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Saban, Susan Dora Cryo-EM structures of adenovirus provide insight into vector design, virus assembly, and capsid disassembly Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2006-10-25
Saborido, Lacey Kathryn A Complex Snarl of Realities: Re-Reading Richard Wright's Native Son English 2011-07-19
Sacks, Robert Samuel Genital Injury in Modern Warfare: The Struggle for Intimacy Inside the Bio-power of the Military Institution Medicine, Health, and Society 2015-03-23
Sakrikar, Dhananjay Paying attention to the details: rare genetic variation in the dopamine transporter and ADHD Neuroscience 2012-03-26
Saldanha, Luis A. “Is this sample unusual?”: an investigation of students exploring connections between sampling distributions and statistical inference Teaching and Learning 2004-07-16
Sallai, Janos Compiler-assisted concurrency abstraction for resource-constrained embedded devices Computer Science 2008-03-28
Samanez Larkin, Silvia Patricia Concurrent and Short-term Prospective Relations of Attention and Inhibition to Emotion Regulation and Depressive Symptoms in Children Psychology 2015-04-14
Samanta, Debangshu Long-term smoking-mediated downregulation of Smad3 induces tumorigenicity and carboplatin resistance in non-small cell lung cancer Cancer Biology 2012-04-12
Samek, Nicole Natur als Utopie: Novalis' Heinrich von Ofterdingen im Kontext der romantischen Naturphilosophie German 2013-04-22
Sammons, Jessica Annette Synthesis and characterization of CdSxSe1-x/ZnS alloy core/shell nanocrystals: photoluminescence quantum yield improvement with influence of composition Chemistry 2009-07-24
Sammons, Morgan Andrew Analysis of ZNF9 function in cap-independent translation and myotonic dystrophy type 2 Biological Sciences 2010-08-11
Sampson, Uchechukwu K. A. Impact of Severity of Illness on Health State Transitions During Intensive Care Unit Admission: Application of Markov Multi-State Transition Modeling Biostatistics 2014-11-24
Samsel, Isaak Knox Charge collection mechanisms in AlGaN/GaN MOS high electron mobility transistors Electrical Engineering 2014-07-29
Samson, Jennifer Esther Glassman The Role of Perceived Self-Efficacy in Controlling Behavior Psychology 2009-07-24
Samson, Jennifer Esther Glassman Children's Reasoning about Peers' and Teachers' Intentions Psychology 2012-07-05
Samuel, Petal “A Subtler Expression”: Melville's Historiography of the Non-Event English 2012-07-03
Samuelson, Lynn Elizabeth Designer nanoparticles to detect and treat disease Chemistry 2009-11-25
Sanathanamurthy, Siddartha Simulated temperature dependency of SEU sensitivity in a 0.5 μm CMOS SRAM Electrical Engineering 2008-08-01
Sanchez, Alicia Maria Gaining Perspective on Community Land Trust Properties: A Pilot Study Measuring Property Conditions and Public Perception Community Research and Action 2014-06-21
Sanchez, Nora Sylvia The Role of The Type III Transforming Growth Factor–beta Receptor in Epicardial Cell Behavior and Coronary Vessel Development Pharmacology 2011-10-13
Sánchez Samblás, María Victoria Hispanidades trasatlánticas o la reconquista espiritual de América: Vicente Blasco Ibáñez y el nacionalismo Argentino en torno al centenario Spanish 2009-12-14
Sandbank, Micheal Paige The Psychometrics of Several Neural Measures of Lexical Access in Children with Autism Special Education 2015-03-23
Sanderfer, Selena Ronshaye For Land and Liberty: Black Territorial Separatism in the South, 1776-1904 History 2010-07-28
Sanders, David L Detecting Asthma Exacerbations in a Pediatric Emergency Department Biomedical Informatics 2006-04-03
Sanders, George Late Capital: Negotiating a New American Way of Death Sociology 2008-07-22
Sanderson, Mary Louise “Our own Catholic countrymen”: religion, loyalism, and subjecthood in Britain and its empire, 1755-1829 History 2010-04-09
Sanderson-Doughty, Sarah Grace Forgive Us, As We Forgive: A Reformed Position on the Visible Holiness of the Church Religion 2015-03-20
Sandlin, Rebecca Davis Hemozoin: A Target-Based Approach to Antimalarial Drug Discovery Chemistry 2013-02-25
Sandmel, Karin N "I am a raindrop!" Narrative writing strategies and self-regulated strategy development for fourth and fifth grade students with writing and behavioral difficulties Special Education 2010-07-21
Sankararaman, Shankar Uncertainty Quantification and Integration in Engineering Systems Civil Engineering 2012-02-14
Santen, Sally A. Promotions committees: a role in regulation of the profession of medicine Leadership and Policy Studies 2009-07-29
Sapci, Ayse Financial intermediation costs: effects on business cycles, delayed recoveries and relative consumption volatility Economics 2013-05-15
Sapper, David Buford Effects of Selection Processes and Private Information on Criminal Antitrust Case Outcomes Economics 2006-03-23
Sapra, Sonalini Kaur Participatory Democracy and Social Justice: The Politics of Women's Environmental Action in India Political Science 2009-06-28
Sapyta, Jeffrey J Evaluating therapeutic alliance longitudinally: describing therapeutic alliance growth and its implications for outcomes Psychology 2006-07-22
Sarangi, Anuraag Identification of the Hedgehog pathway as a novel therapeutic target in malignant gliomas Neuroscience 2009-09-28
Sarett, Samantha Mara Conjugation of Palmitic Acid Improves Potency and Longevity of siRNA Delivered via Endosomolytic Polymer Nanoparticles Biomedical Engineering 2014-11-20
Sarkar, Sohini Probabilistic Durability Analysis of Cementitious Materials under External Sulfate Attack Civil Engineering 2010-07-21
Sarnowski, Michael Mapping the Catacombs Creative Writing 2009-03-27
Sashalmi, Tamas Robert Electron beam size diagnostics using diffraction and transition radiation Physics 2006-11-30
Saslow, Laura An Analysis of Statistical Reasoning Teaching and Learning 2005-07-25
Sathyanarayanan, Vijayalakshmi Evaluation of Moving Least Squares as a Technique for Non-Rigid Medical Image Registration Electrical Engineering 2008-12-04
Sathyanarayanan Rao, Anusha Quantifying drug-induced dyskinesia using clinical videos of Parkinson’s disease patients Electrical Engineering 2012-03-26
Satterwhite, Lindsay Faye Factors Influencing Family Involvement in Mental Health Treatment of Children with Severe Emotional Disturbances Community Research and Action 2010-03-30
Sauer, Jacob James Long-Term Resilience in Cultural Systems: An Araucanian Example from Santa Sylvia, South-Central Chile Anthropology 2012-05-20
Savage, Sara Renee The role of PPARβ/δ in diabetic retinopathy Pharmacology 2015-08-28
Savaiano, Mackenzie Elizabeth Comparison of Vocabulary Instruction Strategies for Students who Read Braille Special Education 2014-03-20
Saxena, Tripti A Generic Framework for Design Space Exploration Computer Science 2012-08-02
Schaser, Nicholas James The death of Jesus in Matthew’s gospel as a recapitulation of Israel’s exile in the Jewish Scriptures and post-Biblical Jewish tradition Religion 2013-12-02
Schavolt, Kristy Lynn Identification and regulation of p53 target genes in primary human epidermal keratinocytes Biochemistry 2006-12-01
Scheib, Jami Lynn The mechanisms by which apoptotic neurons are cleared in developing dorsal root ganglia Neuroscience 2012-09-24
Schellmann, Lisa Cornelia Das Motiv des Orients in der deutschen Literatur der Aufklärung und Romantik. Gotthold Ephraim Lessings Nathan der Weise und Novalisʼ Heinrich von Ofterdingen. German 2013-12-04
Scherer, Randy Lee Ray Mix-and-match nanodendrons for detection and treatment of breast cancer metastases Materials Science and Engineering 2010-01-20
Schindler, Bryan Joseph Henry's Law Behavior and Density Functional Theory Analysis of Adsorption Equilibrium Chemical Engineering 2008-08-06
Schlee, Claudia Simone The poem as periodic center: complexity theory and the creative voice in Nietzsche, Gottfried Benn and Wallace Stevens German 2007-04-09
Schmid, Sabine Petra Symptom Dimensions of Depression over the Course of Treatment: An Application of the Tripartite Model Psychology 2005-07-29
Schmidt, Benjamin W Fabrication and Characterization of Metal Oxycarbide Thin Films Chemical Engineering 2010-02-01
Schmidt, Martin Jefferson Differential impact of GAD67 suppression in distinct GABA-ergic interneuron populations: implications for mental illness Neuroscience 2013-12-02
Schmidt, Peter Leo Effects of Convection on Sound Radiation Mechanical Engineering 2006-07-25
Schmidt, Rebecca Anne Unpacking tracking: the role of instruction, teacher beliefs and supplemental courses in the relationship between tracking and student achievement Leadership and Policy Studies 2013-03-14
Schneider, Judsen Daniel UNC-4 controls synaptic specificity by modulating antagonistic Wnt pathways in the C. elegans motor circuit Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-02-05
Schoonmaker, Geoffrey Noel Preaching about Race: A Homiletic for Racial Reconciliation Religion 2012-03-16
Schreuder, Michael Alan Ultrasmall, white-light CdSe nanocrystals: ligand effects and incorporation into solid-state lighting Chemistry 2010-01-21
Schroeder, Justin Zane Hamilton cycle embeddings of complete tripartite graphs and their applications Mathematics 2012-03-20
Schroeder, Kaitlin Alayna Examining the Efficacy of Antibiotics and the Proteomic Response in the Treatment of Staphylococcus aureus Biofilms Grown In-Vitro. Chemistry 2011-11-30
Schroer, Alison Koelle Integrin and cytokine signaling in myofibroblast differentiation: a network modeling approach Biomedical Engineering 2014-03-25
Schulte, Michael Lawrence Application of Organocatalysis to the Synthesis of Pharmaceutically Relevant Scaffolds: Chiral Aziridines and β-Fluoroamines; Total Synthesis of Stemaphylline; and Discovery of Selective PAR4 Antagonists. Chemistry 2013-07-19
Schultz, Kara D. "Progressive Scientism: Paul Schuster Taylor and the Making of Mexican Labor in the United States" and "Out-Imagining the Other: Spanish Perceptions of the Dutch in the Seventeenth-Century Atlantic World" History 2012-03-27
Schultze, Benjamin Stuart Inflammatory cytokines, cachexia and symptoms in patients with head and neck cancer Nursing Science 2015-07-13
Schumacher, Robin Finelli Does Understanding Relational Terminology Mediate Effects of Intervention on Difference Word Problems for Second-Grade Students? Special Education 2010-07-16
Schwarz-Blum, Vivian Citizens in the New Latin American State: Politics, the Economy and the Dynamics of Democratic Legitimacy in Bolivia and Latin America Political Science 2014-04-15
Scism, Robert Allen Directed evolution and pathway engineering for nucleotide analogue biosynthesis Chemistry 2010-05-11
Scott, Vanessa Jean The role of hemozoin in disease: oxidative stress Chemistry 2009-12-09
Scoville, David William Identification and characterization of MAFA coregulators: MLL3/4 and its role in mouse and human islet β-cells Cell and Developmental Biology 2015-07-17
Seagraves, Rosie Marie She as He: Cross-Dressing, Theater, and "In-Betweens" in Early Modern Spain Spanish 2013-07-15
Sease, Andrea Monique Overexpression of adenylation domains for the identification of the biosynthetic pathway of K-26, an ACE inhibiting metabolite Chemistry 2009-04-06
Seay, George Russell Theologian of synthesis: the dialectical method of Martin Luther King, Jr. as revealed in his critical thinking on theology, history, and ethics Religion 2008-11-06
Sebastian, Tessy Tereas Auto-Inhibitory Mechanism for the Regulation of a P4-ATPase Biological Sciences 2014-03-03
Seethaler, Pamela Maureeen The Predictive Utility of Kindergarten Screening for Math Difficulty: How, When, and With Respect to What Outcome Should It Occur? Special Education 2008-08-27
Segedy, Amanda Kay Novel Atheroprotective Mediators: SPRR3-expressing Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Pathology 2015-03-17
Segedy, James René Adaptive Scaffolds in Open-Ended Computer-Based Learning Environments Computer Science 2014-06-06
Segroves, Diane M. Racializing Jewish Difference: Wilhelm Bousset, the History of Religion(s), and the Discourse of Christian Origins Religion 2012-03-25
Seidl-Gomez, Kathrin The Creativity of Displacement: Ernesto Volkening as Essayist and Cultural Translator in Colombia, 1934-1983 German 2011-07-22
Sekmen, Ali Safak Subspace Segmentation and High-Dimensional Data Analysis Mathematics 2012-04-02
Selcke, Gretchen Susan Isolation On and Off the Island: The Politics of Displacement in Contemporary Spanish Caribbean Fiction Spanish 2015-07-15
Selin, Jennifer Lee Political Control, Bureaucratic Responsiveness, and Agency Structure Political Science 2014-07-16
Sellars, Autumn Life Cycle Extension Strategies For Legacy Systems Management of Technology 2004-07-06
Sellinger, Marisa Helene An investigation of abuse in children with and without disabilities who are in or at risk for state custody Special Education 2006-07-24
Selmon, Gregory Allen John Cotton: The Antinomian Calvinist Religion 2008-03-19
Selvy, Paige Elizabeth Mechanistic characterization of isoform selective inhibitors of mammalian phospholipase D Pharmacology 2011-11-07
Semmineh, Natenael Berhanu Computational and Experimental Investigation of DSC-MRI Signal Behavior in Magnetically Inhomogeneous Media Physics 2014-04-17
Sen, Sayan Dev An intelligent and unified framework for multiple robot and human coalition formation Computer Science 2015-03-24
Sengupta, Rajdeep Essays in Financial Market Imperfections Economics 2006-06-14
Sengupta, Saikat Tarun Dynamic B0 shimming at 7 Tesla Biomedical Engineering 2010-12-01
Sengupta, Sreeparna Interfacial Design and Mechanics Analysis of Advanced Materials and Structures Civil Engineering 2007-04-09
Senter, Timothy James A General and Stereoselective Approach for the Construction of Azabicyclic Compounds: Applications to the Synthesis of (+)-Amabiline and Grandisine D; Structure-based Design of Small Molecule Inhibitors of the Menin-MLL Protein-protein Interaction Chemistry 2015-03-07
Service, Travis Coe Coalition Structure Generation in Characteristic Function Games Computer Science 2012-03-26
Serwa, Remigiusz Adam Synthesis and antioxidant properties of vitamin B6 derivatives; and ù-alkynylated fatty acids as substrates for preparation of modified phospholipids, novel probes for evaluating lipid-protein interactions Chemistry 2007-12-18
Seth, Suman Essays in Multidimensional Measurement: Welfare, Poverty, and Robustness Economics 2010-05-26
Sethaphong, Latsavongsakda Large format CTIS in real time: parallelized algorithms and preconditioning initializers Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2008-03-15
Seward, Anne Elizabeth Using Virtual Environments to Assess Time-to-Contact Judgments from Pedestrian Viewpoints Computer Science 2006-12-19
Sewell, George Edmond Security for the processor-to-memory interface using field programmable gate arrays. Electrical Engineering 2007-07-24
Sewell, Sarah Lynn Biomimetic Synthesis of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Chemistry 2006-12-08
Sewell-Loftin, Mary Kathryn Mechanoregulation of endocardial to mesenchymal transformation and subsequent remodeling during heart valve development Biomedical Engineering 2014-03-20
Sexton, John Andrew SENSE & Susceptibility: Respiration-Related Susceptibility Effects and their Interactions with Parallel Imaging Biomedical Engineering 2006-11-30
Sexton, John Andrew Development and evaluation of alternative methods for functional magnetic resonance imaging at 7 Tesla Biomedical Engineering 2010-03-09
Seymour, Nicole Foreign Bodies and Anti-Bodies: Queer Transformativity in Post-World War II Literature and Film English 2008-07-25
Shackleford, Jessica Paige A Mechanistic Study of Umpolung Amide Synthesis, the Straightforward Synthesis of 18O-Labeled Amides, and the Development of Catalytic Umpolung Amide Synthesis Chemistry 2012-03-25
Shaffer, Carrie Leigh Role of unique Helicobacter pylori proteins in the Cag pathogenicity island-encoded type IV secretion system Microbiology and Immunology 2011-11-22
Shah, Amy Trushar Autofluorescence Imaging Reflects Metabolic Response to Treatment in Human Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Biomedical Engineering 2013-11-25
Shah, Anushi Maximizing Service Uptime of Smartphone-based Distributed Real-time and Embedded Systems Computer Science 2010-12-01
Shah, Vikas N. Mechanisms by which calcium regulates the human cardiac voltage-gated sodium channel hH1 Biochemistry 2005-07-29
Shaikh, Fyza Yusuf The role of the respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein in viral filamentous assembly Microbiology and Immunology 2012-05-23
Shan, Lin Equivariant index theory and non-positively curved manifolds. Mathematics 2007-04-02
Shan, Pingping Essays on U.S. Banking Regulatory Reforms and Banking Operations Economics 2008-03-24
Shang, Di Model based control design and integration of automotive cyber-physical systems Electrical Engineering 2013-03-31
Shang, Qingyang separation and segmentation of the hepatic vasculature in CT images Electrical Engineering 2010-03-22
Shankaran, Nishanth Adaptive Resource Management Algorithms, Architectures, and Frameworks for Distributed Real-time Embedded Systems Computer Science 2008-10-27
Shannon, Kelsey Preston Development of truck route diversion strategies in response to interstate incidents Civil Engineering 2011-11-30
Shantz, Christopher R. Uncertainty Quantification in Crack Growth Modeling Under Multi-Axial Variable Amplitude Loading Civil Engineering 2010-08-03
Shao, Yuanzhen Theory of parabolic differential equations on singular manifolds and its applications to geometric analysis Mathematics 2015-06-15
Shariat, Nikki Growth Hormone Splicing and Treatment of Disease Using RNA Interference Biological Sciences 2008-02-27
Sharma, Anuj Transmit Radio-Frequency Field Mapping In High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomedical Engineering 2013-03-22
Sharma, Anuj Radiofrequency pulses for improved simultaneous multislice magnetic resonance imaging Biomedical Engineering 2015-05-22
Sharp, Else Weil Intrapersonal Stigma: The Latent Function of Apartheid and HIV/AIDS Stigmatization in South Africa and Implications for Interventions Medicine, Health, and Society 2015-03-23
Sharp, Melinda Ann McGarrah Crisis and Repair in Intercultural Relationships: A Theological, Psychological, and Postcolonial Analysis Religion 2010-03-31
Shaver, Jesse Hart Optical measurement techniques for clinical assessment of corneal physiology Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2007-12-07
Sheehan, Jeffrey W. Ordinary People: An Ethnographic Portrait of a Black Baptist Congregation's Faithful Performance of Religion Religion 2008-12-03
Shelby, Grace Deniece Background life stress, cardiovascular responses to laboratory stress, and health outcomes in adolescents and young adults with and without a history of functional abdominal pain Psychology 2012-11-29
Shelley, Maria Tempenis Take it Like a Man: A Study of Men's Emotion Culture Sociology 2007-03-26
Shen, Bo New Enantioselective Approaches to the Synthesis of Amino Acid Derivatives and Peptides Using Chiral Proton Catalysis Chemistry 2010-03-30
Shen, Xiangrong Exploiting Natural Characteristics of Pneumatic Servo-Actuation Through Multi-Input Control Mechanical Engineering 2006-03-31
Shenton, Jamie Erin Zuehl The Bodily Logics of Production: Intergenerational Perspectives on Adolescence, Exchange, and Aspiration among Kichwa Women in the Ecuadorian Amazon Anthropology 2014-11-21
Shenton, Jeffrey Thomas Schooling the Forest: Land, Legacy, and Environmental Epistemological Practice in the Upper Napo Anthropology 2014-11-21
Shepard, Katherine Wilson In-Service Training to Support and Enhance Teachers' Invitations to Parental Involvement Psychology 2007-03-29
Shepherd, Justin Cole Linking University Expenses to Performance Outcomes: A Look at Departments, Colleges, and Institutions Leadership and Policy Studies 2014-07-02
Shepherd, Kristen E. Integration of transportation and emergency services: identifying critical interfaces, obstacles, and opportunities Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Management 2005-04-19
Sherman, Amanda L. The Relation Between Parental Chronic Pain Histories and Pediatric Chronic Abdominal Pain Outcomes Psychology 2011-11-30
Sherwood, Jennica Neural Synchrony in Saccadic Target Selection in the Macaque Frontal Eye Field Interdisciplinary Studies: Systems Neuroscience 2006-08-02
Shester, Katharine L. American Public Housing's Origins and Effects Economics 2011-03-28
Shi, Jian A study of small heat shock proteins structure and function by cryo-electron microscopy. Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2008-01-16
Shi, Tuo A Robot Simulation of the Tower of Hanoi Puzzle using OpenRAVE with Sensor Feedback Electrical Engineering 2013-06-17
Shields, Angela Delight Characterization of the Function and Localization of the Alpha2A-Adrenergic Receptor in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2009-06-12
Shifrin, Jr., David Andrew Dynamics and remodeling of the enterocyte brush border during bacterial infection: Implications for intestinal host defense Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-07-01
Shinall, Jennifer Hope Bennett Obesity in the Labor Market: Implications for the Legal System Law and Economics 2012-04-04
Shiou, Sheng-Ru Transforming Growth Factor-beta and Smad4 Regulation of Invasive and Metastatic Behavior in Cancer Cells Cell and Developmental Biology 2006-04-07
Shirey-Rice, Jana Kristin M1 and M4 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor Regulation of Neurotransmission and Cell Excitability in Rodent Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex Pharmacology 2010-03-31
Shirkey, Kezia Coleman Changes in pain self-efficacy and functional self-efficacy from childhood to young adulthood Psychology 2011-09-01
Shivers, Carolyn Marie Correlates of Guilt among Adult Siblings of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Psychology 2010-07-22
Shivers, Carolyn Marie Risk and protective factors predicting sibling emotional intelligence among adolescent siblings of individuals with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities Psychology 2013-04-25
Shivers, Mark McCheyne Finding something to say: reconsidering the rhetorical practice of invention in homiletics Religion 2011-03-27
Shopoff, Scott William Combustion instabilities in non-premixed opposed-flow tubular flames Mechanical Engineering 2010-12-02
Short, Sarah Palmer A Gatekeeper Function for p120 and the E-cadherin Complex in Intestinal Tumorigenesis Cancer Biology 2015-03-20
Shukla, Sonali Jyotindra Understanding the physics of X-ray emission in young stars Physics 2009-07-23
Shults, Raina Leah In his mother’s image: a Lacanian analysis of second generation sons in the short stories of J. J. Steinfeld and Lev Raphael Religion 2014-07-18
Sidek, Shahrul Naim Dynamic Modeling and Control of Nonholonomic Wheeled Mobile Robot subjected to Wheel Slip Electrical Engineering 2008-11-07
Siemann, Justin Kyle Evaluating Multisensory Processing in the Mouse Model: Clinical and Translational Implications Neuroscience 2015-12-27
Sierawski, Brian David The Role of Singly-Charged Particles in Microelectronics Reliability Electrical Engineering 2011-12-01
Sillivan, Stephanie Elizabeth Dopamine receptor stimulation regulates expression of developmental genes and disrupts netrin-1-mediated axon guidance Neuroscience 2011-11-29
Silverman, Jason An Investigation of Content Knowledge for Teaching: Understanding its Development and its Influence on Pedagogy Teaching and Learning 2005-06-27
Silvestry Ramos, Mariena Insight into adenovirus programmed disassembly from cryoem: the structures of Ad2ts1 and the Ad35f+defensin HD5 complex Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2009-07-20
Simko, Gabor Formal Semantic Specification of Domain-Specific Modeling Languages for Cyber-Physical Systems Computer Science 2014-06-06
Simons, Brenna Colleen Structural and functional determinants of effective CD8+ T cell suppression of HIV-1 replication Microbiology and Immunology 2009-03-02
Simpson, Francis Joseph Environmental micropollutants – the role of concentration on treatability, technological treatment options, and business considerations Environmental Engineering 2013-03-26
Sims, Artez Laurant Development and Application of Dendritic Systems for Targeted Intracellular Delivery Chemistry 2013-06-12
Sims, Jennifer Patrice "You Think You Cute!" Perceived Attractiveness, Inter-Group Conflict, And Their Effect On Black/White Biracial Identity Choices Sociology 2006-12-01
Sinclair, Keneisha Rachelle Impact of Physical and Relational Victimization on Self-Cognitions in Children and Adolescents Psychology 2011-03-22
Sinclair, Paul Charles Heated Friction Stir Welding: An Investigation into how Preheating Aluminum 6061 Affects Process Forces Mechanical Engineering 2009-03-30
Sinclair, Thomas John Deformations of II_1 factors with applications to their structural theory Mathematics 2011-03-22
Sinclair-McBride, Keneisha Rachelle Reciprocal Relations between Adolescent Depressive Symptoms and Binge Eating Psychology 2015-01-16
Singh, Anand Chiral proton catalysis: development of diastereo- and enantioselective syntheses of vicinal diamines and α,β-diamino acids Chemistry 2009-11-30
Sinha, Abhraneel Human and machine recognition of the vocal characteristics of suicide Electrical Engineering 2013-12-02
Sinha, Tuhin Kumar Surface Registration Using Textured Point Clouds and Mutual Information Biomedical Engineering 2002-12-05
Sinha, Tuhin Kumar Cortical surface characterization using a laser range scanner for neurosurgery Biomedical Engineering 2004-11-30
Sinnamon, Mark J Pro and anti tumorigenic effect of proteinases in intestinal tumorigenesis Cancer Biology 2008-03-31
Siracusa, Anthony Christopher III Disrupting the Calculation of Violence: James M. Lawson, Jr. and the Politics of Nonviolence History 2015-03-23
Siracusa, Anthony Christopher III Building the Most Durable Weapon: The Origins of Non-Violence in the U.S. Struggle for Civil Rights History 2015-03-23
Sirbu, Bianca Maria Analyzing genome integrity during DNA replication using iPOND (isolation of Proteins On Nascent DNA) Biochemistry 2013-07-12
Sirithanapipat, Taweedej Haptic Interface Control Design for Performance and Stability Robustness Mechanical Engineering 2002-03-29
Sissom, Daniel Jason Early Growth in a Perturbed Universe: Exploring Dark Matter Halo Populations in 2LPT and ZA Simulations Physics 2015-03-20
Sitaram, Poojitha Regulation of Dynein-Dynactin during Drosophila Gametogenesis Cell and Developmental Biology 2013-10-29
Siuta, Michael Andrew Prefrontal and Striatal Catecholamine Dysfunction in the Neuronal Rictor Null Neuroscience 2013-09-16
Sivley, Robert Michael Clustering Rare Event Features to Increase Statistical Power Computer Science 2013-04-08
Skandarajah, Arunan A novel ratiometric method for determining the consequences of cell-size features in a concentration gradient generator Biomedical Engineering 2009-12-01
Skelton, Rachel Leah Molecular analysis of UNC-4 pathway genes that regulate synaptic choice Cell and Developmental Biology 2012-06-21
Skinner, Jack Thomas In Vivo Compartmental Relaxation in a Model of Graded Muscle Edema Biomedical Engineering 2009-03-30
Skinner, Jack Thomas Investigation of the Effect of Tissue Water Dynamics on Compartmental MRI Measurements using Contrast Enhanced Relaxometry and SPECT Biomedical Engineering 2012-03-26
Sliwoski, Gregory Richard 3D enantioselective descriptors for ligand-based computer-aided drug design Interdisciplinary Studies: Interdisciplinary Pharmacology 2012-07-19
Sloan, Melissa Marie “There is no happiness at work!”: emotion management, inauthenticity, and psychological distress in the workplace Sociology 2005-07-26
Smallheer, Benjamin Allan Learned helplessness and depressive symptoms in patients following acute myocardial infarction Nursing Science 2011-03-15
Smedberg, Matthew Raine Necessary conditions for finite decidability in locally finite varieties admitting strongly abelian behavior Mathematics 2014-03-13
Smeele, Wietske Maria Iconoclash: Transfiguring the Icon in The Spoils of Poynton English 2014-06-12
Smeets, Stijn Johny Graduate Student-Advisor Relationship and the Development of Excellence in STEM in Top STEM Graduate Students Psychology 2012-06-18
Smeets, Stijn Johny Acceleration and well-being at age 50 in the top 1% in mathematical ability Psychology 2013-12-02
Smith, Andrew Leslie ReCLIP (Reversible Cross-Link Immuno-Precipitation) reveals a novel interaction between p120-catenin and p160 Rho Kinase Cancer Biology 2011-03-22
Smith, Andrew Christopher "Flocking By Themselves:" Fundamentalism, Fundraising, and the Bureaucratization of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1919-1925 Religion 2011-03-27
Smith, Bethany Lee Evaluating Environmental, Health and Safety Impacts from Two Nuclear Fuel Cycles: A Comparative Analysis of Once-Through Uranium Use and Plutonium Recycle in Light Water Reactors Environmental Engineering 2014-07-25
Smith, Blaine Elizabeth Composing Across Modes: Urban Adolescents' Processes Responding to and Analyzing Literature Learning, Teaching and Diversity 2014-03-25
Smith, Brian Joseph Total Synthesis of Haliclonacyclamine C Chemistry 2010-03-23
Smith, Brian Austin A New Perspective on Racism and Health: How White Men are Hurt By Their Own Racial Attitudes Medicine, Health, and Society 2015-03-23
Smith, Byron Fitzgerald Wireless Insufflation for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Mechanical Engineering 2012-12-17
Smith, Cody Jean Morphological and molecular characterization of somatosensory neurogenesis Cell and Developmental Biology 2012-07-11
Smith, David L Under Lock and Key: Securing Privacy and Property in Victorian Fiction and Culture English 2007-08-01
Smith, James Craig Optical trapping techniques involving microrheology and Tcell triggering Chemical Engineering 2012-12-06
Smith, Jason Michael The Old Testament as Interruption: Expanding Johann Baptist Metz's "Israelite-Biblical Paradigm" Religion 2012-03-26
Smith, Jesse Joshua Biological models of colorectal cancer metastasis and tumor suppression provide mechanistic insights to guide personalized care of the colorectal cancer patient Cell and Developmental Biology 2010-03-30
Smith, Jocelyn Marie Reciprocal relations between peer stress and internalizing and externalizing symptoms during adolescence Psychology 2004-07-28
Smith, Joshua Carl Exploring Adverse Drug Effect Discovery from Data Mining of Clinical Notes Biomedical Informatics 2012-07-02
Smith, Natasha Leigh Probabilistic Design of Multidisciplinary Systems Civil Engineering 2007-03-28
Smith, Nolan Michael Java 8: Completable Futures and Asynchronous Pipelines Computer Science 2015-07-02
Smith, Ralph Adam Development of a Nanoparticle-Based System for Imaging and Targeted Therapeutic Delivery to Tumor Cells Biomedical Engineering 2006-02-05
Smith, Stephanie Renee Sparrow The dual purposes of the dual process model of social cognition in critical care communication: identifying clinician and family differences in expectation development, and predicting intervention success Medicine, Health, and Society 2013-05-02
Smith, Stephen Bradford The molecular mechanism of factor IX activation by factor XIa Pathology 2009-03-27
Smith, Travis Kirk Analysis of Bves function through identification of interacting proteins. Cell and Developmental Biology 2007-04-02
Smoski, Moria J. The Development of Antiphonal Laughter between Friends and Strangers Psychology 2004-06-24
Sneed, Roger Alex Virtually Invisible: The Representations of Homosexuality in Black Theology, African American Cultural Criticism, and Black Gay Men's Literature Religion 2006-03-29
Snelson, Corey Deanne Tbx2b is required for parapineal organogenesis Biological Sciences 2009-03-08
Snider, Rachel Michelle Development of Multianalyte Microphysiometry for the Study of Islets and Toxins Chemistry 2008-12-22
Snook, Benjamin Albert Measurement of the v₂ of π⁰ mesons produced in √S_NN 2.76 TeV PbPb collisions at the Large Hadron Collider Physics 2014-02-04
Snyder, Julia Lynn Fbxw7 regulation of Notch controls oligodendrocyte number Biological Sciences 2013-07-18
Sobota, Rafal Sebastian Genetics of Tuberculosis Resistance Human Genetics 2015-04-10
Sohl, Christal Dyane Kinetic Analysis of the Multi-Step Cytochrome P450 1A2 and 19A1 Enzymes Biochemistry 2010-06-15
Solis, Ernesto Monoamine Transporter Substrates and Inhibitors Neuroscience 2012-11-30
Solodkow, David Mauricio Colonial ethnographers: writing, alterity and Eurocentrism in the conquest of America Spanish 2009-03-30
Solomon, Jordan Sylvan The Use of Multidimensional Poverty to Proxy Chronic Poverty: An Application to Brazil Economics 2012-12-07
Soman, Chinmay Prakash Molecular recognition based agglomeration of quantum dot bioconjugates for multiplexed antigen detection Materials Science and Engineering 2008-11-25
Somanader, Mark Chandran Children use appearance and origin of motion to categorize robots Psychology 2008-09-04
Somarajan, Suseela Lanthanide nanocrystals: a platform for the study of optics and magnetism in nanomaterials. Physics 2010-12-02
Somogyi, Nora Eva Interpretive Parsing Techniques for Building Object Networks Computer Science 2005-03-31
Song, Jialei Computational modeling of unsteady aerodynamics in hummingbird flight Mechanical Engineering 2016-01-19
Song, Liguo Neutrino Mass and Oscillation in Matter and in Cosmology Physics 2004-03-22
Song, Zhe Chemical Vapor Deposition and Characterization of Zirconia Films For High-k Dielectric Applications Chemical Engineering 2005-03-21
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