-06-21
Chen, Antong Automatic segmentation of structures in CT images for head and neck intensity-modulated radiation therapy Electrical Engineering 2012-07-25
Chen, Chun-Cheng Planning Needle Placement in Image-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation of Hepatic Tumors Biomedical Engineering 2006-12-01
Chen, Dakai Total dose irradiation effects on silicon and germanium MOS capacitors with alternative gate dielectrics Electrical Engineering 2007-10-08
Chen, Dong Computational framework for durability assessment of reinforced concrete structures under coupled deterioration processes Civil Engineering 2006-06-21
Chen, Gongping Electrochemical Analysis and Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy Investigations of Photosystem I Chemistry 2013-02-06
Chen, Heng Essays on Wavelet Estimation of the Local Average Treatment Effect Economics 2012-06-01
Chen, Ishita Evaluation of atlas-based brain shift model for improved adaptation to intraoperative neurosurgical conditions Biomedical Engineering 2012-04-19
Chen, Jin Radiation response and reliability of AlGaN/GaN HEMTS Electrical Engineering 2013-06-27
Chen, Jin Radiation Response and Reliability of High Speed AlGaN/GaN HEMTs Electrical Engineering 2016-07-26
Chen, Joseph The Mechanobiology of Notch1 Deficiency in Calcific Aortic Valve Disease Biomedical Engineering 2015-03-19
Chen, Kai A semantic anchoring infrastructure for model-integrated computing Computer Science 2006-06-06
Chen, Kan Essays on international real business cycle models and Bayesian estimation Economics 2013-07-11
Chen, Qiuyan The structure basis of arrestin mediated GPCR signaling Pharmacology 2015-11-16
Chen, Tony Wayne Novel Biochemical Regulatory Mechanisms of Developmental Signaling Pathways Cell and Developmental Biology 2014-12-18
Chen, Xiaoli Cue Integration in Spatial Navigation – a Bayesian Approach Psychology 2014-09-12
Chen, Xinyu Efficient response surface method for fatigue life prediction Civil Engineering 2008-07-25
Chen, Xuemei Stability of compressed sensing for dictionaries and almost sure convergence rate for the Kaczmarz algorithm Mathematics 2012-06-01
Chen, Yanran Single-event characterization of digitally controlled oscillators (DCOS) Electrical Engineering 2014-03-24
Chen, Yanran Analysis and hardening of all-digital phase-locked loops (ADPLLs) to single-event radiation effects Electrical Engineering 2017-09-22
Chen, Yao-Yi Refining comparative proteomics by spectral counting to account for shared peptides and multiple search engines Biomedical Informatics 2012-05-15
Chen, Yaoyi Using Statistical Learning Methods for Better Spectrum Classification Biostatistics 2014-07-14
Chen, Yelin Sites of action and physiological impact of mGluR5 positive allosteric modulators Neuroscience 2007-11-07
Chen, Ying Three Essays on Leader-Member Exchange in U.S. and China Management 2011-06-13
Chen, Yong On the Rhetoric of Defining Confucianism as "a Religion": A Hermeneutic Reading of the Controversy on Confucian Religiosity and its Significance to the Understanding of Chinese Tradition and Modernity Religion 2005-06-10
Chen, Yukun Applying Active Learning to Biomedical Text Processing Biomedical Informatics 2013-07-12
Chen, Yukun Active Learning for Named Entity Recognition in Clinical Text Biomedical Informatics 2015-06-12
Chen, Zhanwen Noise Suppression in Ultrasound Beamforming Using Convolutional Neural Networks Computer Science 2019-11-18
Cheney, Austin Carter Organizational impacts of participation in industry-level collective action (technology roadmaps) Interdisciplinary Studies: Management of Technology 2011-11-30
Cheng, Alex Chih-Ray Quantifying Burden of Treatment for Breast Cancer Patients from Clinical Encounter Data Biomedical Informatics 2016-11-11
Cheng, Alex Chih-Ray Assessing the Patient Experience from Electronic Health Data Biomedical Informatics 2018-07-16
Cheng, Dong Essays on the Role of Durables and Financial Frictions in Business Cycles and International Trade Economics 2018-06-08
Cheng, Frances Yun Modulation of Sonic Hedgehog signaling alters cerebellar development and medulloblastoma formation Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-12-10
Cheng, Hua Analysis of Eph receptor signaling during oocyte meiotic maturation in Caenorhabditis elegans cell and developmental biology 2008-11-28
Cheng, Joey Modeling air stripping of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from biological treatment processes Environmental Engineering 2006-04-03
Cheng, Steven Kunyuan The impact of delay: assessing the early indicators of development time and accrual milestones on oncology clinical trial success Interdisciplinary Studies: Engineering Management 2008-12-04
Chetia, Jugantor An efficient AVF estimation technique using circuit partitioning Electrical Engineering 2012-01-25
Cheung, Olivia Sin-Chi The interactions between visual appearance and conceptual knowledge in the acquisition of perceptual expertise Psychology 2010-06-17
Chhokra, Kumar Gaurav Accuracy enhancements for robust TOA estimation on resource constrained mobile platforms Electrical Engineering 2004-07-30
Chiaro, Genna Raine Multiple Magma Bodies: Understanding the Pre-Eruptive Architecture and Magmatic Processes of Supereruptions Based on Textural, Mineralogical, and Geochemical Features of Fiamme from the Ora Ignimbrite (Permian, Italy) Earth and Environmental Sciences 2019-08-16
Chiba, Takuto The Role of Retinoic Acid Signaling in Acute Kidney Injury Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-05-27
Childress, Merrida Ann Understanding Oncogenic Tyrosine Kinase Fusion Driven Cancer: An Investigation into Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor and the Non-kinase Fusion Partner Cancer Biology 2018-10-05
Childress, Sarah Louise Presence in Absence: D.W. Griffith's Patriarchal Paradise in His Trust and His Trust Fulfilled English 2005-07-15
Childress, Sarah Louise Common interests, competing subjectivities: U.S. and Latin American avant-garde film theory and practice English 2009-07-22
Chipman, Jonathan Joseph Sequential Rematched Randomization and Adaptive Monitoring with the Second-Generation p-Value to increase the efficiency and efficacy of Randomized Clinical Trials Biostatistics 2019-06-14
Chiu, Kou-Wei A framework for the discharge of patients from the adult emergency department Biomedical Informatics 2009-11-06
Chmely, Stephen Christopher Sterically demanding ligands and their effect on the structure and reactivity of main group metal complexes Chemistry 2010-07-30
Cho, Eunsoo Construct and incremental validity of dynamic assessment of decoding within and across domains Special Education 2014-03-25
Cho, Eunsoo Examining the Predictive Validity of a Dynamic Assessment of Decoding to Forecast Response to Tier 2 Intervention Special Education 2014-03-25
Cho, Young-Jin NMR studies of an α,β-unsaturated aldehyde-derived interstrand carbinolamine DNA cross-link in the 5´-CpG-3´ sequence Chemistry 2006-03-28
Choby, Jacob Edward Heme Synthesis and Acquisition in Staphylococcus aureus Microbiology and Immunology 2019-01-25
Chodkowski, BettyAnn Brain Functional Connectivity in Childhood Obesity Chemical and Physical Biology 2016-03-06
Choe, Ann Sunah Validation of diffusion tensor imaging in the central nervous system using light microscopy Biomedical Engineering 2010-09-22
Choi, Dahye Emotional diathesis, emotional stress and childhood stuttering Hearing and Speech Sciences 2014-07-17
Choi, Jin Young Understanding as the Embodiment of Mystery: Approaching Discipleship in Mark on a Postcolonial Feminist Key Religion 2013-07-22
Choi, Yeo Ju Crafting the "She-Doctor": Henry James' Dr. Mary J. Prance English 2006-07-02
Chong, Fan Fei E-theory for Lp algebras and the dual novikov conjecture Mathematics 2014-06-05
Chong, Katherine Melissa Studies toward a unified synthesis of apoptolidinone C and glycosylated variants Chemistry 2017-08-17
Chopra, Sameer Sodium channels are required for cardiac cell-fate specification via a novel, non-electrogenic mechanism in zebrafish. Pharmacology 2008-11-30
Chow, Jason C. Contribution of Nonsymbolic Representation Beyond Symbolic Equal Sign Instruction in Second-Grade Classrooms Special Education 2016-07-11
Chresfield, Michell Improve the race: eugenics as a strategy for racial uplift, 1900-1940 History 2013-04-09
Chresfield, Michell Rayshaun The legible citizen: race making and classification in Jim Crow Louisiana, 1955-1965 History 2013-04-09
Chresfield, Michell Problem and Promise: Scientific Experts and the Mixed-Blood, 1870-1970 History 2016-07-23
Christens, Brian David Regional Sprawl in the Northern Colorado Front Range Community Research and Action 2004-07-05
Christens, Brian David Vehicles of change: context and participation in power-based community organizing Community Research and Action 2008-11-05
Christian, Mark Alan Levites and the Plenary Reception of Revelation Religion 2011-12-01
Christov, Plamen Petkov Synthesis and in vitro replicatuion studies of N5-alkylated formamidopyrimicine (FAPy-dGuo) adducts in DNA. Chemistry 2007-10-08
Chua, Kao-Wei Holistic Processing: A Matter of Experience Psychology 2017-08-24
Chuang, Chu-Jiun Alice In Search of Lost Time: La Notte and the Time-Image English 2006-06-10
Chuang, Chu-Jiun Alice Re-Imagining the Jewelled Isle: England and Cross-Media Projects in the Mid-Twentieth Century English 2010-07-28
Chukwuma, Valentine Uche Immune Mechanisms Modulating The Development Of Breadth In The Antibody Repertoire Of HIV Infected Subjects Microbiology and Immunology 2016-07-05
Chumbler, Nicole Marie Defining the Functions and Regulation of Clostridium difficile Toxins A and B Enzymatic Activities in Cellular Intoxication Chemical and Physical Biology 2015-03-25
Chumbley, Chad Walter Absolute Quantitative Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry and Imaging Mass Spectrometry of Pharmaceutical Drugs from Biological Specimens Chemistry 2016-03-25
Chun, Sejong Paul’s new creation: vision for a new world and community in the midst of empires Religion 2012-03-26
Chung, Hyeyurn The Color of Masculinity: Racialized Masculinities and the Reconfiguration of American Manhood English 2005-11-28
Chynoweth, Katie Mae On The Origin Of Neutral Hydrogen Clouds In Nearby Galaxy Groups: The Role Of Galaxy Interactions Physics 2010-03-20
Ciampa, Erin Julia Investigating the function of KCNE4 in cardiac physiology Pharmacology 2011-03-11
Ciarleglio, Christopher Michael Neural Circuitry, Behavioral Correlates and Genetic Organization of the Mammalian Circadian Clock Neuroscience 2009-04-02
Cienki, Thomas Joseph Charlotte Brontë’s Domestic Refusal English 2017-11-17
Ciesielski, Peter Nolan Photosystem I – Based Systems for Photoelectrochemical Energy Conversion Interdisciplinary Materials Science 2010-08-17
Cione, Angeline Deposition Of Ionic Liquid Thin Films Onto Self-Assembled Monolayers Chemical Engineering 2007-04-02
Cisneros, Natalie Packard The "Illegal Alien": A Genealogical and Intersectional Approach Philosophy 2012-07-17
Cisneros III, Alberto Antibody Affinity Maturation in Antigen-Distal Residues Chemical and Physical Biology 2019-03-25
Claiborne, Lily Lowery Tracking Magmatic Processes through Zr/Hf Ratios in Rocks and Hf and Ti Zoning in Zircons: An Example from the Spirit Mountain Batholith, Nevada Geology 2006-07-28
Claiborne, Lily Lowery Understanding Upper Crustal Silicic Magmatic Systems Using the Temporal, Compositional, and Thermal Record in Zircon Environmental Engineering 2011-03-23
Clanton, Joshua Aaron Fgf Signaling Governs the Differentiation of Parapineal Neurons in Zebrafish Biological Sciences 2013-02-28
Clark, Cameron Chase The Environmental Politics of Grief in the Queer Anti-Pastoral English 2018-09-09
Clark, Lindsey M. Intracellular Hexokinase Localization in Hybridoma Cultures: Implications for Regulation of Metabolism and Cell Death Chemical Engineering 2005-07-22
Clarke, Bradley Palmer A Synthetic Biology Approach for the Characterization of the Inositide Signaling Pathway, and Characterization of an IP6 binding Protein Biochemistry 2019-11-14
Clarkson, Gina Alexandria Zima Factors Influencing Paternal Involvement in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nursing Science 2015-12-10
Clauss, Jacqueline Alexandra Neural Correlates of Anticipation in Children at High Risk for Anxiety Neuroscience 2014-11-06
Claxton, Derek Paul Structure and mechanism of a bacterial homolog of neurotransmitter:sodium symporters Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2010-07-22
Clay, Hayley Boyd Roles of the mitochondrial fatty acid synthesis II (mtFASII) pathway in mitochondrial function and signaling Neuroscience 2016-05-18
Clayton, Hannah Worchel Variables that influence transcription factor-mediated acinar to beta cell reprogramming Cell and Developmental Biology 2017-02-20
Cleghorn, Whitney Marie Arrestins regulate cell spreading and motility via focal adhesion dynamics Pharmacology 2012-06-22
Clemens, Michael Andrew Energy deposition mechanisms for proton- and neutron-induced single event upsets in modern electronic devices Physics 2012-03-16
Clements, Logan Salient anatomical features for robust surface registration and atlas-based model updating in image-guided liver surgery Biomedical Engineering 2009-04-07
Clendenning, Dawn Elizabeth Determining the role of Growth Differentiation Factor-6 (Gdf6) in the development of the coronal suture Human Genetics 2012-04-16
Clifford, Stacy Anne Indispensable Idiocy: Cognitive Disability and the Social Contract Political Science 2011-12-02
Clifton, Charles Ali Hybrid System Based Design for the Coordination and Control of Multiple Autonomous Vehicles Electrical Engineering 2005-07-29
Climer, Kara Elizabeth Simulation-Based Study of Single Event Transients in a SiGe BiCMOS Low Power Operational Amplifier Electrical Engineering 2008-07-25
Coaster, Mariam Structural and functional evaluation of the human midbrain dopaminergic system using high resolution MRI at 7 T Neuroscience 2012-03-22
Coate, Kathryn Eileen Colbert Impaired Regulation of Hepatic Glucose Disposition by High Dietary Fat and Fructose Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2011-08-24
Cobb, Jared Guthrie Measuring Transverse Relaxation in Myocardial Tissue with 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomedical Engineering 2008-03-31
Cobb, Jared Guthrie Quantitative proton relaxometry in the rotating frame with magnetic resonance imaging Biomedical Engineering 2011-08-26
Coble, Richard Randolph Chaplaincy in the Modern Health Care System: Presence, Dying, and Community in the Advance and Subversion of Biopolitics Religion 2017-03-20
Cochran, Jonathan Patrick Sometimes you can’t make it on your own: work arrangements and co-worker relations Sociology 2008-12-03
Cody, Jason Robert Discrete Consensus Decisions in Human-Collective Teams Computer Science 2018-04-03
Coffa, Sergio Non-visual arrestins bind mitogen activated protein kinases and regulate their signaling Pharmacology 2011-08-04
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Cognata, Andrew David Electrochemical Instrumentation for Real-Time Monitoring of Biological Model Systems Chemistry 2016-03-28
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Cohen, Mollie Jane The Causes and Representative Consequences of Invalid Voting in Latin America Political Science 2016-11-20
Cohn, Adam Paul Cointercalation and In-Situ Plating for Advanced Sodium Batteries Mechanical Engineering 2018-05-16
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Comber, David Benjamin Design and Control of Magnetic Resonance-Compatible, Pneumatic Actuators and Robotic Platforms for Steerable Needle Interventions Mechanical Engineering 2015-09-30
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Conley, Hiram Jacob Straining Two Dimensional Materials Physics 2014-10-04
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Coppens, Zachary Joseph Probing and controlling photothermal heat generation in plasmonic nanostructures Mechanical Engineering 2012-11-30
Coppens, Zachary Joseph Electromagnetic Metamaterials for Controlling Absorption and Thermal Emission Mechanical Engineering 2017-09-29
Corbin, Christopher Wesley Uniting Warmth and Light: Samuel Taylor Coleridge as Defender of Evangelical Anglican Christianity Religion 2017-05-31
Cordova, Juan Carlos Molecular Mechanisms of Protein Degradation Studied at the Single Molecule Level Chemical Engineering 2016-07-21
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Costello, Christopher John Location Recognition Using a Very High Dimensional Feature Space Electrical Engineering 2011-08-11
Cotter, Christopher Andrew James Essays on Finance and Real Activity during the U.S. National Banking Period Economics 2016-07-21
Cottrill, Sara Marie Barriers and Challenges in a Peer Support Program for Family Caregivers of Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Community Research and Action 2011-12-03
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Couppis, Maria Helena Dopamine and the positively reinforcing properties of aggression Neuroscience 2008-02-15
Covarrubias, Roman The Role of Macrophage Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor-Related Protein in the Activation of Invariant Natural Killer T cells Pathology 2015-03-23
Covey, Aaron K Effects of earthworm burrowing on arsenic biotransformation and mobility: implications for roxarsone-bearing poultry litter application Earth and Environmental Sciences 2008-12-01
Covington, Brett Casey Expediting Natural Product Discovery with Mass-Spectrometry based Metabolomic Analyses Chemistry 2018-08-15
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Covington, Elizabeth Reeves Reclaiming Memory: Literature, Science, and the Rise of Memory as Property, 1860-1945 English 2011-07-20
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Covington, Natalie V Characterizing Multiple Memory Systems in Moderate-Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Hearing and Speech Sciences 2019-08-07
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Cox, Brian Elbert Effect of lysosomal cholesterol accumulation on lysosomal and vacuolar-ATPase activity Pathology 2007-09-19
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Craft, Kelly Marie Human Milk Oligosaccharides as a Defense Against Infectious Diseases Chemistry 2019-03-22
Crane II, John William Abraham The Thermo-climatic Cost of a Lush, Green Lawn: Characterizing N2O emissions from lawns Environmental Engineering 2014-11-13
Craven, Krista Lauren "No papers, no fear": The boundary politics of undocumented immigrant youth activists in Tennessee Human and Organizational Development 2014-07-17
Craven, Ryan Eric Functional analysis of clostridium sordellii lethal and hemorrhagic toxins Microbiology and Immunology 2016-01-04
Cravens, Xiu Chen The Cross-Cultural Fit of the Learning-Centered Leadership Framework and Assessment for Chinese Principals Leadership and Policy Studies 2008-07-11
Crawford, Theodore Wesley From Segregation to Independence: African Americans in Churches of Christ Religion 2008-05-29
Craycraft, Nicole Neekoo Compensating for an Inattentive Audience Psychology 2017-03-24
Creecy, Amy Elizabeth Comparison of Cross Priming Amplification and Loop Mediated Amplification for Tuberculosis Detection in an Integrated Diagnostic Device Biomedical Engineering 2013-12-09
Creecy, Amy Age- and Diabetes-Related Changes in the Matrix and Fracture Resistance of Bone Biomedical Engineering 2018-07-18
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Crisostomo, David Allen Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy Investigations of Monolayer-protected Gold Nanoparticles and Shewanella oneidensis Chemistry 2016-03-25
Crisp, Jeffrey Allen Spin state isomerism and molecular magnetism from site-specifically substituted bis(indenyl) transition metal complexes Chemistry 2009-06-05
Crites, Joshua Seth Liberalism and Multiculturalism: A Philosophical Dilemma Philosophy 2007-07-12
Crnobori, Mary Elizabeth Teacher Perceptions of Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans for General Education Students Special Education 2016-12-05
Crochet, Jared John Charge and Energy Transfer Dynamics in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Ensembles Materials Science and Engineering 2007-12-07
Crombie, Scott Andrew Monazite alteration in the Searchlight contact metamorphic aureole, southern Nevada Earth and Environmental Sciences 2006-07-28
Cronin, Robert Michael Automatic Classification of Patient-Generated Messages from a Patient Portal Biomedical Informatics 2015-10-14
Crooke, Cornelia Elizabeth Regulation of Fibronectin Assembly by PLC-gamma1 Biochemistry 2009-04-01
Cross, Emily Elizabeth Studies on the Molecular Regulation of Epicardial Cell Movement Cell and Developmental Biology 2012-01-25
Cross, Michael Scott Fighting Food Insecurity with The Nashville Mobile Market: A Temporary Solution to Systemic Food Injustice Medicine, Health, and Society 2013-07-18
Crosswy, William Spencer MetaCL - A Model-Based Approach to Programming Heterogeneous Architectures Using OpenCL Computer Science 2012-04-09
Crouch, Rachel Denise Aldehyde Oxidase Drug Metabolism: Evaluation of Drug Interaction Potential and Allometric Scaling Methods to Predict Human Pharmacokinetics Pharmacology 2016-11-19
Crouch, Robert Doyle Multiscale Modeling of Brittle Composites Using Reduced Order Computational Homogenization Civil Engineering 2012-08-12
Crowder, Spencer William Modular Design of Stent Polymers Regulates Human Coronary Artery Cell Type-Specific Oxidative Response and Phenotype Biomedical Engineering 2011-04-04
Crowder, Spencer William Multiplex biomaterial matrix cues regulate redox status and stemness in human mesenchymal stem cells Biomedical Engineering 2014-03-25
Cruz, Jose Miguel Democratization Under Assault: Criminal Violence in Post-Transition Central America Political Science 2010-07-28
Cseke, Gabriella Cloning, Expression and Structural Characterization of Human Metapneumovirus Fusion Glycoprotein Chemistry 2006-10-25
Cselenyi, Christopher Stephen Receptor-Mediated Activation of Canonical Wnt Signaling Cell and Developmental Biology 2008-07-21
Cui, Xuelin (Nick) An Investigation of Raw Data Corrections for Radial Fat-Water Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomedical Engineering 2011-12-02
Cuj, Miguel Angel Maya Memories of the Internal Armed Conflict Health and Nutrition Issues in a Small K'iche Maya Community Latin American Studies 2018-03-23
Cummings, Anna Christine Exploring the genetic architecture of late-onset Alzheimer disease in an Amish population Human Genetics 2012-11-29
Cummings, Anna Christine Power and type 1 error for large pedigree analyses of binary traits Interdisciplinary Studies: Applied Statistics 2012-11-29
Cummings, Christopher Franklin Formation and Function of Collagen IV Sulfilimine Bonds Biochemistry 2013-03-24
Cummings, Tracy Payne Engaging children in talk about mathematics: The effects of an early mathematics intervention Learning, Teaching, and Diversity 2011-07-21
Cummins, Joshua Joseph Characterization of a Pneumatic Strain Energy Accumulator: Efficiency and First Principles Models with Uncertainty Analysis Mechanical Engineering 2016-03-23
Cummins, Peg A. Strategic use of spatial representations to maintain orientation by individuals who are congenitally totally blind and blindfolded sighted people Special Education 2006-04-03
Cunningham, Jennifer Elizabeth Exploring the Relationship Between Positive Behavior Support and Language Supporting Interactions in Preschool Classrooms Special Education 2018-10-15
Cunningham, Sarah Bainter The Compass of Reason: Intellectual Interest in the Beautiful as a Mode of Orientation Philosophy 2004-11-27
Curby, Kim Michelle Perceptual expertise affects visual short-term memory and the time-course of perceptual encoding Psychology 2006-01-26
Curran, Frank Christopher Zero Tolerance School Discipline: Implications for Schools, Leaders, and Students Leadership and Policy Studies 2015-06-17
Curtis, Alice Elizabeth Identifying Patterns of Abridged Life Table Elements Biostatistics 2017-06-21
Cusick, Carolyn Marie Speaking, Listening, and Communicative Justice: Educating Epistemic Trust and Responsibility Philosophy 2012-08-29
Cvrcek, Tomas Three Essays in Economic History Economics 2007-04-01

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