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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Albertolle, Matthew Edward SULFENYLATION OF CYTOCHROMES P450 IN RESPONSE TO REDOX ALTERATION Biochemistry 2019-01-18
Aldred, Katie June Mechanism of Quinolone Action and Resistance in Bacterial and Human Type II Topoisomerases Biochemistry 2014-03-07
Ashley, Rachel Erin Effects of DNA Geometry and Topoisomerase II Poisons on Human and Bacterial Type II Topoisomerases Biochemistry 2017-03-06
Badu-Nkansah, Akosua Agyeman Mechanisms of DNA Translocases in the Repair of Damaged Replication Forks Biochemistry 2016-07-19
Barrett, Paul John Structural and Cholesterol Binding Properties of the Amyloid Precursor Protein C-Terminal Fragment C99 and the Etiology of Alzheimer's Disease Biochemistry 2013-09-11
Bass, Thomas Edwin ETAA1 promotes genome stability through activation of ATR Biochemistry 2018-11-16
Beeler, John Scott Austin The Role of p73 in Basal Keratinocyte Function Biochemistry 2019-10-29
Beihoffer, Lauren Ashley Mechanistic Insights into Fosfomycin Resistance: Examination of the FosX Class of Fosfomycin Resistance Proteins Biochemistry 2005-11-21
Bender, Ryan Philip Quinone Metabolites of Environmental Toxins Poison Topoisomerase IIalpha Biochemistry 2007-03-21
Bhat, Kamakoti Prakash Regulation of replication fork stability by ssDNA binding proteins Biochemistry 2018-02-25
Bilder, Patrick Wallace The structural diversity of metal binding sites in bacterial metalloproteins: the disordered iron-binding coil of iron-sulfur cluster protein and the stable zinc ribbon motif of the carboxyltransferase subunit of acetyl-coa carboxylase Biochemistry 2006-01-22
Birmingham, William Ross Bioretrosynthetic Construction of a Non-Natural Nucleoside Analog Biosynthetic Pathway Biochemistry 2013-11-21
Branch, Megan Christine Exploring New Structural and Functional Space in the Glutathione Transferase Superfamily from Escherichia coli K-12 Biochemistry 2011-07-01
Brosey, Chris Arlen Investigating the architectural basis of RPA quaternary remodeling upon binding ssDNA Biochemistry 2011-10-28
Browne, Christopher Michael Genetic and biochemical analysis of the interaction between the yeast fatty acid synthesis enzyme YBR159W and the translation initiation complex eIF2B Biochemistry 2013-05-13
Burns, Michael Charles Small Molecule Modulation of the Ras-SOS Interaction in Cancer Biochemistry 2014-12-05
Burnum, Kristin Elizabeth Detecting spatial and temporal distributions of lipids and proteins during embryo implantation by MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry Biochemistry 2008-12-02
Camarillo, Jeannie Marie Functional implications of electrophilic protein adducts Biochemistry 2016-11-17
Clarke, Bradley Palmer A Synthetic Biology Approach for the Characterization of the Inositide Signaling Pathway, and Characterization of an IP6 binding Protein Biochemistry 2019-11-14
Couch, Frank Benjamin IV Regulation of Stalled Replication Forks by ATR Biochemistry 2014-03-25
Crooke, Cornelia Elizabeth Regulation of Fibronectin Assembly by PLC-gamma1 Biochemistry 2009-04-01
Cummings, Christopher Franklin Formation and Function of Collagen IV Sulfilimine Bonds Biochemistry 2013-03-24
Dattilo, Brian Matthew Structural characterization of the receptor for advanced glycation end products reveals a two domain modular architecture Biochemistry 2007-05-30
Deatherage, Catherine Laura Comparative Biochemical and Structural Analysis of the Alzheimer’s Disease Related Proteins: Amyloid Precursor Protein and Notch1. Biochemistry 2016-03-28
Deweese, Joseph Edward The DNA Cleavage Reaction of Human Type II Topoisomerases Biochemistry 2009-02-04
Dimitrova, Yoana Nantcheva Biochemical and structural analyses of TBL1: insights into the function of a transcriptional regulator Biochemistry 2010-10-28
Duggan, Kelsey Constance Structural and Functional Analysis of Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibition by Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Biochemistry 2011-01-14
Eby, Kathryn Grace Identification and Characterization of p53 Target Genes Biochemistry 2010-05-24
Farley, Adam Richard Assessing the Components of the eIF3 Complex and Their Phosphorylation Status Biochemistry 2011-12-01
Federspiel, Joel Davis Dynamic Regulation of Apoptosis Signal-Regulating Kinase 1 Biochemistry 2016-04-05
Fischer, Melissa Ann The characterization of the role of myeloid translocation gene 16 in hematopoietic progenitor and stem cell functions Biochemistry 2011-08-12
Gentry, Amanda Cormine Role of DNA interactions in modulating the activity of human topoisomerases and anticancer drugs Biochemistry 2011-03-15
Gonzalez, Eric The Kinetic and Chemical Mechanisms of Human Cytochrome P450 17A1 Biochemistry 2017-04-10
Grandillo, Jessica Louise Structural and Mechanistic Observations of the FosX Class of Fosfomycin Resistance Proteins Biochemistry 2006-11-21
Herring, Kristen Identification of protein markers of drug-induced nephrotoxicity by MALDI MS: in vivo discovery of ubiquitin-t Biochemistry 2009-04-02
Huang, Fu Structure-function studies of Jhd2, a histone H3K4 demethylase Biochemistry 2011-03-16
Hunt, Aubrey Ann Salvino MTG16, a target of the t(16;21), contributes to murine lymphoid development Biochemistry 2013-03-15
Hutton, Josiah Ewing III Oncogenic KRAS and BRAF Drive Metabolic Reprogramming in Colorectal Cancer Biochemistry 2016-08-19
Infante Lara, Lorena Exploring two new modalities of topoisomerase II-targeting drugs to enhance specificity for cancer cells Biochemistry 2019-01-15
Kaiser, Jonathan Francis The catalytic activity of HDAC3 is necessary for a normal rate of cellular proliferation Biochemistry 2012-03-26
Knutson, Charles Gerhard Francesco Oxidative metabolism of exocyclic DNA adducts Biochemistry 2008-03-12
Knutson, Sarah Kathleen In vivo characterization of the role of histone deacetylase 3 in metabolic and transcriptional regulation Biochemistry 2008-05-22
Kraemer, Maria Palazzo Interactions between Angiotensin II and Prostaglandin E2: Mechanisms for Regulation of Vascular Reactivity Biochemistry 2016-08-05
LaFrance, Michelle Ellen Identification of Host Factors, Including an Epithelial Cell Receptor, Responsible for Clostridium difficile TcdB-Mediated Cytotoxicity Biochemistry 2016-03-28
Law, Cheryl Lynn NMR Resonance Assignments and Secondary Structure of a Mutant Form of the Human KCNE1 Channel Accessory Protein that Exhibits KCNE3-like Function Biochemistry 2019-03-25
Lindsey, Jr., Robert Hunter Insights into the Catalytic Mechanism of Eukaryotic and Bacterial Type II Topoisomerases and the Actions of Topoisomerase II Poisons Biochemistry 2015-03-12
Linggi, Michelle S. NRIF is an essential component of apoptotic signaling by the p75 neurotrophin receptor Biochemistry 2005-01-27
Loecken, Elisabeth Mary DNA-Protein Cross-Links Induced by Bis-Electrophiles Biochemistry 2010-04-10
Lovejoy, Courtney Alison Replication dependent mechanisms of genome maintenance Biochemistry 2009-04-07
Luzwick, Jessica Whitney Regulation of the ATR Pathway in the Replication Stress Response Biochemistry 2016-07-15
Marshall, Clayton Benjamin The Essential Role of p73 in Multiciliated Cell Development Biochemistry 2016-03-18
Martin, William Jay RNA Recognition by the Histone Demethylase LSD1 and Proteinaceous RNase P: Characterization of the Binding of Highly Structured RNAs by Enzyme Complexes Biochemistry 2018-02-08
Mathis, Missy Elaine Pyridoxamine protects against glucose-induced protein damage Biochemistry 2006-03-30
McClendon, Amy Kathleen Human Topoisomerases and DNA Geometry: Putting a Positive Twist on Enzyme Action Biochemistry 2006-03-30
Mittendorf, Kathleen Frances The Interactions of Two Disease-Linked Membrane Proteins with Their Bilayer Milieu Biochemistry 2015-07-14
Musee, Joel Determinants of cyclooxygenase-2-mediated oxidative metabolism of the endocannabinoid, 2-arachidonoyl glycerol, in vitro and ex vivo Biochemistry 2011-04-01
Mushrush, Darren J Mechanistic details of the pH-dependent association of botulinum neurotoxin with membranes Biochemistry 2011-08-25
Myers, Matthew V Proteomic Signatures of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Signaling Biochemistry 2012-01-24
Nordquist, Kyle Andrew Structural and functional analysis of the U-box domain of the E4B ubiquitin ligase Biochemistry 2011-07-05
Parson, Whitney Beth Structural separations of endogenous and exogenous compounds directly from tissue sections by ion mobility – mass spectrometry Biochemistry 2010-07-21
Pendleton, Christopher Stephen Mechanisms of Cisplatin Resistance in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Biochemistry 2014-11-24
Perdigoto, Ana Luisa Jordao Mechanisms of neurite outgrowth inhibition by Myelin-associated glycoprotein Biochemistry 2010-12-02
Perry, Evan Thomas Discovery of small molecule inhibitors of immune checkpoint proteins Biochemistry 2019-03-15
Pitts, Steven Lee Interactions of type II topoisomerases with divalent metal ions and therapeutic drugs Biochemistry 2011-07-07
Poole, Lisa Ann SMARCAL1 Maintains Telomere Integrity During DNA Replication Biochemistry 2017-11-08
Pretto Garcia, Dalyir Imelda Domain-based structural studies of Replication Protein A: analysis of an RPA32N phospho-mimic mutant and the role of RPA70N in binding ssDNA Biochemistry 2010-07-12
Red Brewer, Monica Mechanisms of epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase activation and nuclear trafficking Biochemistry 2009-09-02
Robbins, Carol Bansbach Identifying and defining the genome maintenance functions of SMARCAL1 Biochemistry 2012-05-25
Rosenbluth, Jennifer Margaret Discovery and characterization of the mTOR-p73 signaling axis in human cancer Biochemistry 2009-05-28
Samir, Parimal Systems Analysis of Eukaryotic Proteomic Regulatory Mechanisms Biochemistry 2016-03-18
Santos Guasch, Gabriela Lynette The Role of p73 in Murine Ovarian Follicle Development and Function Biochemistry 2018-10-29
Schavolt, Kristy Lynn Identification and regulation of p53 target genes in primary human epidermal keratinocytes Biochemistry 2006-12-01
Sedgeman, Carl Andrew Formation, Degradation, and Bypass of DNA-Protein Crosslinks Biochemistry 2018-09-17
Shah, Vikas N. Mechanisms by which calcium regulates the human cardiac voltage-gated sodium channel hH1 Biochemistry 2005-07-29
Sirbu, Bianca Maria Analyzing genome integrity during DNA replication using iPOND (isolation of Proteins On Nascent DNA) Biochemistry 2013-07-12
Sohl, Christal Dyane Kinetic Analysis of the Multi-Step Cytochrome P450 1A2 and 19A1 Enzymes Biochemistry 2010-06-15
Sullivan, Chelsea Suzanne The mechanisms by which apoptotic neurons in the developing dorsal root ganglia are engulfed Biochemistry 2014-09-24
Sun, Qi Discovery of K-Ras inhibitors for the treatment of cancer Biochemistry 2015-03-25
Thaker, Tarjani Mahesh Investigations into Allosteric Mechanisms of G Protein Activation Biochemistry 2013-11-27
Thiel, Kristina Wyatt Analysis of ErbB Receptors: Regulation of ErbB-1 Kinase Activation and Localization of ErbB-4 to Membrane Microdomains Biochemistry 2007-08-07
Thompson, Lawrence Casper Dynamic, Structural, and Mechanistic Study of Glutathione Transferases Biochemistry 2006-06-23
Vann, Kendra Raychell Effects of natural products on the activity of human topoisomerase II Biochemistry 2016-03-28
Velez-Cruz, Renier DNA Lesions as Cellular Poisons of Topoisomerase II-alpha Biochemistry 2005-10-11
Weiner, Brian Edward Biochemical and structural analysis of the p58C and p68N domains of DNA polymerase alpha/primase Biochemistry 2008-07-22
Wells, Christina Elizabeth Elucidating the mechanism of action of selective histone deacetylase inhibitors in cancer Biochemistry 2013-03-20
Wenke, Jamie Lyn Spatially-Resolved Proteomics of the Human Lens: Mapping Age- and Development-Related Lens Protein Modifications Biochemistry 2016-01-14
Williams, Christina Kay Biochemical and structural analysis of SV40 Large T antigen: insights into chaperone mediated inactivation of retinoblastoma tumor suppressor protein Biochemistry 2012-03-23
Xiao, Yi Functional annotation of orphan human P450 enzymes: heterologous expression and substrate searches by metabolomic approaches Biochemistry 2014-09-15
Xu, Xin Regulation of ATR Signaling by CINP and RPA Biochemistry 2009-05-27
Greene, Jason Rapid Online Measurement of Amino Acid Flux of Continuously Perifused Cells Biological and Applied Chemistry 2009-10-09
Adhikary, Suraj Structural and biochemical characterization of yeast alkylpurine DNA glycosylases Biological Sciences 2013-02-22
Andrews, Omozusi E. Small RNAs and gene silencing in zebrafish Biological Sciences 2014-07-18
Bairley, Robin Christine Brooks Contributions to telomerase anchor-site and template/primer alignment functions by yeast TERT residue E76 Biological Sciences 2011-08-24
Baldridge, Ryan Douglas Phospholipid selection and transport by P4-ATPases Biological Sciences 2013-02-28
Birnbaum, Stephanie Sue Ling Transcriptional plasticity in a specialist, non-model insect associated with living in a toxic environment Biological Sciences 2019-05-08
Borin, Brendan Nathaniel Structural and Functional Studies of Transcriptional Regulation in Helicobacter pylori Biological Sciences 2008-12-10
Bristow, Jeanne Malloy The Rho family GEF Asef2 regulates adhesion dynamics and therefore cell migration by modulating Rac and Rho activity Biological Sciences 2009-12-02
Broussard, Joshua Allen The adaptor protein APPL1 regulates cell migration and adhesion dynamics Biological Sciences 2012-06-18
Brown, Christopher Glen Behavioral ecology of Neochlamisus leaf beetles: the role of fecal cases and associated traits Biological Sciences 2009-03-31
Brucker, Robert Merrill Speciation microbiomes: consequences of gut bacteria on hybrid mortality in the genus Nasonia Biological Sciences 2013-03-26
Carlin, Daniel L. The homeodomain transcription factor Six3 is required for telencephalon patterning in zebrafish Biological Sciences 2012-09-10
Carrington, Leolene Jean The Rho family GEF Asef2 regulates cancer cell migration by modulating Rac activation and actomyosin contractility Biological Sciences 2016-03-28
Cha, Diana Jean KRAS-dependent Regulation of Extracellular RNAs in Colorectal Cancer Biological Sciences 2017-03-27
Chavez, Diana Andrea Replication Fork Remodeling by Helicase-Like Transcription Factor Biological Sciences 2018-06-25
Clanton, Joshua Aaron Fgf Signaling Governs the Differentiation of Parapineal Neurons in Zebrafish Biological Sciences 2013-02-28
Coffee, Jr., Ronald Lane Insights into the Human Fragile X Syndrome Gene Family Using Drosophila melanogaster Biological Sciences 2011-11-16
Colby, Gregory Phylogenetic and population genetic differences between sexual and asexual lineages of Neochlamisus leaf beetles Biological Sciences 2012-07-19
Dai, Heng Neural Network Adaptation in the Retina: Dopaminergic Signaling Mechanisms Biological Sciences 2018-04-02
Dani, Neil Chandrakant Genetic dissection of glycan functions at the synapse Biological Sciences 2014-11-21
Dear, Mary Lynn Matrix Metalloproteinase Requirements for Neuromuscular Synaptogenesis Biological Sciences 2018-01-10
Dhingra, Nalini Elucidating the role of Dpb11 in replication initiation Biological Sciences 2015-07-08
Diggins, Nicole Lee AAPPL1 inhibits cell migration by modulating integrin trafficking and Rac signaling Biological Sciences 2018-02-13
Du, Wenyue Structural basis for oligomerization of the eukaryotic replication factor Mcm10 Biological Sciences 2013-11-18
Dulaney, Weston Patrick Determining the Mechanism of SV40-induced DNA Damage Biological Sciences 2011-03-28
Duran, Daniel Paul Speciation and diversification in the North American tiger beetles of the cicindela sylvatica group: morphological variation and an ecophylogeographic approach. Biological Sciences 2010-12-13
Egan, Scott Patrick Ecological speciation in Neochlamisus bebbianae leaf beetles: the role of postmating isolation and the genetic basis of host use traits Biological Sciences 2010-04-28
Eidem, Haley Rae An integrative genomics approach to identifying genetic regulators of prematurity Biological Sciences 2018-03-26
Ellis, Jennifer Rhea Conservation genetics of the endangered sunflower Helianthus verticillatus Biological Sciences 2008-10-22
EPUM, ESTHER AKUNNA Understanding the regulation of telomere healing in S. cerevisiae: a Rad51 perspective. Biological Sciences 2019-09-15
Erdogan, Begum Increased traction forces by cancer-associated fibroblasts align fibronectin to direct cancer cell migration Biological Sciences 2017-12-20
Evans, Joseph Corey Regulation of Dendritic Spine Development and Cell Migration through Asef2-mediated Signaling Biological Sciences 2014-07-23
Ferguson, Jenifer Lynn Exploring the Cell Cycle-Regulated Degradation of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Telomerase Recruitment Subunit Est1 Biological Sciences 2013-03-25
Fites, Jeffrey Scott Evasion of adaptive immune defenses by the lethal chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Biological Sciences 2014-02-25
Flynt, Alex Sutton Diverse Roles for miRNAs in Zebrafish Biological Sciences 2007-10-14
Frazier, Meredith N. Structural and Functional Studies of AP4 and its Accessory Protein Tepsin Biological Sciences 2018-03-21
Funkhouser-Jones, Lisa Jean The Impact of Maternally Transmitted Microbes on Animal Evolution Biological Sciences 2016-02-29
Gibbons, John Gregory The Function and Evolution of the Aspergillus Genome Biological Sciences 2012-06-25
Green, Noah Hammond Perinatal Photoperiod Affects the Serotonergic System and Affective Behaviors Biological Sciences 2015-06-29
Guler, Gulfem Dilek Human DNA helicase B in replication fork surveillance and replication stress recovery Biological Sciences 2011-12-29
Hankins, Hannah Marcille Novel Functions of the Flippase Drs2 and the Coat Protein COPI in Protein Trafficking Biological Sciences 2016-03-28
Hawkins, Charlene Biogenesis of Yeast Telomerase Occurs through Two Different Nuclear Import Pathways Biological Sciences 2014-07-02
Hinger, Scott Andrew KRAS-dependent Extracellular Vesicles in Colorectal Cancer: Cargo, Biogenesis, and Function Biological Sciences 2019-12-17
Huang, Fude Rolling Blackout is required for both phototransduction and synaptic transmission in Drosophila Biological Sciences 2006-03-30
Huang, Hao Docking of the p68 subunit of DNA polymerase ¦á-primase on the SV40 helicase is required for the viral primosome activity Biological Sciences 2010-11-04
Janson, Eric Michael The evolutionary ecology of an insect-fungus interaction: Botryosphaeria dothidea, symbiotic with the goldenrod-galling midge Asteromyia carbonifera (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) Biological Sciences 2010-07-27
Ji, Hong Investigating the role of the n-terminus of yeast telomerase reverse transcriptase in telomere maintenance. Biological Sciences 2007-12-03
Jiang, Xiaohua Functional Dynamics of Replication Protein A in initiation of SV40 DNA Replication Biological Sciences 2008-03-25
Jones, Patrick Leo Functional Characterization of Odorant Receptors in Disease Vector Mosquitoes Biological Sciences 2011-03-28
Jowhar, Dawit Kamil Characterizing the mechanisms that regulate cell polarity during eukaryotic chemotaxis Biological Sciences 2013-07-18
Kara, Nergis microRNA Function in Zebrafish Development and Regeneration Biological Sciences 2018-10-22
Kennedy, Tyler Joseph Development and Function of the Drosophila Giant Fiber Neural Circuit Biological Sciences 2019-03-19
Khuansuwan, Sataree A transcription factor network dictates neuronal cell fate decisions in the zebrafish dorsal diencephalon Biological Sciences 2014-09-24
King, Jonas Glenn Exploring the importance of mosquito hemocoelic and salivary gland components during host-pathogen interactions Biological Sciences 2012-08-22
Klimovich, Vitaly Vladimirovich Insights into the roles of human Cdc6 and replication protein A in initiation of eukaryotic DNA replication Biological Sciences 2005-03-30
Lawson, Sarah Page A comparative approach to understanding the evolution of social behaviour using Pemphigus aphids as a model system Biological Sciences 2014-09-22
League, Garrett Philip The Metamorphosis of Mosquito Immune and Circulatory Physiology: Comparative Analyses in Larval and Adult Anopheles gambiae Biological Sciences 2017-03-24
Lee, Stacey Nicole Kctd12 and Ulk2 partner to regulate habenular dendritogenesis and behavior / spinophilin regulates dendritic spine formation and F-actin dynamics in hippocampal neurons Biological Sciences 2016-05-20
LePage, Daniel Paul The Molecular Basis of Wolbachia-induced Cytoplasmic Incompatibility Biological Sciences 2016-07-07
Li, Nan MiRNA function during early vertebrate development Biological Sciences 2010-07-09
Lin, Wan-Hsin Vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein(VASP) promotes actin assembly in dendritic spines to regulate synaptic strength Biological Sciences 2011-06-05
Liu, Chao Olfactory and thermosensory signaling in malaria vector mosquito Anopheles gambiae Biological Sciences 2013-11-05
Liu, Hanjian Human DNA helicase B functions in DNA damage response and homologous recombination Biological Sciences 2007-09-15
Liu, Ke Trafficking and functional analysis of yeast Drs2 Biological Sciences 2007-06-28
Long, Amanda Ashleigh Characterization of novel genes regulating the synaptic vesicle cycle in drosophila Biological Sciences 2010-07-26
Lu, Tan Mapping of Odor and Temperature Receptors in the Malaria Vector Mosquito Anopheles gambiae Biological Sciences 2008-07-15
Ma, Peijun Fitness Regulation by Timing Systems: Insight from Cyanobacteria and Purple Non-sulfur Bacteria Biological Sciences 2014-09-17
McFarland, Karen Allison Analysis of pathways and proteins that pattern olig2+ cells within the zebrafish central nervous system. Biological Sciences 2007-10-24
Meng, Shi Characterization of genetically labeled dopamine neurons and circadian studies of the zebrafish retina Biological Sciences 2008-03-13
Metcalf, Jason Andrew Evolutionary and Functional Studies of Wolbachia pipientis and its Phage Biological Sciences 2014-09-25
Moon, Jiyun Characterization of Recent Evolutionary Signatures of Genetic Elements involved in Human Pregnancy Biological Sciences 2019-05-07
Muthusamy, Baby-Periyanayaki Relationship between Drs2 and Kes1 controlling protein trafficking in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Biological Sciences 2009-11-30
Obodo, Udochukwu Chinyere Not Restricted to the Ends: Yeast Telomere Proteins Rif1 and Cdc13 Function in Double-Strand Break Repair Pathways with Implications for Genome Stability Biological Sciences 2016-07-22
Olena, Abigail Frances microRNA Regulation of Zebrafish Retinal Development Biological Sciences 2015-01-29
Ortiz, Juan Felipe Custers of gene duplicates: Identification, evolutionary consequences, and phylogenetic patterns Biological Sciences 2019-04-12
Pan, Luyuan A drosophila model of cellular and molecular mechanisms of fragile x syndrome. Biological Sciences 2007-12-05
Parkinson, William Matthew Synaptic Requirements for Glycan Modification Biological Sciences 2016-03-16
Pask, Gregory Mark Exploring the molecular mechanisms of insect odorant receptors Biological Sciences 2013-02-21
Peng, Rui Characterization of the essential pre-mRNA splicing factor PSF: investigation of RNA binding specificity and splicing-related complex formation Biological Sciences 2005-08-11
Pitts, Ronald Jason Novel Chemoreceptors and Gene Expression Profiling in antennae and maxillary palps of Anopheles gambiae Biological Sciences 2011-04-06
Qin, Ximing Cyanobacterial circadian clock in vitro and in vivo Biological Sciences 2010-12-21
Rajaram, Kamya miRNA function during zebrafish retina regeneration Biological Sciences 2014-07-14
Rao, Mahesh Badeti Inhibition of GABA Initiates Retina Regeneration in the Zebrafish Biological Sciences 2016-07-27
Riddle, Abigail Leigh Characterizing the role of the Est1 protein in stimulating the recruitment of the Est3 protein to the yeast telomerase complex Biological Sciences 2012-05-31
Roberts, Randolph K. Analysis of signaling pathways important in the specification and migration of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells in the zebrafish spinal cord Biological Sciences 2009-07-13
Robertson, James Brian Shedding Light on the Yeast Respiratory Oscillation: Using Luciferase and Visible Light to Investigate Biological Rhythms in Yeast Biological Sciences 2009-08-31
Robertson, Patrick David Structural biology of the C-terminal domain of eukaryotic replication factor Mcm10 Biological Sciences 2010-06-03
Robinson, Cristina Michelle Evolutionary Interactions Between Sexual Selection, Song Elaboration, and Song Learning: A Combined Empirical and Theoretical Approach Biological Sciences 2019-09-25
Rohweder, Noelle Holmes Examining the Role of Phosphorylation in Receptor Localization and Chemotaxis in D. discoideum Biological Sciences 2012-11-15
Ruan, Guoxiang An Autonomous Circadian Clock in the Inner Mouse Retina Regulated by Dopamine and GABA Biological Sciences 2008-07-07
Salichos, Leonidas Quantifying phylogenetic incongruence and identifying contributing factors in a yeast model clade Biological Sciences 2014-08-20
Sammons, Morgan Andrew Analysis of ZNF9 function in cap-independent translation and myotonic dystrophy type 2 Biological Sciences 2010-08-11
Sebastian, Tessy Tereas Auto-Inhibitory Mechanism for the Regulation of a P4-ATPase Biological Sciences 2014-03-03
Shariat, Nikki Growth Hormone Splicing and Treatment of Disease Using RNA Interference Biological Sciences 2008-02-27
Shi, Rongxin Characterization of heat-like repeat superfamily of DNA glycosylases Biological Sciences 2018-05-31
Sigle, Leah Theresa Physiological and Molecular Characterization of the Interactions between the Cellular Immune Response and the Circulatory System of the Mosquito Anopheles gambiae Biological Sciences 2018-05-17
Snelson, Corey Deanne Tbx2b is required for parapineal organogenesis Biological Sciences 2009-03-08
Snyder, Julia Lynn Fbxw7 regulation of Notch controls oligodendrocyte number Biological Sciences 2013-07-18
Sowd, Gregory Alan DNA Damage Signaling Orchestrates SV40 Chromatin Replication Biological Sciences 2013-08-23
Speirs, Christina Koo Yang Prostaglandin Gbetagamma signaling stimulates gastrulation movements by limiting cell adhesion through Snail stabilization Biological Sciences 2009-09-08
Sun, Ziyi Investigation of hemi-gap-junction channels in retinal horizontal cells Biological Sciences 2009-11-30
Takar, Mehmet Regulation of membrane asymmetry by Golgi P4-ATPases and their interactors Biological Sciences 2018-11-05
Talley, Jennell Marie Exploring the assembly and function of the telomerase accessory proteins Est1 and Est3 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Biological Sciences 2011-07-18
Taylor, Robert Wilson Kctd12 Proteins Regulate Ulk2 to Control the Development of Asymmetric Habenular Neuropil Biological Sciences 2011-06-17
Van Opstal, Edward Jake The Impact of Host-Microbe Interactions on Nasonia Evolution Biological Sciences 2018-10-02
Warren Jr., Eric Mason Structural and biochemical studies of eukaryotic replication initiation factor Mcm10 from Xenopus laevis Biological Sciences 2009-07-06
Wei, Chunyao Roles of miRNAs During Early Zebrafish Development Biological Sciences 2013-06-28
Wu, Yuantai Functional study of g protein signaling during growth and development of the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum Biological Sciences 2013-07-19
Xia, Yuanfeng Molecular and cellular studies of mosquito odorant receptors and olfactory-driven larval behavior Biological Sciences 2008-11-10
Xiong, Jing Synchronization of oscillators and its molecular mechanism(s) in cyanobacteria Biological Sciences 2014-01-16
Yin, Chunyue Essential Roles of Convergence and Extension Gastrulation Movements in Zebrafish Somite Development Biological Sciences 2007-02-15
Zeng, Xin-Xin I. Regulation of cell movements by chemokine apelin during zebrafish development Biological Sciences 2007-12-21
Zhou, Xiaoming Purification, characterization and reconstitution of Drs2 protein, a phospholipid flippase from budding yeast Biological Sciences 2010-03-19
Baskir, Rubin Sam Regulation of the Wnt Pathway by TGFbeta and DYRK2: Mechanisms of Disease and Signal Transduction Biology 2016-07-21
Addae-Mensah, Kweku Amissah A microfabricated microcantilever array: A platform for investigation of cellular biomechanics and microforces in vitro Biomedical Engineering 2008-08-18
Arlinghaus, Lori R. Investigating tract-specific changes in white matter with diffusion tensor imaging Biomedical Engineering 2009-01-15
Atuegwu, Nkiruka Chioma Image guided transorbital endoscopic procedures Biomedical Engineering 2008-12-04
Baglia, Mark Louis Towards the use of monodisperse ferromagnetic particles in low resource malaria diagnostic devices Biomedical Engineering 2016-03-22
Baheza, Richard Amador An MRI based method for detection of microcalcifications in the human breast Biomedical Engineering 2013-07-18
Balikov, Daniel Adam PEG-PCL Copolymers Reinstating Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Potency: Study of Structure-Function Relationship Biomedical Engineering 2017-02-06
Barnes, Stephanie Lynne Development of a Mechanical Testing Assay for Fibrotic Murine Liver Biomedical Engineering 2007-04-02
Barnes, Stephanie Lynne Interrogation of the Limitations and Capabilities of the Model-Gel-Tissue Assay and Application to Soft Tissue Modulus Evaluation Biomedical Engineering 2011-03-24
Bass, Wayne Andrew Patient-Image Registration using A-mode ultrasound localization of features Biomedical Engineering 2003-03-17
Bateman, Jennifer Nicole Investigation of biochemical changes indicative of abnormal cervical remodeling during preterm birth using in vivo Raman spectroscopy Biomedical Engineering 2019-04-08
Beckham, Joshua Thornton The role of heat shock protein 70 in laser irradiation and thermal preconditioning Biomedical Engineering 2008-07-18
Bell, Charleson Sherard A Label-Free Method for the Determination of Polyethylene-Glycol Functionalization Efficiency on Gold Monolayer Protected Clusters Biomedical Engineering 2009-12-11
Bell, Charleson Sherard Novel Multilayered Magnetoplasmonic Nanoparticles for Theranostic Applications Biomedical Engineering 2015-11-23
Benincasa, Anne Browning Feasibility Study for Image-Guided Kidney Surgery: Assessment of Required Intraoperative Surface for Accurate Physical to Image Space Registrations Biomedical Engineering 2006-07-12
Bernard, Melanie Rebecca Analysis methodology of synchrony in simultaneously recorded single unit activity in the visual cortex Biomedical Engineering 2006-04-03
Bernard, Melanie Rebecca Coding of Natural Features by Neuronal Synchronization in Primary Visual Cortex Biomedical Engineering 2008-03-31
Bloodworth, Nathaniel Craig Targeting Cellular and Molecular Mediators of Pathologic Biomechanical Remodeling in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Biomedical Engineering 2017-06-27
Boire, Timothy Charles Development of Shape Memory Polymers for Minimally Invasive Vascular Constructs Biomedical Engineering 2013-12-10
Bordelon (Egnatchik), Hali Lyn Development of a Self-Contained Nucleic Acid Extraction Device to Enable Diagnostic Testing in Resource-Limited Settings Biomedical Engineering 2014-03-07
Boronyak, Steven Michael Development of a Simultaneous Cryo-Anchoring and Radiofrequency Ablation Catheter for Percutaneous Treatment of Mitral Valve Prolapse Biomedical Engineering 2012-03-26
Boronyak, Steven Michael Development of a Cryo-Anchoring and Radiofrequency Ablation Catheter for Percutaneous Treatment of Mitral Valve Prolapse Biomedical Engineering 2015-06-26
Boyer, Richard Brandon Neurotrophic Factor Eluting Nerve Allografts for Peripheral Nerve Repair Biomedical Engineering 2015-04-02
Bozic, Ivan Quantitative biometry of zebrafish retinal vasculature using optical coherence tomographic angiography Biomedical Engineering 2018-04-03
Bray, Mark-Anthony Visualization and analysis of electrodynamic behavior during cardiac arrhythmias Biomedical Engineering 2003-03-18
Brychta, Robert James Wavelet analysis of autonomic and cardiovascular signals Biomedical Engineering 2006-07-28
By, Samantha Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Human Spinal Cord in Vivo: Feasibility and Application of Advanced Diffusion Models Biomedical Engineering 2017-08-17
Caldwell, Brittany Catherine Calibration between fiber-optic probe based Raman spectroscopy systems Biomedical Engineering 2011-12-05
Caldwell, Brittany Catherine Dopamine Regulation of Insulin Secretion Investigated by Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy Biomedical Engineering 2016-03-21
Cayce, Jonathan Matthew Infrared neural stimulation of thalamocortical brain slices in vitro Biomedical Engineering 2008-03-31
Cayce, Jonathan Matthew Optical Characterization of Pulsed Infrared Light Evoked Cortical Brain Activity Biomedical Engineering 2013-03-19
Chakraborty, Ipshita Characterization of a passive diffusion microdevice for assays of chemotaxis and morphogenesis Biomedical Engineering 2007-07-26
Chen, Chun-Cheng Planning Needle Placement in Image-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation of Hepatic Tumors Biomedical Engineering 2006-12-01
Chen, Ishita Evaluation of atlas-based brain shift model for improved adaptation to intraoperative neurosurgical conditions Biomedical Engineering 2012-04-19
Chen, Joseph The Mechanobiology of Notch1 Deficiency in Calcific Aortic Valve Disease Biomedical Engineering 2015-03-19
Choe, Ann Sunah Validation of diffusion tensor imaging in the central nervous system using light microscopy Biomedical Engineering 2010-09-22
Clements, Logan Salient anatomical features for robust surface registration and atlas-based model updating in image-guided liver surgery Biomedical Engineering 2009-04-07
Cobb, Jared Guthrie Measuring Transverse Relaxation in Myocardial Tissue with 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomedical Engineering 2008-03-31
Cobb, Jared Guthrie Quantitative proton relaxometry in the rotating frame with magnetic resonance imaging Biomedical Engineering 2011-08-26
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Zhou, Minchun Double wavelet Transform for Task-induced and Resting State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data Biostatistics 2018-07-24

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